I still remember that every year on her birthday, her father would give her the most luxurious gift-a sports car and yacht … but he never understood what she really needed!

One day … If he can accompany her for one day, that’s better than any gift!
"Good boy-"she couldn’t help reaching out and stroking his head as she hoped her father would do!
-dividing line-
It’s getting dawn, and it’s not long before the ladies-in-waiting come to wait on Nan Lichuan to wash up. Zhuge Yue has also finished packing at this moment.
As soon as Nan Lichuan left her, she immediately snapped her fingers.
She wants to give Nan Lichuan an unforgettable birthday!
But who knows that as soon as Nanlichuan left, two obstacles came!
The plan can’t be changed. On weekdays, she sometimes dawdles with these Yingying Yanyan!
But not today!
There was a time when she didn’t take it slowly when she was in the south Lichuan dynasty, and she could get rid of it when she could!
"ZhenFei inquire after the empress-"
"Li Fei to empress inquire-"
Although these two women have been invited seriously, it is not simple to put people behind them at first sight. The Queen Mother has the support and fear behind her!
Zhuge Yue took one look at the two women in front of him, one with a big chest and one with a big ass. What a good baby!
I’m really a little worse than myself …
"Why didn’t the palace hear that the emperor took two more concubines?" Zhuge Yue set out the Queen’s Frame 97. Chapter 97 The way to go.
"Why didn’t the palace hear that the emperor took two more concubines?" Zhuge Yue brought out the queen’s frame.
"Report to the Empress Zhenfei and Lifei Empress were sealed by the Empress Dowager yesterday." The little mosquito winked at her, meaning to let her handle it carefully!
Zhuge Yue nodded. Mosquito is the confidant of South Lichuan. Although he flatters a little more, he is very sincere to South Lichuan.
"Empress Zhen is the daughter of an official general, and empress Zhen is the niece of the Prime Minister Zhen Meili."
"ZhenFei inquire after the empress-"
"Li Fei to empress inquire-"
This ….. Is it the way to go or is the Queen Mother deliberately testing her?
She thinks the latter should be in the majority.
As soon as Guan Zhen’s son came over, he stopped at Zhuge Yue’s face and his eyes flashed straight. "Empress, you are particularly like a male servant and an old friend."
Zhuge Yue yawned. "It’s not so direct to befriend Zhen Fei."
"Close?" Guanzhener looked at her in amazement. How cheeky she was. She just came to test, but she said she was deliberately trying to please her!
She is as lofty as the official Wan’er, and suddenly she has a disgusting feeling of swallowing flies!
Zhen Meili frowned and came forward. She and Zhen Meiyu were the best friends and heard the most from Zhuge Yueyan …
She thought for a moment, "Sister Jane is right, Empress. You really look like Empress Zhuge Yue, the old concubine. You don’t know that, don’t you?"
Zhuge Yue, the famous ugly girl in South Lebanon, they don’t believe that she hasn’t heard of it!
The longer it takes, the easier it is for them to find flaws!
But …
Zhuge Yue didn’t talk to the two men when he was counting his fingers. "The palace has something urgent to do. The palace has to go first."
But Guan Zhen and Zhen Mei-li will let her escape like this. One person grabbed her. On the surface, she dragged her to be intimate, quarrelling and magic!
It’s mandatory!
The little mosquito was ready to sneak out to call the emperor when he was in a hurry, but Zhuge Yue stopped him with his eyes!
If Nan Lichuan finds out, it won’t be a surprise if she wants to prepare!
"Empress that ZhuGeYue but we south Lebanon shame! People in other countries make fun of us with her! " GuanZhen son another hand covering her lips laughed
"Jane’s elder sister is very male and female servants, and she also heard her younger sister say Zhuge Yue’s wonders. I heard that she stole men’s pants and peeked at men’s baths. What a foul thing to do! Shame! " Zhen Meili Beautiful Eyes Glossy Flow
Zhuge Yue scorned the small sample and dared to yell at her. When she played the game of "Of course", you were both in the ground and there was no residue left!
Zhuge Yue approached Zhen Meili and Guan Zhener and whispered, "Are you still hu?"