Ah Kin slowly took off her helmet, revealing her icy beauty. Looking at her face, Long Zu suddenly froze. Even the dragon emperor shone at the moment. Ah Kin’s stunning Yan Tiangan saints were second only to Chen Sixuan, while Chen Sixuan still veiled herself. Yan Nature was her most beautiful.

What’s more, she is the center of attention now.
Long Zu Griffin’s huge eyes stared at Ah Kin, and its huge body trembled more and more. "How many years have you been as beautiful as a child and your mother?" If I hadn’t seen you, although your mother is the love of my heart, I would have forgotten her appearance. I didn’t expect that I would have a chance to see your child one day. Yes, you must be my Griffin daughter. "
The holy saints were silent. Most of them didn’t even know that Ah Kin was rescued from the sacred island by Ji Dong, let alone him. Who would have thought that Ah Kin would be a dragon child with dragon blood?
Ah Kin has also been completely dull at this time. Looking at the dragon ancestor, her eyes are constantly fluctuating. At this moment, it is always cold. She has a feeling of being at a loss. She would rather fight the dragon ancestor than be so confused and don’t know what to do.
At this moment, Chen Sixuan came to Ah Kin’s side and held her tightly. Ah Kin turned to look at her with two women and four eyes. Ah Kin saw the light of encouragement and support from Chen Sixuan’s eyes and suddenly settled down a few minutes.
"Senior, you said Ah Kin is your daughter, which is your own understanding, but we don’t know that you told us the original situation."
The mouth is naturally Ji Dong’s dragon ancestors’ words, and the credibility is extremely high. After all, he didn’t cheat his own roots. There is no reason not to say that the dragon emperor is still around. The Chilongzu Griffin alone has the ability to kill them at this time.
With a long sigh, Di Longzu suddenly raised a huge airflow, and his huge body slowly stood upright. "Well, what is it that my daughter reminds me of the original memories?"
The dragon emperor stood quietly without any interruption. He looked at the dragon ancestor with no respect. You should know that the dragon ancestor is not the ancestor of earthworm, but also the ancestor of their dragon emperor!
"The birth of the dragon is very simple. You humans like to record history, but how much of it is correct to inherit today’s history?" Di Longzu said slowly that his huge eyes shed memories of divine light.
"Dragon, like many races, was born in chaos. Dragon has a powerful body and strength endowed by heaven. It can be said that our dragon is also the most powerful race even now-maybe you don’t want to add this to yourself-that’s because there is another race that is more powerful than our dragon." Du Xiner asked curiously, "The dragon ancestors of Dilongzu are already so powerful. What other race can be more powerful than you? Do you say it’s a race in the inner world? "
Di Longzu gave her a surprised look. "My girl also knows that the geocentric world is not bad, but you are wrong. The overall strength of the geocentric world is indeed stronger than our dragon, especially the flame queen who killed the flame king and the dark queen efreet. The whole geocentric world is like a piece of iron plate. It can be said that if they come to the ground world, it will never be less harmful than the dark five-element mainland, but the geocentric world is not one race, but is composed of multiple races. Another level and our ground world can be. It is said that they are two parallel lines, and one of them is also compared with our dragon. Of course, if the flame queen in the inner world admits that she is a race, I will take back my words. "
Ji Dong, the queen of flame, suddenly became a bit complicated with pain, missing, pride, and pride, and all the saints looked at him consciously.
"If it’s not the inner race, which race is it?" Du Xiner continued to ask the earthworm ancestor, "The answer is very simple: you humans."
"Humans?" Hearing the answer to Longzu, the saints couldn’t help looking at each other’s words except Ji Dong’s.
"You must think that human beings are so small, how can they compare with our dragons, right?" said Lu Zu. But I can tell you that if a dragon-human war is launched, the final victory must be yours, because you humans have the potential to compare races. Once your own potential is aroused, it will be races that resist, so you humans become the masters of the world. Your potential and creativity are the greatest gifts given by heaven, and you are also the most balanced among all races in our world. "
Du Xiner wondered, "I’m still not white. Even if we can cultivate our strength, we can’t compare with the dragon!"
Lumbricus ancestors said, "I’ll give you an example, and you’ll be white." Although he is talking to Du Xiner, his eyes are always falling on Ah Kin’s face. "Generally speaking, the strongest among you humans is the one who respects the strong, that is, the nine-crowned magic division. Of course, a long time ago," you humans once had a holy level, and even a god level. Let’s say that we respect the strong for the time being. Let me ask you how many times is the difference in the strength of an ordinary person? "
The saints were silent, and no one gave the answer because it was a calculation.
Long zu continued, "Our real dragon is born with at least six orders of Warcraft, and the general end point is ten orders of Warcraft, from six orders to ten orders, regardless of how long it takes to practice. Can this strength gap be compared with that of an ordinary person and a statue of the strong?" That is to say, your human potential and creativity make you the most promising race. "
God-damn saints, this is the meaning of Longzu’s words, but this is the first time they have heard it.
"When our dragon was born, it appeared according to the five elements, but at that time, it was not divided into yin and yang, but the balance and integration of yin and yang was just like this small one," said Lu Zu. His middle finger was naturally Ji Dong
"Five elements of wood, fire, earth, gold and water were born out of chaos. It should be five dragons, but actually, otherwise, what diamond dragon can become the dragon emperor’s ultimate commander in chief? You humans have few hundreds of guesses, but the reason why the actual diamond dragon can become a dragon royal family is too simple. That is because the dragon was born at that time, not five corresponding to the five elements, but six middle-earth attribute diamond dragons. There are two dragons in a vein. It is precisely because they have one more dragon than his attribute dragons that they became the dragon royal family and developed into the dragon that later controlled the whole dragon. "
Heavenly saints feel a little ironic when they listen to it. It turns out that the diamond dragon was able to become a tiger family royal family because the earth dragon was two when the dragon was born, and it was one more attribute than him. This is really simple and can’t be simpler.
Di Longzu said faintly, "The Diamond Dragon gave birth to two dragons, and I am the middle brother, that is, the real leader after the birth of the six dragons."
The shock and strong shock once again swept the heavenly saints, and the respectful color in their eyes never faded. Since it followed the dragon queen, it was only a few opportunities to face this dragon ancestor. I have never listened to the dragon ancestor as before, let alone heard him describe his life course.
The day before yesterday, the hearts of the saints were still full of strength, even Ji Dong was no exception. After all, they already had quite good strength, but there was almost no resistance when they faced the dragon ancestors in front. Even if they finally fought to the death, there was a ninety percent chance that they would be destroyed by the dragon ancestors in front of them.
At this time, it is shameful to hear that the strong shock of Di Longzu’s origin has replaced the previous loss of power to the original leader of the real ancestor of the Dragon. How many people in the history of the world’s five elements of light mainland can compete with this dragon ancestor? I’m afraid it’s only possible for so many saints as a generation of heavenly saints.
"At that time, we worked together to mate with each other to create the dragon, and there was another reason why I was able to be the leader. That was because I was the only male among the six dragons at that time, and the other five were all females. Therefore, in a sense, I was not the ancestor of the earthworm, but also the father of the dragon. All the dragons were in my veins."
Ji Dong was surprised. "His five dragon ancestors were all females. So they and you …"
Di Longzu smiled wryly. "Yes, you guessed it. They are all my wives, and it was they who gave birth to many dragon descendants. It is strange that they inherited my blood or dragon blood. Their birth children are all the same as them. The dragon king was born with my own mother, diamonds, and children are the same as me. For many years, this is how we gradually inherited the dragon. I am also the first generation dragon emperor, not to mention his race. Even our dragon department has already known about these things. I hope you won’t tell the story of the dragon emperor today if it weren’t for my daughter."
The dragon emperor’s eyes were equally excited at this time. It turned out that he was also a descendant of the dragon ancestor. According to the dragon history, the dragon ancestor was the first generation of dragons. Later, he was severely punished for mating with other species, but he did not have what the dragon ancestor said at this time. These dragon emperors knew that what the dragon ancestor said was probably the real situation at that time.
"Later, we had more and more children, and the dragon grew stronger and stronger, and gradually became the dominant flag of the mainland. We all looked so small in front of us, and I was the real master of all this."
Speaking of which, everyone can clearly see the pride in the eyes of the dragon emperor, and it does have pride money. It is not the ancestor of the dragon, and it has once been the ruler of the whole Guangwuxian mainland!
"At that time, you humans also gradually pursed up. At that time, human beings were still very small and far from the present cultivation ability. Although there were some people with good strength, I was still too weak compared with the dragon. How could I look at our proud dragon eyes? I really underestimated human creativity and development. The most important thing was that I underestimated human wisdom."
"One day, when I passed through your human world on a whim, I walked as a human being. That’s when I met my beloved wife and the only wife I recognized. Although five of our six ancestors were my wives, they and I were more purely mating for reproduction, but my human wife made me understand what love was and made me feel really happy. It was then that I gradually fell, which was also my life for a long time. The most wonderful experience will never be forgotten, "said Long Zu’s eyes here are full of tender colors, which seems to recall the times when he looked at Ah Kin and his eyes became softer and softer.
Ah, I’ve been shouting for two days. The monthly ticket is still the ninth tragedy. Tragedy is good. I’ll do my best to kill you. Hey, hey, chapter four hundred and thirty-nine tells you the story of Long Zu ()