It is well known that Fu Yurong likes Chu Hanxuan. She looks calm and looks hard at the shallow sneer and says, "So what if I like my third brother? I grew up with him. He is handsome, talented and superb in martial arts. Women will be attracted to him. Even if you have an engagement with your third brother, if you haven’t married your third brother, you are nothing. Besides, even if you marry your third brother, you can marry another woman." This ugly woman won’t like her.

Listen to Fu Yurong, did Chu Hanxuan frown slightly and marry another woman? What I want to marry most for him is the girl who is as quiet as a lotus in the dark, cold and holy. It’s not shallow, but it’s my father’s will, and it’s shallow for him …
At this moment, Fu suddenly went to shallow, and she explained, "Fourth Sister, don’t get me wrong. I have absolutely no second thoughts about Xuan Wangdian. You and I are sisters. How could I do anything to hurt you?"
She frowned and tried to hide from her, but her arm seemed to be wrapped around her. She frowned and said, "Let go!" "
Suddenly tear a large sleeve and tear it to reveal the white arm.
Chu Hanxuan looked at this scene and frowned. This fu really explained what to do. Don’t you know how important it is to be innocent? He is not shallow-minded, but she is her fiancee. He is ready to take off his robe and hand it over at once.
At this moment, an exclamation came, "Where are you, Fourth Sister? !”
This seems like thunder, and the whole garden is boiling instantly. There is no palace sand and no palace sand. Isn’t that right?
ChuHanXuan hand a face transient metal gray palace sand! His eyes were fixed on the shallow white arm, but although he was a man, he also knew that a woman would order palace sand and she would! He clasped his hands and looked sullenly at the cold-looking woman across the street. In his mind, he unconsciously remembered the scene of her with Helan Yunzhao that night.
Seems to be aware that I put my foot in my mouth, fu tightly covering her mouth and looking around in horror.
Wuyang princess royal looked at her daughter and said her wish. She didn’t sigh. She also told her brother that the two marriages were related, but her brother didn’t promise to let Xuan Wang marry lightly. However, it seems that today is an opportunity and not necessarily.
"Bold and shallow, you dare to humiliate my royal family. Today’s Palace will definitely represent the royal family and will not spare you." Wuyang princess royal said angrily.
Fu Yurong looked at this scene with a happy heart. It turned out to be a loose woman. Today, she will end up like this.
Then Yan ran suddenly came out and pointed to the shallow and said, "Don’t be shallow. We didn’t know that I saw a man go out from your hospital that day. I didn’t expect you to be a shameless bitch."
When this word came out, it was obviously a mockery of shallowness. At the same time, it was ridiculous to say that shallowness was loose woman. What good goods was she herself? !
Yan ran turned white. Anyway, she won’t let Asa feel better.
"Shallow you tell the king clearly!" ChuHanXuan looked at the end without saying a word, gnashing her teeth and saying, Is this woman challenging his limits?
Chapter 40 Marriage between men and women is irrelevant
Disdain and abuse around me are like waves, but they are still shallow. She looks at the opposite Chu Hanxuan indifferently and says, "Do you have anything!"
What do you have-
Chu Hanxuan’s eyes were red and he looked shallow. He had never been so humiliated and was exposed in public. Another man had an affair and lost the most precious female confinement sand! And she replied, "What do you have?" His dignity was trampled on by her at this moment.
Fu looked at Chu Hanxuan’s dark face, and that’s it. The Xuan Wang Dian will definitely take a break, and then she will be the princess of Xuan. My aunt told her that Shao was a wise man and told her to be careful, so much for her to watch.
"Xuan Wang Dian, you don’t have to be angry. Sisi was confused for a moment. She already knew that she was wrong." Fu said with a talk and immediately looked shallow. "Sisi, you are quick to apologize to Xuan Wang Dian and ask him to forgive you."
"Forgive? She has done such a mean thing and still wants Xuan Wang Dian to forgive her? She is as shameless as her bitch! " Yan ran sneer at and said
Suddenly, "pa", the calm-faced woman slapped her face in front of everyone.
Everyone looked at her in amazement. Is she crazy? Can’t an ordinary woman dare to beat her first daughter in front of princess royal and Xuan Wang Dian? ! It’s strange that the outside is shallow and overbearing, and it really deserves its name.
"Fourth sister, how can you start work on second sister?" Fu was also surprised and quickly returned to absolute being.
"Pa" shallow backhand directly gave Fu a slap. "I not only hit her, I also hit you." In this world, she can endure everything except that person.
Chu Hanxuan was shocked and looked at the scene in front of him for a long time before he came to his senses. He raised his voice and shouted, "You are presumptuous!"
"I am presumptuous? What if I am presumptuous? If we want our engagement to be returned, I will be the future princess Xuan. Even if I kill them, no one will dare to touch me! " A shallow sneer swept around the eyebrows with arrogance.
Fu was inexplicably slapped in the face, and her heart was angry and tight, but it was not yet time to turn against her. She cried, "Don’t be angry with her four sisters and four sisters in Xuan Wang Dian …" She seemed to be unable to say goodbye and cried herself.
Chu Hanxuan has been hurt by her shallow heart and lungs at the moment. She lost her virginity before she repented and didn’t ask for forgiveness. Now she is still fighting against the status of Princess Xuan. She doesn’t even give her first sister’s face. She is nothing like a woman like white-haired ice Ji. He doesn’t want it!
"Xuan princess? The king will be interesting to see if you are not Princess Xuan! Somebody get the pen and ink for the king. The king is divorcing this woman today! " ChuHanXuan slowly coldly looking at shallow, he is disgusted with this woman now.
Wuyang princess royal smell speech one leng, she took one look at her daughter’s earnest appearance in her eyes, and then nodded at one side servant. If brother blames her for this today, it is.
Everyone looks at the shallow eyes full of ridicule and disdain. Such unfaithful, unclean and arrogant women deserve to marry Xuan Wang Dian. Maybe they will have a chance to marry Xuan Wang.
Smile at one another with fu. I finally got rid of my great misfortune.
Chu Hanxuan directly dumped Hugh on a servant’s back and said coldly, "From now on, it’s irrelevant for Chu Hanxuan to marry a man and a woman!"
To collect …
Chapter 49 Mysterious purple man
Shallow and accurate, I took Hugh’s look at the wet ink, and the corner of my mouth evoked an imperceptible radian. It’s really not easy to take a break. Today, the play was not sung in vain, but she deliberately revealed it to Fu earlier. She didn’t keep the palace sand, but she repeatedly angered her hand to her, and that Fu Yurong is also worthy of being princess royal’s daughter who knows the female fighting method. It’s not bad. She is too lazy to appreciate the schadenfreude expression of those people now. Thought of this, she turned to leave.
Wuyang princess royal suddenly came from behind to "lightly trample on the royal majesty and someone will arrest her for the palace."