I just broke up with them about this so-called dominator problem, and now these guys are going one step further.

It seems that they still recognize him and them from the bottom of their hearts as before, which is the kind of ruling place where he is desperately short of and hard to find a piece in exchange for this design of the strongest crossbow in the cold weapon at present.
Lin Yue interrupted thinking.
It’s time to make a decision
He looked at the chat panel and entered the words "3 units of alloy, 3 units of plexiglass, 2 units of asphalt pavement and the vegetables and fruits in front of the throttle valve. If you agree, I will give you the crossbow design."
Fei Yue stayed there for a while.
Will hesitate, that’s for sure
One design can’t change so much. Normally,
This time it’s different.
But if the crossbow, the king of cold weapons, can own it, Fei Yue and others may do many things.
What mutant creatures, lizard people, beggars and all kinds of monsters in the secret land don’t talk.
If a crossbow squad can be established, the lethality and deterrence will be quite terrible.
With the original armor or a shield …
The actual combat effectiveness can become one of the first-line combat effectiveness teams in this different world!
More than that
Lin Yue put himself in the other’s shoes. If he is Fiji Yue, more than 100 people will all get a crossbow …
It seems that we can take the road of collecting his refuge village?
But if Fei Yue refuses, it can be seen from this incident that Fei Yue is really not suitable to be a leader, as the Third Master said.
"I just discussed a Lin Yue with others and we accept your request."
It didn’t take long for Fei Yue to reply to the message.
Sure enough, Fei Yue is a wise man.
How insecure is this guy? He thinks he can’t lead this refuge village.
Lin Yue couldn’t help but vomit.
"Well, when you get the materials together, you can exchange them with me, which is the exclusive transaction of vegetables and fruits. I have already sent it to you. Please check it out."
Lin Yue said and went to the warehouse, and soon Fiji Yue agreed to the transaction, and there were a lot of materials in the other things!
[You got 22 pieces of hard aluminum alloy, stainless steel, 34 zinc alloy, 42 brass and 9 plexiglass]
Good harvest
It seems that the glass greenhouse will not be long before it is built. The alloy is a little poor, and the plexiglass figures are not too bad
Lin Yue looked at his own things.
It’s 44 cubic meters
Unconsciously, it has risen to such a horrible number!
Most of the money accumulated so quickly really has something to do with killing a large number of beggars in saltpeter mines who have recently attacked shelters.
It’s quite suitable for a trip to the secret land to collect a lot of materials.
But not now.
Lin Yue put all the materials into various warehouses, checked whether one or several doors had been locked, and returned to the bed with satisfaction when the lights were just lying down and his eyes were closed.
He suddenly opened his eyes and suddenly thought of a very important thing!
"Fiji yue! You caught the beggar. What did you do to him? "
Fiji Yue has just distributed fruits and vegetables and suddenly received the information from Lin Yue. I don’t know what happened.
"The beggar? Ah, we got him up. We’re going to deal with him tomorrow. After all, we just got back. It’s very late now. "
Chapter 32 A precise and violent blow!
Still alive?
Get up and not kill?
What kind of brain is this Fei Yue?
"Is that beggar awake or fainted? Confirm one!"
How could a fool like Fei Yue make such a mistake?
Catch a beggar and go back to his shelter? The other side is not deaf and blind all the way. Fiji Yue, their refuge, the location of fighters’ refuge, and the preparedness situation, etc. Which one is known by this prisoner will make Fiji Yue’s refuge village directly exposed to the lizard people’s sight!
It can be said that the lizard beggars are probably already preparing to attack the Fiji Yue sanctuary.
Or they may be here soon!
Fiji yue there paused for a moment and gave Lin Yue the most don’t want to see a reply "he’s awake … what’s the matter? Lin Yue, he smiled with his eyes open … It’ s hard to wait, can’ t it be said! "
"Your refuge village has exposed the beggar, and even if he has no hands or feet, he can expose the location of your refuge village to his companions! I’m afraid he has leaked your information now. Once the lizard people think it, you will be violently attacked. "
"No, no …"
Fei Yue looked at the beggar who was tied tightly by them, and his eyes were full of horror!
Others don’t know what happened yet, and they are wondering what just happened to the expression of leader. ?
Fei Yue is more stupid than annoyed himself at this moment. He made an irreparable wrong judgment this time!