Don’t be afraid to guess!

This seaside tourism industry has developed very well, especially at this time when it is busy. Not only tourists come out in twos and threes, but also some tourists and floating vendors nearby come here to sell some local products. Generally, people in tourist areas are very proficient in business, but the prices of goods sold are much higher than those in urban areas.
Two people walk very slowly. Cold owl circles Bao Qi’s small waist and bows her head to ask in her ear.
Looking at his precious eyes, there is a sly smile like a fox.
"Of course, but more excitement."
"Don’t be careless!"
"I know!" Baoqi looked up at him in a low voice that only the two of them could see. "Uncle, do you think she saw us after all?"
Lengxiao frowns "I don’t know" and finally wraps her whole body in her arms, tightening her arms tightly.
Although he didn’t say much, looking at his serious and serious face, Bao Qi knew that this man was still not at ease, even though they were fully prepared for everything, he was still worried about her.
Sweet in my heart
But she knew she had to do it
Otherwise, it is a hidden danger to have a wandering sunseeker dormant in the dark forever, and they will never think about Ann’s birthday in this generation. When they see that it is getting dark, Bao Qi knows that they have to try anyway.
"Uncle, give it a try?"
Leng Xiao sound a little cold "hmm"
I have to say that both Baoqi and Leng Xiao are born Oscar-level actors-
Two fingers alternately shook the treasure and seemed to suddenly see something. He took his hand and walked to a hawker selling conch pendants next to him. He said with a charming voice, "Uncle, look at these conchs …"
As soon as I heard this, selling conch elder sister knew that her own business was coming, smiling all over her face and carrying a string of conch.
"Sister really has a look. I’m an authentic thing. You don’t regret buying a bag."
"Hey, why am I fooling you?" Say that finish the elder sister in his stall a Bala and took out a conch act the role of "you look at the za this design and color this quality where to find so beautiful …"
Wang Po will always blow his own melon and treasure, and snigger in his heart. When he picks it up, he seems to really like it. He pulls the cold owl’s hand and coquetry. "Uncle, I like this. Buy me a bunch?"
Lengxiao frowned and made a cold face. It seems that he is not satisfied with Lengxiao.
"Why? Wait a minute-"Baoqi pulled him and seemed to really like the conch." How much is this, big sister? "
"Sister, ten dollars!"
"Ok, I want one!" Holding the conch in his hand, Bao Qi smiled and stabbed the cold owl. "Hey, give money!"
Lengxiao’s face seems to be a little impatient with one hand in his pocket. "What are these broken things for?"
When I heard this, my skin was a little tanned, and my elder sister was not very happy. She said with a pie mouth, "Yo, you can’t say that. What is a broken thing?"
Cold owl pursed her lips and didn’t look at her, but she didn’t answer. She continued to drag Bao Qi away.
Looking at him looking down on these things, the expression Bao Qi is a little annoyed. "Give me the money quickly!" You can’t say that others are broken things if you look down on them! " She seems to be indignant and sincerely apologizes to her elder sister. "Sister, I’m sorry!"
A small dispute between two lovers immediately caught the attention of the people next to them.
Lengxiao seems a little awkward and his face is cold again.
"Baoqi, stop it!"
Section 45
He doesn’t like to talk when he comes. He looks at the elder sister with an embarrassed face and smiles. Baoqi seems to be a little angry. He takes his hand and doesn’t move. "You won’t be reluctant to give up ten dollars, will you?"
Leng Xiao propped up his forehead and looked gloomy. "Go!"
Baoqi was choked and awkward. "I won’t go and buy one!" "
Just now, I had a good walk. A couple of young lovers got stuck in a conch, and the big sister was a little embarrassed. She was afraid of affecting her business. She waved her hand and persuaded, "Forget it, little sister, if your boyfriend says no, don’t argue!"
With an outsider to persuade Bao Qi, it is even more humiliating. It seems that everyone is watching her joke. My boyfriend is reluctant to buy her a conch for ten dollars. He gets angry, stomps off the cold owl and turns around and leaves.
Leng Xiao ran a few steps to grab her hand and warned, "Baoqi, don’t be so sexual!" "