To tell the truth, at first, houseman was very satisfied and proud when he saw that his cry finally attracted people’s attention and even the former NASA director had to come out to respond.

As soon as he got the data, he informed NASA at the first time. As a result, the NASA operator was responsible for selling the surrounding area and the model industry, which led him to warn the door.
Is it ready now?
Let them take care of the surrounding area!
Now, even the director of NASA has to come out and explain clearly.
But with the development of events, houseman’s mood changed rapidly again.
Social security and all kinds of order are deteriorating rapidly.
Everyone either fled to the plateau or smashed it crazily, hoping for one last madness before the end of the day.
The environment around him is still generally safe, but for walking into some blocks at night.
But now even if you go out or stay at home during the day, you are uneasy.
Yesterday, he saw with his own eyes another man in the block being dragged to the door by his enemy and led by others to be executed …
And those people are shouting all kinds of extreme slogans with some cult signs.
This scared houseman to death. He doesn’t dare to go out now. Although his tonnage is bluffing, he can’t hold his face. He’s too good. He’s just a fat man in vain. If he’s stared at, he’s simply a pig!
Now houseman doesn’t know whether it is right or wrong to do so.
He knows some online friends on weekdays, but now he can’t contact them, especially because he believes that the moon is an artificial celestial body circle, and several people lose contact every day …
If all those people are dead, is he a murderer?
Houseman hopes that this commotion will be over as soon as possible and there will be fewer dead people. He very much hopes that NASA and the European Bureau will succeed in exploring the moon.
But …
Houseman hit the enter key and watched the lunar exploration again with his own cat.
He couldn’t help but grab the cat beside him and talk about it. "Fuzi, this is a certain failure. Those people haven’t realized that the moon is a giant structure yet. It’s man-made and now there is something wrong with the core of the giant structure department. It’s not that they can solve it with a little data …"
"Meow?" The kitten cocked its head to show that it didn’t understand what the shovel officer said.
"Only I can solve this matter …"
Houseman is still talking and holding the kitten in his hand is getting stronger and stronger.
"Meow? ? ?”
The kitten silently flashed its claws.
Not this barber shop!
Brush! ! !
The cat’s paw gently opened two flowers on houseman’s hand …
Houseman eats pain and hurriedly takes back his hand and arm, but accidentally catches the keyboard and slaps his head and starts playing again.
It’s a woman with a translation cavity.
"We have come to a preliminary solution to the lunar orbit deviation. At present, it is certain that the moon is not as simple as we had previously speculated, and there may be some kind of alien life. The high probability of this incident is also caused by this alien life …"
Is a word let houseman froze.
Extraterrestrial life on the moon?
This theory … He likes it!
Although he supports the theory that the moon is man-made, since the moon is man-made, it is naturally made by aliens. Can it not be made by the earth?
This view is similar to his.
Houseman Ma looked at the screen and saw an identity nameplate, the chief engineer of aerospace engineering. The man was talking to the camera and doing simultaneous translation at the TV station.
It seems to be a press conference, too. This speech is also full of reporters in front of the man, and the reporters are all quite shocked.
General Ji continued
Just now, we have learned that NASA’s European Bureau has reached a cooperation, and they will send the spacecraft and astronauts to the moon together to obtain the current data of the moon.
"We wish this success, but based on the information we have at present, we have to call on them to stop the launch.
It is irresponsible to send astronauts to the moon rashly because of the inability to eliminate alien life on the moon … "
"Woo hoo-"
Listening to Ji’s words, houseman blushed with excitement, just like an otaku who saw Mr. Bodo and Mr. San in his room.
The artificial moon and aliens are houseman, the otaku, Mr. Bo and Mr. San.
Houseman was so excited that his voice trembled a little. He took out his medicine from his pocket and touched one casually. He put his eyes in his mouth and looked straight at the brain screen.
Suddenly he remembered something and quickly took out his mobile phone and shouted in the artificial moon circle for everyone to watch the conference.
After Ji’s speech, the press conference did not end, but changed to a different place.
Ding Hongbo’s serious face and figure suddenly appeared on the screen.
Next, he will personally tell the specific action plan to alleviate people’s panic.
"In order to cope with the lunar orbit deviation, we made a grand plan-we decided to push away from the moon!"
"We obtained an engine through a special channel, and temporarily named this engine’ Planetary Engine’. Its thrust has reached a prehistoric level of 15 trillion tons, and it takes about 100 seats to push the moon to alleviate the situation that the moon continues to slide to the earth …"
Ding Hongbo’s figure is still on the screen, but at this time everyone can’t see him. Everyone has something he just said in their eyes.
"Wang Defa? !”
"What did he just say?"
"Fifteen trillion tons of thrust engine?"
"Did he really say the wrong unit?"
Houseman’s group chat has just been called by him to watch the press conference, and his friends have made a sensation.
Even as far away as Washington, Fox looked incredible at this time. He consciously called hutchins.
"Do we have a 15 trillion-ton thrust engine?"
Hutchins "? ? ?”
Not this barber shop, okay?
Chapter 47 Their Moon?
From Ding Hongbo’s mouth, it is a monkey [monthly plan], which can not completely push the moon away, but can slightly change its orbit and prolong its collision with the earth.
The real solution to this crisis still depends on the moon spacecraft.