"Let Ji Xinghe come and ask him to rush in front of me, then surround him."

Man Yong doesn’t believe that Ji Xinghe can kill it, because its mecha are also made of tungsten steel alloy, and its fighting capacity is stronger in Bibel and Rossi.
How long did Ji Xinghe defeat Berrossi?
If you want to entangle Ji Xinghe yourself and let yourself kiss Weiying, the other two Marquis will surround Ji Xinghe, and then Ji Xinghe will die.
It wants to kill Ji Xinghe personally, because Ji Xinghe represents meritorious service, and even it is jealous.
It’s impossible to be promoted to the knighthood because of this, but it has too many children and not enough titles.
And it thought that Xinghe had chosen sturm und drang without hesitation.
The goal is the brave Grand Duke.
And it looks like he wants to kill the brave Grand Duke, and he charges alone. After seeing the road, he lets the imperial noble mecha surround him from behind and on both sides.
When Ji Xinghe was about to be entangled in foolhardy and then besieged by more than 300 imperial mecha, most of which were imperial noble mechs.
The worse command center TuYuan suddenly laughed.
One tone after another, the command center rings.
"Oriental black dragon Fleet Horn-Mujiao space battleship is in place"
"Magnetic pulse energy main gun charging"
"Confirm that the anti-magnetic pulse function of general armor is complete"
"It has been confirmed that the armor anti-magnetic pulse energy impact component is intact."
"Confirm that the laser towing beacon is fully functional"
"Confirmed that the laser towing beacon is fully functional"
"Magnetic pulse energy main gun is fully charged"
"Ji Xinghe, please activate the laser traction beacon and start the anti-magnetic pulse energy impact module"
JiXinghe sound has a quiet ratio.
"activated and activated"
Tu Yuan’s stereo sounded faintly with a smile.
"Thunder at the Milky Way"
Chapter 294 The Prince of the Escape Empire
Tu Yuan ordered some literature and art, but it was not literature and art to be called God’s punishment and attack.
As he ordered the Mujiao, the floating universe, space battleship released a beam of energy that looked too slim.
The light blue energy beam has the speed of thunder as Tu Yuan said, and breathing has achieved the real meaning of day after day.
The sky belongs to the space battleship, Jiaomujiao, the space fleet of black dragon, Longzhou Oriental.
The earth is Ji Xinghe’s driving general A, the alien star he founded, and the earth is the battlefield of B72 highland mountain plain.
Surrounded by more than 300 imperial mecha, General Jia, who had just rushed to the front of the mecha driven by the brave Grand Duke, did not set up a pike to make a fatal blow like the brave imperial orangutans expected.
Ji Xinghe controlled the general’s armor brake and raised his hand to aim the pike and your gun at the sky.
Compared with the gun body, the laser-guided beacon device at the joint of the front fixed gun tip and the gun rod looks small, which was not obvious just now.
But when it led the light blue energy beam from the sky to crash, Yan Yong finally noticed this, but it was too late.
It looks slender and very energetic when it falls on the alien earth.
The gun tip with a diameter of more than three meters instantly submerged Ji Xinghe.
Looks like the federal fleet energy main gun hit their ace mecha by mistake.
But this is not the federal research energy main gun, but the magnetic pulse energy main gun.
Driving the light blue beam of General Jia Ji Xinghe should not be said to be unscathed in the beam.
When he was covered, he raised his pike and was finally put lightly and touched the ground.
It’s like falling from the sky in order to cooperate with his movement. The energy beam and the gun tip suddenly explode when they fall to the ground.
It looks like a light blue light mass instantly expands into a huge ring, which is about three meters high on the ground, and expands rapidly until it completely submerges more than 300 imperial mecha surrounded by Ji Xinghe.
"Warning antimagnetic pulse …"
All the imperial mecha cockpit in the attack range rang with intelligent core alarm.
But with one exception, these alarms have disappeared before they are finished.
As the energy beam explodes, the magnetic pulse energy in it also explodes.
From the perspective of spectral imaging, a golden ring followed by a light blue ring passed through more than 300 imperial mecha surrounded by Ji Xinghe.
Some nuclear explosions produce nuclear magnetic pulse waves.
When the second ring spread, the light blue energy beam suddenly disappeared as if it had never appeared.
More than 300 mecha surrounded by Ji Xinghe look unscathed, as if nothing really happened just now.
Is it true that nothing happened?
A wisp of smoke floated from behind Ji Xinghe, and a hanging kit automatically fell off and hit the ground.
General Jia’s pike beacon device was also damaged.
These phenomena have proved that everything just now was not an illusion but a fact that actually happened.
More able to prove is that those who fell to the imperial mecha.
Before they have completed the siege of Ji Xinghe, and it is really surrounded by the mecha and the gap between the mechs is less than two meters. More than 300 imperial mechs overlap one layer after another.
Even if Ji Xinghe wants to charge and then leap through, it is impossible to charge. As their encirclement shrinks, it becomes shorter and thicker. The encirclement has exceeded the maximum leap distance of General A.
But now
These mecha surrounded by Ji Xinghe Empire fell to the ground like leeks.
Some of the distances were too close to the imperial mecha, and when they fell to the ground, they collided like a pyramid.
Panic-stricken cries rang out from their communication channels.
None of the orangutan pilots in the mecha cockpit died, and they were equally unscathed.
But their mecha are already’ dead’