Tong still refused to stop staring at Yeling Avenue. "Don’t run, bad guys!"

The night spirit did not move.
He also recognized the origin of just a few tricks.
The monkey looked at Tong Shen and asked, "Little doll, is your husband surnamed Su?"
"Hey, how do you know?"
Children immediately froze stare big eyes curious and asked.
Qingqing and others are gradually coming in vain.
Linghu, with a depressed face and a swollen cheek, complained, "This special flood rushed to Longwang Temple and got a beating!"
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy-three Life mark
Qingqing is more happy to learn that Tong Su Mo has a heart. I am happy to watch Tong Shi more and more like it.
"What a suck!"
Qingqing saw that Linghu was full of grievances and couldn’t help but criticise "Who told you to bully others’ children?"
"Sister, have you ever seen such a fierce child?"
Linghu turned supercilious look with black lines.
Tong will suppress the three of them, even if the night spirit fights and fights, there is no wind falling!
The golden lion exclaimed, "Big Brother is really amazing. When did you train such a demon child?"
Tong was a little confused and couldn’t help asking, "Do you know my husband?"
"More than knowing"
The monkey grinned. "We know your husband very well, but we are sworn brothers. Your husband is our eldest brother."
Tong tilted his head, blinked his eyes, and his black eyes turned with a grain of salt.
Qingqingqi said, "Big Brother never told you about us?"
Hearing this sentence, the child’s face passed a bit frustrated and slightly bowed his head and whispered, "No one has told me two words."
"How is that possible?"
Linghu shook his head and said, "Brother didn’t talk to you much. How do you know those killing tricks?"
As he spoke, Linghu did two strokes.
"Those moves?"
Tong shook his head and said, "You didn’t teach me."
Qingqing, Linghu and others looked at each other and could see each other’s faces puzzled.
Su Mo knows the kind of killing they remember.
Didn’t Su Mo teach the boy to learn from it?
"Eldest brother didn’t teach you such as practice?"
Qingqing asked again
Tong shook his head and said, "I have seen the scene when Gong broke through Dan Dao. Those moves and some practice methods have been in my mind since I was channeled."
"It’s strange that who else knows those moves if it’s not Big Brother?"
Linghu whispers
The monkey’s heart moved, and a figure dressed in a bloody robe emerged in his mind.
"It’s her …"
Monkeys whisper to each other
Some monkeys know these moves clearly, and there is another person besides Su Mo who knows them!
And this mysterious woman once gave him an article on the practice of apes at night more than 100 years ago, and then disappeared!
Night spirit once said that the stronger the source of psychic wisdom of this peach tree, the greater the potential of children.
I’m afraid it’s the mysterious woman who wants to help this peach tree channel so much!
No wonder this boy is scary, but he inherited the mysterious female orthodoxy!
Qingqing came to Tong and squatted down with a smile and asked, "How long has it been since I saw your husband?"
"More than a hundred years"
Child snapping his fingers and said
"What did your family say to you before you left?" Qingqing asked again
Tong said seriously, "Let me protect this people!"
"So you’ve been guarding this place for more than a hundred years?"
Qingqing’s eyes flashed a soft color.
Tong Li nodded. "I have never left over the years! Pingyang town people are also doing very well! "
"Yeah, we saw it."
Qingqing nodded.
I don’t know to see children like this. A soft place in everyone’s heart seems to be suddenly touched.
Even the resentment against children in Linghu’s heart vanished in an instant
After a word, the child will shoulder the responsibility of guarding this party. How many dangers and difficulties has it experienced during this period?
Some time ago, the northern land experienced witchcraft, but there was no sign of a wave here, presumably because of this child’s protection
The child doesn’t know when it will be the end.