"Can you tell?" Golden wings Dapeng one leng.

"Do you really have a handle?" I love my eyes.
Handle …?
When Lin Chong heard these two words, he cried and thought that the hidden soldier handle in the hands of the three brothers in the former life heaven was fully sacrificed by the ginseng fruit tree before it was cracked.
The handle is an honorific stone, and upgrading is another form that can be the only secret opposition among the heavens.
And the Golden Winged Dapeng’s integrity, title, handle and country are higher than one. Is it not weaker than having a unique secret country? No wonder there are no hidden soldiers in the country, so it is a combination of power and power
"This is not humane." Golden Wings Dapeng obviously doesn’t want to talk about this. "The handle was just an accident to me. Besides, it is very difficult to have a handle. How difficult is it? I can’t tell you … this Moro God, if you want to dig my title again, I will teach you a lesson."
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, one’s fingers itch at the moment." I’m very busy. I’m taking back the magic blade that almost inserted into the golden wing Dapeng body
Lin gave a very loving stare.
Love to spit out your tongue.
Looking at their appearance, Dapeng thought that there must be something fishy about them.
"Then please ask Dapeng to make a high hand," said Lin Chong.
"Happy" golden wings Dapeng should way.
So Lin Chong and Dapeng with golden wings loved to come to the vicinity of Nine Treasures Jinta together.
From this point of view, the Nine Treasures Golden Pagoda should be 10,000 meters high, and the height surveyed by the Extension Bureau is more than 9,000 meters, less than 10,000, which almost resists the virtual edge.
Heaven is not like the earth, but the boundary is mixed. The virtual limit depends on whether the height is high or not, but the virtual is always.
The end of all countries’ territory is empty. Crossing the long river of history means crossing the empty sky. The most important part of the universe is in all the world.
Now Nine Treasures Jinta is sending a distress signal to the virtual. This signal should have arrived in his country, which is equivalent to having a link with his country
"Please ask Kunlungao to cover up the history of celebrating the country. My magical power can only be achieved if the goal is not foreign," said Dapeng with golden wings.
"This is easy to say." Lin Chong thought about whether to call Zer or Twelve Celestial Officials, or whether everything would return to block history.
"I’ll do it!" Raise your hand suddenly in love
"You?" Lin Chong feels a little weird about being extremely active.
Love to support antivir very much.
Celebrate the country awning through a layer of light blood red.
Even with the long history of life, red waves are also floating in the river.
Once the red spray aroused Longhua Li Boyang, he could not see the situation of Qingguo at this moment, and the distress signal was blocked.
Long life is watching this scene by the river. Longhua Gao and Li Boyang can’t help but look at each other in astonishment. "Is this that Moro Tianji loves God?"
At this time, there was a figure in a purple robe on the bank of the historic long river opposite.
"That’s my day pure Yang? How did he do this? " Longhua wondered, "Who is he staring at?"
"Longhua Gao has ever heard of a man who heard that this era has been transformed into eternity." Li Boyang suddenly had to talk about it.
"I’ve heard of it, but it’s hard to tell whether it’s true or not. Some people say that an eternal era may just be too coming back. Brother Bo Yang is too busy to judge this?" Longhua said with a smile
"It’s really not worth a tan." Li Boyang also laughed.
Love to hold up the umbrella to shield the history.
The nine-fold golden pagoda seemed to have a reaction, but as soon as the pagoda was shaken, it called the fish-class starfleet, and a saturated attack of thermonuclear weapons hit the pagoda, and the Buddha and Bodhisattva cried and stopped moving. Hold the pagoda tightly and hold the Buddha’s light.
"The only secret of Kunlun is really sharp." Dapeng with golden wings can’t help feeling that "fairy manpower can actually hurt Gao."
"You’re welcome, please ask Dapeng to shoot high," said Lin Chong.
"That’s not at all." Dapeng with golden wings said that he twisted his neck and moved his ankle to himself. "I haven’t moved this avatar for a long time, and I still have some power. Although I swallowed the Buddha in those days, it’s hard to say how it is now. Don’t laugh at me if I make a fool of myself …"
Lin Chong kept his face polite and smiled, wondering if there was something wrong with the avatar because he spent all his strength talking.
Ow ~
Golden-winged Dapeng rose from the ground and suddenly became a giant Peng.
The giant Peng’s wings are thousands of meters long and are dark gold. When it appears, it will cover the sky, and when it spreads its wings, it will bring shock to the body, which is even greater than the highest weapon form on earth, that is, the Kun-class starship.
"What a big …" Lin Chong sighed.
Chapter one hundred The only secret return to God
The giant Peng transformed by the Golden Wing Dapeng is the largest behemoth that Lin Chong has ever seen in the whole sky except for the limited elevation of the horizon.
The giant Peng spread his wings and opened his mouth to scream, and half of the country’s heaven was swallowed into darkness. When the darkness fell towards the golden Nine Treasures Golden Pagoda, the Nine Treasures Golden Pagoda disappeared in front of Lin Chong like being erased.
Hiccup ~
After eating Nine Treasures Jinta, Dapeng with golden wings gave a loud burp.
Then look down at Lin Chong.
The giant was so nervous that he ordered the fish-class starfleet to make a defensive posture.
From Lin Chong’s high vision, it can be seen that the Golden Winged Dapeng has not recovered its prototype, not because of its dazzling form, but because it is … a little propped up.
When the Golden Winged Dapeng swallowed the Nine Treasures Golden Pagoda, Lin Chong saw that one country’s heaven swallowed up the other country’s heaven, and the national integration of heaven could not be completed for a while.
"It should be swallowed with a handle." Lin Chong whispered in his ear, "We robbed the Golden Winged Dapeng and grabbed the title stone."
"He can hear you," said Lin Chong.