"No, it’s too dangerous. Don’t go to Momo." Mu Wanhua threw herself into her fiance’s arms and hugged Lin Momo’s body for a long time.

"Ha ha so have no confidence in me? Phantom of the opera, able to kill billions of powerful zerg with one blow, is not afraid of demigod-level star cruises. Elf King, the emperor, is very strong, but it is not strong enough to be ridiculous. "
"Big bull male chauvinism you decide things never compromise? All right! All right! Let you take risks, but if you want to take me, the Yunlu will definitely help. Don’t be so kind, okay? "
"Look at how to say that you are going to cry? With YunLu number is not cocoa, but I prefer to have a demigod-level star cruise ship in St. YunXing. After all, Xiao Qiang pulled the fleet slightly thin, and the Elf King noticed that the strength of the TianZhu fleet rose sharply and seized the second galactic rule and was close to the end. He would definitely take some actions. "
"Don’t, don’t, don’t let the sand show non-success and even guarding this place and Damon and Connor have the vanguard fleet and the pioneer fleet to cover the fear of the elf king’s tampering? If I follow your action, Lilith will definitely go to the second galaxy and dare to leave us with you. "Mu Wanhua squeezed a handful to make Lin momo grin.
"Well, I’ll hand over one hundred ships from the main fleet to you and Lilith, and lead the Yunlu, the mighty, the two semi-gods, and follow me. Obsidian and Feiyu stay behind and inform Roderick to let the transport fleet help the adventure guild to transfer materials. Our logistics force is still relatively good. In addition, we should choose a suitable B-class star cruise ship from the transport fleet to fill the Discovery Fleet. We have cleaned up so many elite insect towers in our war zone and gained a lot. It should not be difficult to strive for the promotion of hundreds of elite combat groups to reach 10,000 ships."
"Is I at the head of the adult you greatest hurry to rest! Leave these things to your wife to do well, and you will save your strength and go to the Elves after receiving people from various families. "
"Thank you, Wanhua!" Lin momo held Mu Wanhua in his arms and kissed her on the forehead. This woman is really considerate. Honestly speaking, she is going to the Elf Elf King for a decisive battle. The psychological pressure is very great. Zerg elite forces consume a lot of heart in wartime. She has been hard-working in recent days and really needs a good rest for a few days.
Lin momo wanted to have a good rest, but the wooden messenger arrived at St. Vincent’s Tenchu fleet the next day, and the efficiency of the super family was really remarkable.
The hero’s title is very good, and the wooden messenger respectfully presents a belt with both hands. Inside it is the "goodwill" of the wooden family. The meeting room of Phantom of the Opera discussed it for half an hour, and the messenger hurried back to report the situation.
The messenger of fire, the messenger of stone and the messenger of water arrived at the adventure guild on the third day, and also came to the news that they were willing to obey Lin momo’s orders, and the interstellar trend was quietly reversed.
On the tenth day after the Tianzhu fleet returned to St. Vincent, it was quite pretty to decorate the mirror array to cover up the Phantom of the Opera, leading half of the main fleet, and the target was the second galaxy.
There are several important territories in the Milky Way outside the Elves’ boundary, but Momo Lin’s scope of attack is to kill the Elves’ King Ofara, so that the Elves will fall into chaos and not do anything. I believe that all forces in the interstellar world will actively cooperate with the annexation of the Elves’ King and work hard to come out, and then the Elves can compromise.
So Lin momo has to attack the Elf King? This is purely a naive question. If Lin Sisuo doesn’t take the opportunity to kill the Elf King and the Elf clan forces continue to grow, who will be a target of the Elf King? The Tianzhu fleet has long been a thorn in the side of the Elf King, and there is no possibility for both sides to resolve their grievances.
Even if you meet a star cruise ship on the road, you can see the Phantom of the Opera and tell the true face of the star cruise ship. The Elf King should know the situation of St. Yunxing like the palm of his hand. The mirror array will not last long, so you must respond quickly and quickly.
Lilith is an activist, far more vigorous than Mu Wanhua. During the rest of the fleet, St. Yunxing will allocate the adventure guild to the missile department to the main fleet. All supplies will be given priority to the Phantom of the Opera, and then it will be carried out in turn to clean up the old monster Elf King. It is definitely a double battle in the world. Never mind.
More than 60 hours, just more than 60 hours, hundreds of star cruise ships crossed the wormhole and came to the second galactic star, which already belongs to the Elves.
The entrance to the Super Wormhole is controlled by the military, but the exit is guarded by many powerful Elf fleets. It is precisely because the military is still competent and the Elf King doesn’t want to touch the sensitive nerve of the military that he didn’t personally go to the out-of-bounds Galaxy to deal with the Tianzhu fleet. Otherwise, when the news of Xiao’s cold came out, O ‘Farah should have gone to see the actual situation.
Various reasons have prompted this interstellar situation through the game of all parties, and the growth of the Tenchu fleet is not unreasonable. All parties want to see the result. Today, Lin momo and the Elf King finally confront the Tianchu fleet, and the two ends of the Elf fleet are like interstellar beasts. All eyes are tied to the second galaxy.
The Phantom of the Opera, facing tens of thousands of star cruises, has decided that these tens of thousands of star cruises are hostile, so the function of the record list appears.
"I’m sorry you are facing a star cruise ship, but please think twice before you do. The other side has a high level of freedom. If you form a hostile ship, the basic strength will be weakened by 20%."
"What? What’s this? We are an odd star cruise ship, and the points in the record list are also not low. What basic strength will weaken by 20%? Answer me, what will be the result? "
Captain Elves, the captain of the Elves working for the human body was shocked, and the strength of the Tenchu fleet was already ridiculously strong, but before the Phantom of the Opera, it was necessary to cut so much strength and let the elves live?
"Intercept the phantom of the opera, who died" Phantom of the opera, set off a screen outside the hull. Lin momo’s huge figure appeared too.
"Don’t be afraid of the Elves. The Elves have honored us and fought to the death."
"Boom …"
The cannon light suddenly broke out and thousands of star cruise ships charged forward. It was an incredible scene to see the huge Lin momo figure reach out and seem to hold something, and then bring a touch of blood in front of the super wormhole.
More than 500 star cruise ships are launching a charge. They blew themselves up a little farther away. Where is the Phantom of the Opera? There was a lotus flower jumping on the battlefield, and ships were wrecked everywhere …
Volume 22 The devil takes the hindmost! Great War Chapter 1294
Tenchu fleet is coming, Phantom of the Opera is coming, Momo Lin is coming.
The Elf King is at the peak of his ruling career, and someone dares to come to the Second Galaxy to make trouble. I really don’t know how to write the word "dead", but the adventure guild took the opportunity to leave the resistance of the Second Galaxy suddenly attacked and many newly established Elf territories were attacked. However, this is not the worst news.
It has been declared that the sudden defection of Sima family from the Stone Family has caused great damage to the Elves, and when the Elf King has not yet reacted, the organization of gods has changed again.
Who would have thought that the Mujia gods organization was inextricably linked? Although the core of the gods organization has always been the three-eyed family, the three-eyed family has been used to it for nearly a thousand years. They know that asking for it has made many human beings dissatisfied. Grassroots people secretly look for partners behind their backs and want to get rid of the shackles on their heads.
The opportunity is rare, and the organization of gods is completely divided.
This is really the biggest irony. Previously, the Second Galaxy Mujia Gods organized a competition for the artifact, which was almost a larger foe. That artifact was secretly promised to the Gods by the top management of the First Galaxy Mujia. Obviously, Yan Shuang, the widow of Mujia, did not have such a high vision. It is strange that everything she did can be successful. How can she lose an artifact for nothing with the power of Mujia? And that artifact is an important part of a strategic artifact.
In just a few days, the adventure guild jumped out, the stone family jumped out, the wooden family jumped out, and the fire family attracted more attention, because Morgan Dominion actually adhered to the ancient Covenant and forged a strategic alliance with the fire family
Not long ago, I just agreed to support the elf king Morgan Dominion and openly come out to clean up the elf clan war units near the Dominion. What does this say? It says that human beings are the masters of playing Tao!
You know, the Morgan dominion has been closed for many years, and you hooked up with the Morgans? I’m afraid it dates back to a long time ago, but the problem of picking up people’s teeth seems to be getting worse and worse. Even if there are more forces of surrendering elves, who can guarantee that there is no "double agent" in it? The Elves are increasingly distrustful of human beings.
The water family and the light Federation later shot at the Elves camp, and suddenly there were many more traitors. Several old judges of the Sanzong Jury openly countered the secret line of Pope Morgan’s survivors and started it quickly, which made the Elf King.
The second galaxy is in chaos, as if the Elves’ ruling area is full of traitors and spies. Elves’ fleets are everywhere fighting against the rebels, and at the same time, they have to separate their forces to guard against the fleet of the Tenchu.
Tenchu fleet came to the second galaxy and then broke through the defense line of the super wormhole, and then advanced towards the capital star of the Elves. At this time, five Elves were ordered to intercept. Does Lin momo want to compete with the entire Elves with just one hundred ships? I don’t know what it means. It’s wishful thinking. Elf leaders are extremely angry
Time flies in the past five days. During these five days, the Tianzhu fleet has been wandering as far as possible to avoid the main battle of the Elves. Sometimes it is mysterious and sometimes it takes the initiative to attack the territory of the Elves. It seems that it wants to fight a guerrilla war or harassment war to destroy the targets of the Elves.
The Elf King is not easy to handle. Since the Federation of Light and the Adventure Guild dare to tear the dough, he wants to show mankind the layout for 3,000 years. Maybe in less than half a year, the Elf will be able to stabilize the overall situation. O ‘Farra has to admit that Lin Sisuo is very good at picking the right time and even chose this point to make trouble. But there is nothing wrong with starting before, and it is more troublesome to clean up after destroying the Tianzhu fleet at most. Is there any chance for human beings to make a comeback? Don’t phantom of the opera, reached the level of god is against the day?
"I ordered to start the first galaxy and the second galaxy in hibernation, all hidden piles started to hibernate, and all the star thieves and families in the galaxy outside the boundary were informed to make several wormholes to let the zerg army enter the border. I believe that the human ruler must have more headaches than the king."
"Do it immediately." Several elves hurried to bring life.
Elf king turned his head and sneered, "There are hidden fire families, wooden families, water families and those dark hands. Let them give a slap in the face to several big families. The king knows what these super families mean. They have to force me to reveal my cards. Good, good, good. Let them get what they want and see if they can afford it!"
"Yes, I immediately set out to decorate my father out of the galaxy. I must be careful about the Phantom of the Opera. A few days ago, I personally went to San Yunlin Momo’s meeting and found that the ship had reached the level of God with the help of the Star Fighter Cloud Nuclear. We have been searching hard for it for so many years, but we never wanted to seal the Star Fighter Cloud Nuclear in the Daqingshan Mountain. In addition, the Phantom of the Opera’s record list broke through the limit and reached dzogchen. Otherwise, the title of hero’s position is not casually awarded. It is very unfavorable for us elves to suppress the record list automatically during wartime.
"No, no, no, it’s a record list, isn’t it? The Emperor has been trained almost without the limitation of Phantom of the Opera. You are the king’s best son. Your genes are perfect. It’s time for you to get rid of the fire family and help the king to take charge of the overall situation. However, it is necessary to wipe out the St. Yunxing Tianzhu fleet for the king. Everything else is up to you. Only this matter can’t be delayed. Let the foreign leader attack St. Yunxing at all costs and kill Lin Sisuo. All followers hum, if you want to find the king, please let him look good. This day is an elf family. Humans are not much better than zerg. There are
"My father’s talent is the first male advocate, and I will help the out-of-bounds galaxy to deal with it! On the Tianzhu fleet or dare to make the elves ugly forces, they will all pay the price. I believe it won’t be long before my father will be in charge of the day. "A man’s eyes showed fanaticism on the screen.
"Good super communication here! It takes a lot of energy to maintain synchronous communication. Remember to transport your current identity, especially the fiery gentleman. Try to dig up his influence. You can do it. "
"Beep Beep" The light screen in front of both sides of the communication is broken at the same time, and the energy pool in the room is close to drying up. The figure of the self-proclaimed son turned around. He was a wise man who used to spy on the Tianzhu fleet near the fire home territory.
It’s really a complicated layout. The Elf King values that people actually hide the fire family and get along quite well. Otherwise, he wouldn’t go to San Yunxing Lin momo for a meeting on behalf of the fire family. Fortunately, Lin momo is very careful to meet the messengers of each family alone, just because he is worried that there are elf eyeliner among these messengers.
In fact, a super family like Firehouse will never reveal the secret layout to the emissary on the safe side, although Firehouse is in today’s position and it is not clear about Firehouse Morgan Dominion.
The interstellar situation has become a beach, and it is unclear. You have me and I have your eyes. No one believes in each other and guard against each other.