Two mermaid soldiers were strung together and crucified.

Another javelin passed.
Two more mermaid soldiers were strung together and crucified.
He’s not in a straight line, and Hang Yu is too lazy to wave javelin and directly draw out flying knives one by one.
Huang Yan several people didn’t come to intervene.
On the one hand, when it is necessary to distinguish the position of monsters under the influence of fog.
On the other hand, Hang Yu shot too fast, and when he reacted and approached, there was a fish man’s body left.
The fisherman hunter was killed by a tree, four of him were crucified by two, and four were killed by a flying knife.
"I got a dog!"
Sun Chaosheng looked unbelievable.
Nine fishmen were killed in this way?
If he had no one to help him, there would be a 50% chance that a fisherman hunter and a fisherman warrior would fight for their lives.
This guy is a great god!
Sun Chaosheng was thorough this time.
Hang Yu led several people into the encirclement.
"The fisherman is coming!"
"Everyone is ready for battle!"
Hang Yu threw a few fishbone javelins to kill a few fishermen.
At this moment, he Fisherman has found that they immediately separated their forces and wanted them to launch a siege. When the trapped Skynet elite heard the companion sounds, they all showed a surprise.
There are eleven of them.
Most of them are skynet captains.
I really want to say that their strength is not weak. If the situation is fair, the head-on battle may not be lost to this group of fishermen.
But the fog in Jiang Xinzhou is too foggy.
Their vision is greatly affected, and they can’t see the position of the fisherman clearly. They are very passive in fighting. If Hang Yu and others come a little late, they will definitely suffer serious casualties.
"It turned out to be the first brigade of Lao Huang!"
"I really owe you my life this time!"
Huang Yan saw that several of them were seriously injured. "Ji Wen quickly treated the wounded."
"Others help fight!"
The leader of the second brigade is a squadron leader in wang xing.
The leader of the third brigade is a squadron leader named Li.
Both of them are officers transferred directly from the army.
Skynet organized the brigade to be relatively independent. Although Huang Yan and them are all mid-team leaders, they are generally competitive with the brigade.
Of course
They are all skynet people
At the key moment, Qi Xin will definitely work together to fight side by side
The first group of people joined them, and the pressure was greatly relieved.
In particular, Hang Yu kept throwing knives and javelins into the fog alone, because the fog was too heavy for others to see the throwing results clearly.
But they can clearly feel it.
The stress caused by the fishman attack is greatly reduced!
Sun Chaosheng was bored.
This guy throws so hard
That must be a level 3 throwing suspicion.
Level 3 throwing costs a lot. Why can’t his spirit be exhausted?
Out of the fog came an ambitious growl
Immediately, an unusually big fishman figure dashed out.
"Look out!"
Liang Dong released the light shield and blocked it.
The fisherman took a spear from war spear and pierced the Liang Dong light shield. The powerful force blew Liang Dongyi several meters away.
The second brigade captain wang face a change.
"No, it’s a fisherman warrior. It should be a level 5 silver elite!"
"This guy is fast, explosive and fierce. Be careful!"
The fisherman warrior is completely different from the fisherman.