On the age of the world, he should be called Lu Chenyi, but he is a mythical person, so he is honored.

"I feel that you have recently entered a bottleneck and I have come to help you."
Liu Chen said with a smile, raise my hand and point out a chaotic light into Sendai, Wang Bo.
Wang Bo was horrified at first, and then he found the brilliance and killed before he relaxed.
When he realized it, he was a little surprised. This is actually another chaotic ancient scripture!
He has long heard that not only the Emperor of Heaven has transformed the chaotic body, but also the Emperor Wu has evolved and transformed the chaotic body. I think Emperor Wu also has chaotic classics!
After a little research, he found that the chaotic ancient classics of Emperor Wu and the chaotic ancient classics of Ye Fan are very different, which is almost the opposite. It is more overbearing and more difficult to practice and understand.
It’s hard to say who has the disadvantage. After all, in the history of Emperor Wudi and Tiandi, Emperor Wudi won many times, but Emperor Wudi did not win by chaos.
"Xie Wudi gave the law"
Although Wang Bo is proud of his heart, he also knows that Lu Chen is also a generation who said that he can’t put on airs. At this time, the other party gave him a natural thank.
It was Wang Bo who wondered, "Xian Ye and I are both chaotic bodies, and she can prove it even if someone proves it, but your brother Lu Shutian still has to take the usual path. Isn’t it bad for your brother that Emperor Wu gave the dharma today?"
"I just want to give her more experience."
Lu Chen waved and smiled and then turned away.
The main reason is that Wang Bo is almost tied with those two little girls recently, so it’s boring. We must give coach Wang a boost.
It’s been a long time and a hundred years. Wang Bo got Lu Chen, Ye Fan, and the chaotic ancient classics combined the two methods and jumped out to show that their own methods were really strong.
He suppressed Ye Xianlu for another hundred years, and it was not until he was about to prove the truth that he almost drew a draw.
It’s hard to say if all three people don’t deliberately suppress it, but Wang Bo and Xian Ye have mostly become emperors.
This Ye Fan and Lu Chen called back two young girls respectively, and they were not allowed to play again, so they had to personally seal them in the future.
"Grandfather ~ I’m almost enlightened and haven’t won him yet …"
Lu Gaitian is very strong and indifferent, which is regarded as following her mother. The emperor Lu said that Gaitian Xian killed a generation of Tianjiao with a flick of his finger.
However, the Immortal Mountain in Emperor Wudi’s Palace is another kind of desert, holding Lu Chen’s arm like a little girl who doesn’t grow up.
Her delicate cheeks are bulging. "Grandfather, your method is too strong to give me."
Liu Chen’s heart touched the little brother’s head. "You’re not a chaotic body."
He went on to say, "I gave Wang Bo the Chaos Classic so that you could gain more experience. As a result, it was a success. It was not easy for you to draw him in the end. After all, he was an ancient and had more war experience than you."
Finally, Lu Chen sealed the land and let her break through, and then she really became an emperor.
The chaos hegemony ended and the draw ended, leaving a Wang Bo to be the only one in the years to come.
Thousands of years later, Wang Bo became the emperor and the law of blending all ways burned the world and shook the human world.
"This is the chaos into the Tao? It’s so extraordinary that he fits in with all the ways, and he really has the potential of natural enemies. Maybe Emperor Wudi and Emperor Tiandi really met the challenger. "
Someone exclaimed and praised Wang Bocheng’s greatness.
However, more people think that doesn’t mean that Emperor Wudi and Emperor Tiandi were too strong to create a miracle in ancient times and lived invincible for more than 200 thousand years.
After 10,000 years, the chaotic body is as strong as the sky, and it has reached the highest point in this life, and it has been sublimated to the name of chaotic Emperor Wu.
Everyone had a premonition that World War I was coming, so it was obvious that the name given to him was very specific to the surname, and there was a person who could respect Emperor Wu.
It’s not that Wang Bo doesn’t miss Lu Chen’s kindness in those years, but his innate chaos pride is more natural than his natural enemies after proving the truth.
Lu Chen once had a feat, and he once made the ancient Buddha Wyndell Dichinson a weaker emperor. It’s not that he didn’t have a chance to win. Unfortunately, he met the mythical nine Buddha, a powerful man.
Wang Bo denied that he would be much weaker than Lu Chen when he became a Taoist. In those days, Emperor Wudi and Emperor Tiandi sent their brothers to challenge him, and now he will challenge Emperor Wudi!
Even if you lose, how can you move on if you dare not even challenge?
Five hundred years later, Wang Bo boarded the Emperor Wudi’s Palace to challenge the Emperor Wudi, and it finally came!
The whole world was shocked and everyone was surprised and expecting.
Wang Bo was not overbearing. He was very polite to visit Emperor Wu and was introduced to the Immortal Mountain.
And then …
The world expected attention … didn’t come out.
There is no such thing as a shocking war as people think, and even the movement has never happened.
Soon after, Wang Bo walked out of the Emperor Wudi Palace, and no one knew what had happened before.
It wasn’t until fifty years later that the gossip flowed out of the Emperor Wudi’s Palace. When Emperor Wudi was sitting in a dish and realizing the ancient tea tree, he raised his hand and pressed Wang Bo to the ground.
The news surprised the whole world because the gap is too big!
People don’t think Wang Bo can challenge Lu Chen to succeed, but they also feel that Wang Bo can at least compete with Lu Chen, right?
But in fact, Lu Chen did make moves, but when he raised his hand, he suppressed Wang Bo.
"Yes, the fighting power of Emperor Wu is unpredictable!"
People can be so amazed that "I’m afraid all the masters of the Imperial Road through the ages are not opponents of Emperor Wu except those special ones."
This is an exaggeration, but everyone has seen the history of the "first knife of a pot of turbid wine crossing the immortal road;" In the past, the emperor’s cloud dissipated and the sky was broken. "The scene is fascinated and I hate that I can’t see the elegant demeanor of Emperor Wu."
It seems that it is not understandable to say that Emperor Wudi’s ability was inferior to that of a hundred ancient emperors, and now it is easy to suppress a chaotic body.
If you want to defeat Emperor Wu, maybe you can change all the hundreds of ancient emperors into chaos.
Some people joked that Emperor Wudi estimated that he had "a hundred waves" and that Heaven Emperor might have "ten waves".
Everyone understands that the power of chaos sets off the great power of Emperor Wudi and has become a "unit value" to measure his true strength!
The news came to Wang Bo’s ears, which naturally annoyed him. He didn’t feel ashamed of being defeated by Emperor Wu, but these people’s statements were really ridiculous.
He’s so angry that he can’t beat Emperor Wu. Can’t I beat Emperor Tian?
After another 3,000 years, he ascended to heaven to challenge the Emperor of Heaven.
The Emperor of Heaven met with less than five moves and flew Wang Bo into the universe to cough up blood in Bianhuang.
Wang Bo suddenly left his ear and seemed to hear the comments of the spectators, which made him feel ashamed.