"No" is almost unanimously rejected by everyone. According to the present situation, the enemy deliberately set up these obstacles to prevent forest intruders from invading, and the effect is remarkable.
If you don’t send a large number of troops to guard against invasion in such a long forest, since the enemy has such advanced equipment, you will not invest too much troops. Maybe the enemy doesn’t know that they have invaded yet!
But once you chop down trees, you tell the guards that someone is coming!
Chapter sixty-two magic eye secret
"Then I won’t believe it if we draw a deeper route. Can I still draw a circle?" Wu Buyue a look at the first idea was rejected by all at once and was unwilling to say again
Mo Xueyi shook his head and said, "No, setting this machine is aimed at our cranial nerves. Even if you draw a circle, I’m afraid it’s a straight line in your eyes. It shouldn’t work."
"That’s no good. That’s no good. Are we just going to die here?" Wu Yue-yi didn’t pass the exam and was immediately frustrated. After all, in the face of this situation, it is not a melee hunter who is good at coping with the situation.
"Liu Shu, I think you should give it a try. After all, do you have illusions and nerves?" Wang Ming turned to Liu Liangchen way
"Yes! Lao Liu, isn’t that what you play with? Can you still be stumped by this? " Wu Buyue felt that Wang Ming’s statement made sense and immediately urged Wu Buyue to be extremely impatient with being trapped in the forest.
"Try it, but I can’t impose my illusion on myself! Why don’t you try it, Lao Wu? " Liu Liangchen has reached the point that blood hunters still know something about human hallucinations, but he is still being disturbed himself. I don’t know if it will be biased if he rashly imposes it on others. After all, it is not fun to get stuck in hallucinations.
"Then forget it! Can you do this? " Wu Buyue is most afraid of this kind of invisible illusion and immediately rebuffed.
"Let me do it! Liu Shu, you apply the nerve correction illusion to me and add my perception of nature to see if we can go out. "Wang Ming volunteered at this time.
After all, now Wang Ming is the most dispensable in the group, with Wu Buyuan fighting, Mo Xueyi healing, Wilch and Liu Liangchen’s ability not to be imposed on himself, so now Wang Ming is the most suitable.
Mo Xueyi looked at Wang Ming. At the moment, there was no contempt in her eyes, but she respected her teammates. Liu Liangchen looked at Mo Xueyi and Mo Xueyi nodded his head. It was even settled.
After Liu Liangchen applied the nerve correction illusion to Wang Ming, everyone’s position has changed. Now Wang Ming and Xiao Qiu have gone to the front, and behind Wang Ming is Mo Xueyi. Because Mo Xueyi is afraid that Wang Ming, the leader, will be close behind Wang Ming and ready to defend at any time. Later, Wu Buyue Wilch and Liu Liangchen will heal the hunters. One end is to be protected in the team at any time.
Liu Liangchen’s illusion to Wang Ming is equivalent to nerve interference. On the contrary, the illusion of nerve is to correct the influence of interfering nerve on people, and Wang Ming can also judge whether he cares or not through the feedback of natural attributes to surrounding information.
In this way, Wang Ming and his team walked for a while. Wang Ming carefully felt the disappointment of the surrounding information and stopped and sighed. "Alas! Still can’t Liu Shu illusion no matter! "
A few people stopped again. Liu Liangchen was embarrassed to know that Wang Ming’s illusion was the original way for Liu Liangchen to join in order to deal with this situation, but who knows that the key moment fell off the chain, which made Liu Liangchen very embarrassed.
Just when they were at their wits’ end, Wang Ming suddenly found a flower in Xiaoqiu’s mouth that was different from the surrounding ones, and walked back.
Wang Ming saw the flowers in the mouth of Xiaoqiu shine at the moment and immediately called Xiaoqiu to his side and said, "Xiaoqiu, can you go out? Do you rely on smell instead of visual nerve?"
"tweet!" Hill immediately a face of satisfiedly cried.
At this time, some depressed teams heard the conversation between Wang Ming and Xiao Qiu and rekindled their hopes.
"Come on, then let Xiaoqiu lead the way so that we can’t go out?" Wu Buyue couldn’t help saying
Wang Ming looked at the crowd and found that all eyes were shining and no one objected. After all, no matter how strong people walk in this forest, they can’t compete with weak and fierce beasts.
"Wang Ming, let this little guy lead the way!" Moxueyi light way
Since everyone has no opinion and there is no other way, Wang Ming may as well let the hill go to the front, and everyone will go on with the hill. It will take more than ten minutes for Wang Ming to find that the information about the trees around him is different, and he also feels that the real barrier to the forest is far less unfathomable than what he felt just now.
"Come out, we finally got out. I can feel the real forest instead of the horrible place just now!" Not only Wang Ming, but also Welch felt the changes in the surrounding Woods at this time.
"Rest in place, we adjust and move forward again and again. This time, we can take the lead. Thanks to Wang Ming and his fox, I will remember your credit and report it truthfully when I get back." Although Mo Xueyi’s impression of Wang Ming’s womanizer has not changed yet, especially when he sees Wang Ming and Mia together, his heart is even more uncomfortable, but his current teammate Wang Ming is still worthy of Mo Xueyi’s recognition.
What is Wang Ming’s so-called credit? He smiled and stroked the hill and said, "This credit is all because our hill is the best fox!"
The hill was touched by Wang Ming, and it was very comfortable to rely on Wang Ming to look around. Both Mo Xueyi and Welch were very envious. After all, women have no natural resistance to this lovely animal. The hill is relatively cold, and no one is allowed to approach except Wang Ming.
When Wang Ming’s group was resting, suddenly there was a loud explosion in the Woods, and it was accompanied by sandstorms. The explosion was so dense that it could be felt in the Woods, and the explosion was like dyeing. Soon there were explosions in all directions in the Woods.
At this time, Mo Xueyi felt the vibration all around with a sullen face, but her face was not a little surprised, but a little worried.
"Team, captain, what the hell is going on? Did the enemy find us?" At this time, Liu Liangchen was surprised to feel the surrounding shock avenue.
Mo Xueyi shook his head and said, "No, it should be that his team also found itself trapped in the interference and took the road to release the latest magic bomb developed by magic eye!"
"What is that?" Wu Buyue asked puzzled.
Wu Buyue and Liu Liangchen are both from the Hunting Corps, and they know the secret of magic eye. It is no wonder that there are very few people here in magic eye. This newly developed magic explosive bomb in magic eye was given to 15 foreign team captains two days before the departure. It is said that this is the killer that magic eye has been hiding.
In fact, this magic bomb is a small missile launcher, but this device is very small and easy to carry, and there are ten powerful magic bombs hidden in it, which belong to weapons that can form great destructive power in a short time, and it has an excellent effect on breaking through the enemy’s encirclement when fighting alone. It is never good for him to estimate his power, even if the hunting king resists a magic bomb head-on.
This weapon is developed according to the principle that the hunter’s power activates the magic crystal to take things. This hair is discovered by a strange man in the eyes of the magic. If the hunter activates the power, it can cause the extremely unstable magic crystal to take things and explode.
This magic eye man immediately started to study it. After two years, he finally developed this powerful magic device that can be ejected. It is this magic device that only hunters can activate the root method of ordinary people. If ordinary people can also activate it, I am afraid it is really possible for human beings to reverse themselves.
Even if there are hunters available, the combat effectiveness of hunters has been raised by more than one grade in an instant. It is extremely difficult to make this weapon or take the raw materials of magic crystal blasting. After preparation, each team will be equipped with one, of course, who is in charge of the magic explosive bomb, that is, the captain of each team
Mo Xueyi probably explained the origin and power of a magic explosive bomb to the team members. Wu Buyue exclaimed, "My mother! If this thing can be mass-produced, it may not be a dream for us humans to counterattack and return to the land. "
Wang Ming shook his head, saying, "It is impossible to mass-produce this kind of thing, and I’m afraid there is not much equipment in the East Side Magic Crystal Limited, otherwise we should have one hand now."
"Wang Ming makes sense," Liu Liangchen echoed.
There was a huge explosion in the surrounding forest. When Wang Ming was still studying the magic explosive bomb, suddenly Wang Ming felt something entering the forest and heading for the explosion. Obviously, the other party also had certain natural properties. When they first entered, Wang Ming didn’t even notice it.
"No, someone is coming in the direction of the explosion. It’s the enemy on the other side of the forest!" Wang Ming quickly said