"Do you have a symbol?" I asked Chen Qiang, this guy came with his bare hands and didn’t even bring a small bag.

"Yes!" Chen Qiang nodded his head.
"Put another array to see what’s going on inside." My finger stole the hole and rushed to Chen Qiang, saying that the sealing of the soil affected my gas-watching spell hole. I didn’t understand the situation.
Chen Qiang nodded his head and quickly unbuttoned his clothes, revealing the lining of his Tibetan coat. The small pockets were bulging and filled with all kinds of small objects.
"There is a saying in Taoism that you are a dry Kun in your sleeve." I really didn’t see so many things hidden in Chen Jiang’s clothes.
Chen Qiang smiled at me and took out a few pieces from his small pocket, which were similar to animal bones and symbols, and put those messy stones on the ground in turn.
See Chen Qiang operator of has put a seven, I walked to the mouth of the cave holding hidden gas tactic waved them around.
"I want the section chief" Chen Jiang looked up at me with a small skull in his hand.
I turned around and nodded at him. Chen Qiang did not hesitate to stretch out his hand and put the object in his hand on the last stone. Once the array was formed, he suddenly exuded a cold sun’s spirit. It wasn’t long before I felt that there was a figure stealing the hole and flashed quickly. After a while, the flame had already shot out.
Suddenly out of the flames, the first target was Chen Qiang. Naturally, I couldn’t sit back and watch as I reached out and extended the purple gas to protect the Dharma. The flame in Chen Qiang was blocked by the purple gas, and it didn’t stop at once and quickly extended back to the stolen hole.
"There are still six people in it, and two of them may be injured and the sun be the spirit is weak." Chen Qiang withdrew the dharma seal one by one.
"What do you see?" King kong cannon see I nodded and shook his head and asked.
"The technique is very similar to the old seven, but the breath that just flashed inside is Kun Qi …"
Chapter 177 It was you.
"Female?" King Kong Cannon could not help but exclaim.
"It’s a woman and she’s young. It’s a dark red aura." Although it’s a glimpse, it’s time for me to see it clearly
"Look, I’ll go in and find her out." King Kong Gun stretched out his hand and grabbed the Ming Gong Dao. He looked righteously. I wonder if he still has the courage to say that the people inside have dark purple aura.
"Yu Kechang, what are you talking about?" Shao Yanqi and Chen Qianggen can’t understand these technical terms.
"Nothing inside is not bad. She set you on fire. It’s good for you." I turned to look at Shao Yanqi. "This ancient tomb is full of corpse gas. If you rush in, you will probably be washed away by corpse gas like the first archaeologist."
"So you two have to set up a table for ten, please ask others to thank her for setting you on fire." King Kong cannon laughed.
"I don’t listen to his nonsense, but she really doesn’t want to hurt you. It’s much easier to burn a person than to burn their hair and eyebrows." I explained that I was puzzled. Generally, grave robbers are ruthless. This group seems to be different from him.
"What should the section chief do now?" Shao Yanqi asked
"You are in charge of the overall situation from the outside. The three of us went in without my order not to have guns." I said seriously that Shao Yanqi’s psychic powers didn’t help much after going in, and these soldiers outside were transferred by him and wouldn’t listen to me. He was the most suitable one to take Chen Qiang outside because their faction could control the body and send some spots.
Shao Yanqi didn’t disagree with my suggestion.
"Xiao Chen, do you have any way to restrain the corpse?" I turned to look at Chen Qiang.
"I’m not afraid of resin gas. I still have the spirit of restraining resin gas here." Chen Qiang said and was ready to release it.
"We don’t want you to take care of yourself." I waved that King Kong Gun and I didn’t need to turn around and take the lead in entering the stolen hole.
Because the ancient tomb has been dug for a long time, the stolen hole is in good condition, and we have learned that the humanitarian law in the ancient tomb is not very high. Now the only thing we need to guard against is the sudden black gun, but fortunately, this has not happened. The three of them bent down and soon passed through the stolen hole and entered the outer tomb.
"I grass the Nanjing Massacre!" King Kong cannon exclaimed and shouted at the sight. The outer burial chamber has thousands of square meters. Although it is spacious and chiseled, it is quite crude and there are no sacrificial objects. The ground is full of missing arms and legs. The ancient ranks’ bodies are black, and the blood flow is everywhere. Although the bodies are not rotted, their eyes are white and their nostrils are enlarged, which means that the walkers are infected with the corpse gas. Judging from the coagulation of the corpse blood, these walkers should have been beheaded. If it is not cold in winter, it is estimated that they would have stinked a long time ago.
"Be careful, everyone, they have guns." Many of the walkers carried bullet holes, but more of them were killed by cold weapons such as swords. At that time, there was a quip in society that "no matter how high the martial arts are, we are afraid of kitchen knives." We are naturally not afraid of kitchen knives, but we cannot help but guard against them.
"If I had known I should have worn a bulletproof vest," the King Kong cannon pointed at the door of the tomb, which had been destroyed. "There were two people waiting for the rabbit. As soon as I got there, they were sure to shoot."
It is natural that a stone gate is blocked without sealing the soil, which will not affect our performance of gas observation. Both King Kong cannon and I have found two human scents in the middle tomb, one man and one woman, who previously controlled the flame to block the stolen hole, and one woman among the four people in the main tomb exudes a faint red aura.
"You wait here for me to rush over first," I said, pulling out my lieutenant.
"In the section chief you wait a moment" Chen Qiang stopped me.
"Xiao Chen, what are you doing?" King Kong cannon rushed to pinch the fire and rummaged through the pile of corpses, Chen Qiang asked.