It’s like a bomb hidden at the top of a stick.

The strong and vigorous energy was blown out through the stick, which made the oncoming fishy wind turn around.
"Well …"
In the middle of the hall, jade eyebrows are slightly raised.
"The stick technique is good."
It’s also a good stick
"Ha ha …"
In the face of the attack, the stick is fragrant and heavy, laughing and not retreating, but hitting it with one hand.
When the stick and palm intersect, the body will sink. When Zhou Yi is sluggish, the whole person will turn over and jump back for several feet. At the same time, the stick will tap the ground and save it again.
The black flame stick shook his hand back and forth or made people unpredictable. I don’t know whether it hit the neck or pierced the thigh.
The unpredictable stick technique makes Xiang Shen have to keep moving.
"Boom …"
Zhou Yi’s body is like a spirit ape’s hand, and the virtual shadow is clubbed. From time to time, every stick brings a detonation from a strange angle.
Xiang Shen, on the other hand, stands firmly with his hands on the spot, patting and pressing. Although the movement is relatively clumsy, it is powerful and heavy, and every blow makes the attack come back.
Even the stick technique is messy.
"Zhou Yi’s stick technique is good, and it can be said to be exquisite."
"Nai …"
"Poor constitution!"
"Good" Bo’s face is full of disdain.
"Everyone outside the mountain is as weak as a sheep, so you can exercise Wushu, but it’s a pity that it’s still hard to be big after all."
Jade has no mouth and a little disappointment in her eyes.
Two years!
The slow progress of Zhou Yi’s practice is outrageous. According to his age, his potential is not small. The physique of outsiders in Naishan is quite different.
It’s not suitable to cultivate five poisonous killers.
"heavy fragrance"
Shuode is a sound.
"Stop playing and everyone is watching you."
Xiang Shen’s face is facing Zhou Yi’s mouth
"Brother, be careful."
"Shout …"
Her voice did not fall, and her mouth suddenly took a huge suction, which directly caused a wind to swirl towards her belly.
In the blink of an eye, it’s like being inflated, and the whole person is bigger.
Go straight for three meters!
Sarcoma is even more shiny, bulging and slightly undulating. It seems that it is possible to explode and spray venom from it at any time.
As the pressure increases, Zhou Yi’s face becomes more dignified.
Xiang Shen’s mouth is full of drinks, and his hands pounce forward, regardless of the incoming sticks and heavy sticks, which directly cover 100 degrees.
No matter Zhou Yi’s body, it covers the scope.
The strength of terror rushed out more than 20 meters away, and even the hard rocks were corroded by a thin layer.
Hundreds of meters away, the giant trees are also swaying.
Zhou Yi’s face turned pale and the palm wind covered the edge, which was also because Xiang Shen deliberately slowed down to let him sometimes avoid it.
"The teacher elder sister …"
Sigh for a week and hold a stick and fuels.
"I am ashamed that Zhou is not as good as myself."
Xiang Shen received work and waved his hand.
"How long will it take you to practice? In a few years, you may not be weaker than me. If the weapons in hand are good enough, I may not be as good as you."
This is equivalent to her suggestion.
After all, Zhou Yi’s practice speed is too slow, and it is better to polish his stick and find a way to change his weapon to reality than to cultivate fierce apes.
"That’s it."
Fang Yu some disappointing shook his head, eyes rested on Kang Rongshen beautiful eyes a bright and then oral discussion way
"Kang Rong, you are gesticulating with Zhou Yi."
Chapter 93 Magic Knife
Jade discussion is a whim.
Kang Rong’s talent is extraordinary, and he has just advanced. His breath may not be stable, let alone exert other means.
Although Zhou Yi’s talent is not good, he has also polished the realm of Tian Man for more than two years, and the magic of stick skill can be used at will.
Compared with Kang Rong, they are no match.