I just broke up with them about this so-called dominator problem, and now these guys are going one step further.

It seems that they still recognize him and them from the bottom of their hearts as before, which is the kind of ruling place where he is desperately short of and hard to find a piece in exchange for this design of the strongest crossbow in the cold weapon at present.
Lin Yue interrupted thinking.
It’s time to make a decision
He looked at the chat panel and entered the words "3 units of alloy, 3 units of plexiglass, 2 units of asphalt pavement and the vegetables and fruits in front of the throttle valve. If you agree, I will give you the crossbow design."
Fei Yue stayed there for a while.
Will hesitate, that’s for sure
One design can’t change so much. Normally,
This time it’s different.
But if the crossbow, the king of cold weapons, can own it, Fei Yue and others may do many things.
What mutant creatures, lizard people, beggars and all kinds of monsters in the secret land don’t talk.
If a crossbow squad can be established, the lethality and deterrence will be quite terrible.
With the original armor or a shield …
The actual combat effectiveness can become one of the first-line combat effectiveness teams in this different world!
More than that
Lin Yue put himself in the other’s shoes. If he is Fiji Yue, more than 100 people will all get a crossbow …
It seems that we can take the road of collecting his refuge village?
But if Fei Yue refuses, it can be seen from this incident that Fei Yue is really not suitable to be a leader, as the Third Master said.
"I just discussed a Lin Yue with others and we accept your request."
It didn’t take long for Fei Yue to reply to the message.
Sure enough, Fei Yue is a wise man.
How insecure is this guy? He thinks he can’t lead this refuge village.
Lin Yue couldn’t help but vomit.
"Well, when you get the materials together, you can exchange them with me, which is the exclusive transaction of vegetables and fruits. I have already sent it to you. Please check it out."
Lin Yue said and went to the warehouse, and soon Fiji Yue agreed to the transaction, and there were a lot of materials in the other things!
[You got 22 pieces of hard aluminum alloy, stainless steel, 34 zinc alloy, 42 brass and 9 plexiglass]
Good harvest
It seems that the glass greenhouse will not be long before it is built. The alloy is a little poor, and the plexiglass figures are not too bad
Lin Yue looked at his own things.
It’s 44 cubic meters
Unconsciously, it has risen to such a horrible number!
Most of the money accumulated so quickly really has something to do with killing a large number of beggars in saltpeter mines who have recently attacked shelters.
It’s quite suitable for a trip to the secret land to collect a lot of materials.
But not now.
Lin Yue put all the materials into various warehouses, checked whether one or several doors had been locked, and returned to the bed with satisfaction when the lights were just lying down and his eyes were closed.
He suddenly opened his eyes and suddenly thought of a very important thing!
"Fiji yue! You caught the beggar. What did you do to him? "
Fiji Yue has just distributed fruits and vegetables and suddenly received the information from Lin Yue. I don’t know what happened.
"The beggar? Ah, we got him up. We’re going to deal with him tomorrow. After all, we just got back. It’s very late now. "
Chapter 32 A precise and violent blow!
Still alive?
Get up and not kill?
What kind of brain is this Fei Yue?
"Is that beggar awake or fainted? Confirm one!"
How could a fool like Fei Yue make such a mistake?
Catch a beggar and go back to his shelter? The other side is not deaf and blind all the way. Fiji Yue, their refuge, the location of fighters’ refuge, and the preparedness situation, etc. Which one is known by this prisoner will make Fiji Yue’s refuge village directly exposed to the lizard people’s sight!
It can be said that the lizard beggars are probably already preparing to attack the Fiji Yue sanctuary.
Or they may be here soon!
Fiji yue there paused for a moment and gave Lin Yue the most don’t want to see a reply "he’s awake … what’s the matter? Lin Yue, he smiled with his eyes open … It’ s hard to wait, can’ t it be said! "
"Your refuge village has exposed the beggar, and even if he has no hands or feet, he can expose the location of your refuge village to his companions! I’m afraid he has leaked your information now. Once the lizard people think it, you will be violently attacked. "
"No, no …"
Fei Yue looked at the beggar who was tied tightly by them, and his eyes were full of horror!
Others don’t know what happened yet, and they are wondering what just happened to the expression of leader. ?
Fei Yue is more stupid than annoyed himself at this moment. He made an irreparable wrong judgment this time!


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Par17 almost hurt someone [two watches]
"Eldest brother, please see clearly that I am not your baby!" When Lin Zixiao tried to push her, another man actually held her wrist tightly with his hands.
Men are also drunk and less conscious, knowing that they are holding it hard.
There is a kind of bone that will be crushed. The pain spreads from the wrist and straightens every nerve in the body.
Does Lin Zixiao really feel that he is very sad and has no place to relax?
"Baby, I want you!" Handsome man still mumbles, sticks out his tongue and licks her white neck. Lin Zixiao feels a creepy and disgusting feeling at the neck.
Oh, my god
Her reputation will be ruined here forever, right? Two men, if she is not toxic at ordinary times, don’t say two or four, and she doesn’t care. Now she has the strength and unique skills, but she can’t make it out. This feeling is really unprecedented. Can she wait for death?
"You! If you want me now, I will hate your generation! " Lin Zixiao choked and said that there were tears in her eyes. She remembered that men would feel distressed when they saw that they liked women crying! If you say hate, you will feel even more distressed!
She wants to gamble!
"Baby, do you hate me?" The man smirked a few times and said, "That’s all right! Say you have me in your heart! It’s better than not having me in my heart. Hate it! "
Said and put his rough crazy hand Lin Zixiao chest gently stroked for two.
Instantly Lin Zixiao felt what it meant to be wronged and what it meant to resist Bei Bei’s biting his lips hard, so tears were squeezed out, but now they turned into true feelings.
She actually cried …
How can she be so indifferent when she goes like this? She is likely to lose her virginity!
She doesn’t want this deep mountain forest to be disturbed by this man!
"Baby, don’t cry, I love you ~" The man gently kissed away the tears on her face and stroked her hair with one hand. "Baby has not only improved her figure, skin and hair ~"
Lin Zixiao cried quietly and complained in her heart that it was of course. The root was not a person. Of course everything changed! Silly!
"Dear ~" still forgets me and whispers softly.
"Get out of here!" What should Lin Zixiao do if she is annoyed? If only someone could come and save her at this time!
"Baby!" The man said that he would pull her jeans.
Good jeans are tight. He tried them many times and was indifferent ~
Until two tall figures shuttle freely in the dark, a sudden figure throws a handsome man, and then one fist after another falls on his handsome face.
Anshun glared and said, "You two bastards, I want to root out the bad guys!" Said and will be the man holding Lin Zixiao hand a feet chuai fly!
And Lin Shengyan was a little distressed and pitied. Looking at Lin Zixiao covering her short-sleeved coat, Lin Zixiao could still see her face with clear tears at close range, and her neck was as dense as cherry with hickeys and fluffy hair …
Par18, they mean it
Lin Zixiao received Lin Sheng’s eyes, wiped her face with tears on the back of her hand, looked down at herself and suddenly froze …
It turns out that she has been so flustered by these two drunkards. She is not easy to sit up with her hands on the ground. Shaw killed her eyes and gently swept one. These two drunkards were beaten by Anshun Day. A casual color made two men feel the cold breath from the ice in the snow.
"I’m sorry we mistook one for another!" The handsome man bent over to apologize and knelt down. He was probably beaten awake before he saw that he had just been holding up a woman and was a strange woman.
"Get out of here!" Anshun tianyi roars
Two men rolled and crawled away from this wet street, then turned around and looked at Lin Zixiao in horror and said, "Oh, I didn’t expect you to have a good figure!" "
Joking at Lin Zixiao’s pondering evoked his lip angle.
Lin Zixiao bit his lip and felt his cheeks burning. Lin Sheng stared at him with bitterness along his coat.
"Hey, don’t look at me like that. You know, I beat the bad guys away!" See Lin Zixiao bitterness eyes Anshun day is the so-called smile.
Then he took out his mobile phone in his pocket and waved it for two and said, "Su Moxiao said that he would just pick us up along the car."
Hearing the words Su Moxiao, Lin Zixiao’s eyes returned to the original cold sneer. "Who will pick him up!"
Then I tried to get up from the ground in anger, but I couldn’t find the balance. When I almost fell, I was firmly held by Lin Shengyan …
"Don’t be reluctant to get up if the toxicity is sent!" Lin Shengyan kindly woke up and said goodbye.
"I seem to be dead and have nothing to do with you!" Lin Zixiao sneered and smiled.

There is no doubt that Ji Dong’s four ingredients are the most common when making cocktails. According to his distribution ratio, these bartenders in the bartenders’ guild know even the lowest-ranking bartenders.

The night sorrow is a little contemptuous and pouts. "Isn’t it just a cup of the sun falling?"
At this time, there are not more and more onlookers around, and there are also many low-level bartenders coming out of the bartenders’ association. How can they not know that high-level bartenders appear in front of the door together? It’s the first time that someone comes to challenge bartending in Zhongyuan City Branch.
Until now, Ji Dong still never forced to adjust the lid of the hip flask one by one, but he disdained this ordinary cocktail. However, the face of senior bartenders, Vice President Chen Xiaoshou, became more and more dignified. They all knew that the better the bartender, the more common the ingredients, and the better the bartenders showed their superb skills … The same materials, the different bartenders, the different flavors, and Ji Dong’s choice to modulate the sun’s fall must be unique.
Cover all the jugs. Ji Dong stopped to quietly stare at the nine-tone jug outside. Everything has been completely isolated at this moment. In his eyes and consciousness, the breathing rhythm of the nine-tone jug has reached its peak with the adjustment of his vitality.
Perhaps it was Ji Dong’s infection, and the people around him were quiet and wide-eyed to see what happened to the teenager who dared to openly challenge in front of the bartenders’ association.
Take a deep breath a little and everyone around you will pay attention to Ji Dong. At last, with a flash of his right hand, he has grasped the first-tone hip flask. The hip flask is shaken by flying, followed by the second and third … until the ninth. Although there are nine hip flasks in total, Ji Dong’s speed is as fast as flashing, but it doesn’t give people an abrupt feeling. When the last hip flask is thrown into the middle, the first-tone hip flask just falls down.
Ji Dong stepped back half a step and left his hand a circle. The hip flask that took the lead in dropping the tune has soared again and spun rapidly. His arms are fully extended to catch the hip flask one by one and then swing it …
Seeing his feet firmly on the ground and motionless, but shaking like a lotus leaf in the wind, his waist, back, shoulders, arms, palms and fingers all moved, and the nine-tone hip flask miraculously danced around his body and did his best.
I can still see clearly for a while, left and right for a while, but soon all this will become illusory brilliance, and I can’t see clearly the clouds shining orange in his hands and arms, and the flagons are constantly dancing and changing.
Amazing sounds come and go. For the people, what Ji Dong shows at this time is a miracle. It’s a nine-tone hip flask! Even if he makes some minor mistakes, it will immediately lead to a collapse, but the nine-tone hip flask will eventually revolve around his body, back and forth, left and right, just like Youlong, and it will rapidly rotate like an orange disc.
Ji Dong is like a vortex of power, constantly absorbing these flagons and manipulating them like an armband. His eyes are finally calm as water, and he doesn’t go to see these flagons. Every flagon appears in his control, but it is flying rapidly and stirring. The orange light is getting stronger and stronger. The crystal flagon shines and reflects dazzling brilliance.
Suddenly, Ji Dong drank lightly, and even Chen Xiao, a senior bartender like him, could see him again. He felt that Ji Dong’s whole bust actually brought up several ghosting images.
In the loud exclamation of the people, the nine-tone hip flask formed a parabolic arc as if it had stagnated in the middle, and the high school paused as if it were spinning rapidly, like nine suns shining on Ji Dong’s head at the same time.
Of course, the nine-tone hip flask can’t stop. All this is created by Ji Dong’s miraculous technique.
Boom-the palm of your hand rang like thunder, and even when you found that people suddenly gathered here and quickly came to the Yugoslav capital army, you couldn’t help cheering with excitement. No one wanted to ruin this miracle, and the bartenders’ guild members were already dumbfounded.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
Ji started shaking slightly for a few times before he gradually stabilized. At this time, his eyes were calm and calm, which had become an unparalleled fanaticism.
Success is that he succeeded. For the first time in this reborn world, he produced some of the most complicated bartending techniques in his previous life. Once upon a time, it was with this technique that he surprised a generation of Dionysian pride in one fell swoop. After living for four years, he finally completed it for the first time in the world. At this moment, Ji Dong’s body blood is boiling, and he is very hot and sweaty, but it is all worth it.
Ji Dong can complete this challenge to the bartenders’ guild with a slightly simpler bartending technique, but he didn’t do it. He wanted the limit to be comparable to the limit. When he wrote on white cloth, he had already decided in his heart that this skill would restore himself to the peak level of bartending. Even when he was not sure at all, he still made such a choice. This is the pride of Dionysus and the pride of Ji Dong! And it turns out that he succeeded.
A third more came for recommended votes for collection. Chapter 39 Surprised.
Cheers did not stop because of the end of Ji Dong’s bartending, but became more enthusiastic. All the people, even the Yugoslav capital army, clapped their hands, and even their palms were flushed.
It’s wonderful. The previous scene can be a miracle for them. Although it is next to the street and there are no more dazzling arrangements, Ji Dong’s rumbi technique has won their hearts
In a slight gasp, the excitement in Ji Dong’s eyes gradually faded, and he looked down at his trembling hands due to excessive exertion and rapid operation, and there was an extreme pride in his heart. Even when he was willing to combine with the two kings, he never had pride. What happened briefly in front of him was what he pursued in his past life for more than 30 years. This was his own hard work.
Chen Xiao has no mouth, and his face is as dead as ashes, not to mention creating the stagnation of the nine suns. Even making the nine-tone hip flask at the same time is extremely difficult for him. Now he can’t speak at all and he doesn’t know what to say. The bartenders behind him have fallen into silence at this time, but their eyes are always watching the nine-tone hip flask for a moment.
Although they know that Zhongyuan City Branch lost today and it was a terrible loss, a bartender witnessed such a magical scene, and they all have an eager taste. What is the taste of wine brewed in this magical way again and again?
Night wounds looked at Ji Dong’s eyes have completely changed. There is no more contempt in his eyes. It is not resentment but fanaticism in his eyes, which is no less than the look that Ji Dong showed when he finished mixing wine.
Ji Dong’s breath gradually stabilized. The source of Yin and Yang’s magical circulation stimulated his arms to gradually stabilize and stop shaking. Frankly speaking, without dragon blood immersion, Ji Dong would never rashly try this top-level bartending technique, because he is not yet fifteen years old after all, and his body is difficult to compare with the peak of his previous life. You should know that these top-level bartending techniques have never been broken in Ji Dong’s previous life, especially in yoga, and there is no opportunity to practice this top-level bartending technique.
One by one, the lid of the hip flask was adjusted. Until now, the liquor of the hip flask was still rotating, which shows how fierce the previous bartending technique in Ji Dong was.
Carefully pour the liquor from Jiudiao hip flask into Jiuhaibo cup respectively. When he finished all this, there was an exclamation around him, and this time the exclamation included the senior bartenders of Zhongyuan City Branch.
Nine sea cups and nine cocktails made of the same material have different colors at this time. From the first cup of light yellow to the last cup of orange, the color of the nine cups of sun drops gradually, and each cup is a little darker than the previous one.
The nine gradient colors arranged in a horizontal line are as fascinating as a colored light band, which is already a beautiful visual enjoyment for the eyes to see, and it is even more difficult to guess what they will taste.
At present, this spectacle is unimaginable for these bartenders. At this moment, they fully realize that Ji Dong’s mysterious and magical bartending technique is not so beautiful and simple, but it also contains a special method of tempering.
They watched Ji Dong pour in nine cocktail ingredients, especially when it was brewed at the same time. What can they say?
Looking up, Ji Dong looked faintly at Chen Xiao and made a gesture, "Please taste."
Chen Xiao looked up at Ji Dong and pursed his lips tightly, but he didn’t do it. The facts were already in front of him, and even if he didn’t want to admit it again, there was no reason not to admit it.
The words "We lost if we didn’t taste" came from Chen Xiao’s mouth, but he had to say it. In his heart, he admired and hated the young man in front of him. He hated the young man, which made the Central Plains Branch of the Bartenders’ Association lose face, but he admired his amazing bartending technique.
At this moment, he has completely understood everything that Ji Dong said before, without exaggerating. His pride comes from strength. He still clearly remembers Ji Dong’s sentence that you have strength, but so do you! If I had such strength, I wouldn’t be so simple as a vice president. Maybe it’s really Du Sikang who can compete with this teenager.
Ji Dong smiled indifferently. "Now that you admit that you lost, this is the end of the day. I’ll give you these nine cocktails, Carl and Pisu. Let’s go."
This life has once again perfected the nine-day shooting technique. He is not in the mood to pursue the night wounds. He does not need to let the night wounds bow down to him or pick up the logo of the Bartender’s Association. These nine cups of the sun have set here, which has proved everything.
After saying this, Ji’s animal bracelet put away nine crystal flagons and nine cocktails, but left them there and turned to walk outside the crowd.
"Wait a minute. Can you tell me what you did just now?" Chen Xiao was eager to ask him what he called Ji Dong. It was the strength to win respect first.
Ji Dong also don’t back to the way "this technique is called shooting nine days, if you bartenders guild that Dionysus Du Sikang ask yourself if you can do it, let him come to Tiangan College to find me".
Leave this sentence. Ji Dong, Carl and Bi Su squeezed out the crowd and cheered and went away in the distance
What does Chen Xiao mean by "shooting for nine days and shooting for nine days" silently? Tiangan College? "
Before leaving silently at night, I fell to my knees in front of Chen Xiao. "Master Chen Xiao was humiliated by me today, and I am willing to accept punishment."
Chen Xiao’s eyes were complicated and saw his one eye, but he still helped him up. "You made the guild lose all its face, but it also showed us this method. Imagine that the president will come back and say Chapter 39 is full of surprises."
Night wounds in the direction of Ji Dong three people leave eyes flashed a light said to himself, "Tiangan college? Ji Dong, we will definitely meet again. "
Chen Xiaozhen made a heavy order to "carry this table back to the guild without spilling a drop of wine."

Lotus Yan Jing listened thoughtfully and said, "You mean this Yingying girl’s face is not the same?"

"Of course not." Dong Yuling seems to find something interesting. "Can you give the world an example? What Hou Fu was copied in the imperial examination fraud case two months ago? Didn’t all his relatives go into exile? Are exiles always so obedient? "
Exile is to go to a remote and bitter cold place, where it is not easy to live in a harsh environment. Is it not easy for Emperor Gao to die and shell casually this day?
The jurisdiction of Kuang Shenglian Dynasty is far beyond Dong Yongling’s previous life. Can the country find a place to live if it wants to?
It is said that Dong Yuling has always been not afraid of provoking the emperor, and it is a big deal for the generation to fly away. As in previous lives, the information is highly developed and can be hidden. Is there no network and human flesh to search ancient times?
Therefore, Dong Yuling believes that exile is a very light punishment.
Lian Yan-jing couldn’t help laughing when she thought that Dong Yong-ling had just said that she was more familiar with herself once. "You said she was Cao Liying, the first daughter of Pingyang Houfu?"
No wonder she despised the name. It sounded exactly the same.
Not only that, she escaped from exile, but she dared to return to Shengjing so openly? And it’s two months later. At the beginning, everyone has not forgotten the fraud case. I really don’t know if this girl is stupid or clever. Or does she believe that the most dangerous place is the safest place?
Just because no one expected that she would come back in such an identity and her face changed, it was difficult for anyone to find out?
But just because no one has found it for the time being doesn’t mean that no one will ever find it. Even if the face has changed for less than two months, how much can the whole person change? Over time, there will naturally be flaws.
I met someone I didn’t expect, but it’s even worse if I care about it.
In addition, Lian Yan Jing realized that Cao Liying was afraid of coming back this time. Maybe someone was behind it or wanted to achieve something.
"A good aristocratic men are willing to degenerate? Can’t understand "Dong Yuling thought of how proud and noble he was when he first met Cao Liying at Guosi? Charm is very different from today’s charm. If she doesn’t look at people in a different way, it’s hard to tell even familiar people apart.
"If it weren’t for this, she wouldn’t come back or someone needed such an identity." Lotus Yan Jiing thought of Yunpiaofang, which is definitely a problem. After all these years, there has been no evidence to doubt and speculate behind the scenes.
"Oh!" Dong Yuling realized that this had already involved a conspiracy. Isn’t it that she ruined others’ plans by saying so?
Sheng Jingcheng plays a conspiracy, but you can ignore Lian Yan Jiing’s caution and fear, or go to the one facing him.
It’s not easy for a famous brothel leader to get in touch with people. Sometimes he can control a game of chess.
Cao Liying incarnates Yingying to compete for the top spot in Yunpiaofang, and she has entered the eyes of the people who care about winning or losing.
She came because everyone was born from a young age, bred naturally, and the aristocratic demeanor, coupled with the charm of prostitutes, was two extremes, and this kind of conflict was the most eye-catching. Some men loved this tone.
It is conceivable that Cao Liying is likely to become an instant hit and enter the stratum society.
However, Dong Yuling is more interested in Cao Liying’s face now, which seems to be more beautiful than the original one, and it doesn’t look like she is wearing any skin mask or is it easy to get past the one road left?
I didn’t know that there was a special technology in this era. It seems to be not bad.
"Look at that dance, Cao Liying should have a bottom, but he should have been severely trained recently," Dong Yuling commented.
I should have learned dance more formally before, but now I have learned some methods of prostitutes, which are generally atmospheric, but mixed with a lot of slightly crude temptations. It is this violation that will make men more forbidden and desirous.
I don’t know if the people behind Cao Liying really have a vision to find her bright spot? It’s really interesting to teach women …
Cao Liying is now a perfect "production"
"How can I get it without training?" Lian Yan Jing, otherwise, just as the second waiter came in, he smiled, "Never mind what the number one card is, let’s fill our stomachs well!"
"That’s" Dong Yuling immediately put things out of the window and walked to the table to sit down.
Float dancing ying ying looked at the flavor building through the cuff gap, although it didn’t really look at Dong Yuling and Lian Yan Jiing’s elegance, but it was with some expectation in dim eyes.
Although she is not as good as before now, what man doesn’t cheat? Maybe if she changed her identity, she would be closer to the one in her mind. Even if she didn’t have the chance to be with him, she would have the possibility to walk into his heart.
Ying Ying’s heart is still longing for a beautiful encounter with him in the early heart.
If it weren’t for the main complaint, she really didn’t know that this flavor building turned out to be Qin Ruwang’s industry. I wonder if she could touch it …
It’s a pity that the float has gone a long way, and I haven’t seen anyone I want to see, so I can’t help but feel lost
At the moment, Lian Yan Jing and Dong Yuling together with a cat are feasting and having a good time. Where is the mind to compete for the top spot? It doesn’t matter at all. If this girl can care for herself, that’s life satisfaction.
On the evening of that day, Dong Yuling naturally stayed in the Wangfu, and at the same time, she gave Lian Yan Jing a few needles before going to bed to make him sleep better.
Early the next morning, Dong Yuling was strangely taken to the National Temple by Lian Yan Jing to meet Master Ling Yue, who had heard a lot about her medical skills and her illness for a whole day.
Lian Yan Jing also learned a lot from listening carefully for a day, although she couldn’t get in the mouth.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! 8! ! ! !
After getting along with Dong Yuling once, she felt that Master Ling Yue was a very funny old monk. Before that, she was not willing to contact such worldly experts, and she was afraid that there was something strange about the spleen. Chapter 156 came so suddenly.

The east was frightened by Kou Zhong’s request.

He thought about many possibilities, but he never thought about accepting Ssangyong’s younger brother. After all, Ssangyong’s future achievement is obvious to all, but it makes Donglai feel reasonable after careful consideration. After all, Kou Zhong has not been stimulated by Li Xiuning and is going to fight for the sky, and Xu Ling has not had the idea of avoiding the world with the increase in repairs. It is not so complicated for them to get rich and get revenge in Fu Junchuo.
Soon the east shook his head.
When Kou Zhong and Xu Ling saw that the East refused, their faces turned dark. However, when the East received the words, they were relieved. "Xiaozhong and Xiaoling are the best talents I have ever seen, and it is a coincidence that you have successfully cultivated the four wonders. Your future achievements are definitely higher than what I am now. If I fix you in a category, it is waves, and your talents are sinful."
After a pause, Donglai said, "It is of great benefit to me to learn from you the operation mode of immortality and true qi. Besides, you also agreed to lend me three years. Strictly speaking, I owe you a lot."
Kou Zhong and Xu Ling listened refreshed and straightened up, looking forward to the East.
Let Donglai know that he has successfully inspired Ssangyong’s confidence and smiled and said, "The four wonders and one value are definitely beyond your imagination. I can’t repay this feeling much. I promise you that when you give it to me, I can conditionally do something within your ability."
Kou Zhong and Xu Ling promised to lend it to Donglai for three years, but it was not a matter of getting out of the casino. At that time, they were very grateful to Donglai for saving their lives, and they were willing to repay it and knew that the goal of Donglai was just that they could not understand the sky, so they generously promised to lend it to Donglai for three years.
Now, the words from Donglai hit Kou Zhong and Xu Ling’s heart, and they were so happy that their eyes were bright and their faces were excited.
They are all outstanding people with seven minds and exquisite hearts. Knowing that people of this level from the East are ordinary secular people, please don’t move the mountains and giant mountains. It is even more important to keep your word. It is definitely more cost-effective for the Lord to get such a big promise than to teach them martial arts.
After all, you can learn martial arts and steal it, but you can understand it yourself, but you can make a master like Donglai promise that there will be no shop after this village.
I don’t want the East to surprise them more. "Wait a minute. I’ll teach you a set of methods that can make your mind single-minded by using strange breathing methods. I believe it will be helpful for your future journey."
Let Donglai say that the skill of mind is the "Dantian Gong" in the method of mind boxing, while giving Juexue is the famous Xingyiquan.
Mind boxing is the skill of abdomen, that is, "staying in the abdomen", which is the main method of cultivating strength with mind boxing. The ancients said that "it is the most difficult to keep one’s mind in the abdomen", and it is difficult to be quiet and easy to be distracted, while mind boxing is to exercise all over the body, move all over the body, and seek luck in the stillness. If you exercise in the abdomen for a long time, you can achieve the goal of abdomen. This kind of visualization, refinement and gravity exercise can make you fine, energetic and spiritual.
It is Kou Zhong and Xu Ling’s position to consider taking "Dantian Gong" as the first step, and it is more suitable for them to realize that "the moon in the well" in the original work of Ssangyong has the same effect. The same is true of Xingyiquan. Kou Zhong and Xu Ling have long understood the mystery of nature from the parade of fish and birds and the flight trajectory, and they have learned this set of Xingyiquan, which originated from natural creatures. It is definitely a multiplier effect.
In addition to these two things, Donglai can’t figure out what martial arts are suitable for them.
So six days passed unconsciously.
Just like in the plot, Dong Ai sent people from their own high stature to avoid ordering the East to secretly extend an olive branch to Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, but because Dong Ai sent people there is no reason to be proud, they can finally get back a face of nai.
Since Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, who have the greatest potential to attract opportunities, have refused, the Dongao faction can send the most distinguished Dongao lady to try it, hoping to invite Lingdonglai, a master.
"Please sit down!"
Noble but gentle Mrs East styles invited.
You’re welcome to Donglai. Just find a place where you can sit. Before he came in, he already felt that it was not just Mrs. Donglai. If I didn’t guess wrong, there should be Princess Donglai’s single Wan Jing, but now she doesn’t appear and chooses to eavesdrop, so the atmosphere is a bit weird.
Mrs. Dong Ying somehow hit a brocade box on the table and showed it as a pale blue sword with a cold breath. The shape of this sword is quite elegant. Obviously, it has been decorated by seiko craftsmen, but the front mouth reveals an unparalleled sense of sharpness, which makes Dong Lai know that this sword is definitely a rare top weapon.
Seeing this, Donglai vaguely guessed the meaning of Mrs. Dong styles.
Sure enough, Mrs. Dong Ai pointed to the sword and said, "This sword is called’ Ice Blue’, which is one of the top ten magic weapons of our Dong Ai Sect. It is much more valuable than the Gu Jian on the back of the pavilion. Today, our Dong Ai Sect gave the sword to the hero. I wonder if Pavilion will be honored?"
Nailing shook his head directly from the East.
He knew that such a direct refusal would definitely hurt each other’s subtle tacit understanding, but he was not stupid enough to betray himself by taking short hands.
Rao is Mrs. Dong Ying’s self-cultivation, and she is also hurt by being asked to come from the East.
However, Dong Lai also has a backward strategy to directly untie the "sword" that he has been carrying behind him and put it in front of Mrs. Dong Ai to make a comparison for herself. This sword was obtained by Dong Lai from a group of mountain thieves who intended to rob him. Because it seems to be quite satisfactory, it is barely a weapon, so he brought it over and carried it himself, but it still hasn’t moved.
"What does the pavilion mean?"
Mrs. Dong styles knows that this weapon is simply a dirty weapon. Even the lowest weapon of Mrs. Dong styles can’t compare with, not to mention, the top ten magic weapons of Dong styles. In Mrs. Dong styles’ eyes, it’s an insult to Dong styles to make Dong Lai behave like this.
Make Donglai smile and answer, "Don’t say it’s an ordinary iron sword, even if it’s an iron piece."
Mrs East styles smell speech facial expression first changed and then eased.
Now she finally knows why the East refused so simply. It turned out that her own realm was low and she couldn’t see through it. The realm expressed by the East has been reached. All weapons are integrated and not limited to the general weapon form. It is simply a matter of picking flowers and leaves.
Suddenly, Mrs. Dong Ying felt that she was really not qualified to make Dong Lai an equal, and even she didn’t like what she was most proud of. This blow was really profound.
Don’t want to be embarrassed, Donglai hurriedly asked, "Mrs. Dong styles, we are flattered by your hospitality in recent days. It’s a pity that the three of us will leave the ship to find Sister Xiaozhong Xiaoling."
Mrs. Dong styles obviously didn’t want to leave like this, but she couldn’t find an excuse to stay.
Originally, both sides wanted to repay a debt of gratitude, and one side wanted to take temporary refuge and complete it by the way. But now Ssangyong has a new goal. Li Shimin’s so-called nature will not rest assured, let alone the so-called invitation of the East styles. So the East styles are naturally sentimental.
"Ah …"

Chloe is holding a feather face, and his tongue has slipped into the sakura mouth of the feather. His tongue deftly stirs and wraps the feather small tongue, and his slender fingers probe into the feather pants.

He ran into her nose in a domineering manner, causing her to burst into dizziness. His hands and tongue were both lured by the unconscious, and she was ignited by the fanatical flame in the depths of her heart. She could hold tight his chest and skirt for fear that her weak legs could not support herself.
He kissed her, barely breathing, and still tried to keep his head clear.
Hang in there. I’m going to take Chloe crazy in love’s strength and kill him.
Feather pastor bite a tooth, the tip of the intertwined lips and teeth is still gentle. She keeps telling herself in her heart that she is forced and unwilling to commit herself to Chloe and ask Feng Pei to realize her reluctance. It will help her absorb Chloe’s energy and spiritual strength, and quietly avoid Chloe’s touch and kiss while secretly worrying.
Feng Pei, what hasn’t happened yet
Keer buried his head in the feather neck. He bit the earlobe of the feather gently and said, "Do you really want to come with me?"
Nonsense. Of course not. You and I still see shota and the hideous vampire with no deciduous teeth
Feather pastor bite a tooth without a word.
Chloe pried her lips and teeth with her tongue. He kissed his beloved girl affectionately as if to embed all her strength into her body.
Finally, Feng Pei flashed colorful brilliance on her chest, which absorbed Kerr’s spiritual strength and strength.
I feel the spiritual force continuously spreading from my body to the feather body in the confusion of Kerr.
Chloe’s mind immediately woke up. He took a deep breath and wanted to get rid of the feather and learn from the spiritual power, but his whole body seemed to be out of control. In an instant, less than half of the spiritual power had been sucked by the feather and the lips.
After a pause, Chloe tried her best to push the feather. Because of the excessive force, the feather "plopped" from the bed and fell to the ground, and her mouth almost dislocated when she chewed mud.
Feather touched herself and got up from the ground. She turned stubbornly and looked at the bed with a sneer. Chloe said coldly, "It’s a pity that it will soon make you lose your strength and kill you easily. I didn’t expect it to be so long."
Chloe looked at the feather in disbelief. His face was so puzzled and painful. He gasped and looked at the feather for a long time. "Do you hate me so much? Try your best to deal with me? "
"Yes, that’s right. I just want to take your psychic department away from you. You little devil killed my lover. I want you to pay for it." Feather suddenly jumped up and split her hand to Chloe’s neck
Chloe’s bed rolled all the way. He stretched out his left palm and got stuck in the feather’s hand. It’s still a big strength. Is the feather biting his teeth not his opponent?
However, Feather Pastor is not a vegetarian. She bit Chloe’s shoulder, and then Chloe’s thick shoulder was bloody, but Feather Pastor still didn’t let go.
He smiled. "Nothing is much better now."
Feather pastor simply walked to the front of the bed and gently sat beside Chloe. She chuckled. "How can I do without looking?" What if it’s infected? Will get rabies. "
And she gently solved our chest clothes.
Chloe’s wound healed quickly. It’s such a long time. It’s no longer so bloody and bloody. The slender fingers of the feather lightly touch Chloe’s * * and the bodybuilding chest is soft.
This gentle touch aroused ripples in Kerr’s heart, and the feathers seemed to tease him, making it almost impossible for him to control his breathing and gradually become turbid and dull.
He couldn’t help but embrace the feather and waist.
Feather mobile hand filled a glass of wine and said with a smile, "Now that the injury has healed so much, I am relieved. You don’t know how worried I am about you."
"Feather pastor ….." Chloe’s throat itches. Although these days and nights * * those poor girls indulge themselves with alcohol * * and emotions, those strange girls gain strength, but he really likes girls, so he still feels like a deer.
Because she is the only one she really likes.
His big hand gently brushed his delicate face and white neck, and he hesitated for a moment or leaned over to print his passionate kiss on his ear.
Feather anchor conveniently sat in Chloe’s arms. She still carried the glass in one hand and hugged Chloe’s neck tightly in the other. Her tender face gently rubbed Chloe’s handsome face and lips gently blew air into Chloe’s ears.
I never thought that there would be such a day when Feather Zhen would be intimate with Kerr.
Feather pastor raised her head and gently took a sip of the wine. Her almond eyes slightly narrowed her hands and looked at Chloe’s face for a while. Her lips gently printed Chloe’s lips. The big mouthful of wine was directly poured into Chloe’s mouth from Feather pastor’s mouth.
Chloe swallowed it, not to mention wine, even though he knew it was intestinal poison, he would not hesitate to drink it.
Chloe swallowed this drink, and her eyes became blurred more and more. The color of his eyes became crimson. The teasing has completely aroused his original * *
At the moment he wants to have this girl in front of him, and he doesn’t care about everything.
Feather pastor is also obviously aware of Chloe’s * * rising. Her heart keeps beating drums and hesitating, but in the end she still closes her eyes and slides her hands into Chloe’s skirt and gently caresses her.
Spirits, beautiful women, teasing … seem to fuel the fire. Keer’s passion, which has been suppressed for a long time, hopes to be vented as soon as possible.
He stretched himself, picked up the feather and put it on the bed, and then quickly bullied himself.
Thin snow Qiu was quickly torn out by Chloe’s claws, revealing the girl’s proud, pure and exquisite skin like makeup and jade, and the curve suddenly appeared in front of Chloe.
White and glittering and translucent body attracted Chloe’s attention, and he kissed every inch of feather’s skin crazily. This pure county was covered with love marks.
His hand gently stroked the feather’s breasts, and the fingertips also stirred up the fragile and sensitive nerves of the feather, and Kerr kissed overbearing and fanatical like the wind.
Chloe is holding a feather face, and his tongue has slipped into the sakura mouth of the feather. His tongue deftly stirs and wraps the feather small tongue, and his slender fingers probe into the feather pants.
He ran into her nose in a domineering manner, causing her to burst into dizziness. His hands and tongue were both lured by the unconscious, and she was ignited by the fanatical flame in the depths of her heart. She could hold tight his chest and skirt for fear that her weak legs could not support herself.
He kissed her, barely breathing, and still tried to keep his head clear.
Hang in there. I’m going to take Chloe crazy in love’s strength and kill him.
Feather pastor bite a tooth, the tip of the intertwined lips and teeth is still gentle. She keeps telling herself in her heart that she is forced and unwilling to commit herself to Chloe and ask Feng Pei to realize her reluctance. It will help her absorb Chloe’s energy and spiritual strength, and quietly avoid Chloe’s touch and kiss while secretly worrying.
Feng Pei, what hasn’t happened yet

"Okay, okay, what can I do for you before?"

"Nothing can’t find you?"
"Can" xiao asked consumedly square tunnel
"That’s more like it. Come out soon."
"What for?"
"What do you say?" Violet Yan bad tunnel
After two hours, Xiao Wencai returned to the stone painting again. He did not have a horse refining device, but sat down to stabilize the realm first. After each double-cultivation with Zi Yan, his basic strength would be improved. Now he is moving step by step towards the initial stage of Yashen.
Three days later, Xiao asked this to refine the dry Kun fan.
In a blink of an eye, half a year later, Xiao Wen has refined the fifth dry Kun fan! The fourth fact is that he has succeeded, but now he is in excellent condition and feels that he can forge a better dry Kun fan after finishing.
When refining this fifth hand, he mastered the material, structure and aura of Gankun Fan better and better, and he could also integrate more yin and yang forces into it …
This will be the first fairy device that he has refined, but its power will definitely be far better than that of ordinary devices. The reason is that it is extraordinary to have a dry Kun fan in the face. Others have no materials and he has the best; He has the foundation of yin and yang law, which is far superior to other laws; He is not an ordinary Taoist priest, but an unknown Taoist master!
Only one month later, the fifth Gankun fan was refined!
Looking up at the face of Xiao Wen, who is flying in the middle of the school, his face is full of gratified smiles.
Fan bone is no longer pure black, but mixed with black and white, in which black is more obvious than white, and the two colors are slowly flowing. At first glance, the materials are as jade as iron, but they are not spread over a foot. There are no words and lines on the surface, but there are more amazing things! Nowadays, the sector is a blend of black and white, but it is too uniform, and black and white have become chaotic colors. Those chaotic energies flow slowly in the sector and are extremely stable, just like the sky is falling, so don’t try to affect them.
A fan is heavy and light, but this fan gives people the feeling that the fan is much heavier than the fan, and the whole fan is no longer mysterious, but it makes people breathless and heavy! When Xiao asked his eyes to stay on the sector, he saw that there was a sector and it was a real vast world! And if you let that fan fly over his head, when he looks up, it will really produce a feeling that the whole day will be pressed at any time, which will make him tight and sweaty!
This is the real dry Kun fan! ! to be continued
Chapter five hundred and sixty Foundation stone
Since it is a real Gankun fan, its power naturally reaches the standard required by Lu Xunyue. This fan root is not an ordinary fairy device but a semi-artifact!
Xiao asked that there was no horse sacrifice to refine the dry Kun fan, but we said hello to Zi Yan and took it outside directly.
Purple Yan took a look at Xiao Wen’s hand and left the pie mouth with a smile. "You don’t even like to take a fan in your left hand …"
Xiao Wen immediately responded with disdain, "Even if you hold a zither all day, you are nothing like a lady."
After all, Ziyan was more concerned about Xiao’s strength, so he looked at Gan Kun’s fan and asked, "Is this your new fairy?"
"Half a year has passed, and its power had better be worth your time!" Purple Yan frown way
"Just give it a try."
"Hey … do you want me to practice for you?"
"Is there anyone else besides you?"
"Come on!" Purple Yan put his fist crunchy look at Xiao asked sneer at a way
Half an hour later, Xiao Wen and Zi Yan stopped panting.
Xiao asked his right hand rubbing his left shoulder with a bitter face and scolding him, "Do you want my life? !”
"What are you doing to break the fairy? I’m sick to death." Purple Yan ignored Xiao’s question and scolded and looked at the dry Kun fan that was floating in the middle of the school and angered.
"Hey, hey, it’s still not refined." Xiao asked proudly tunnel.
"…" Purple Yan suddenly stopped talking because she was just aware of this problem, which made her sick than a fan. It turned out that she hadn’t been sacrificed yet.
That is to say, there are many opportunities for that fan to rise in power!

"Uncle, you just seemed to say that you used to be a billionaire, but even playing games and throwing money … I’m afraid you didn’t play like this. Otherwise, it should have been recorded in Guinness as" Top Ten People who Moved China "."Xiaoye "plugged in" quipped.

"Of course, playing other games costs millions. Some game equipment can sell hundreds of thousands. dnf is really very economical compared with them." Viagra didn’t explain it directly, but it can be seen from his words that dnf should not be the culprit.
"So what? ……”
"In fact, when I was playing a game, I was caught in an online fraud."
"Internet fraud?" Two whew frowned and asked
"Well, it should be a fraud," Viagra replied with a wry smile.
"… this I really can’t figure out how even fraud can make you so miserable? Look at you now, as if you can go home? " Tianyu said so
"Ah, what home can I have? It’s just a "swinging" room. If she doesn’t miss home any more, she might sell the suite, too, "Viagra replied.
"…" The language.
Now, a suite in wz city has at least one million prime lots, and a good room in wz city can be broken by ten million.
It seems that all that glitters is not gold.
"If the other party changed the incoming number for the benefit of the Internet, I believed that the other party was an official of Zheng fu … if I hadn’t played games at that time, I might have thought more for a few seconds."
"Internet talk?" Tianyu mouth again.
"Well, many fraud gangs use this method, but I know it’s still too late."
"…" The language.
Sure enough, people are afraid of famous pigs and strong people. After all, few poor people will encounter any online fraud.
"Anyway, I can’t finish talking about the whole process for three days and three nights. I just got cheated and lost everything," Viagra replied.
"So you play disappear in order to avoid some creditors’ debt collection … and then add the media to indiscriminately render you a’ private’ fugitive? You didn’t call the police? " Sugar sugar opened a brain’ hole’ and said so.
"Haha, it should be like this, but if you don’t call the police, you have to be linked with the’ private’ escape with money … Although a lot of the company’s money is invested by everyone, I only move my own share, but even so, it has already violated the law."
"…" They were silent again.
But when I was silent, Tianyu always echoed four words in my heart-network words.
The walking dead have been together for about five months.
However, the other party’s hidden’ sex’ roots will not reveal any real information.
Tianyu also dare not ask more questions, for fear that the other party will see the clue. After all, cheating is’ quite’ sensitive, especially it is a professional cheating, and the realm of self-cultivation should be very high.
In the past few months, Tianyu has made no progress in exploring the real clues of walking corpses.
"Maybe … online words can help!" Tianyu mind come up to such an idea.
Tianyu has a connection with Xie Junhao, a technician from Hua Jian.
Tianyu once asked him to set up his qq and then check the ip address of the corpse, but Xie Junhao replied to Tianyu that the corpse had been "fleshed" many times, and the IP converter was just a network police check.
Unless you send a Trojan horse file to the other party, you can directly determine the real ip, otherwise it is difficult to determine the real location of the other party.
If you can’ get’ the phone number, it is much easier to check the attribution than ip.
"Why don’t you go back and deal with your’ audience’ after the street activity has started?" Viagra said
"You are like this … why are you in the mood to play games?" If Ling hates iron and says, "No wonder your wife will leave you with her children. How can a man like that give them happiness?"
Chapter 1 A Word
Viagra leng, he didn’t expect to be a’ cover’ face, head and hair.
If ling and sugar are different, sex is much more straightforward, which has something to do with her lonely childhood (
"What else can I do?" Viagra chagrin said
"What else can I do? You ask me how I know! " If Reiki bites her teeth and continues to say, "You have been brilliant at least once. Don’t you have any friends to help you make a comeback?"
Viagra shook his head and looked at the crowd and said, "A friend in need sees the truth. Even a wife can’t be trusted these days. Do you expect those friends?"
"All wet!" Tianyu retorted, "Do you think we are like brothers and sisters?"
Viagra shook his head.
"But I was so down and out that I was penniless. By the way, there was a brain around me that could play games," Tianyu recalled.
"Then what?" Viagra asked curiously.
"Then I’ve been playing games until now."
Listen Tianyu answer all petrochemical immediately.
Viagra couldn’t help laughing when Tianyu said this and said, "I still want you to give me a positive example. I didn’t expect it to be a negative textbook."
"Let me ask you, have you ever made any money playing games?" Tianyu eyes clear looking at viagra seriously said.
"Playing games to make money? ….. Don’t be ridiculous. Playing games costs money. Where can you make money? "Viagra shook his head in disbelief.
"It’s not convenient to ask them how much they earned, but I can tell you that I started from scratch in the past five years and now I have a house and a car from games."
Viagra didn’t look like Tianyu was blowing hard, so he was silent.
"But one thing is certain, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be here today without this group of friends around me."
"We call him Erxiu. He followed me for the longest time. Even if we were embarrassed enough to eat instant noodles three times a day, he didn’t waver. On the contrary, I wavered and never left … It’s a pity that he is a Han, or maybe he really wants to be committed."
"Fuck off!" Two whew heard Tianyu finally joke mercilessly scold a.
Everyone laughed without a word.
"We call this guy Izumo. His family is relatively rich. At the beginning, he gave us some starting money when we were in the most difficult time. Although it was not a big amount for him, it was a life-saving money for me and Erxiu."
A cloud is Tianyu said some embarrassed scratched his head and then "dew" a light wind light cloud light smile.
Take the initiative to make friends with you. This friend named Sugar Sugar is a cloud girl. Although she is petite and lovely, she is a little devil. None of us here can cure her. Speaking of this, Tianyu suddenly stopped and jumped to the topic. Maybe this is fate.
"We call him" Xiao Ye "as a technician of our team and he is a" friend "of life and death." Tianyu smiled and pointed to Xiao Ye and continued to introduce him.
"Don’t listen to his nonsense … he helped our family a lot. Anyway, if he has any difficulties, I will go through fire and water." Xiaoye patted his chest and said firmly.
Tianyu looked at Xiao Ye and smiled. Brotherhood needs more words.
"We used to call her’ Abortion’ here. She used to be a game merchant and worked with our team." Tianyu introduced Ruoling.
After listening to Tianyu’s introduction of Viagra, he frowned for a moment and said, "Feeling, are you working in the game?"
Tianyu shook his head indifferently and explained, "No, our sex is actually the same as your company."
"What do you mean?"
"Game Merchant"
"In reality, I don’t have any rich social experience that I can’t do, but it is not difficult to make money if I am willing to pay in the game."

Every day, they look forward to when their lovely daughter can open her eyes and look at them playfully and smile gently.

The night in the hospital is so quiet that there is a long moonlight shining softly through the wide glass window, and a white light appears in the ward when it penetrates.
This is a very beautiful silver boy. He has bright and evil silver eyes. He holds the soul of a sleeping girl in his hand. The girl has long Xiu Xiu eyelashes covering her big eyes.
The girl’s soul floats lightly in a semi-transparent shape, and the silver boy’s hand gently holds her to Meng Xiaoyu’s body lying in bed.
This silver-beautiful young man is the famous little Shura River in the underworld, and he is holding his soul in his hand. It is the soul of the young girl Lan Yu, and it can’t be said that it should be said that it is the soul of the little white-collar Meng Xiaoyu.
Xiaoxi put the girl’s soul in Meng Xiaoyu’s body, but she was surprised to find that the girl’s soul was rooted in Meng Xiaoyu’s body.
Xiaoxi thought to herself, is it because she has been out of the body for too long and has been limited to contact with the spirit of the underworld, so she can’t fit in with her original body smoothly?
He leaned over gently and suddenly noticed that the girl’s soul was wearing Feng Pei, and she had a small west to condense her spiritual strength to activate Feng Pei’s colorful Guanghua Meng Xiaoyu’s chest. Finally, her soul slowly returned to her body.
Xiaoxi Dijun’s face was pale. He wiped his forehead with sweat and sighed lightly. His hand gently stroked Meng Xiaoyu’s soft strands. He said to himself, "Goodbye, Feather, you must live happily!"
The silver light is getting brighter and brighter, and the silver light of Xiaoxi’s figure is getting weaker and weaker, and finally it disappears as if it had never appeared.
Meng Xiaoyu’s father slowly opened his eyes and patted his wife. "Hey, wake up. Why did I feel a silver light just now? It was so bright."
"What light? Are you dreaming? " Xiaoyu’s mother rubbed her eyes. She habitually got up and went to Meng Xiaoyu’s window to gently tuck her daughter in.
"Xiaoyu, when will you wake up?" She gently took Xiaoyu’s hand and sighed and said
At this time, she obviously felt the sudden movement of her little hand. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She carefully looked at her beloved daughter’s face, and now her eyes slowly opened in surprise.
"Baby, her father is coming to Xiaoyu to wake up." Xiaoyu’s mother excited with a trembling voice.
Meng Xiaoyu opened her big round eyes and turned around. She saw two cutting faces in front of her eyes. She opened her mouth and said weakly, "Mom and Dad …"
Xiao Yu’s parents were so excited that they wiped their tears. "Xiao Yu, you are really worried about your parents when you wake up. Are you going to scare us to death?" For more than a year, mom and dad are all anxious. "
Xiaoyu laboriously raised her hand to hold her mother’s hand. "Mom, I’m sorry to have worried you. I seem to have had a long dream and met many people, but I can’t remember them."
Meng Xiaoyu recovered very quickly. In a few days, she was able to walk slowly. In a few days, she was alive and kicking.
But I don’t know why, she always feels lost in her heart, and she always feels that she has forgotten something, and she doesn’t know when to wear a phoenix-shaped necklace and when to buy land. Even parents don’t know.
After three months’ rest, Meng Xiaoyu decided to re-apply for a job, having recovered his health.
I went to interview every day after I submitted a lot of resumes online, but it was really hard to find a job just in time for the economic crisis, but Xiaoyu didn’t lose heart and still applied everywhere.
After everything comes to him who waits, Xiaoyu was finally admitted to a large real estate company.
"Ulla!" Xiaoyu almost kowtowed and thanked Cang.
Finally, I look forward to the day when it rains early in the morning in the class, and my beautiful face, which is elegant and long, straight and professional, is a "Bai Gujing" (white-collar+backbone+elite)
After reporting smoothly, the secret lady smiled and said to Meng Xiaoyu, "It’s just that the general manager has come back from a business trip in other places to meet you!"
Xiaoyu nervously followed the secret lady into the spacious boss’s desk of the general manager’s big office, and then sat back and looked at them as if enjoying the scenery outside the floor-to-ceiling window. The secret lady respectfully said, "Miss Meng Xiaoyu, the new general manager, has come."
The swivel chair man "Oh" made a gorgeous turn. The boss’s chair turned around. It was a very handsome young man like Tianqiao male model. He had a pair of deep dark green eyes and a charming smile on his beautiful mouth. His voice was low, gentle and full of magnetism. "Miss Meng Xiaoyu, right? Welcome to join our company. I am the general manager of this company. My name is Ling. "
The end of a story may be another story, right?
In five months, the first novel of chocolate, "Born Thief, I Steal My Heart", has ended. Thank you for your support and encouragement when chocolate is confused. Because this is chocolate first, there are many imperfections and unsatisfactory places for everyone, but everyone has wrapped me up. I sincerely thank you for your kisses! Maybe everyone is not satisfied with this ending, but chocolate has left an association for everyone. Maybe imperfection is the most perfect. The new chocolate "don’t be your beauty" has been pitted. I hope you can still support chocolate!
Feather Zhen kept crying and was dragged out of the ten layers of hell by Xiaoxi and Mo Yan.

"Mother may want to give you brother kiss! Do you see the rain as a dream? " Thyme stranger replied absently.

I don’t know how close I am to Mu Nian and Mu Huan, but there is an idea in my mind that this woman is her own princess, and other men can’t get close to their brothers!
"Dear? Princess Rain Dream? " MuHuan frightened "how is it possible? My brother, he will marry a woman in his life, and he won’t promise marriage at will! My father tried to marry him many times, but he refused. Besides, Princess Raindream’s brother is not suitable. "
"Marry a woman all your life?" Thyme devoted to the depths of the garden stopped and looked at MuHuan beside him. "Is that possible? If your brother inherits the throne, will the harem also marry a queen? "
"What’s impossible!" MuHuan not gas cocked a little "don’t you every man like to sit and enjoy people’s happiness? My brother is very devoted! "
"I have never heard of such a funny thing!" It’s natural for a man to have three wives and four concubines, and even a civilian man will marry several rooms, which of the royal men is not a group of wives and concubines?
Whether it’s the royal branch, the heir, or various interests and political needs, there will be many women in the royal family to marry one. This is simply a myth! Especially the women in the imperial harem are their tools to balance their ministers. Even if they don’t like it, they have to marry it back and put it there. How can there be a queen?
"Marrying a bunch of strange bedfellows women is not as good as marrying a lover who will be with you through thick and thin, so that there will be a lot less sibling things in the family." Muhuan rolled his eyes and big stallion said that you don’t understand these truths.
"It turns out that the idea of the princess and the prince is so unique." Muhuan’s eyes sparkled when she spoke, which made her heart move. This girl must be looking forward to a complete home when she stayed with Gusu Qingmin for too long. After returning to the palace, she was ostracized, so she was tired of the royal family’s cannibalism. Is this also the reason why she disdained to compete for favor and wanted to escape?
"Reality is not unique." Muhuan muttered something. Maybe I told you that my sister was from a different time. At that time, she was already monogamous. If I said that, you would be crazy.
"It must be difficult for your report to save your brother this time. Your report seems a little haggard. I really appreciate your report!" Muhuan don’t want to discuss this problem again, and quickly change the subject.
"No king is lucky enough to find a report" thyme devoted to the hot word doesn’t hurt himself. You know, after that day’s coma, his bed lay for ten days, even now the wound is still dull. The doctor said that it was also a cold king who was in good health. If someone else is so seriously injured, don’t think about it if he doesn’t lie in bed for a month.
"Why didn’t the report send a message back earlier? Male and female servants but have been waiting for "MuHuan also didn’t want to see the sample this big ice and brother seems to be very well.
"Is the princess worried about the king?" Li Mo Xu raised his eyebrows and stared at Mu Huan quietly. "Or are you worried about your brother?"
"Male and female servants are naturally worried about their brother." Muhuan stopped to have a look at the words of thyme devoted to the heat, but it was also honest. "Male and female servants are also worried about the safety of the report because they ask the report to save their brother. Male and female servants don’t want anything to happen to the report."
"It turns out that the princess will also worry that Wang Wang is a little flattered!" There is a little joy in thyme devoted to the heat. I stretched out my hand and took Muhuan into my arms. I secretly paid the girl in my heart. Do you know that Wang was in a coma for a moment and I never saw you again? I felt a little sorry in my heart.
When Wang woke up, he didn’t doubt that you and your brother had participated in the design of this bureau. But when Wang sent someone to secretly investigate and make sure that Mu Nian was indeed a victim, Wang was suddenly relieved to know that you didn’t have those people colluding to harm Wang. It was easier than ever to hold you again.
MuHuan one leng just came back from the battlefield men are so emotional? Although I really want to push thyme away, I can repay him when I think I still owe him a favor. This harmony has always made Muhuan feel uncomfortable.
This big stallion must have seen a woman who didn’t know the "meaty smell" for more than ten days, so she couldn’t help but embrace her in her arms. If this is Leng Yuxin at the moment, he must be eager to embrace her in the room and have sex, right? With this in mind, Muhuan once again wants to push thyme away.
When this guy didn’t come back, he was a little uneasy and worried, but he always wanted to stay away from him before he was alive? Just for a short time, Mu Huan’s heart has been constantly entangled in be? This classic English line popped up in her heart. It’s only a matter of time before I get into snake disease with this big ice cube!
Two people quietly embrace together cangxi mainland all scenery this moment is eclipsed by far behind sogeum hurriedly lowered his eyes.
"The princess’s hands are all ready, right?" A hundred miles devoted to Xu took her arms and sniffed the faint jasmine, feeling that it would be wonderful if she was still at this moment. Where did he know the psychological activities of the people in her arms?
"Thank you for leaving no scars."
"Pay attention later" said Bai Li Mo Xu, putting Muhuan "The princess is really too thin", but he really didn’t want to let go, but he found himself less and less infected with this girl, so he held her and had a reaction. He didn’t want to be rude in front of this girl, and he didn’t want people to look at it. Although it was Cian Pavilion, it was difficult to have someone else’s eyes.
"I …" MuHuan turned over their elder sister when lost weight? I have a standard figure, okay? It’s called the devil’s figure, you know?
"Eat more after the princess. You should eat more and gain weight like Nini."
"I don’t want to eat like Nini!" Muhuan’s pouting is also a foodie, but I’m not like Nini, who mistakenly recognizes Dad because of a little delicious blood. This kind of milk is a mother’s foodie and I despise it! Of course, it’s just a little contempt. After all, it’s also my sister’s daughter!
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Women like warm men? !
"Eat food?" A hundred miles away, I was stunned. "What is food? !”
How did Emma accidentally say this word in front of the big ice? ! Mu Huan shrugged his shoulders and blinked. "The saying that Wang Ye eats food is a night orchid people refers to the kind of people who especially love to eat and are determined to eat delicious food all over the world."
"oh? Night haze people say it’s really special. "Hundred miles devoted to the heat didn’t rest assured to take MuHuan’s hand again." There’s nothing wrong with being a foodie. People say it’s not a blessing to eat happily and comfortably every day. If you can really eat delicious food all over the world, it will be very interesting. "
"Yes, walk around and see how much life is like eating, drinking and drinking!" Muhuan didn’t expect thyme to have such an understanding. It was a little unexpected. It seems to her that people like thyme should like surgery.
"But Nini’s dad remembered telling you before leaving that men should not be allowed to get close to your mother except dad. Didn’t you stop that yearning for your mother just now?" Thyme devoted to the heat will MuHuan wrist gripper from a distance in the past seems to be kissing her hand is talking to Nini.
What’s wrong with MuHuan’s feeling that a flock of crows flew over this big stallion? Elder sister didn’t tube you and so many women rolled sheets you really when you are a brother-in-law jun tube elder sister free to immediately withdraw his hand from thyme devoted to hot turned supercilious look "report that is my brother! I grew up together, and my brother was hugged by my brother. What’s the matter? "
"Children are naturally nothing, but now that the princess is married, she still needs to pay attention to her image at any time outside. Don’t let people gossip." There is a hint of hegemony in the old myth. "From the truth, a married woman can give her husband a hug!"
"According to your report, if I meet my father, I can’t be close to him?" Muhuan turned supercilious look again.
"Princess, is this questioning the king?" The ending of thyme was dragged up, which seemed to wake Muhuan. But you promised the king not to talk back to him.
"Of course not. The sovereign is always right!" Muhuan sighed sadly in his heart. What can he do? Can’t offend this guy, let his brother see that his Xilin Day is not good, let his brother and mother worry about it, forget it, let him be low-spirited, and ask him not to really let Nini stop himself from getting close to his brother. "But I grew up with my brother, and I haven’t seen it for months. If I don’t get close to my brother as usual, I will be very sad."
"The king is not to say that you don’t want the princess to be close to your brother …"
"That male and female servants thank report! Wang Ye is really a great man! " Before finishing the sentence, Muhuan hurriedly grabbed the words and offered a hug in a dog’s leg, then bowed his head to his wrist and said, "Nini, did you hear that?" Your father said that my brother was close to me, but don’t be ridiculous! "
A hundred miles away in tears and laughter, but because of this hug, I immediately remembered another thing. "By the way, does the princess think that the mother is very special to your brother?"
When I saw Mu Nian from the East Miao, it seemed that her eyes had never left Mu Nian. The eyes were very complicated, with joy, sorrow, thoughts and desires, and all kinds of emotions were intertwined, which made Bai Li feel a little strange.
It is reasonable to say that it is the first time for the mother to see Mu Nian, and even an old friend is not so excited, right? When I first met Muhuan, my mother was not so excited. Was it that my mother was not only a good friend of Gu Suqing’s, but also Mubai?
"I can see that my mother likes my brother very much. My mother and I must be very good sisters in the past." Muhuan didn’t think much about the fact that Oriental Miao Miao is also very good to herself. It should be because of her mother’s reasons. "Besides, my brother is a good person. A typical warm man would like him. 1.
"Warm man? What’s this? Is it your night LAN dialect again? " A hundred miles away, I was confused.
"Warm men are the kind of men who can give people a warm feeling like warm sunshine. They are very caring for their families, considerate and considerate, and their friends around them think he is very warm." Mu Huan cocked his head and tried to recall the modern definition of warm men, trying to understand as much as possible to explain "anyway, it is a fine and clean sunny man like my brother."
"Princess like this warm man? !” I can’t hear any emotions in the words of a hundred miles.
"Women like warm men, ok? !” Muhuan said smoothly and didn’t realize what he was saying.
"So that’s it." Li Mo Xu was silent for a while. "It seems that Wang Shou is also a warm man, isn’t it? !”
"Shouwang and my brother are quite like a gentle and modest gentleman like jade …" Muhuan suddenly realized here that he had let slip his tongue and stopped to look at thyme nervously. "Shouwang in my heart is just a friend of your brother."