When the media in various countries were very busy, two German newspapers and periodicals in Qingdao unexpectedly stopped operating temporarily, but now people are printing all night together with the only government printing factory in Qingdao. Fortunately, the mystery has not been hidden for too long. Three days later, 2oo million Japanese sheets were flown to Okinawa by five Dornier 3 long-range bombers. This sheet, called "Tell the Japanese soldiers and civilians", first tells the Japanese soldiers and civilians that the so-called "civil war" by their military is cruel and inhuman, and there is no prospect. Then came the German policy of giving preferential treatment to prisoners of war and not invading and harassing enemy civilians. At the end, it demanded that Japanese soldiers and civilians, especially civilians who did not have combat conditions, should not be involved in cruel wars.

After the German military announced that it would suspend the use of chemical bombs in Japanese towns and areas with no important military targets, but by this time, there have been more than 100,000 Japanese soldiers and civilians directly or directly killed by the German army. Obviously, a single notice can’t completely shake the determination of the Emperor’s Japanese government and the military department to carry out the war. However, when a country’s war tolerance drops to a critical point, abnormal means will force the government to withdraw from the war, which will lead to a look at history. The most common means are revolution and assassination!
Destroy the day Chapter one hundred and twenty-five journey to the south ()
Qingjin Port in the Northeast of Korean Peninsula
The first appearance of the German fleet in the port can be traced back to the time when the German-Japanese War just broke out a year ago. At that time, a sub-fleet of the German Pacific Fleet attacked the Japanese patrol fleet stationed here and sank several Japanese ships in the port. However, on the way back to the sea cucumber, the German fleet was ambushed by the Japanese 6-based air force and submarines, and the sinking of the "Gennauser" and "Kleist" turned this beautiful "door red" into a tragedy.
After a lapse of one year, the German fleet came back and was stronger than a year ago. Two battleships, four heavy cruisers, three aircraft carriers, seven light cruisers, and 32 destroyers, including four new amphibious boarding ships and three new integrated supply ships, came from Kuye Island after a whole day of fire preparation by 33oo German navy team 6 soldiers. 2ooo Mexican soldiers and 7oo American soldiers formed a joint force to forcibly board 6 at the north beach of Qingjin Port. This time, the Japanese garrison did not cause too much trouble to the Coalition forces, because the armored forces of the German Sixth Army were advancing in the direction of Qingjin less than 1oo kilometers southwest of Qingjin.
At the same time, the commander of the Japanese army stationed in Qingjin is also prepared for laparotomy, because he knows that there is no chance to make amends and it will be his best way out.
The results of two battles in two directions are in suspense. When the brave navy team members of the Sixth War cleanly captured one Japanese position after another, the German armored forces, the main force of the 3g and ivf tanks, ran over the Japanese fortifications like destruction. Of course, the industrious German Hawk took pains to hover and bomb and strafe again and again, which was also an important factor for the German to finally win.
On December 12, 1929, the port of Qingjin changed hands. The whole northeastern part of Korea has fallen into the hands of the Germans. In the process, about 42oo German soldiers were killed and 120,000 people were injured. The Mexican army also appeared their 200 th killed soldier and 11oo th wounded. Only the American army’s death list still maintained amazing single digits.
It is true that such casualties in a big country war are negligible, but at this time, in Germany, no one wants to question why the government wants to compete for a remote and barren place like North Korea, sacrificing thousands of German soldiers and spending hundreds of millions of dollars. Although these remarks have not affected the status of the German royal family and government, the call for an end to the war as soon as possible has become stronger and stronger throughout Germany!
"Well, I must have a good sleep for 24 hours without the high command to order people not to wake me up! God, what are these days? I haven’t even slept a full sleep! "
A face of hula, Sven? Okoula doesn’t care about his image. At this time, in the eyes of the big fellow who came from a worker’s family and joined the army for 20 years and entered the ranks of German middle-level commanders through ordinary people’s efforts and performance, there is nothing in the world that can attract him more than that little camp bed!
A blue Max medal? Okoula doesn’t expect that even if he wants to expect it, let’s talk about it in his dream!
"It’s lieutenant colonel! Have a good sleep. I promise I won’t wake you even if General Rommel comes! " Okoula adjutant, a young noncommissioned officer with some childishness, said with a smile after making the bed for him.
"Well, very good! Let the general sit outside when he comes! Haha, but I think he may sleep longer than me. After all, we have been driving all the way day and night … Er Duomeng, our continuous marching distance has passed 4oo kilometers! "
"To be exact, it is 42 kilometers. We have driven so far in Russia and it is not such a rugged mountain road! The mechanical failure rate of 9% can make those maintenance soldiers tired. I heard that some of them fell asleep while eating! Lieutenant Colonel, I wish you a good sleep! " The young adjutant smiled mischievously and took the door out.
"Yes, the bones of the damn mountain road are falling apart!" Okoula muttered as he took off his coat and got into it. The weather here in December was not warmer than that in Germany, but at this time, he was deeply tortured by sleepiness, and Okoula couldn’t care less. He soon fell asleep in such a temporary headquarters in an ordinary North Korean house.
At the moment, it’s still sunny outside, and the battlefield near Qingjin has already ended, and the world has returned to calm. Even if there are a few fish escaping from the net in this cold weather, I’m afraid they can hide in a tree hole and shake, so German soldiers with relaxed expressions can be seen everywhere outside, talking and laughing, doing their jobs-patrolling and repairing cars, and everyone who is sleeping is enjoying their leisure after the battle. Of course, it would be even more wonderful if they could have a roast chicken and a bottle of whisky.
"Hey, is Lieutenant Colonel Domont in there?"
Far away, an armored lieutenant with a short figure and a brown skin greeted him as he walked outside.
"Oh, it’s Lieutenant Joe Hanos! He’s sleeping in it now, but he said to let him sleep for 24 hours. If you must wake him up now … "Domon shrugged his shoulders and made a funny expression of" You have to bear the consequences yourself "
"Oh this guy … now we even have a tank to drag back to overhaul you white? What we can’t fix here is the problem of motivation. I have to report this situation to him! He either temporarily allocated us some tanks or used us as a platoon! Plus the one that broke down yesterday, we now have seven tanks left! 7 cars! "
I’m afraid Domont won’t understand the seriousness of the matter, like Lieutenant Joe Hanos striking back in front of him.
"A set of repair equipment should be shipped to Qingjin by sea soon. Besides, General Rommel may borrow repair equipment from Navy Team 6, and the situation will improve soon …" Domon thought for a moment. "What did your battalion commander say?"
Sven? Lieutenant Colonel Okoula is the commander of the 4th Armored Regiment of Rommel’s Armored Division. This regiment belongs to the first-line standard main armored regiment, which has three standard armored battalions, reconnaissance company, maintenance company and communication company directly under the regimental headquarters. One armored battalion is divided into three standard armored companies and one battalion. Each company is usually equipped with seven tanks and five assault guns, and its specific models are different from different units. In Rommel’s first-line armored division, most tank companies are equipped with three 3g tanks, four ivf tanks and five 1926 assault guns, which is not the top equipment in the German sixth army.
Destroy the day Chapter one hundred and twenty-six journey to the south (in)
"More! Domon! It’s Lieutenant Pascal outside! Damn it, let him in! "
When the angry voice came out of the headquarters, Domon was chatting with the armored lieutenant about the bad road and the same bad weather.
"Good Lieutenant Colonel!" Domon shrugged his shoulders at the lieutenant beside him, indicating that he could go in, and at the same time gave a kind smile as if to say, "Hey, man, there is an angry male bear in there who has been disturbed. Good luck!"
The lieutenant went in with a cap on his head or crustily skin of head. At this time, Domont was not interested in listening to their small talk outside, not to mention that there were guards at the gate of the headquarters. Even if there were no guards, I’m afraid no Japanese soldiers could come here through a large German station. Now what Domont has to do is to fill his stomach. If Lieutenant Colonel Okoula can successfully implement his "hibernation plan" later, he can also find a bed blanket in the headquarters and have a good rest.
"This battle is really tiring!" Domon walked towards the regimental canteen while moving his arm.
Not far away, two senior officers dressed up just happened to notice Domont.
"That seems to be Okoula’s adjutant. I’ll ask him if Okoula is here …" The officer with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his nose was going to stop Domont, but the short general around him stopped him.
"No, I guess which Okoula is sleeping in the headquarters!"
"Good general! ….. Er, please forgive me for telling you the truth. As far as I know, the Okoula regiment’s reduction of combat effectiveness due to mechanical failure is far from the combat loss. I’m afraid what they lack most now is also the repair! " The school officer with glasses said
"Well, now there is no regiment in our division that can be immediately deployed as a combat vehicle. Although the absolute distance of this March is not particularly far, this road condition …" The short-stature general also shook his head with a face of nai. He was wearing a gray winter military coat of the Sixth German Army, which seems to be somewhat incompatible with the pure black German armored force in him. However, from his coat skirt, you can vaguely see the brightly colored medals. Of course, after many major wars, which German general didn’t have a few medals to show off on his chest in 1929?
"So I always feel that the group headquarters has ordered some …" The school is awkward with glasses.
The general looked at the front with indifference. There are only a few steps to the headquarters of the 4th Armored Regiment in Okoula. The guards at the door have set their sights on the two senior officers here and are waiting to salute with their guns.
"General, did you say that General Lundstedt was too hasty …" The glasses school said in a low voice.
"I’m afraid it wasn’t General Lundstedt’s order. In my impression, he was a man who would rather be cautious than take unexpected measures and recruit people from the Korean Peninsula. We have been steadily and steadily, which is very different from when we were in the United States, isn’t it?" The general’s expression continued to move forward.
"oh? If it’s not General Lundstedt … Is it a direct order? " Glasses school stare big eyes.
"In recent years, we have rarely directly intervened in the front-line war unless it is a key battle and we act in front of us …" The general shook his head with a serious face.
"Psst …" The school took a deep breath but didn’t say what he wanted to say, because the guard standing in front of the 4 th regiment headquarters had raised his rifle at this time.
Two people didn’t speak directly go down inside while at this time in the headquarters of the innermost room Leo kula loud voice is wei.
"Tanks? You ask me for a tank, then who am I going to ask? OK! You ask to perform a platoon, then I will lower you to the platoon leader now! "
"This Okoula!" The general of the optical school looked at each other and their faces were funny and angry.
"Lieutenant Colonel, why is he so angry today?" As he spoke, the general pushed the door and entered the small room. The smoky room sat on the bed. The army buckled a few heads and sat in the chair in a mess. The army was very neat at this time, but both of them were smoking at this time. From this point of view, the situation in it is far from serious.
"Ah … it’s General Rommel and Harman School. Why are you here! Uh … salute! " As soon as the lieutenant lost his cigarette butt, he jumped up, and the lieutenant was already straight and straight.
"It’s a violation of military regulations to be out of order in front of the chief executive!" Glasses school pointed Okoula seriously said.
"Er … report to the school. I just came to the rest place. This little thing has to be said outside about tanks …"
Okoula was busy explaining that the slightly younger general, the famous elwin Rommel, interrupted him with a wave of his hand.
"Don’t worry, Lieutenant Colonel. We’re not here today to check the military discipline. I probably know that everyone has worked hard all the way!"
"The general YanChong! These are all our responsibilities. We feel very honored to be able to play for the Imperial 6 th Army! " Although I heard Rommel say this, Okoula was still in a hurry. The general buckled one by one. Finally, he said that it was counterproductive, and the yellow head showed no signs of being neat
Rommel nodded "sit down and make yourself at home! Small talk; Lieutenant Pascal was going to leave, but Rommel motioned for him to stay because there was no extra stool in the room. Pascal sat on the bed, Okoula sat on the bed, and Rommel and his chief of staff, Haman, were still there.
"Lieutenant Colonel, how is your regiment now?" Rommel didn’t mind that when Okoula was answering questions, he suddenly got up, while Pascal was sitting and his face was not very restrained.
"General report, our regiment is currently finishing here according to the level order …" Okoula straightened his chest and replied, "Our regiment has 46 3g tanks, 4o ivf tanks, 12 ivh tanks, 72 1926 assault guns and 32 armored vehicles. At present, 17 3g tanks, 19 ivf tanks and 5 ivh tanks have been lost due to mechanical failure. 1926 assault guns, 21 armored cars, 9 armored cars, 3 3g tanks, 1 ivf tank, 3 armored cars, and about 5o tanks, 3o assault guns and 15 armored cars are in urgent need of replacement due to wear and tear! "
Rommel already knew these figures, but Okoula’s firm tone made him nod deeply and approvingly. "Lieutenant Colonel, if you want your troops to move on, can you do it today?"
Okoula was stunned and then bit his lip. "There is no problem reporting to the general!"
Destroy the day Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven journey to the south ()
As it is before 6 o’clock in the afternoon in winter, the night has fallen in the dark mountain forest. A dirt road less than two meters wide meanders northward, and several firefly-like bright spots are moving slowly along it. This road, which was originally built for horses, chariots and pedestrians, is rugged and difficult to walk at the moment. If the soil is not frozen stiff by cold weather, these "mechanical monsters" from Europe will probably be more depressed when they walk.
With an indescribable mood, Lieutenant Colonel Okoula looked out in a semi-tracked armored car with several antennas erected on the car wall. His ears were full of high-powered diesel motive. When he was running, the metal crawler rubbed out a special sound. When he looked around, he couldn’t tell the long steel torrent. Okoula was still proud of the strength of the German Panzer Corps, but the actual situation of his own troops made him feel a little worried-is the will to fight overcome fatigue or a spent force unable to wear out? Is it a surprise or a waste of time?
Although Rommel didn’t tell him the ultimate goal of his trip at noon, Okoula felt that the eye situation was clear enough. Continue northward. Is there a second goal?
A year ago, Okoula was still fighting in humid South Asia, so he didn’t personally experience the retreat born in Vladivostok, but he believes that the German officers and men who were forced to evacuate must be very eager to return to their hometown at this moment, and they will return with pride as winners!
"Lieutenant Colonel, the navy will also cooperate with us!"
While Okoula was leng, his adjutant Domon suddenly stuck out his head from the side position.
"Coffee … I think so!" Okoula twist a head and glanced at this clever young officer. It seems that he also guessed the reason why the troops were in such a hurry to pull out. At this moment, they are marching along a mountain road 5 or 6 kilometers away from the coastline. Unfortunately, the sight is not enough for them to see the sea now, but the salty taste of the sea breeze is clear.
Duomeng looked around and said
"Oh, it seems that the tanks that the division can move are all here!"

"Stop it!"

"Who the fuck told you to do it!"
"Fuck your mother who start work! ?”
A strange wind blew, accompanied by a bloody smell, and someone trembled and said,
"The elder brother of the day elder brother after you …"
"This is where the police uncle is. I just passed by and saw someone in front of me."
"Hurry up!"
Half an hour later, Erduo was a little embarrassed and waited at the gate of the airport to see Zhao Di running towards him in a mess.
Zhao Di wheezed for two breaths and then handed out a crumpled ticket from his arms. "Get on the plane quickly or your father will find out."
"What’s the matter with you?"
As a result, I saw that scene
He called the police, and those people ran and scratched, but.
I’m afraid that man can never recover.
When I came to the hospital, Jing Jin was still operating in the emergency room. Miss Li was pale and leaned against the wall. When she saw him coming, her eyes were blank.
I went to the hospital and had an acute fever. Although I felt that it was very hypocritical to explain the reason for the late shift, I was so tired at the end of this finale that I was really naive.
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She is an internationally famous killer and a young lady who has been lost in Pei’s family for fifteen years. When she returned to Pei’s family for one year, she was still unable to resist foreign covets.
He is recognized as the handsome and unruly second sai-jo in Baijia Ershao North City, but he is notorious.
She met him on the way to track down her prey, and they were entangled in a war, quietly …
This is a cat-and-mouse contest, a contest between the strong and the strong, and a period of seduction and suspicion to promote marriage.
☆ Chapter 30 Absence Award Ceremony
In the 24th year of Yuan Dynasty, an international youth piano competition was held in F country. On this day, an outstanding young man stood out, which surprised the audience and attracted the attention of many tutors. He almost won the championship that night.
However, at the moment when the prize was about to be awarded, the teenager was absent. According to the normal rules of the competition, his qualification for winning the prize should be revoked. But when the rules were reached, several masters at the scene actually gave the green light to send someone to contact the tutor and delayed it for ten minutes.
But nai is the other party still absent.
It’s a pity, but because of this wonderful performance, the green light is rare for a hundred years. The piano boy was on fire when he appeared in a song.
The outside news, newspapers and media have played up for a while trying to find out the real reason why the boy didn’t win the prize, but it worked.
Erduo doesn’t know about these things because her new environment is a girls’ high school or closed, and she won’t give her a message to contact her family until the housekeeper comes to pick her up at the weekend.
By the time she was online, those things had already settled.
If you don’t deliberately turn over the roots, you won’t know what happened that day, and what Erduo didn’t turn over is because of what Jingjin said.
He said Erduo, I hope you can be clear in front of me one day.
A clear sentence makes Erduo pause now.
Clear what?
She still can’t figure it out
What can I do clearly?
She can’t do it either.
Three years ago, Erduo had a hazy vision of Jingjin.
Three years later, Erduo had a constant affection for Jingjin.
He laughs at his voice, he looks good at his fingers, he smells good, and when he holds her, he always likes to pinch her little finger. Bad habits. In memory, the white shirt is black and the sun is shining high. Even if it belongs to Beijing and Tianjin, all this is accompanied by Erduo’s mind every day to study, eat, sleep and grow up.
It has become an inseparable part of her adolescence to accompany her to grow up day after day and miss someone.
But how long can such a relationship stand the test of years and pressures?

Ningluo heart did Sarah laugh. If the Queen Mother Shu can persuade Tang Meng …

Two people gradually away solitary city root not outsiders into Lingsi night is relieved.
And Tang Meng actually didn’t go in situ …
She didn’t know what was going on, so she fell off and there was a tunnel!
It was dark all around, and I couldn’t see my fingers. Tang Meng didn’t dare to touch it. When I was pregnant, I carefully handled everything and finally protected my lower abdomen.
What if the fire lit up on both sides and the whole tunnel was immediately clear? Is it a coincidence that she accidentally stepped into a trap? Or was it intentional?
Tang Meng turned his eyes and looked around with a alert.
"I didn’t look at the exit in front. I deliberately set that trap!" A crisp sound came, and then a woman came out of the corner, dressed in a palace costume, and her eyes were exquisite. It was none other than a phoenix dance!
Tang Meng didn’t feel at ease until she came here for so long. I’ve seen the phoenix dance several times and I haven’t had a chance to talk about it. This girl was made by Bai Ditai’s handmaid in those days, and it’s not the pro-daughter of the Queen Mother Shu. If you listen to precious little, she really doesn’t feel very painful.
"Sister wants to see me?" Tang Meng asked with a smile a face of kindness.
"Nonsense, what are you doing for nothing?" Phoenix Dance grumpily replied.
Tang Meng one leng obviously didn’t expect this girl to be so rude!
"Is it necessary to bring me here?" It’s not the same to raise eyebrows and ask questions. She’s welcome.
"I just have to find you here. Why don’t I drag you here?" The phoenix dance didn’t good the spirit again.
Tang Meng is obviously beaten. What does this little girl want to do? It seems that the newcomers are not good!
"Let’s get this straight." She just got up and became interested in this tunnel. She was about to touch the road for a while.
"Why don’t you leave Tang Ying!" Feng Wu blurted out a lot of anger, but she looked for several days before she completely believed that Tang Ying had left.
Tang Meng couldn’t help laughing. It turned out to be this. This girl has feelings for Tang Ying. She knows that.
"What are you laughing at? Why don’t you leave him? Why do you want to tell him the truth? Are you great like this? " The phoenix dance got emotional.
Tang Meng didn’t say anything. I don’t know if she explained that she really didn’t leave Tang Ying.
Phoenix Dance approached and continued, "I just want to ask you what Tang Ying is, your body double bodyguard. He is so kind to you. Do you know that you are like his world? Can’t you cheat him? What about the same appearance?" Even if a generation has lied to him, it is better than now! "
Tang Meng really didn’t know what to do if she was asked by Feng Dance so suddenly and suddenly, but she was relieved. She thought that someone would scold her and accuse her of this whole thing, which may be the biggest culprit.
"He’s really gone. I can’t find him anywhere and I don’t know how he is now. It must be so sad! To you, he is just a body double bodyguard, but you are his world, do you know? Why are you so cruel! Will it kill you to lie to him once? Will you die if you cheat him for a generation? " Phoenix dance is a bit unreasonable.
Tang Meng is slightly back two steps hung his eyes.
Lie to him?
Tell him the truth.
She can’t tell which is right and which is wrong, which is selfish and which is personal.
Feng Wu squatted down to hug her knees and cried.
"He’s really gone and Bai De is no longer his home …"
"He’s alone for a generation. You’ll never be white …"
"I know, because I’m not Tang Meng."
Tang Meng said that he came to his heart and was afraid of the phoenix dance. He said, "Let’s cry, he’s gone, and I hope this life will never meet."
Feng Wu cried even more. Is this the fate of Tang Ying?
Tang Meng then slowly took the torch from the wall and walked slowly towards the front. The tunnel was not spacious enough for two people to walk side by side and didn’t know where the starting and ending points were.
However, if you don’t go far, you will see that if you are holding a torch, you will come far away.
"Handmaiden, see Empress Ling Fei". If you cherish it, you are still so respectful and polite.
"Get up," said Tang Meng lightly, knowing that she was not in such a hurry, this girl knew that she had left.
"Princess Ling Fei, the phoenix dance princess is young and not sensible, please forgive her. Go straight ahead and turn right at the end, and you will see the exit." Cherish if the phoenix dance is just to scold the Lord but afraid of being caught too much, I could have expected this brother to arrive, but now I find that this brother is not kind at all!
"Do you blame me for not keeping Tang Ying?" Tang Meng asked
Cherish if hurriedly shake your head these things, she knew that she was busy inquiring about the news of cherish love, so she went to find a Tang Ying with Feng Dance.
"To tell the truth," Tang Meng said seriously.
Cherish if hesitated for a moment and finally nodded, "Lingfei Empress, how are you? He can’t bear it."
Tang Meng heart zheng so painful to get up and waved with precious little if the wrong body.
After walking for a long time, I saw that the exit was a stone gate, and a dozen strong winds came face to face, but what I saw was a magnificent scene!
This exit is next to the dam body, which is the stone steps of the dam layer by layer. Looking straight, it is the underground river road leading to the western boundary, and the side is the barracks. At this time, it is time to drill, and you can hear a neat shout from a distance.
Tang Meng scanned a circle to estimate the number of a group of troops and get a panoramic view of everything before he flew away.
However, before landing, he was hugged in his arms by someone flying behind him.
Who else will be familiar with bullying except Lingsi Night?
"Where did you go?" Ling Si asked in a low voice at night
"Didn’t go anywhere," Tang Meng replied faintly.
"I will accompany my mother back to the palace to take care of her for me," Ling Siye added.

Chapter 1151 Wandering girl heart

The branches are luxuriant, and the branches are covered with red sachets. After throwing them twice, they all fall off and the corners of their mouths are slightly curled.
It is said that the higher you hang, the easier your dream will come true!
Everyone is desperately throwing high.
Nangong Hanxi easily threw it once and it was successful and hung high.
As soon as I turned my head, I saw Ji Yue’s face and couldn’t help but smile and "throw it higher"
"Would" Ji Yue didn’t take it too seriously, so it was a game.
The nangongshan cold city came and hugged her slender body from behind just hugged her.
"I’ll help you"
Sweet soft body makes him can’t help hugging her, which feels good.
The girl’s sweet smell made him take a deep breath.
I really want to chew a swollen bite.
He took her by the hand and threw something at Ji Yue. He turned to look at him.
He’s really grown up, and he’s not the overbearing and sexual boy he used to be.
Becoming mature brought her a sense of security.
The nangongshan cold city heart jump hand shake hand strength lost firing sachet fell to the ground.
He looked down at her misty eyes, watery and beautiful. He resisted the urge to kiss. "What do you think of me so much? Suddenly think I look good? "
He laughs and jokes, and his manners are very intimate.
If there are people around him, they are embarrassed and curious and secretly look at them.
Although folk customs are not so harsh and rigid, it is still rare to show love in public.
Ji Yue woke up and gently pushed, "I am curious that you are getting fatter and fatter. Aren’t you afraid of being scolded for being immoral in front of so many people?"
Nangong Hanxi refused to put a face of injustice. "I didn’t do anything!"
Not even a kiss, okay?
He endured very hard!
The two men stared at each other, a handsome man, a beautiful and refined man, as beautiful as a painting.
They naturally became the focus, and everyone stared at them, pointing and saying everything.
An old man can’t stand it. "Please leave, two people."
If it weren’t for their gorgeous clothes and distinguished manners, they would have been scolded long ago.
Ji Yue’s mouth was smoked and she was actually asked to return!
"I haven’t prayed yet"
The nangongshan Han Xi gently caressed her little face with her eyes full of "I’ll come"
On tiptoe, people flew up and easily landed on the top of the tree, hanging the red sachet on the top.
When it was done, he flew back easily and stopped beside Ji Yue.
Ji Yue gawked at this scene. "Is this ok?"
Then what did she throw? How easy it is to fly early!
The Nangong Hanxi held Ji Yue and withdrew. Everyone naturally split up.
"Why not?"
Ji Yue thought about it and couldn’t refute "Okay, you are awesome"
As soon as they went out, they met a group of people, three brothers and sisters, and they came together.
Dressed in Huang Shang Qurong, she was graceful and charming, but she ran over with joy at the sight of their eyes.
"Princess, are you there? What a coincidence. "
Ji Yue is so enthusiastic that people are not used to it.
Very honest and frank song less silently looked at "you also come to ask for marriage? Aren’t you engaged? Ask this to reinvent the wheel. "
Nangong Hanxi is not happy. Who rules? "We’re happy to ask you nothing."
I didn’t expect QuRong suddenly excited to call up. You are so rude, but I like it. "
She looked obsessed, but forgot what she had just said. It changed so fast.
A girl’s heart is like a drifting cloud that can never be guessed.
The nangongshan cold city corners of the mouth straight smoke this girl is out of her mind?
"You guys play."

"well! I believe you have this thing! " Fat sister-in-law first nodded in agreement. "Otherwise, I wouldn’t throw farm work in the field and follow you around the city!"

With the fat sister-in-law taking the lead, Zhao Dou also said, "If you want your boss not to dislike my stupidity, just tell me if you can do it, and I will do my best for you!"
"How can you do such a good job in wood work at loggerheads? Brother Zhao, don’t be too modest! Besides, now that we are talking about our own family, we don’t need so many rules in front of our own family. Just call me Jin Niang like my sister-in-law. The name’ owner’ is for outsiders to come out of your mouth. It sounds weird to me! " Sun Jin’s sincere words made Zhao Dou nod again and again, and his look relaxed a lot. He called a "Jin Niang" obediently.
"hey! That’s right! " Sun Jin nodded and smiled with satisfaction. "Since it will take ten days to decorate this shop, let’s buy some bedding and put it in the living room first, so that Zhao Dage won’t go back and forth with the village in the city."
"That’s a good idea! Jin Niang, you are thoughtful! " Fat sister-in-law repeatedly praised Sun Jin for throwing her a feigned anger expression and low reprimanded, "Sister-in-law, is this going to be a flatterer?" I’m afraid you’ve thought of this idea for a long time, but you just don’t say it, do you? Otherwise, how could you agree with the idea so quickly? !”
"Hee hee, you can see that you are really amazing. I don’t mean to flatter you at all!" Fat sister-in-law laughed like a fool. "I didn’t want to rob you if I didn’t say it. Now you are the owner, or I have to leave enough for you!"
"Just leave and go shopping!" Sun gave her a grumpily look, turned around and called for squatting in the corner to play, and Blue Ink went out of the shop with Xiao Bao.
After a tour of the city, the carriage was filled with all kinds of things. Four people sat in it and it was a little crowded. Fortunately, the newly bought bedding and other life were sent back to the store for the time being. A line of people locked the door and left, leaving the streets south of the city and leaving four neighbors to explore their eyes from their own stores for a long time until the carriage disappeared. Only then did they go back and be full of speculation …
Although they have their own guesses, they all agree that people who can afford that kind of carriage specifications are generally either rich or expensive. Anyway, they are all with potential ordinary people, and no one dares to show off like this!
I don’t know what kind of business ordinary people want to do when they come to their south street. They don’t have the courage of the shopkeepers in the rich jewelry shop and tailor shop. They would rather wait for the day when the new store is extravagant with trepidation than dare to disturb and offend each other!
However, as a result, the business of these two companies suddenly reached a pre-grand occasion, because the whole street vendor knew that the two shopkeepers had visited the mysterious big man and left. It can be seen that they didn’t annoy each other, so they all went to these two people to inquire about the situation one by one. Since they want to inquire about the situation, they have to pay something. So there was a scene where the gold, silver and jade articles in Fugui Jewelry Square were almost sold out, and the shopkeeper tailor shop was full of guests!
These two stores make a lot of money, so naturally they won’t be stingy to tell everyone that if it weren’t for the jewelry shop or the tailor’s shop, there would be no pharmacy in a street south of the city! In such a recreational place, everyone is scrambling to do the business of "eating, drinking and having fun". No one dares to set foot in the business of selling drugs easily because they are all businessmen and no one will be willing to do compensation business.
Chapter 4 Long Section
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Zhang Jin’s shop has not been opened yet, but people have ushered in a very important festival of the year-Long Festival (that is, winter), on which every family wants to cook glutinous rice with red beans. No matter how poor the family is, red bean glutinous rice is indispensable on this day because they firmly believe that eating red bean glutinous rice on this day can get rid of diseases and get rid of disasters.
Zhang Jin naturally did as the Romans do, and prepared red beans and glutinous rice early. On this day, he cooked half a pot and sent a large bowl to Uncle Zhu’s family and Wang Er’s family, and then asked Xiao Bao to call Zhao Dou’s family to come over and have a festive meal qR1.
"Come and have a chicken leg!" After giving Xiao Bao and Lan Mo a drumstick, Sun Jin also gave one to Fat Sister-in-law, and looked at the dark path full of longing sitting next to Fat Sister-in-law. "You have one on the hill!"
"Thank you, Aunt!" Hill across the bowl to catch her clip big chicken leg loud mouth way
"Jin niang you this is … a chicken only two chicken legs you should not kill two chickens? !” Fat sister-in-law looked at the big chicken leg in her bowl and exclaimed, "You are too willing to give up a chicken. You can sell 500 pence if you say less!"
"Didn’t you say you haven’t eaten chicken legs for more than a year? I will satisfy you today! " Ms. Sun inadvertently picked up a piece of chicken breast and took a bite. "Well! Raising chickens at home is good meat, tender and delicious, and you can rest assured! "
"You this is … I was just so say you really relieved? It seems that I can’t talk nonsense in front of you in the future, which is more terrible than real people! " Fat sister-in-law mouth said the in the mind is full of moved.
"How can it be so exaggerated? It’s just killing two chickens to eat. There are so many people and one chicken to eat!" Sun said and called Zhao Dou way "Zhao Dage you also don’t detained today put food tube enough! It’s hard for you to work in the shop these days. Think of this meal as a reward! "
"I don’t work hard. You are the owner. I should take your money to work for you!" Zhao Dou wussy replied.
Hearing his words, Fat Sister-in-law couldn’t help but stare at him and muttered, "You stay here. Which club have you seen that will treat you so well and eat at a table?" ! Somebody else, Jin Niang, this is taking us as one of our own family, and you are stupid! "
"Sister-in-law, don’t care so much about this holiday. Brother Zhao is a real person. I know what to eat!" It’s a miracle that Sun Jin watched the couple being rude and extroverted for so many years!
If she is allowed to live with a man who can’t say a word for a long time, she will definitely collapse within a month! Thinking of this, she couldn’t help flashing HuangFuRui’s handsome face. Although that guy is wearing a gentle skin, his whole body exudes an overbearing bandit spirit. It’s a contradiction complex, but he should be so upset that he never believed in people who fell in love at first sight, but he just moved his heart!
I don’t know if he’s back in Yunguo Palace now. Does Yunguo attach as much importance to winter festivals as Dajin? Is he eating red bean glutinous rice like himself now? !
At the same time, Huang Furui, wearing a purple four-claw embroidered robe and a golden crown, is sitting in front of the case thinking that Sun Jin, who is far away in Dajin, has not calmed down even though he has been separated for so many days-he was tired of this kind of hand-to-hand intrigue, and when he felt that he was too tired to live and was about to lose his will to survive, he was sent a’ fellow countryman’ and a woman who made him beat! At this moment, he has some belief in the statement of "destiny takes a hand". If it is not destiny takes a hand, how can he and Sun Jin appear in the same virtual world so coincidentally and meet again? !
"Tai Dian Huang wants you to go to Yi An Dian", a young eunuch with fine features hooked his back and lowered his head and came to his console table and reported that he interrupted his thoughts. I don’t know whether it was because of dissatisfaction that the little eunuch disturbed him or because the emperor wanted him to go to Yi An Dian, but the little eunuch was very sensitive to the fact that although he didn’t look up, he felt the breath coming out of Huang Fu Rui’s body turned cold and quickly curled up and retreated to one side. "Li Gonggong around the emperor was waiting for Tai Dian outside the temple."
"All right, the palace knows!" Huangfurui got up and strode towards the door of the temple with a sullen face. The little eunuch followed suit and dared not get too close or too far behind him. I knew that I was in awe of Huangfurui!
Outside the East Palace, the eunuch general was dressed in navy blue, decorated with gray hair and combed meticulously. Li Gonggong smiled and greeted Huang Furui with a cold face. He said in a shrill voice, "The Imperial Palace today has a long festival and ordered a slave to invite the temple to the Empress Temple to have lunch together!"
"Well, let’s go!" HuangFuRui not salty not light should be the first to take a step towards the temple of Yi ‘an striding away, and Li Gonggong has long been accustomed to his lukewarm attitude towards people and followed his pace with a smile. Since HuangFuRui’s toxic life hung by a thread three years ago and he was saved by the first imperial doctor on the day, he has become like this. There are milli temperatures in people’s eyes!
Naturally, the happiest thing about this change for him is the current emperor. For a long time, he didn’t like being poisoned too much, because he was too bad at restraining his emotions. Something in his heart and his eyes would be revealed, and he still loved women’s sex. This is a big taboo for kings! If it weren’t for the fact that he was a long-term employee and didn’t make too many mistakes, the emperor would have abolished him long ago!
"Can Li Gonggong see anything by staring at the back of the palace like this?" The chill sound in Li Gonggong’s ears scared him to wake up immediately and plop down on his knees at Huangfurui’s feet. "I’m a slave, damn it, please forgive me!" The slave just looked at the back of the Tai Temple and felt more and more dignified when he was young. He accidentally walked away and thought of those things that he had just been with the emperor before … "
"It is understandable that Li Gonggong likes to recall the past when he is old, but … I don’t like being stared at from behind, otherwise I don’t mind asking my father to let you return home as soon as possible!" HuangFuRui calmly finished hanging his eyes and glanced at him coldly. "Get up, you are an old man around my father. You don’t have to give such a big gift to the palace, otherwise my father will see what will happen to you!"
"Xie Taidian!" Li Gonggong quickly kowtowed and thanked him, and got up slightly from the ground, endured knee pain and limped behind Huangfurui and continued to rush toward the Yi ‘an Temple.
After arriving at the Yi ‘an Temple, Li Gonggong stopped in the outer temple very well-advised, and didn’t follow Huangfurui into the temple again. After all, what the emperor said before was very clear and white. Today, it was a dinner for three of them, and he was not qualified to go in as a slave!
"I will meet my father and mother!" After entering the temple, Huangfurui calmly glanced at the emperor sitting in the main seat, sitting on his left, and the queen made a simple bow and sat down. She chose the position but was the farthest one from the emperor and queen.
"See but don’t worship this is your body a country too due etiquette rules? !” The emperor frowned and reprimanded, "Your mother has been ill for a few days, and you didn’t know to come back to inquire after her. You even want me to send someone to invite you. It’s true that the third and the fifth have been here several times!"
"Are you? Mother is ill? How come I haven’t heard of it? It seems that I have to go back and clean up a talent in the East Palace later, but I don’t report such an important thing because I don’t pay too much attention to my son! " Huangfurui’s mouth was indignant, but his face expression didn’t change. The emperor’s mouth was crooked!
"Huang Ruier has just returned to the palace and must be very tired. It is also necessary to come to see the male and female servants again and again. Moreover, it may be because the male and female servants have recovered from illness that those slaves in the East Palace did not inform Rui Er about this!" Looking at the scene where their father and son stared at each other, the queen hurriedly argued that "Rui’s son has lost a lot of black weight these days when he left the palace, so don’t blame him again."

Gong Lao Gou dared to turn around and run.

The beast’s power is no joke.
There was once a fighter who overreached himself and tried to fight with the beast, but he was directly smashed into a bone.
That’s called a tragedy
Gong Lao Gou ran over in front and the beast chased after him.
Others are behind the ass of the plough.
It rumbled like thunder.
Yunxi can’t see the past, can’t help but say
"Turn around, what are you running for? The more you run, the less chance you have!"
"Fuck you, you can do it!"
Gong Lao Gou shouted at the neck.
It’s as easy as talking. If he can just turn the ground, will the beast still stay in the border town?
I went to the main city to enjoy myself!
This one mouthful talk Gong Lao dog suddenly lost his breath, and was scared by the beast turning over the earth to get closer, so he quickly bowed his head and ran.
"I told you not to run, but you turned back!"
"You can have turned the beast physical strength? Can you keep running? "
Yunxi continued to shout, but there was no point in helping.
His attention has been focused on Ling Tianshen.
Everyone else is besieging the Turtle. This is a good opportunity. Do you want to do it?
Yunbei shook his head without moving.
Too risky
If a blow fails to kill, Ling Tian will run away.
It’s too close to the wooden fence. Once Ling Tian runs back to the wooden fence, they will never have a chance again.
Listening to Yunxi’s words, Gong Laogou was so angry that his teeth itched.
But I have to admit that Yunxi dialect has some truth.
Do you want to try it?
The beast can’t chase him, but neither can his brothers.
But what if it fails?
Why does this stupid beast have to chase him?
Gong Lao Gou was thinking about suddenly catching a glimpse of a shadow in the corner of his eye.
Chapter 635 I have something for you
The shadow is ling Tian.
He could see that the old dog Gong was in a dilemma at the moment and couldn’t keep running, nor could he turn back.
Unless there is a turnaround.
But where is the connecting flight so good?
So I made a neat move.
Ling Tianying ran to the earth-ploughing beast and soon came to the earth-ploughing beast.
But didn’t do it directly.
But a flicker to turn the beast side.
Sword light condenses.
Straight cut over the neck of the beast
The weakness of the earth-turning beast is that Ling Tian has already seen it. He has given up his weakness and chose his neck for two reasons at the moment.
First, he wanted to see if he could cut over the fur of the earth beast.
Second, attacking weaknesses is not the best choice.
The earth-turning beast is impacting at a high speed. If one is not careful, he will be injured if he is hit head-on.
Touch ling day through sword stained with royal blood will know that the blow worked.
The earth-turning beast rushed forward for some distance.
Huge body crashing down.
Blood spurted from the wound, several meters high.
This scene immediately shocked everyone.

Qinan and Ye Zhan stopped to collect.

Sometimes I haven’t met a pedestrian for a long time, but for the neat trees on both sides and the fruit trees on the farm land, they really doubt that they have arrived in Xanadu.
Within a few days, they had wandered around.
Go fishing in the reservoir, sparkling like a small lake, canoe and take the fish home to cook and eat.
I went to the orchard to pick lychees and peel some granular skins outside, and I couldn’t want to leave if I swallowed the golden flesh inside.
"What are you doing here?" Look at Ye Zhan Qina these four doesn’t seem to have any fun place?
And throw crabs at them specially.
Ye Zhan handed Qina a shovel. "Qinan, I have inquired about this kind of tree. After five years, we will get married and have children, but we can bring our children for ten or twenty years. After the children grow up for decades, when we are old, we can often come and live in a tree and put a hammock or build a courtyard like others …"
Qina suddenly moved and felt strange and nodded and said "good"
Although I don’t know whether I will come back in the next few decades, at this time, two people are just like two idiots.
Dig the pit and water the saplings.
I am even worried about "can I plant it this summer?" Will you live? "
"Don’t worry, this is Guangnan. Trees can live all year round."
Sweating and muddy, I went home with a hoe to meet the sunset glow.
Chapter 242 Years are beautiful as flowers
When I got home, I was surrounded by smoke.
"Oh, where did you go? It’s like a periophthalmus. Go and take a shower." Li Yuqing greeted them as soon as he saw them.
The crab family rented a small courtyard just 20 meters away from this courtyard. They come to eat every day, stay here and go back when they rest. The two families are just like a family.
Qi Xiaoyu can’t insert anything.
Qina took a shower and came out fresh.
Qi Xiaoyu gave her a dry towel to wipe her hair. Li Yuqing has commanded Ding Shida Ye Zhan to set the table outside the courtyard.
Back to Qinan, he said, "peony, I have our own pharmaceutical ointment over there. You can go back with me and get it wiped later. You won’t get sunburned. The little girl likes white and tender, so it won’t delay you from going out to play."
Qi Xiaoyu sees that Qinan has really tanned a lot these days. "It’s just like a leather monkey."
Li Yuqing chuckled, "Come on, let’s play this summer."
It’s sultry in the room in summer and evening.
It was a cool evening breeze in the courtyard.
There is also a pineapple planted in the front yard, which is sweet and fragrant.
When Qinan first met him, he was also scared by the huge fruit of this fruit. How do you look at it? How shaky is it? It still grows on the branches and is exposed on the ground. The stem has also grown.
There is a dinner on the round table, and everything is light.
A ribs lotus root soup, a plate of white-cut chicken, a plate of steamed fish, vegetarian fried cucumber meat and fried tofu, and the last one to shoot cucumber.
There is soda in front of everyone.
Ding Shida had a glass of wine with Ye Zhan, but it was stopped again.
The crab looked curious and took a sip of the wine when the adults didn’t pay attention. The whole person was not good. "Bah, Bah, such a bad drink is still like a baby."
Welcome everyone to laugh.
From time to time, neighbors pass by the door to say hello.
Li Yuqing has also become familiar with the surrounding people in the past two days. Seeing this, I feel "I really don’t want to go back!"
"I don’t want to go back!" Said the crab.
Li Yuqing immediately couldn’t stand chopsticks and wanted to hit him. "Do you want to read if you don’t come back?"
The crab immediately leaned over to Ding Shida and secretly said something to his father.
Eating a lively meal is better than
After dinner, Qina took the initiative to pack up and wash the dishes and chopsticks.
Li Yuqing was grabbed by Qi Xiaoyu again. "Don’t mention it. It’s no big deal for children to wash a bowl. You advised me before."
Qinan moves quickly. Every day, adults cook, but she is happy to tidy up herself.
Pack it up and come out. The table outside has been cleaned and cut. Watermelon is one person, a cattail fan is overhead, and sky full of stars warm wind bursts. Occasionally, people who enjoy the cool not far away are heard talking.
Ding Shida chatted with Ye Zhan and said it was a farm industry model.
Li Yuqing told Qi Xiaoyu that it was Qina who was going to make snacks when they were engaged, and what kind of dishes would be served at the banquet?
Qinan was also a little interested and said, "We have a snack shop in town. I’ll make you something to eat!"
Qi Xiaoyu added, "I don’t know what his uncle is busy with these two days. He will often come back three to five days ago. This time, it was agreed that it would take a little longer. Fortunately, I have sent someone to call him and said that he will come back in the next day."


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Long Mai ding
No matter which direction you look, you can always see the top of Long Mai, which has become the highest point in this continent.
After so many days, the day is still dark.
Essence and Ling Si Night haven’t come back yet.
The seven demons and seven evil spirits have all dispersed. Now, if you stay in Long Mai, there will be clouds and charm.
By the way, there is another person with a bloody shadow, who is in the cave on the left side of the top of Long Mai, with no one to accompany him or disturb him.
Nobody knows how long he will sleep after such a sleep.
Yunzheng couldn’t find love everywhere. He was about to go to the magic tower of slave palace in person, but he ran into the phoenix dance and came back. But he was alone and didn’t see Prince Ning. They also didn’t see two sisters, Cherish If and Cherish Love.
"Why did you come to others alone?" Cloud light asked
"They are all in the new moon palace. The little princess is ill these days, and everyone is busy!" Feng Wu said that she was absent-minded and didn’t know what to do in a hurry.
"Why are you seriously ill?" Cloud nasty asked
"Fortunately, it’s the cold, and the Queen Mother Shu makes a fuss and forces everyone to follow!" Feng Wu complained
"Ha ha, then you are clean and clean when you come here!" Yun said with a smile that Lin Ruo Snow and Jade Evil had stayed in Long Mai for a while, and one child could toss the whole Long Mai people, which she had experienced.
"I want to see the blood video, can you take me there?" Phoenix dance is very direct and doesn’t beat around the bush.
"He’s not Tang Ying anymore. You have your own way to go." Yun is also rude. I don’t know what the Terrans like about the phoenix dance as much as they like Lian Qiao.
"I just want to meet him." Feng Dance got serious.
"If you want to live in a butterfly house, you can stay as long as you want. If you want to see blood, you can go back now." Yun is also serious.
"Why don’t you let me go to see him! ?” Phoenix dance asked.
"With this is Long Mai, now I am in charge." The cloud is cold. Stuart Ren and Chu Yin went to the slave palace magic tower. Butterfly Yi didn’t know where it was. She repaired the highest here, of course, and she had the final say.
"The charm from? I am looking for her! " Feng Wu nu said that there is not much theory with the cloud.
"No one can disturb me without my master!"
Cold voice came to see a green figure slowly falling from none other than charm.
"Why didn’t the blood shadow explain it!" The phoenix dance is playing with sex.
"If you really know him, you should know that Blood Shadow doesn’t like being disturbed!" Charm from said
"I’ll just look at him or take a look at the hole, please!" Feng Wu implored, so this is her way of playing sex.
"Oh, let her meet me. I haven’t seen blood for a long time." It’s the flame that can’t stand the woman’s pathetic appearance. When I look at the phoenix dance, I go to the top stone steps leading to Long Mai.
Phoenix dance heart a joy hurriedly followed.
Yunhe Meili was about to stop the flames, but she gave them a hard look. "It’s so hard to see each other. If it’s Luo Shuiji who sleeps in it, I’ll let everyone see it!"
As soon as this word comes out of the cloud and the charm leaves, it will all be spoken.
When they were far away, they said, "Is this guy a little insane? What did you mean by what you just said!"
"You this mouth can’t put in a good word? What is insanity? " Cloud low stared at the butterfly in accordance with.

All these so-called floating societies are so disgusting.

Luckily, she used to be, too
The mobile phone suddenly rang, Yan Yan looked at the screen and then looked at Xiao Jing warily, pointing to the front of his shoes and threatened, "Don’t follow me again, I don’t want to see you now."
But how can a man listen to her or reach out to her? "Xiao Jing! Would you like to try again? !”
Her cold voice sounded, and it seemed that her mood had collapsed somewhat, but she was still trying to control it.
Xiao Jingdun didn’t say anything. A few meters behind him came the sound of poria cocos. "Mr. Xiao, I have found you. Someone is looking for you."
Poria cocos came over and just didn’t recognize Anyan. When she walked in, she found Anyan immediately bowed her head and called Miss Anyan.
Hearing the sound of poria cocos, the man suddenly remembered that there was something else in his body tonight, which was not within his plan.
He stared at the woman who was one meter away from him and withdrew her hand. The tone was clear, "Don’t run around. I’ll come to you when it’s over."
Section 26
Anyan left without looking back.
On this side, she dialed the words to Bai Qiao again and picked up "Please come out and pick me up. I want to see Qinhuai."
"You wait for me"
She didn’t go out because she wasn’t sure whether she could come in after she went out. She said she tried to do something, but Bai Qiao said she had come in.
Although I was surprised, Anyan didn’t ask and said a place of her own, waiting for her to come and meet her.
I never thought that Bai Qiao could be so thin in just a few days. Her clothes have changed, and her face is pale, but her spirit looks ok.
Except for the visible thinness.
An Yan’s eyes suddenly opened with a damp and hot lip, and some of them didn’t know what to say.
Bai Qiao smiled and gave her a smile, then reached out and hugged her and whispered in her ear, "I want to see Qinhuai Anyan. Can you help me?"
Hearing her so direct, she frowned at Bai Qiao. "What do you want to see him for?"
Paused and looked at Bai Qiao unscathed in front of him. "By the way, Bai Qiao, how did you get out?"
Bai Qiao was puzzled and said, "I’m not a murderer, but a suspect at best. How can I stay in it until the result comes out?"
That Li Wen, who is not so kind as to let them go, is very confused about this.
What I didn’t do just now is still in the detention center directly in front of Qinhuai. Bai Qiao knew that she had come out because she had received Bai Qiao’s words in advance.
"Is it Qinhuai?"
Bai Qiao shook his head suddenly, and there was an overwhelming coldness in his eyes. When he looked at Anyan, his mouth burst into a smile. "Talk to his facial features. I have something important to talk to him personally today."
She paused and bowed her head suddenly, and her voice became very light. "I just heard that the Grand Duke of Qin announced the marriage news tonight, didn’t I?"
An Yan suddenly had an infarction in his throat and bit his teeth and said "yes" directly.
Bai Qiao suddenly looked up and looked into Anyan. "Okay, but I still want to see him."
Once again, with Bai Qiao on the second floor, Bai Qiao wore a different face from others and wrapped her face in a scarf. Simply, they left with fewer people, and there were no people there.
An Yan hesitated, looked at Bai Qiao’s cold face and suddenly said, "Bai Qiao, I have something to do later. Will you come back with me tonight?"
Bai Qiaogang wanted to nod, but suddenly he shook his head as if thinking of something and said, "I have to meet a friend later."
Bai Qiao remembered the man who was as cold as an iceberg and shivered. His fingers caressed his lower abdomen and bit his lips.
She doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, whether to be glad to come out of one cage or sad that she has fallen into another unknown cage.
According to the previous call, Yan Yan intuitively found the second floor and found no trace of Qinhuai.
Finally, Bai Qiao suggested lightly, "If he doesn’t answer my phone, please call him on your mobile phone and I must see him."
An Yan hit the other end and answered it, but the tone was not so good. After handing it to Bai Qiao, I didn’t know what the other end said.
Thinking that they should have their own things to solve, Anyan didn’t say anything to let Bai Qiao have something to call her.
Bai Qiao nodded their points on the second floor of Century Hotel.
When Ye Shu found Anyan, she was squatting at the edge of a flower bed, stealthily pulling the flower bed and looking at the faint figure ahead.
He frowned and patted her on the shoulder. "What are you doing?"
An Yan looked back unhappily and saw that Ye Shu put a finger on his lips and his face was cold. "Did you see the person in front?"
Ye Shu looked down her line of sight. There were indeed two figures. Look at the whispering …
The dim light and the atmosphere are particularly ambiguous. The corner of the hotel is very nice. Just looking at it is a good place to do it.

The iron-faced God got his hand and his body flashed backwards, and Qin Guangmin swept it away.

Qin Guangmin kept flying backwards to the edge of the forest, and then he lit a tree with his feet.
So that his feet point to the tree and his body leans forward
Qin Guangmin’s gun flew close to the iron face, and his feet slid along the tree at the same time.
Qin Guangmin slipped on the subway and fell to the ground.
The iron-faced God attacked Qin Guangmin again.
Qin Guangmin did not show weakness, and the gun in his hand stabbed the iron-faced God.
Two people fighting again.
Qin Duoduo aside is more see more lose.
The devil’s martial arts and fierceness are beyond her expectation.
Qin Guangmin’s fast gun characteristics Qin Duoduo also knows that endurance is a weakness.
This is harder than his top player.
Come here, she wants to see Qin Guangmin kill the tough king. Now it is still unknown who killed who.
Qin Duoduo is also ready to run away.
She took advantage of the fierce fighting between them to escape and shouted when she left
"run! Silly to die … Run run I ran first … "
Qin Duoduo shouted at Qin Guangmin, of course.
The "loyal servant" Qin Duoduo, the iron-faced god, is worried that he will shout at himself.
The iron-faced God attacked Qin Guangmin several times. He cried, "He won’t last long. Don’t be afraid … Don’t run and watch me kill him. Kill him. We’ll kill the monk and nun. If you run away, I’ll break your leg …"
But Qin Duoduo has slipped away.
Qin Duoduo got away, and Qin Guangmin retreated in the forest while fighting.
Qin Dingfang stabbed the God of Iron with several holes, and his hands were almost ruined, so how can Qin Guangmin be easily spared?
He couldn’t wait to swallow this stutter alive to solve his anger.
The iron-faced God struggled to pester Qin Guangmin.
Up to now, the two of them have made another 160 or 70 strokes. Qin Guangmin’s gun potential has declined, and now it has been hit hard by the ruthless god, and the gun potential is much slower.
Qin Guangmin gritted his teeth while fighting and retreating.
The longer you delay, the farther Qin Duoduo can run.
Qin Duoduo ran a mile to the east to slow down. She was worried that Qin Guangmin would walk towards a big stone. She wanted to stand a stone and look out at the forest.
See if Qin Guangmin can get away.
I didn’t expect that I was suddenly connected by someone at the edge of the big stone.
Immediately, two big holes were sealed.
Qin Duoduo stood there motionless.
Chapter 10 The flute of life and death (1)
Qin Duoduo never dreamed that the sneak attack on her was this "big stone"
It turns out that this big stone root is not a stone but a person.
This suit of clothes is painted in stone color lines, and with other shapes, it looks very similar, but it can be fake.
This stone man is Yu Beixue.
Yu Beixue watched be sycophantic with Qin Duoduo’s eyes rolling, and then he sniffed deeply at Qin Duoduo and said to himself, "It smells good …"
Qin Duoduo has never seen camouflage so superior.
Now this man is like a stone if he doesn’t speak before her.
Qin Duoduo cried, "Mom, you … you used to be human!"
Yu Beixue proudly said, "I am a human being, but it is hard for the world to see that I am a person."
Qin Duoduo immediately took out the matter of seducing men and said to her, "Hero, this thing is really amazing. It’s simply a magical warrior. I am a good woman. I am tired of passing by here and want to rest, but you sneak up on my acupuncture point. What do you want to do? Is it necessary to rob the color? "
Yu Beixue "hey hey" laughed "What a glib and cunning woman. Do you know how old I am? I’ve crossed the bridge more than you walked, eaten more than you ate salt, and if you’re a good wife, I’ll head for you from now on. You’d better be honest. "
Qin Duoduo wronged, "How can I be honest when I tell the truth?"
Yu Beixue took out two things.
It’s two small pieces of clothing
Each about the size of a thumb.
Yu Nan Xuedao "Is this your clue?"
These two pieces of clothes are exactly the clues left by Qin Duoduo yesterday. She hopes that the iron-faced god will be afraid of people coming after her so that she can get away.
But at the thought of writing a letter to Qin Guangmin, she left no clues.
Qin Duoduo suddenly understood that this eccentric who is good at camouflage is a man who is afraid of the tough god.
At this moment, a "tree" came running towards them.
Qin Duoduo immediately white this is another pretender.
That "tree" is Joy Chen’s blood.
Joy Chen’s blood and Yu Bei’s blood are traces left by Qin Duoduo. Later, although the clues were gone, they also traced them to this area.
And then Joy Chen’s blood, which is a superb tracker, was found here.
Yu Beixue said to Joy Chen, "I saw her coming here in a hurry to see her suspicious, so I captured her. I smelled two pieces of rags and they tasted the same as her body. She still didn’t tell the truth and told me that she was a good woman."