Looking at pull out thick back machetes shura Tang Yi quickly said

"This is the best result. If you die, I will avenge you. If I die, remember to avenge me. It is doomed that we will eventually fight. This is our destiny."
Shura’s face is cold, holding a knife. He has been looking for that beast all his life.
"Shura, I don’t believe this is fate. I won’t become someone else’s chess."
Tang Yi naturally doesn’t want to start work. He doesn’t want to play chess as the other side.
You didn’t die tragically at this dock, including Du Qiao, but now this is your last chance. Life and death of these people are in your hands. If there is no winner before the end, then everyone will die. This is God’s will.
The beautiful snake sneered at her words and deeply hurt everyone’s heart.
Including the face and eyes, Li Lingtian, the three sages, is really terrible, and even the random selection of the pier has been counted by him.
"Come on, I don’t want to die. The living bear hatred for each other. All lives here are in your hands. Don’t let everyone die with you?"
Shura corners of the mouth with a smile in his hand and a machete with a thick back directly chopped at Tang Yi.
Cold light flashing shura but force at this time.
In a blink of an eye, surrounded by knife light, Tang Yi can also swing a double thorn.
Sparks splashed and two nine planets masters played against each other, leaving everyone in suspense.
But now no one can help.
One minute passed, and Tang Yi and Shura fought inextricably in the battle.
Beauty snake is looking at the wrist watch with the last minute left.
Finally two people figure stopped.
The shura tool rest was on Tang Yi’s neck and his heart was pierced by Tang Yi’s claw dagger.
Blood ran down the claw dagger with a smile on his mouth.
"Get it, please."
The knife in Shura’s hand fell to the ground, and the whole person was lying in Tang Yi’s arms.
Holding the body of Shura, Tang Yi’s eyes were bloodshot.
At the same time, it’s still counting down. Duyi finally stopped.
"That’s interesting. As he expected, the dragon head won. God is the man of God, but it’s just a pastime."
The beauty snake spit out the last mouthful of cigarette and threw the cigarette butt on the ground and trampled it out.
Took out a note from his pocket.
"If you don’t see the rose in three days, there will be life and death, and remember that if you go to the dragon head god alone, the formula can calculate everything. You and I are just ants."
Beauty snake said with a smile, and her voice just fell and suddenly her eyes turned white and she fell to the ground.
"She’s got a miniature bomb in her head."
Skunk quickly ran to check a beauty snake body after way
"Three sages, remember that I will kill you myself."
Feel free to control others’ life and death. Tang Yi holds a note, but it is unexpected that beauty snakes have become opponents’ chess.
Chapter 72 Everything belongs to
Fuxing island, an island that was demonized by the outside world.
The nuclear accident in the former Soviet Union turned this former city into a ghost island.
The nuclear pollution here is very serious, and ships will bypass it.
But some conspiracy theorists have been saying that the island was not polluted but was occupied by a person with a strong background.

The Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager are still wealthy businessmen returning home with three children and hired bodyguards.

Mashan county is located in the south-west and can bypass this place, which is relatively not very prosperous. In those days, Nanyichen Industry did not set up a branch here.
"Why do I feel quite prosperous? It’s not as backward as I thought." But after entering the county seat, I found that the whole county seat was not depressed as I thought.
"I was here three months before I met you, when it was really poor, but later, after the white sail, I found that it was rich in medicinal materials, and I set up a medicinal material purchase shop here. After the government bought it, many private medicinal material dealers appeared, which developed in recent years."
"Economic development is better for everyone, so the crime is almost.
The rate will also decrease "nodding in early summer", but the key is the road. If you want to build roads before you get rich, and the cement output will rise, the economic development will be faster. "
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-nine Master Black is dead
"Don’t worry, we can take our time." Nan Yichen took the early summer hand. "Xia Xia is lucky to have you."
"Come on, don’t be emotional. The inn is here." Early summer slapped him on the back of his hand.
Nan Yichen got up and got out of the carriage first, and then turned to hold the car in early summer. The three cubs are two years old and they can drive themselves.
But Zi Xuan Lanying, they don’t trust the three little masters to climb the carriage and come over to help, but they were stopped by the early summer.
"Let them do their own things. Just watch and don’t help."
Zi Xuan and Lanying, including the knife Dongyang, took a sad look at the Empress Empress and felt like a stepfather and stepmother, but they didn’t go back.
The carriage is a little high for the three cubs, but they have helpers. Xiaoqing can’t change back to her original body to help, but there are snow wolves.
Three snow wolves lay prone on the ground and served as cushions for three cubs.
Jin was still giggling happily and wanted to climb and jump again, but he was stopped in early summer. If this cargo was played enough, the snow wolf was appointed to be crushed into patties by him.
Although this inn is not big, it has been packed, and all these people have lived in other groups. People who have come in in batches have been scattered and hidden all over mashan county.
I ate dinner in the inn. The innkeeper knew that people who came here were either rich or expensive, and he was very happy to serve them. He specially cooked local special food in the kitchen and asked people to go to the street to buy some children who liked gadgets and snacks.
I ate oyster omelet and meat dumplings in early summer, and I felt quite good.
Zong, however, frowned slightly when she saw the bak Kut teh.
Nan Yichen’s eyes also rested on the bak Kut teh, but he didn’t see any problems, but he glanced at the people next to him.
Knife Dongyang and others instantly made a sign to let others not touch the bak Kut teh.
In the early summer, the "shopkeeper" greeted the shopkeeper with a smile. "Who cooked all these foods?"
"It’s our black chef in the kitchen." The shopkeeper leaned over hastily. "Is there a problem?"
"Well done, can you call the black master? Eating well is naturally rewarding. "
Zi Xuan put a gold ingot on the table next to the words sound just fell in early summer.
When the shopkeeper saw his face, he suddenly smiled into a flower. "Three dogs go and call Master Black."
Xiao er San Gou hurried to the kitchen.
"The shopkeeper you also good" early summer motioned for a.
Zi Xuan handed over a silver ingot.
"Thank you, guest officer. Feel free to eat and drink whatever you want. Although the little second has been here for half a generation, he is familiar with it." The shopkeeper quickly accepted the ingot and made sure of it directly.
At this time, a man in the backyard was hurriedly preparing to leave when he happened to meet three dogs.
"Master Black" three dogs hurried to hold the man. "Hurry up, the guest said that you should be rewarded for cooking well, so big a gold ingot …"
"No," Master Black directly pushed the three dogs. "The shopkeeper has paid me and I’m going back." Then he turned and left.
"Master Black can’t go." Three dogs quickly grabbed people again. "I don’t lie to you quickly …" Then suddenly they were pulled and fell to the ground. Then they saw Master Black being kicked and flying. The dagger fell to the ground with a clatter, and I couldn’t help swallowing. Just now, someone pulled his words and was stabbed by Master Black. What is it?
Donghua fell in front of Master Black. "Master Black, our family mainly rewards you. You are not only ungrateful, but also want to hurt people … I don’t know how good it is."
The black master glanced at the guards around him, and suddenly there was a force in his mouth, and then he fell to the ground and his mouth overflowed with black blood.
Donghua’s face changed, and he forgot that these people are all dead people. Dead people have poison bags in their mouths, and they will commit suicide if they fail or get caught.
At this time, the Empress Dowager has got the news and all came along.
When the shopkeeper saw the black master’s body, his legs were weak, but fortunately, the three dogs came over and helped him, otherwise he would definitely wrestle and couldn’t help looking at the three dogs. "What’s going on?"
"I don’t know. I called him to get a reward in the past, and he took a knife to stab me. Fortunately, the bodyguard eldest brother saved me, otherwise … two cousins and three dogs would not see you …"
Donghua, the "Lord’s atonement", knelt down at this time and "failed to keep the alive"
"Get up." Nan Yichen raised his hand and glanced at the dead black master and then looked at the shopkeeper. "What’s the matter?"
The shopkeeper was frightened to burst.
I knelt down. "Calm down, my guest. I don’t know."
"He’s not the chef in your shop?"
"Yes, this black master has been working in my shop for more than ten years and has been very good. How can …" The shopkeeper is also confused.
I glanced at the black master in early summer. "This man is Yi Zhen, and the black master should have been killed."
Dongyang squatted down in the previous step to check the dead body, and sure enough, a layer of human skin mask was uncovered from his face, but the mask looks nothing special.
"Ah?" The shopkeeper directly collapsed to the ground.
Three dogs turned pale, even uglier than when they were thrown out just now.
"Report to the official" Nan Yichen glanced at the shopkeeper "Maliu"
"Okay, I’ll report it to the official." The shopkeeper swallowed and got up, but he didn’t get up twice. Finally, Donghua helped him. "Three dogs go to the official quickly."
The three dogs took one look at the body and turned to run away. As a result, they fell down because of their weak legs. Fortunately, they quickly got up and ran away when they were young.
In early summer, I glanced at the three cubs around me for fear that they would be afraid. As a result, all three cubs were calm. I don’t know whether they were brave or because they were young. What is the death? Anyway, they just behaved more calmly than adults.
About half an hour or so, the county magistrate finally came, but it was not the magistrate but Xian Cheng who arrived at the inn with the catcher and a team of officials.
"Yang Xiancheng" the shopkeeper is to know each other and salute quickly. "Thank you for coming."
"Where are people?" Yang Xinian nodded slightly.
There is no superfluous expression on the face.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty Really operator
The shopkeeper hurried XianCheng a line of people to the backyard.
The magistrate quickly sealed off the backyard. He examined the body before he died, then confirmed that it was poison, and then questioned the situation.
The shopkeeper didn’t dare to hide things to say a clear.
"The clothes catcher will bring the two wealthy businessmen" Yang Xinian waved his hand.
Yi Baozhu went to take people, but only to find that people were waiting at the door, so he called people in directly.
"Adult" Nan Yichen fuels.
"Bold" Yi Baozhu shouted "Don’t kneel when you see an adult"

Uchihiro is stupid and short of number one. Look at the age of "you are ruthless and arrogant". Two Uchihiro people are all 14 or 15 years old.

However, none of them started sharingan, so the strength is not worth looking forward to.
Can teach me a lesson about my hatred.
Stupid number one, "You dare to shoot me. You’re finished. Your future is gone!"
Chu Yun "…"
Future? What the hell …
The other word is not much, but the eyes are more fierce.
It’s very kind of biting dogs and not calling them names.
However, don’t worry about the barking of dogs, arrest them together and beat them up. After all, buying tricolor pills is the business compared with two clown.
In the shared vision of the dead eye …
Huh? Chu Yunqi surprised Uchiha Itachi to go this way. He can come in less than a minute.
How will Uchiha Itachi react when he sees his people bullying the streets with guns?
Chu Yun was suddenly curious.
Silently back your hand strength chakra also don’t.
Shouting in front of two guys.
"Are you Uchihiro gens so overbearing? Come and cut in line and grab my pill! "
The voice of Chu Yun in Yinmen, Dantian, is heavy, let alone one street. You can hear it every two or three streets.
Uchiha Itachi’s speed is increasing in the visual sharing of the dead eye.
The two Uchihiro gens have already squared up and are going to square up and fight.
I didn’t expect Chu Yun to suddenly blush and thicken his neck at such a moment.
The fist clenched tighter.
I didn’t listen to my feet. I raised my fist like Chu Yun rushed over.
The two ruffians in Chu Yun are five meters away.
At this time, Uchiha Itachi Chuyun has more than 30 meters.
In the face of two ruffians attacking Chu Yun, they didn’t move, but silently said "three …" The distance between them and Chu Yun was reduced to three meters, "two …" And one meter "Bang!"
Two people fist watch will hit Chu Yun in the face, but a moment a black shadow flashed, and then two people rushed over and flew out several times faster.
Blink technique
Chu Yun believes that Uchiha Itachi’s ability can come even if he doesn’t make teleportation, but the words will be more from.
It’s really here …
Uchiha Itachi is a good man if he doesn’t kill his wife and parents.
Thinking of Chu Yun so much, people always say hello. "Hello, my name is Chu Yun. Thank you very much for your help."
Chu Yun?
Uchiha Itachi looked at the mark on Chu Yun’s forehead. Obviously, he knew it, too.
Chu Yun laughed. "There is also a name called Hyūga Neji."
Chu Yun’s naturally engage is not embarrassed at all.
Pointing to two people who fell to the ground and fainted, "These two people are too bad to cut in line and don’t say it. They even robbed me of my pill."
Uchiha Itachi face muscles beat a.
There are two people lying on the ground. They are Uchibo’s family.
Chu Yun, this finger-pointing is not authentic.
"You don’t look hurt, so I’ll go."
How can such a good opportunity be missed?
Chu Yun hurriedly called out, "Come on, master brother, you have to stay and give me a certificate for a while. What if the security guards come and misunderstand that I hurt them? I will definitely be arrested and beaten."
The security department arrested and beaten?
What is all this and what?
Uchiha Itachi’s heart collapsed and she felt that she really shouldn’t make moves today.
After all, he is also a Uchibo family.
"No," Uchiha Itachi said firmly.
Chu Yun heels up, however, who can compare with staring big eyes "if you say no, you won’t! Who are the guards? Ask people around you if the guards will arrest me. "
At this time, people around have not dispersed.
However, the spectators’ expressions were dull because they clearly saw Uchiha Itachi’s body and Uchihiro family emblem.
What rhythm is this?
The heads of people around you have some crashes at this moment.
Chu Yun continued to be unruly and shouted, "Do you think the guards will arrest me when they come?"
The crowd came to their senses by Chu Yun’s shout.
Several people consciously answered honestly, "I’m sure I will."
Chu Yun stamped on Uchiha Itachi. "Look at you. Look at you. When you leave, the guards will definitely arrest me and maybe torture me into a confession …"
"Well, I’ll stay and wait for the guards to arrive." Uchiha Itachi was defeated by Chu Yun.
"That’s good, that’s good," Chu Yun waved. "You wait here first. I’ll buy my pill."
Said Chu Yun plunged back into the pill shop.
You’re just hanging out? Looking around at those silly eyes for a moment, Uchiha Itachi wanted to leave.
"Boss, I didn’t sell my pills, did I?"
Chu Yun was careless and came back to buy pills.
At this time, there are people waiting in line to buy pills, and they all gather at the door to watch the excitement.
"alas? Excuse me, please. Thank you. I want to go there. Thank you. "
Chu Yun squeezed in from the crowd at the door.
Then he squeezed out with two pills.
The guy who bought pills raised his hand and gave Chu Yun a thumb.
Obviously, he saw what was going on outside just now, or he was a bystander.
Chu Yun came to Uchiha Itachi with a pill. "Brother Gao wants a pill. His pills are delicious."

"ouch! ~ ~ ~ "Orca’s every word was thunderous, and it was as hot as lava erupting from a volcano. Around the martial arts field, there was a mountain call and a tsunami roaring and cheering. The soldiers held their arms high and their faces were strangely red with blood! At this moment, hidden on the surface of the strict discipline of the Romans, the blood courage, which is also inherited from the blood of the Olympians, completely came out of generate!

In the center of the venue, Oka is like an unappealing true god. wood blade is holding his head high and looking around at the crowd. He is enjoying the cheers and worship of the soldiers. That is what he needs. That is what he needs. In a subtle way, this legion is completely blind to his glory and glory. Heroic worship will be the quickest way for him to attract the first group of staunch supporters.
However, just as Orca couldn’t help being immersed in this wonderful feeling, first one after another, a number of powerful horns suddenly resounded through the sky! It came from all sides and enveloped the whole Stoyatum!
"Battle horn? ! ! !” The card mumbling a face of shocked expression for the first time.
And for ordinary Roman soldiers, the shock brought by this horn is unparalleled! This is only when the Roman legion is strong enough to threaten itself and is determined to fight to the death, will it blow the horn of war!
Almost immediately, the horn sounded, the discipline was imprinted in the blood, and it should be cheered and roared immediately. There were soldiers in the martial arts venue with shock and excitement. They found the commander of their respective teams for the first time, and then in just a few minutes, the first brigade had finished the knot according to the squadron’s fixed number. Some soldiers in the crowd who had not yet come to wear armor and helmets were dressed quickly with the help of brothers in arms and then held their heads high and waited for the commander’s order!
"Twice the speed! Set out at once! Enter the defensive position! " There is no doubt that I have walked to the edge of the martial arts field, picked up my armor, tied my shin armor, wore a dagger and a square shield, and wore a red brush at the top. It is different from ordinary soldiers. The Roman centurion’s helmet is facing the ready-to-go department and shouted
"Hey, Orca, you’re here."
"What happened to blow the final horn? Is it that the Germanic Coalition forces have arrived in the city? " As soon as I hurried to the tower, Oka saw at a glance that Darryl was holding the wall and looking out with a dignified look.
"It’s obvious that your crow mouth is very accurate." Darryl joked and then made a pout outside the city with a hint of worry. "I’m afraid the number is not 20 thousand. It seems that the Germans are going to surround Stoyatum and launch a general attack from four directions at the same time."
While listening, Oka couldn’t help but gasp in air-conditioning after seeing the scene outside the city from a high distance. He was not shocked. Although Oka had experienced several wars and battles in his previous life, it was after all in peacetime. The world-wide national game was more played on the secret front, so it is impossible to involve too many people. It is the limit to mobilize a division-level military force at one time. How can it be that a small Stoyatum outside the city was stationed in a huge army with more than 30,000 people on both sides of the offensive and defensive?
Speaking of such a figure as 30,000, for some people who are used to war figures but have never experienced the battlefield personally in the future, they may be known to despise. Some people will even say that 30,000 people are nothing. A battle with a little name in World War II, which is not a battle with hundreds of thousands of troops, is really worthless, but if one day you are lucky enough to be in front of 30 thousand people, you will be ashamed of your stupidity
At the moment, more than 20,000 German allied forces are in sight outside Stoyatum! ! ! Mountains and plains are covered with dark armies like pieces of black curtains, and the endless army is moving forward with a majestic and noble murderous look, which is like the essence. The heavy pressure is like the rolling of heaven and earth, and people who lack a little courage are afraid that even their fingers will be able to control it with fear! Every step forward, the army immediately seems overwhelmed * * It sounds like a slight vibration to everyone along the ground, but it seems like a heavy hammer hitting the soul one by one, causing a trance and dizzy illusion!
Oka turned his face and saw that Darryl happened to turn his face, and his face was a bit weird. They couldn’t help but smile at each other and said, "A final bloody battle is hard!"
Section 34 Fight!
More than 40,000 Roman troops and nearly 260,000 Germanic allied forces are facing each other across the towering walls and a distance of less than 1,000 meters. They are so strong that they spread in all directions like a real murder, turning the wind into a roar and the world into a chill!
"The Germans don’t seem to be in a hurry to attack the horse. It’s strange." The city wall observed the Germanic army. Oka soon discovered the strange place. Although the Germans pulled out such a big battle, they didn’t carry siege equipment. It was obvious that they didn’t intend to attack immediately, or there were other moves before launching the attack.
"It’s normal for those damned Germans to send an invitation to the defenders to fight before a large-scale attack, and then rely on those big warriors in the tribe to kill our soldiers at will, which weakens the defensive morale." After listening to Orca’s question, Darryl looked like a sure thing. "If the defenders are afraid of fighting and don’t accept the Germans’ invitation to fight, they will laugh at our cowardice in the city! It can also hurt our morale. "
"Damn Germans, their average height is less than half a Roman foot higher than ours! These barbarians, who eat like animals and eat like blood, are simply too strong to be human! Think about the tough gladiators in the Roman Colosseum now. Most of them are German prisoners of war or slaves. I have to admit that these bastards are crazy about tomahawk, and they don’t want to face it alone, "added Arianna."
"I can’t stand the Germans throwing their weight around in front of me. If no one wants to go then, I will go to play! Even if I die, I will never choose to escape cowardly! " Hot-blooded west is extremely unwilling to anger way
Listening to the words of his companions, Orca’s heart is slightly moved. Isn’t this equivalent to fighting the generals in ancient China? I didn’t expect the Germans to have a similar practice. Isn’t this right in their arms? Big and big? Hum! Oka disdains to sneer at the fact that getting cold feet is not a weighing contest.
What those barbarians scared the Romans was that they relied on their innate physical strength. Unfortunately, this advantage was worthless to Orca who had experienced special military fighting training! If necessary, there are several ways for Oka to kill a strong man with a strong body in just a few seconds. This is the most confident and proud member of the strongest special force "Spike" in Z. Since it is arrogant to know that the Germans want to humiliate the Roman legion, that’s just right! Orca’s heart floated a little deep and murderous, and his body immediately reacted. The average person’s naked eye almost couldn’t see the amplitude, and his whole body trembled and his muscles and bones crackled, and suddenly accelerated blood circulation, bringing abundant energy to all parts of his body. Orca felt his body so surging for the first time.
Sure enough, as Darryl said, after about ten minutes, the German army finally moved in the distance. In the black tide, a road was suddenly separated. A chariot pulled by three pure black Jun Gao horses galloped straight to the city, leaving a dusty chariot surface. In addition to the charioteer, three people and two people’s costumes were faintly visible. It should be a Germanic tribal aristocratic stream.
There was quiet in the capital of Chi melee car except whispering. Sure enough, no one tried to attack this chariot city. Several squadrons were making several eagle flags at the gate. corps commander, including General Billius, also appeared one after another. It seems that they are gathering together to discuss things urgently. At the same time, a Roman-style bronze wooden chariot was heard in Ma Si, driving in two teams of deputy armed squadrons, and stopped at the gate for standby.
Look at the German chariot outside the city. It stopped about 1 meter away from the gate. In the middle of the chariot, the German looked up at the city and shouted a lot! In what to say, I know a little Germanic language. Oka and others didn’t understand what the Germans shouted. Oka and others all looked at Westers who was proficient in Germanic language.
"They are the envoys of the Germanic League who asked to see the Roman emperor and invited him to fight before the battle!" Westers naturally understood what everyone meant, so he immediately translated what the Germans had just said into Latin and repeated it again.
"The Germans are quite cunning and want to take the opportunity to confirm whether a position is in the city, but it also proves that they have put all their eggs in one basket." Darryl sneered
"Are the generals sure to refuse their request that several barbarian emissaries go out of the city to negotiate in person?" Olian pointed to the city and pointed at the Romans, laughing from time to time. The Germans said, "Damn it, we should find a way to teach these barbarians a lesson!"
As soon as Olian finished speaking, dozens of Roman soldiers had moved the big stones blocking the city gate in Qi Li, and then slowly pushed the huge thick oak city gate, he saw a military tribune of the Seventh Army representing the Roman negotiator in a uniform, and his words and deeds were impeccable. On each side of the chariot, there were 12 tall and magnificent soldiers with cold faces who guarded by shields and swords.
"Now it’s up to the generals to decide."
As the oak gate hits the charioteer and skillfully controls the horse-speed chariot, two rows of guards slowly move forward and follow the chariot to the outside of the city
Soon, the two emissaries met, because the distance was too far, so people who couldn’t hear the wall could wait quietly. Fortunately, the negotiation didn’t last long, or the Germans didn’t meet the requirements of the test, and there was no patience in this fight. They were more willing to return to the team to enjoy the pleasure of killing the Romans and stimulate the car. With the negotiation over, the carriages of both sides turned around and left at the same time.
After the carriage on this side entered the city gate, the guards immediately closed the oak door again, and the chariot stopped slowly. Oka noticed that the tribune got into the carriage with a face of indignation, and immediately reported the details of the negotiation to the generals waiting by. As the tribune spoke, the faces of several generals gradually showed a little bad color. Obviously, there was nothing too much grace in the German rhetoric.
After reporting the situation, the tribune retired to one side. After whispering to each other, several generals seemed to make a quick decision. General Aeus whispered a few words to a guard sideways, and the guard nodded and ran away immediately.
At this time, I have been paying close attention to the movement of the Germans. Daryl suddenly exclaimed, "The Germans are going to fight cavalry with us this time! Look! "
Smell speech Oka looked back and saw that the front row of the German army was just negotiating that the chariot was parked in the front row of the team, while behind the chariot, two knights armed with spears and dressed in leather armor were waiting to rein in.
"damn it! How can the general promise! Cavalry has alway been our weakness! Most of those guys in the auxiliary corps are qualified horse infantry! " Seeing the preparation, the Germanic knight Westers immediately blushed and was indignant. "We should keep a Numidian auxiliary cavalry less so that we can still hope to win!"
After listening to Westers’ words, everyone was silent. Oka also looked dignified. He already knew about the Roman legion. He also knew that cavalry was always a weak link from the establishment of the Roman army. Except for some light cavalry in Numidia, an allied country, and hired cavalry from barbarians, the Roman legion did not belong to its own cavalry, because there was no nation good at riding at the border.
It is precisely because of this that every regiment’s cavalry often acts as a scout, that is, at best, it defeats the later pursuit. If the cavalry confronts openly, the Romans can hide their faces. In this era, although the Germans did not have the prestigious knight army as in the Middle Ages, there were many tribes who were good at riding, and the fighting capacity of the Germanic cavalry was not underestimated. Obviously, the Germans were sure that the Roman cavalry was terrible and could lose face in public.
Oka was thinking of a Ma Si hoof coming to the city to meet two Roman cavalry who came to the city gate like lightning speed. They should be carefully selected cavalry from their own side. Their riding looks good. They are skilled in riding, and the three generals immediately mobilized and encouraged them before the war. At this time, the wall also sounded a cheer, which made these cavalry feel a little nervous and their morale rose.
Oka found that these cavalry are extremely well equipped, and the mounts are all excellent horses from Andalusia, Spain. The muscles are well-proportioned and strong, and the color is as bright as satin. The short-range impact and speed are amazing! While that Roman crown helmet worn by the cavalry which will affect the horse’s movement have been replaced by Corinthian helmet, spears, triangular sharp blades flashing with cold light and cold light, all with sharp short swords hanging around their waists, and all the left hands are holding solid hexagonal guards’ cavalry shields, all of which are lined with locks and armor. It’s a shame to reload the cavalry!
Just as Orca carefully observed the cavalry’s equipment, General Bilius had waved his hand and issued instructions to the warriors to hit the oak giant door again, which represented the dignity and honor of Rome. The cavalry waved their spears to the cheering robes and trotted out of the city gate in turn, and saw the cavalry appear here, and the German cavalry also left the array.
The two cavalry are facing each other, and the final battle of Stoyatum is about to begin!
Section 35 Still dare to fight!
The cavalry of both sides spread out in a row, then slowly erect the spear and stick it tightly to the chest, and at the same time slightly raise their heads to greet each other from a distance. This is rude or rude etiquette, which is recognized and pithy by warriors
The breeze blows your gun and the flag shines with a halo. The crown of the Roman olive branch indicates victory and glory! And after several bloody days, peace will come.
Hey! The spear stands high and sharp, and its blade faces the light ahead.
“RomanusBlesshewarrior! The Roman people bless the warriors! )”
Shouting inspiring slogans, the leader of the Roman cavalry took the lead in launching the charge, holding a spear obliquely and holding a horse belly in his legs! The troops jumped out of the rest of the cavalry and immediately urged the mounts to follow, and went straight to the decisive battle and charged!

Officer to escape nodded "don’t come over? It’s your pleasure to see you less. "

The girl in white dress paused for a moment before slowly sitting beside Gu Lengchen, wriggling like she was coming out to meet guests for the first time.
Guan Yi swept his eyes and others greedily said, "It’s too little to continue one."
Gu Lengchen shook his head. "She is enough."
"Disappointing" Guan Yi sighed angrily and then pointed to the scantily clad girl and said, "You guys leave the others out."
Even if there is too much reluctance, they can still be reluctant to leave.
Leave those four smiling faces and jump at Guan Yi’s side, hold his neck, feed him grapes, beat his legs and help him order songs.
Guan Yi enjoyed himself lying among women.
Here Gu Lengchen forced himself not to think about the troubles and pulled the girl in white skirt to pour him wine.
The girl looked up and saw Gu Lengchen’s dark eyes shaking when she was in the middle of the unskilled wine. She spilled the wine on the tea table and the wine fell to Gu Lengchen’s trouser legs impartially.
Gu Lengchen closed his eyes and said nothing.
The girl exclaimed, "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to."
They made a big noise, which drew aside officials and raised eyebrows. He pushed several women to Gu Lengchen’s side.
See the white dress woman kneeling on the ground with a paper towel to wipe something.
He stretched out his hand and shouted at the girl. "What’s the matter with you? Come out to be a princess and pretend to be lofty. Go home and sleep and hurt yourself. It’s not enough to pay for your life. "
Girl passive Nuo Nuo turned and cried out, "I’m really sorry about our private solution, right? Don’t be angry. "
Gu Lengchen’s look is faint. "It’s okay."
Guan Yi taught her a few more words and told her to be careful and then went back to her seat.
The girl blushed after wiping Gu Lengchen’s trouser leg wine.
Dim lights flash like Ye Ran when he is shy.
See more Gu Lengchen stupidly trance again remind of her.
Holding a glass of wine and drinking it one after another, forcing yourself to forget the pain for a while.
The girl in white skirt tried to stop "Gu Shao, you drank too much tonight, or I’ll take you home."
"home?" Gu Lengchen self-deprecating smile back to do?
"Then where do you want to go? I’ll go with you. Let’s not have a hangover and have a headache. "The girl is awake."
"I always listen to you after drinking." Drunk Gu Lengchen took the girl in white dress as Ye Ran and muttered how much he loved her.
The girl in white skirt bit her lip. After chatting for more than half a night, she probably understood what he was drinking endlessly.
It turned out that the man was so arrogant to drown his sorrows by drinking, and he was willing to torture himself with a woman. That woman was so happy that she sincerely envied her.
See two people got up and cool to take off from a face of satisfiedly ask "have a feeling? Is this a separate rhythm? "
The girl in white skirt blushed and bowed her head shyly.
Gu Lengchen is in favor of "playing with you and going out to play with each other"
"You should take good care of Gu Shao if you drink like this, or don’t blame me for destroying flowers."
"Knowing how to escape is less"
The girl mixed with Gu Lengchen walked outside the bar, and the temperature in Xinghai reached a new low in the morning.
Because of the need of work, the girl wears very thin clothes, and she is shivering with cold when she comes into contact with the cold wind.
Stepping on the steps of high heels, I accidentally fell to the ground.
Gu Lengchen grabbed her by the load, and the girl with great strength staggered into his arms.
Smelling fresh cologne, the girl is absent, and male hormones stimulate her sensitive nerves.
Gu Lengchen gently held her and vaguely knew that the woman in front of her was not Ye Ran. He said in a daze, "You go home tonight and I will come to you if you need me."
The girl didn’t move when she heard this. Gu Lengchen pulled out a thick stack of hundred-dollar bills from her coat and wallet and stuffed them into the woman’s hand to "go home."
"Gu less that where are you going? Can you be alone so late? "
Gu Lengchen’s rickety tall figure is slightly decadent.
Walking quietly along the road without thinking about anything, my head hurts a little.
After walking for a while, there was a light-lit hotel in front of him. He looked blankly, lifted his legs and went into the door. He was tired after a long day.
The front desk enthusiastically helped the room and said that if you have anything, you can call at any time, and then handed him the door card.
Blowing the cold wind, my mind was wide awake, and I entered the ladder and went straight to the room with the number written on the key card.
Lying on the pillow and looking at the ceiling like quiet inside, the eyelids are getting heavier and heavier because of alcohol.
The next day, Gu Lengchen was woken up by serial talk over and over again. The mobile phone in his pocket went crazy and kept ringing endlessly.
He rubbed his temples and felt sore. He said, "Who is the daughter-in-law?"
In response, he kept silent and kept his eyes open for a long time. Last night, memories came like short films.
Section 114
The cell phone bell is still singing. He sits up and there is no Ye Ran shadow around him. He always thinks about her.
Take out your mobile phone and see if it is Gu Ya.
"Hello" Gu Lengchen has the strength to answer.
Gu Yayin anxiously told him in the microphone that "brother sister-in-law had an accident."
"What?" Gu Lengchen suddenly felt dizzy at the head of the bed, and he almost fell down.
"Sister-in-law, when the car went out in the morning, another car passed by her. I don’t know what happened. I pushed my sister-in-law car aside and got into the roadside grass. The car overturned. Come and have a look."
Gu Lengchen lose strength instantaneous was out he gasped and asked, "did she hurt? Where are you? I’m coming. "
"Sister-in-law doesn’t have trauma in the villa area in the distant mountains, but she is sitting on the side of the road motionless, and I am afraid." Gu Ya’s cavity was full of panic.

Qin Mu stared at my eyes. My girl nodded. Is he hiding under the bed?

Patted her hand, turned around and went to the bedroom for a moment, changed clothes, and came out with a white shirt that was not tied in her pants, which seemed very casual.
As he walked to the door step by step, the heart of the summer orange gradually closed so tightly that it almost stopped. She couldn’t bear to hear a door sound, so she closed her eyes and wanted to faint.
Zhou Jingxin knocked at the door for a long time, but nothing happened. She just heard her daughter’s voice, and she was more sure that someone was in the room.
At ordinary times, her daughter is gentle, lovely and clever. She is also very at ease with her. Yan Qinghuan kept saying in her ear how Xia Orange associates with rich people. When her drunken daughter explained it, she believed it
Yan Qinghuan couldn’t wait for her uncle and aunt to criticize Xia Orange. She was entangled with a couple. When she said that Xia Orange had a fiancee, she didn’t say that Qin Mu Qin Mu was so prominent. If my uncle and aunt knew that it was Qin Mu, it would be proud.
The door was beaten at this moment. Zhou Jingxin was also surprised by Zheng. Indeed, someone unexpectedly looked at the man in front of him. He was tall, tall and heroic, and his forehead was somewhat disdainful, but he was still respectful. The whole body was the kind of noble and elegant temperament that naturally became a king.
Yes, it’s a little casual, giving people the feeling of being the owner of this house.
"Hello, Aunt"
Zhou Jingxin looked at it for a few times and didn’t see the summer orange. Of course, parents will not be calm when they see this scene. Even if the other party is excellent and has been raised perfectly for more than 20 years, there will always be some resistance in their parents’ hearts. This is a kind of reason. What’s more, it makes sense to stay overnight. It must be a girl that a lonely man is bullied.
"Where’s Orange? I want to talk to Orange."
Zhou Jingxin’s face is thin, angry and excited, and his eyes keep looking into the room.
Summer orange is petite. Qin Mu’s body blocked her from the door. At that moment, her intestines were full of regret. But it’s too late to say anything. She gently pushed Qin Mu’s body a little.
Summer orange fingers twisted together like a child who did something wrong, and the knots were all white and low-headed, and he shouted carefully.
I saw Xia Lin next to me again, and she gave him a very unfriendly stare. Why don’t you say that Xia Lin cast a koo’s eyes before talking? Who told you not to pick it up?
"Sir, can I have a word with my daughter?"
Zhou Jingxin, after all, is a cultural person with certain accomplishment and quality. Although he is angry, he will not shout.
"Aunt, my name is Qin Mu. I’ve long wanted to visit you and your uncle. I’m glad to meet you. It’s really impolite to meet you in such a hurry. Aunt, don’t take it amiss."
Qin Mu has a good attitude and a very courteous tone. After putting himself in a junior position, he knows that he can do this because the other person is Xia Orange’s mother.
Zhou Jingxin and Xia Lin came in and Xia Lin put a few pieces of luggage on the floor.
Summer orange still timidly looked at his mother and even became cautious in breathing.
Zhou Jing’s new arrival is not very good. His facial expression changed suddenly when he heard Qin Mu’s words. It was incredible and more shocking.
The world is really too small to walk around. What little orange will meet the surname Qin Qin? Even if it is nothing, it is also called Qin Mu.
She calmed down and comforted herself that it wouldn’t be so coincidental that there were many people with the same name in this world. She tried her best to keep calm.
"What does Mr. Qin do? Are your parents still alive?"
Qin Muduo will sense motive. Although Zhou Jingxin’s facial mutation is a moment, he still has a panoramic view, but he simply said, without moving his face.
"Just a businessman", he didn’t want to make people feel like he was overbearing when they met for the first time.
"Mom, you don’t know, Qin’s president, Asia’s richest man. You are too ignorant."
Charlene really can’t see the past. You should know people without asking their names.
Qin Muha Xiao Orange knows Qin Mu. The doorman said that her boyfriend stayed here at night. Zhou Jingxin tried to suppress the panic and it spread again for more than 20 years. She never paid attention to the surname Qin, knowing that they were rich and powerful.
Xia Chen talks about boyfriends. She doesn’t object to staying awake all the time. She should take care of herself before marriage, but it’s not that she can’t accept that young people really do something out of line. It’s ok to finally get together.
But this person must not be Qin Mu. There are some things that Xia Orange doesn’t know. Qin Mu doesn’t know. Even Qin Tian may not know.
At the beginning, when Xia Orange filled in her volunteers for the college entrance examination, neither she nor Xia Yunyang wanted her to enter the university of A city, but her daughter thought that A city was so big that it wouldn’t be so clever. After graduation, they also wanted her to return to her hometown, but she was admitted to the school and became a teacher.
The Qin family is the top of the big family society, and Xia Orange is a university teacher. The probability that she and Xia Yunyang can meet is almost the same. Later, Ji Chengchuan also came to A city, and she and Xia Yunyang were more relieved.
But some things seem to be doomed to escape.

Eunuch manager brought the Emperor wearing clothes to sit on the stage for examination and approval overnight, raised his eyes, rubbed his forehead and looked at the Emperor. "Good boy, you’re here." The Emperor asked him to touch the Emperor’s ordinary family before his second son, and distinguish between "I know that my father is worried about the country recently, but you should take care of your health." The Emperor looked at the Emperor with anxiety. "I heard that my mother had just been here, and she must have come because of something. You must not be soft-hearted. The Queen must be sure. And her mother instructed that if they succeed in their machinations, not only will you change your surname, "the second emperor looked at the emperor with a face of concern." From now on, she is no longer a queen, and her position is not worthy. "The emperor said seriously.

"I’m old but I’m not confused. I’m really not as good as before in recent years. Hum! But this Jiangshan will be in my hands one day, so it’s not too easy to get their hands on it. If it doesn’t work, I want to start with the harem. Oh, forget it. Let me have a good look at you. "
The second emperor turned his eyes. "Father doesn’t have to worry too much. I know that you are worried about being too rebellious. I have deployed everything. I know that you can’t do it under the influence of the queen’s mother family, but I hope you can share your worries. I have found a thin horse and a dark guard to send them to assassinate me. I am sure that you can solve the menace and stabilize my country." Looking at Er, I am so deeply relieved.
Later, the Emperor Shi drank the medicine and walked to the palace gate accompanied by the eunuch manager. "Your filial piety will be white," said the eunuch manager. "My father’s health is not only good for me, but also for Li Min and the people."
"Well, my father-in-law stopped." The second emperor arched his hand and left the palace. The eunuch manager looked at the back of the second emperor and felt that the sky seemed to change.
Chapter 324 Hydrangea to marry someone.
On the other side, it was very unexpected to receive a letter from the Second Emperor. So it was executed by the imperial edict?
However, it was expected that when Jiang Curtain was going to burn the letter, Shen Xuefu came in and asked casually, "Who wrote?"
Seeing Shen Xuefu, Jiang Curtain Cold became another person. He smiled gently and his eyebrows were full of tenderness. "It was a letter from the Second Emperor. He told me about the palace."
Shen Xuefu was a little surprised to hear him say that things happened in the palace. "It’s too late for a result. Have you never dealt with the Emperor and tipped you off?"
"That’s what I thought, but what the letter said shocked me a little, madam. Look," Jiang Curtain Cold handed her the letter.
Shen Xuefu was not very interested. She wrote a letter with a few words "too executed by the emperor"
Shen Xuefu’s reaction when he saw the news was exactly the same as that of Jiang Curtain’s cold. When you say nothing, they glances at each other.
"I see, but it’s a surprise to you and me. The emperor was really cruel to him, but he deserved it when he thought about it carefully."
"If he cherishes his position, how can he lose his life? It really serves him right."
Shen Xuefu leisurely vomit a cold river curtain. Seeing this, she couldn’t help saying, "What a suck!" They both laughed and burned the letter by the cold river curtain.
The envelope burned in his hand and eventually turned into ashes. Shen Xuefu waited to see him burn out and naturally rolled up his arm.
Jiang Mu Han is also very spoiled and touched her head. "What’s wrong with my wife? Tell me what’s wrong. I’ll teach her a lesson at once."
Shen Xuefu shook his head in his arms and then put his arm around his neck and muttered, "It’s not your daughter who sticks to me every day. Isn’t this your busy these two days? She’s crying to go shopping!"
Jiang Curtain Cold looked down at his wife and thought she was very cute. Shen Xuefu bowed her head and felt wronged. Thick eyelashes were very beautiful.
"It’s all my fault that I was too busy to take you out for air these days. Let’s go clean up and go shopping now."
Shen Xuefu loosened his neck with some surprises. "Really? Then I’ll change into a beautiful dress for my daughter and get more silver for you."
River curtain cold nodded with a smile and waited in situ for the mother and daughter to change their clothes.
The three of them successfully went out, and a family of three walked neatly in the street. The three of them attracted many people to look back at them.
Shen Xuefu and her daughter are very lively, wandering around the street and buying a lot of jewelry and gadgets. Jiang Curtain Cold is responsible for taking good care of them and patiently accompanying them.
"I’m wearing this. It looks good," xianggong ".Shen Xuefu has a bright smile on her face and looks back with a smile.
"A good-looking lady looks good in everything, but it’s just a foil to her beauty." His eyes smiled into the shape of the moon and the family was very happy.
Walking with a family of three, we came to the busiest street, where there is the most luxurious restaurant in the city, and the people outside the restaurant are very busy and noisy.
The three people looked curiously at the scene outside the restaurant. I don’t know what happened, which made the front of the restaurant besieged.
Hearing the drum music, everyone looked at Fangjiang Curtain with the same eyes, but he was not interested in this excitement. He followed his wife and daughter in the crowd without moving his eyes.
"Want to throw it away? If you can grab it, wouldn’t it be a son-in-law of the duke? This is the song of the daughter Lin Yue of the duke."
"Stop it. I must grab this hydrangea. The son-in-law of the city owner must grab it. I won’t worry about the second half of my life!"
The crowd is crowded, and everyone is living crazy. Compared with trying to catch the hydrangea of Yuege Lin, a red hydrangea falls from the restaurant.
The bottom people are crazy, they run on each other and even trample on each other, but they are still fighting fiercely for hydrangea.
Seeing the red hydrangea thrown high from the restaurant to the periphery of the crowd, he was flying straight to the cold river curtain. His mind was in his wife and daughter’s body but he didn’t care what happened here.
He felt something coming from a distance, and he caught the unknown thing quickly and looked down at it, but it was hydrangea.
Hydrangea fell into his hands, and the crowd was suddenly silent. All eyes were focused on the cold body of the river curtain.
Restaurant darling daughter also stared at his expression with surprise and shyness.
"This gentleman has received this golden hydrangea, and you are her destiny takes a hand to get married. Let’s congratulate!" Just leave someone shouting
Jiang Curtain is cold, but he has a blank face. He doesn’t know what happened. Hearing these inexplicable words, he looks up and realizes that this is a hydrangea wedding activity.
"You have received a hydrangea from the Nu family, even if you accepted the marriage with the Nu family, you have heard that you are the one I am destined to marry!" Darling daughter domineering propaganda face is red.
Jiang Mu’s cold face is even more surprised that he was just passing by. Why did he get involved in this matter? He was very nai and explained indifferently, "I’m sorry, miss, I was passing by, but I didn’t expect to accidentally receive your hydrangea."
"I have a wife and daughter, and our family is very happy. You can take this hydrangea back and throw it again. I’m really sorry, miss."
Hearing the words of cold river curtain, all of them suddenly sighed and vomited, "What is this man holding lofty? He grabbed it and said it was careless."
"Yes, this is the daughter of the duke. It’s ungrateful that he should dare to say such a thing."
Seeing that things are getting worse and worse, Jiang Curtain is still holding hydrangea in his hand, and the daughter is smiling and looking at herself, feeling that how to say it is not clear.
"Miss, please throw it again," he continued.
I didn’t expect that Qianjin was very stubborn. She looked at Jiang Curtain with a pair of spoony eyes and uttered jaw-dropping words, "No, no, no, I don’t mind if you have a wife and daughter."
"I can be your wife. You are the most handsome young man I have ever seen. How can I let you go so easily and give up so easily?"
Jiang Mu cold unexpectedly choked for a moment. "Miss Jiang is not unappreciative, but I don’t want to be like this. Please find someone else."
Chapter 325 Do small things.
Seeing that Jiang Muhan was so unwilling to marry his own young lady, the Lins said, "The rules of throwing hydrangeas to get married. Three-year-old children all know that this male will get married with my young lady."
Yue-ge Lin looked at the cold curtain of the river with a shy face. "Don’t push the nu house to believe that everything is predestined."
When this statement comes out of the river, it is cold and instantaneous, with a black line on its face …
"Miss!" He was a little embarrassed over there. "Everything is easy to discuss, but getting married is not a trivial matter, and my side is also legal …"
After saying his word, the girl around Lin Yuege frowned. "This gentleman is watching!"
She pointed to the people around her. "Everyone saw that the public received the hydrangea from our lady. If the public refused to marry, wouldn’t it be a joke for our lady?"
People around are talking about it.
Several dude brothers lamented, "Why can’t this day’s good thing fall on my head? It happened that I fell into a stupefied head! "
Others are very contemptuous of the cold river curtain.
"Is there something wrong with this man’s brain?" They kept looking at the cold curtain of the river. "Even Miss Lin’s hydrangea is not willing to pick it up. Is this not water?"
Everyone is talking about it.
Look at the people around you and swallow a mouthful of cold consciousness.


"Can’t you tell me about your retirement age and your pension and enjoy your life? Why steal things, but also steal individual starships? I didn’t say you would give it to you. "
“? ? ?”
The police officer in charge of interrogation was stunned. Is this a federal retired veteran? If that’s the case, your own interrogators may have to stop because there are military courts in the federal government.
Individual starships will only have soldiers from the space fleet or retired soldiers, and some will be retired soldiers from the space fleet.
Although Ji Xinghe is going to steal the single-soldier starship of the new Fengcheng police station, due to jurisdictional reasons, it’s not the right age. How many years did the single-soldier starship appear before the fleet was established? How can a 65-year-old retired veteran come?
Before entering the information such as name, gender, age and fingerprint, the police officer of the terminal equipment was stunned, not because the information of Ji Xinghe was too brilliant and meritorious, but because the information of Ji Xinghe was too ordinary.
Born on January 19, 222 in an ordinary family in Longzhou, Federal Republic of China, I was three years old in kindergarten, six years old in primary school, twelve years old in junior high school, sixteen years old in high school, and twenty years old in college, and both junior high school and high school were left a grade.
The university is an ordinary college, majoring in mechanical maintenance. After graduation, I went back to my hometown. A large-scale auto repair factory class got married at the age of 31, and my 33-year-old son was born (only one). My 55-year-old wife died unexpectedly. In the same year, my son Ji Chenxing was admitted to the Federal Longzhou Star Military University (a mech driver major) and had a criminal record before retiring in September this year.
"No, how can you repair a single starship? Your son secretly teaches you. "
When I heard this question, I kept asking questions and answering questions. Xinghe’s face suddenly appeared some sadness, but it was quickly controlled by him.
"I learn when I play games."
“? ? ?” The policeman paused again. "You said it wouldn’t be interstellar glory, right?"
"Star Glory"
In front of the police, the terminal clicked a little more, so more information than Ji Xinghe appeared, such as the federal reputation score (739). This is a normal value, but it should drop sharply after today, such as a mobile phone number and a social account … These all seem to make Ji Xinghe ordinary.
For example, StarCraft Glory, a virtual reality competitive game with the largest number of registered players and simultaneous players, has achieved glory for 21 consecutive seasons, and has achieved the king’s achievement for 19 consecutive seasons. In the game, there are 12 national heroes who have exceeded 22 points in the peak competition.
Big brother
The police marveled at the fact that StarCraft Glory had just reached ten years when it was released. For 99% of the players, there were two seasons for 21 consecutive seasons. The king said that Ji Xinghe was still a tester.
Have fun.
"Uncle, are you playing computer-virus? The simulation of interstellar glory is real. After all, it is a virtual world consciousness exercise game. Can the real individual starship be the same as the individual starship inside? And to be honest, you are really excellent among amateur players at this level, but casually, a professional player or those game anchors is not better than you? How can you have the courage to say that you can drive a single starship? "
Ji Xinghe was silent again. He didn’t emphasize that he was 55 years old when he played this game, and those professional players and anchors were around 2 years old at the peak. Because this emphasis is meaningless, he is now 65 years old and can’t go back to the peak of one year to prove that he is better than those top professional players.
Moreover, the policeman said that the game is a game simulation, and it is also a game. Otherwise, he should have left the Blue Star with a single starship instead of being handcuffed to the interrogation room of the new Fengcheng police station.
"All right, I won’t talk about you. At your age … tell me your son’s contact information. Do you have this information?"
The police ruled out that Ji Xinghe was a retired veteran and confirmed the ownership of the case. Everything in the new Fengcheng police station should follow the process. The most important thing to do except investigation is to inform the family members.
According to the data, Ji Xinghe’s relatives in the world have a federal Longzhou army, a space fleet, a mecha marine corps, and Ji Chenxing.
But Ji Xinghe was silent again.
"Big ye? I told you, your case is very serious and you will definitely go to jail, but the federal government gives every citizen the opportunity to seek legal aid. Before you are deprived of all your power, you can contact your relatives to help you find a defense lawyer. It should be very important for you to spend a year or two less in prison. Of course, if you don’t find the right lawyer, you may spend more years in prison. "
Ji Xinghe continued to be silent.
If the police have any idea,
"Afraid of shame? It’s also your son’s front-line battlefield and the imperial orangutans’ fighting burden to keep our federal years quiet, but you are behind the sabotage … "

The doctor sighed lightly. "I’m sorry we tried our best."

If it’s a body blow, that’s it.
Xiao-Jing Zhou took one look at the collapse of the hospital bed for a second and cried. She jumped to the bed. "How can you leave us if you can’t sail?" I forbid you to leave! ! !”
Gu Jiujiu’s body shook, and then tears suddenly stayed uncontrollably.
How did this happen …
"Dad …"
Gu Zhifan left …
Xiao-Jing Zhou is also like an out-of-body experience.
When Xia Yifei arrived, he saw Gu Jiujiu pale.
Gu Jiujiu tears flow more and more "Xia Yifei my dad he …"
Xia Yifei naturally knew about Gu Zhifan’s "sister-in-law’s grief"
No amount of comforting words seems to be of no help at the moment.
Gu Jiujiu shook his head. "How can Dad just throw us away? I also want to tell him that he already has a grandson, but what …"
Xia Yifei saw that her face was white and terrible, and hurriedly helped her to sit down.
"Sister-in-law, calm down your emotions. You are pregnant now. If you are too excited, it will be good for the fetus."
Baby …
Gu Jiujiu raised her hand and stroked her belly.
She lost her lover and her father in just over half a month.
She tried desperately to be strong, but … She was so tired, so tired …
Gu Nianhao also came to the hospital after receiving the news.
She fell in front of Gu Zhifan’s bed and wept bitterly.
The whole ward was filled with sadness.
Finally, everyone’s mood calmed down a little later.
A few people will discuss the Gu Zhifan behind him.
Gu Zhifan’s funeral is naturally decent.
Several people set Gu Zhifan’s funeral in two days’ afternoon.
After the discussion, Gu Nian and Luo Yiyang left the hospital.
Gu Nianhao is still immersed in a sad atmosphere and can’t slow down for a long time
She looked up and saw Luo Yiyang’s lip angle slightly evoke a smile.
Her father just died and he laughed. She was angry and punched Luo Yiyang. "My father just died. Do you have to be so happy!"
Luo Yiyang grabbed her hand. "I know you’re sad. You just cried enough in the ward. No matter how sad you are, you can’t delay the event, can you?"
Gu Nianhao frown "what’s the big deal? Is there anything bigger than my dad’s death now? "
LuoYiYang should laugh "why not? I remember it was interesting to give Gu Shi to your wild sister before your father. I think since he was interesting, he might have such documents. Now he is dead. If these documents really exist, it will be his will. If these fall into your sister’s hands, Gu Shi will really become her! Don’t forget that your sister is not a family member! "
Gu Nianhao zheng
I just forgot about it after I was sad.
"But what if there isn’t? I also overheard my dad talking about it. "
"I’m not afraid of 10 thousand, I’m afraid that if you go back to your family and look for it now, if not, you can look back again," Luo Yiyang said
Gu Nianhao pursed her lips and nodded.
That’s right
Now that Dad has passed away, there is only this Guggenheim left. She is determined not to let this Guggenheim fall into Gu Jiujiu’s hands!
Song Yuyan and Shi Lei went to the airport and got off the plane.
"Second, Shi Lei has a problem that is not too white."
Song Yuyan gave him a lecture.
"Then why did Princess Jenny suddenly let us go?"
Song Yuyan drank saliva and told him something.

Gulan has held several palace banquets in succession. First, cloud flying and Nangong have won great victories. The morale is greatly boosted. It is estimated that in a few years, Xiyue will not come to them again. Gulan has not given much material strength, but he has picked up a great bargain. Nangong Che will wake up laughing in his dreams. Second, the dowry for Princess Lieluo has long been prepared, and there is no reason for people to retain it. If it were not for such an accident, the two of them would have spent the wedding night.

Seeing that the hedge is about to leave, Seed Bud is very sad in her heart. She is her closest friend in Gulan Imperial City these days. Now her two best friends are peaceful people. The Nangong Yichen is getting busier and busier. Gulan still has a lot of important things to deal with. It is impossible to send the hedge to both of them sometimes. She gave a big gift to see her off and naturally landed in Yi Nangong Qingtou.
Ye Lingfeng brought 1000 troops when the wedding ceremony was held, and now the vast procession stretches for dozens of miles. Needless to say, the hundred thousand troops in cloud flying are spectacular enough.
Ning and Gulan became closer, and all they heard was praise and blessing.
The night wind is cool, and the moon is high in the treetops. Everyone sleeps except the soldiers on duty at night, and someone’s heart is restless again.
A lithe figure with a silver mask and a flaming gown is touching the nearby counting house.
Suddenly, the sound of "rustling" caught his attention. He looked intently and saw several soldiers bending down around several tents in twos and threes. I don’t know what they were doing. Could it be that the lonely sergeant couldn’t help but have the idea of accompanying the fashionable woman? Cloud flying burned a handful of anger in his heart. If it is true, these people will not be able to return to Ning alive. He lightened his steps and quietly walked over. He looked closely and saw some sulfur and saltpeter sprinkled around the tent, which smelled special.
Is this going to burn down the camp? He made a judgment in an instant. These men are definitely not from his army.
It’s dark and windy. Are they waiting for convenient conditions?
"Somebody, there are spies here." He suddenly shouted and quickly retreated to a hidden place.
The night is quiet, and immediately it is far away, which not only shocked these people, but also shocked the people in the camp. The night soldiers reacted first and came running in an orderly way. Soon Ye Lingfeng came here with various lieutenant generals, and heard the scolding, swords and guns hitting the night, and it was inevitable to make noise.
It seems that I don’t have my own business. These thieves Ye Lingfeng can still deal with it easily.
After thinking about it, I entered the counting room generously.
Nishang has fallen asleep, but she was awakened by the sudden sound. She got dressed neatly, rolled over and sat up, and was ready to go out and watch the fun.
The curtain of the door showed a figure, and her eyes narrowed slightly, so she didn’t have to go out. It would be more lively here than outside!
"What are you doing here?" She asked strangely, "Is that you outside?"
Cloud flying corners of the mouth a smoke he have that chat?
"No, I just found out," he said flatly.
"What are you doing here?" She held her arms and asked in a bad tone.
"I heard that you had an accident. Unfortunately, something happened in the Flame League that needs to be solved urgently. Zunhao sent his men to inquire about you," he said
Just say, the flame alliance people won’t intervene in this matter because of him.
"It’s a good thing that I’m worried about the leader." The dress said politely and distantly
"Alas, I’m sorry that I couldn’t come to the rescue because of trivial matters," he said regretfully.
Do I know you well? Dress pie pie didn’t pick up the words.
"It’s a good thing you’re safe, otherwise the North Liuyin Xiao Wan died to atone for his sins." He said maliciously, and his mask face must have changed color.
"Lord, you don’t have to be like this. Naturally, there are people who are ahead of me." I don’t know who I am with.
"Girl, we are friends, too. Will you keep people away?" He asked strangely
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"Just now, you also said that it was a trivial matter. It seems that our friendship may not be so deep!" Dress sarcastically said the in the mind is a burst of uncomfortable.
Hehe, is this angry? He smiled slightly. "Girl, do you mind if you don’t show up at the right time?"
Nishang gave him a look. "Oh, who dare you be?"
"Who do you want me to be?" His smile is stronger.
"Come is to meet by chance. Two people respect Ken and help her so much." Her attitude is colder than indifference.
"Meet by chance? Girl, do you know that you are the first person who can make me run around like this? " This is absolutely true.
Hehe, thank you, Lord. In the future, the dress will be rewarded. "The dress is polite but has no gratitude at all, but it seems that he owes her."
"Such as return? "He asked if he was very interested in it!
"When the Lord is in trouble, I will beg all the people I know to search for you." The dress is very reciprocated.
"Won’t you change the way to repay me? "He repeatedly asked.
"I don’t know how many things I have done except looking for me." There are people who really saved her, but they didn’t ask for anything!