"Are you a doctor, too?" Shen Shanglu found that Xu Jinyan was surprisingly strong when he first gave aid.

"Yes, Dr. Xu is a young doctor in gastroenterology, not worse than you," said Angelica dahurica.
Xu Jinyan nodded, "Professor Shen laughed and there is no comparison with Professor Shen. Professor Shen has always been a predecessor and model of our doctors."
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Chapter four hundred and sixty-five You don’t go
&l; s&g; &l; /s&g;
"Dr. Xu, don’t praise him. He can’t help but praise him." Angelica dahurica held Shen Shanglu’s arm
Shen Shanglu looked back at her. "My wife is right, but there is a sentence that she said wrong. I want to correct it. This is also what she told me before that she forgot it. It really took three years in baby brain."
Angelica dahurica took a few shots of Phytolacca acinosa
"You said that doctors are big or small," Shen Shanglu stressed.
Angelica dahurica forgot what situation she had said at that time. I didn’t expect him to remember and correct their jokes so seriously.
"Did I say it or did you?" Angelica dahurica subconsciously think how he said it?
It’s always a tacit understanding between two people.
This is also the reason why they later chose to work as medical workers in villages and towns together.
Xu Jinyan can see a lot of revolutionary comrades-in-arms friendship from their conversation, which may be the reason why their love is so enviable
She looked at Fu Jingxiao.
It seems that they all chose to consider themselves when they just went through this incident, but they didn’t consider that the other party would be sad and confused if they lacked the courage to fight side by side in a relationship.
Maybe Fu Jingxiao was not wrong himself.
"Doctor Xu …" Angelica dahurica called her.
Xu Jin inkstone well a "good"
"What is good?" Angelica dahurica laughed. "In fact, you just asked me a question in the hotel, and you already have the answer in your heart. I said that no matter how good others’ answers are, others themselves are the most important."
Xu Jinyan looked at Fu Jingxiao. "Yes, I understand. Thank you, Dr. Bai, for delaying you."
"It’s okay, we can see it in the hospital every day, but it’s not just a holiday every day." It’s their story to live an ordinary life.
Soon Shen Shanglu took them to the hospital.
Xu Jinyan went to the emergency room and called someone to come over and put Fu Jingxiao on the bed and pushed him into the emergency room.
"Professor Shen, Dr. Bai, you go quickly. I can handle it." Xu Jinyan was particularly embarrassed to delay them for a long time.
Angelica nodded and pushed her in. "Don’t worry about us. Go and look at him. By the way, I won’t go back to my room tonight. If he wakes up, I don’t mind if you want to take it back."
"Know know wedding anniversary" Xu Jin inkstone pushed her away.
Shen Shanglu took Angelica dahurica’s shoulder and walked out.
Xu Jinyan turned around and ran in.
"What about the family?" The emergency room nurse is already calling someone.
Xu Jinyan immediately ran past "I’m here"
"Go through the formalities. We gave him the antipyretic here and fed it to him first." The nurse handed the bill to Xu Jinyan.
Xu Jinyan took the bill, paid it and took the medicine.
When she got to the bedside, the nurse had already drawn his blood.
Maybe he was stimulated by the pain of blood drawing. His brow wrinkled and his head moved left and right. Finally, he slowly opened his eyes.
"Family members come and hold here for five minutes." The nurse pulled out the needle.
Xu Jin inkstone took the cotton ball and held the vein position. She dinted Fu Jingxiao to wake up completely from the groggy.
"Ah Yan, where am I?" Fu Jingxiao turned to see Xu Jin inkstone figure.
He closed his eyes and opened them several times before confirming that it was her.
"You don’t know where Fu Jingxiao is. I’m here to work. You’re still here to mess me up. Is it unclear whether you have a fever or not? You fainted. This will make me soft-hearted. I’m determined this time. No," Xu Jin turned around with his mouth full and didn’t want him to see the liquid rolling in his eyes because of acidity
"I’m sorry …" Fu Jingxiao felt groggy and didn’t think his body would faint.
Xu Jinyan got up to get the antipyretic, poured the antipyretic and reached out to help others up. "Take the medicine first and I’ll calculate it for you later."
Fu Jingxiao raised his head and stared at her with bloodshot eyes.
Xu Jinyan reprimanded angrily to a "watch medicine and take medicine, don’t look at me"
"Are you crying?" Fu Jingxiao saw tears in her eyes.
Xu Jinyan breathed a sigh of relief. "No one wants to cry." She conveniently handed the ibuprofen antipyretic to his mouth for him to drink.
Ibuprofen tastes sticky, sweet and bitter, which makes Fu Jingxiao frown and cough.
Xu Jinyan knew there would be such a result. "Drink some water before you go out to buy sugar." She had already given him cold water and drank some before he recovered.
Fu Jingxiao lay down after drinking the antipyretic.
He stretched out his hand and grabbed Xu Jinyan’s hand. "Don’t go!"
"I went to the radiology department to get a film and see a doctor. Where else can I go? I still have this sense of public morality." Although Xu Jinyan blamed, his actions were sincere
She has got up and is in a hurry to get the film
She is a doctor, and these procedures are clearer than anyone else.
Fu Jingxiao was lying in bed watching her run out, but his fist was full of warmth.
Xu Jinyan went to get cheated and went to the emergency room doctor to see the cheat.
"It’s best to be hospitalized for acute pneumonia with high fever and lung infection if you go back, but you should pay more attention to the mild cough," the doctor said to Xu Jinyan after watching the film
"Then let’s wait and see if the fever can go down tonight. If it goes down, go back and don’t take up hospital resources. If it doesn’t, you will be hospitalized." Xu Jinyan quickly responded.
The emergency doctor looked up at Xu Jinyan "Peer?"
"Well" Xu Jin inkstone should be a.
"No wonder" the doctor smiled. "Being a doctor’s boyfriend requires some basic medical knowledge. Don’t wait until you faint to see how serious it is."

Tony is frowning.

Or that sentence?
Obadiah Stein’s position in his heart is far from what others can imagine.
At least there is no conclusive evidence. Tony doesn’t want to doubt the godfather obadiah Stein who is like a father to him.
And …
Tony looked at Mark and said, "It still doesn’t prove anything. Maybe others want to do this to make me think as they want."
Mark froze directly.
Tony’s letter to obadiah Stein is far beyond Mark’s imagination.
This is obadiah Stein.
What if the suspect is Mark?
You try
It is estimated that Tony will never need to see conclusive evidence like this.
as expected
Tony and obadiah Stein are the ones who really love each other. Pepper and Mark are mistresses.
at this moment
Mark finally realized that whenever Mark and Tony were together, Pepper had a thoughtful and weird look …
Chapter 657 Expose obadiah
After all, that sentence is still the same.
Obadiah Stanton Stark’s position in his heart is far from what ordinary people can imagine.
Godfather Tony again.
And the shareholder and CEO of Stark Industries.
If Mark were Tony, Mark wouldn’t suspect obadiah without conclusive evidence …
Mark’s eyes fell on undertaker.
Undertaker has some unpleasant feeling.
One second
Mark sighed and said, "even so, you are worthless. It’s time to send you home."
Undertaker’s expression changed.
Go home?
Back to where?
It’s better to die than to live. undertaker directly forgot his former thoughts and said in a hurry, "Wait, I’ll tell you everything you want to know."
Mark shook his head and said, "No need."
Or that sentence?
Mark is quite sure that Pepper’s car accident was instigated by obadiah, but obadiah would be foolish enough to go to Lian personally, which might expose his identity. undertaker?
Mark thought that his right hand was raised to send undertaker to the west.
Just then.
Undertaker hummed and said, "obadiah Stan obadiah Stan contacted me."
Mark released his right hand.
Tony is a change of expression.
Mark and Tony never spoke the name obadiah Stein in the conversation before undertaker.
Tony looked somberly at undertaker and said, "You’d better have evidence to prove it."
Undertaker nodded wildly. "It’s really obadiah Stein who contacted me personally. After all, he asked for it in a hurry. On the afternoon of the 16th, there was a former passenger contact. I said I wanted to make an urgent order. When I heard that the object was Ms. Pepper Potts, I refused, but …"
Tony looked at it and shut up. undertaker sank, "Go on."

"Thank you, Dad, but I have to rely on my own strength for your daughter." Gege raised his fist and waved at him.

At Luzhi’s home, sweetheart came home and found her brother at home, which made her heart even more complicated. "Brother, why didn’t you pick me up?"
Lu Yan glanced behind her. "Isn’t it the same to have a driver pick it up?"
"How can that be the same?" Sweetheart pie mouth must still be angry when she sees her brother’s pale face.
Shen Manli came out of the kitchen with food. "Hey, Gege, why didn’t you come back?"
"Gege said that she wouldn’t come after she finished her tutoring."
"Gege is Cong" Shen Manli also didn’t think much about the direct feeling.
"Mommy, you think I’m stupid." Sweetheart was dissatisfied.
"If you are stupid and hungry, our family will raise you." Luzhi put the newspaper ready for dinner.
"It’s better to be a father." Sweetheart is very happy. She is most happy to hear this sentence. Her wish is to be a big Mi Chong.
Lu Yan was able to say a few words at dinner yesterday, but today he went downstairs after dinner without saying a word.
Shen Manli is still very confused. "Why do I feel that Lu Yan is a little unhappy today?"
Lu Zhi looked at the figure that disappeared in the building. "You are too sensitive. He always does."
"Are you? Am I the only one who thinks he is in a bad mood? Sweetheart, what do you think? "
Sweetheart is a little guilty. "I feel the same as mommy." Mommy feels so accurate. It seems that he is really angry. She shouldn’t joke about it.
"Is that because Gege didn’t come today?" Shen Manli asked
"Huh?" Obviously, Shen Manli and sweetheart have different ideas. Her son is in a bad mood because Gege didn’t come, and sweetheart knows that her brother is angry because of things at school. They arranged a fiancee for him.
"Sweetheart, have you found any adultery with Lu Yan and Gege for so many days?"
"adultery? No. "Sweetheart shook her head." Mommy, you think too much. "It’s good that they don’t quarrel and fight together.
"Are you? I think too much? " Shen Manli denied that her eyes were wrong.
After dinner, sweetheart knocked on Lu Yan’s door and walked slowly to him. "Brother, it’s all my fault. I was afraid that those people would harass them yesterday and tell them that you have a fiancee. They forced me to ask for photos. I didn’t have a brainwave and pointed to GeGeGe. She knew about it from those people this morning. I won’t admit it until I reveal it. Don’t blame her. Blame me me me."
Lu Yan gave her a look "I’m not angry"
"Really not angry?" Sweetheart, surprise. Grab his arm
"Then why are you frowning? It’s scary."
"I have always been like this."
Sweetheart is in a trance, too. My brother was always like this. It was two days ago that he seemed to talk a lot more than usual. She felt uncomfortable before she suddenly returned.
Section 556
"Let’s hurry to review," Lu Yan explained to her in class.
Fortunately, sweetheart doesn’t struggle with ideas. Simple things are over.
In the next few days, Lu Yan never showed up at school again, and Gege never went to sweetheart’s house. The final exam was tense for three days.
Sweetheart is nervous when she arrives at the exam. Of course, she has to take Lu Yan to see her off. Lu Yan has to accompany her when she is free to recognize the key.
As usual, she is confident that Kao is nothing, and she hopes to rank well in the class.
She came in on the exam bell. Sweetheart didn’t dare to go in earlier than her to get ready. Lu Yan was waiting for her at the gate.
Gege saw him as if he hadn’t seen him, and walked in swinging his ponytail. Binbin nodded at Luyan behind Gege.
When Gege went in, he found that Binbin was also the examination room of Grade Two. "Brother, are you in the right examination room?"
Binbin looked at the eye number "Yes, it is the second day"
"Do you also want to take the second grade examination paper?"
Binbin nodded to her and made a refueling gesture and went in.
They are twin brothers and sisters. He was predestined from mommy’s belly that he was born to protect her. Then where is she? He is there. She jumps directly to the third grade, and he naturally accompanies her.
Everything in the exam is a piece of cake for him. He has no problem in high school. It is the most important thing to accompany Gege.
The three-day exam passed quickly. At the last game, Sweetheart specifically told Gege, "You must wait for me after the exam. Let’s go to dinner to celebrate our freedom."
"You can talk about freedom when your grades come."
"Gege, can you not hit me? My brother and I agreed to call the gentry’s brother and the five of us would go to sing and eat together. "

"I’m sorry, just now, they insisted on looking for someone. I was afraid that Fu Jingxiao would kick me out, so I gave you your name. Anyway, it’s all the same for me to find you." Xu Jinyan explained to Cheng Kang first.

Cheng Kang shame indeed as expected so just had a misunderstanding.
"It’s okay. Dr. Xu is right."
Cheng Kang quickly sent Xu Jinyan to Fu Jingxiao’s office in ten minutes. "Mr. Fu has gone to the conference room. Just sit here and wait for him. Shall I prepare coffee or tea for you?"
"No, you go and get busy. I’ll just wait."
"A good meeting will end in 30 minutes," Cheng Kang said as he walked.
When Fu Jingxiao gave it to him, it was ten minutes. He couldn’t exceed it. Although it was a photo of Fu Jingxiao’s girlfriend, it was always a private matter. Fu Jingxiao has always been public and private.
Cheng Kangjin went into the conference room and went directly to Fu Jingxiao’s side. The novel said, "Mr. Fu’s front desk misunderstood that Dr. Xu came to pick you up, and I took her to your office."
"The meeting was delayed for five minutes." Fu Jingxiao didn’t respond. Cheng Kangren got up directly and said to the participants, then turned and walked out of the meeting room.
Cheng Kang took the USB flash drive in his hand. "Sorry, everyone, I haven’t finished my information yet, so I can be late."
Boss, the pot is always the best for him to carry.
Fu Jingxiao quickly sent her a WeChat, and she replied yes.
I knocked on the door and saw her sitting on the sofa in a khaki coat with a mobile phone in her hand, probably reading a medical paper or video again.
This is her hobby, especially after doing research with Zhou Shiyu, she is more busy watching these.
He didn’t respond when he came in. He walked behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. "Why didn’t you call me when you came?"
Xu Jinyan turned back in surprise. "Aren’t you at the meeting?"
"Cheng Kang is getting the materials ready yet. I heard that my girlfriend is coming to pick me up. I’ll come and see if I can take the subway?"
"Well, I stopped by anyway." Xu Jin nodded.
She is used to taking the subway.
"I need a while."
"I know you don’t mind me and go to work." Xu Jin inkstone has got up and thrown away his mobile phone.
Fu Jingxiao pulled her to the desk and let her sit in the office chair. "Sit up and read the information so that it won’t hurt your cervical spine. If you want to read it, put it in your head."
"I didn’t see anything. What am I thinking about?" Xu Jinyan is looking for some information. After all, she writes a paper to study her. She knows how to write and check her headache. How many words can’t be squeezed out every time?
"Then you know the password in your brain," Fu Jingxiao said to her.
Xu Jinyan looked at him. "Your brain is not very good, right?"
"Are you okay? I have no secrets from you. I can still feel at ease when you write here."
"Well, then you should go and leave me alone."
Fu Jingxiao was successfully kicked out of his office. He walked into the conference room with a smile on his mouth. Cheng Kang had all the information ready.
"The meeting will end as soon as possible today." Fu Jingxiao finished first.
Colleagues who come to stay and work overtime think that it would be especially good for Mr. Fu to end the meeting early and not work overtime today.
Before Xu Jinyan came to his office, she went to the laboratory to avoid suspicion. Now that the laboratory has resigned, she has nothing to worry about.
She is not suitable for business, so it is better to concentrate on being a good doctor and doing medical research.
It’s good to think about writing the check first and coming later. Xu Jin inkstone typed Fu Jingxiao’s brain password. She really knows it.
He had this password when he was learning it.
Because so is she.
At that time, they were afraid of the trouble to remember the password, so they discussed the same password together
One person thought about half the password.
"After that, you and I can share everything." Xu Jinyan proudly showed off with Fu Jingxiao after setting it.
Fu Jingxiao looked at her with his arms around his hands. "You are happy."
"Do I really need you to change my password? In fact, I just want you to help me remember my password, because I always forget my password and have someone to help me remember it, so I don’t need to remember it anymore." Xu Jinyan took his hand and asked him.
"You’re not this thing * * I’m used to it." He snorted.
Later, after they parted, Xu Jinyan never forgot the password.
Xia Lu also said that he was always looking for records before, and sometimes he couldn’t find them in small passwords.
Xu Jin inkstone hit the brain and created a new word to write a check.
There is no curtain in the office window, and the sunset falls on the desktop. She jumps on the keyboard with orange fingers.
After a while, the office door was knocked.
Xu Jinyan stopped doing things and went to the door.
The door is closed.
"Professor Sun?" She saw what sun yuan had seen before, followed by Xie Zhihan in a black suit.
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Chapter four hundred and fifteen To face
&l; s&g; &l; /s&g;
"Why are you here?" Sun yuan looked at Xu Jinyan before he heard that Xu Jinyan resigned as a hospital consultant, as he had expected.
Xie Zhihan approached some "Fu Zong’s office is also free for you to come in? Who brought you in?"
"Naturally, someone brought me in. It seems inappropriate for Miss Xie to ask me in such a questioning tone!" There is no need to have a good attitude towards Xie Zhihan’s bad breath and Xu Jin’s inkstone.
Xie Zhihan endured "the company has company rules and I am thinking of the company’s interests."
"Is Miss Xie still in charge of security?" Aggressive. Who wouldn’t dare to come out without some skills these days? I can understand the truth that people are kind and bullied.
Xie Zhihan’s original demeanor: "You can do whatever you want without Jing Xiao protecting you now. He doesn’t know what you look like, does he?"
"First of all, Miss Xie spoke ill of me first. I defended myself. Secondly, Professor Sun should have come on business. I didn’t want to disturb him. Finally, he went to the meeting room and was not in the office. This is what I want to answer to you." Xu Jinyan said the situation in an orderly way
So it seems that Xie Zhihan is like a nasty grasshopper.
"Professor Sun, let’s go to the conference room." Xie Zhihan didn’t want to lose more face in front of sun yuan.
Xu Jin inkstone moment
Even though sun yuan has a bad attitude towards her, she respects him as a senior in medicine and this industry, and she should know manners.
After they left, Xu Jinmen continued to go in and write the report.
"Xie always doesn’t have to argue with such a girl. Xie always thinks about the company everywhere. Fu always feels hello." Sun Yuan comforted 1 when he saw Xie Zhihan’s face was not good.
Xie Zhihan smiled far-fetched. "Professor Sun smiled. Today, Hong’s small shareholders are also here. Naturally, the company does not talk about these children’s affairs, and it is good for outsiders to see them."
"Yes, yes, yes, you said yes."
"Why did General Fu suddenly meet?" Sun yuan asked her strangely.

"What time is it!"

"Don’t wait for the Mu family and the Feng family to criticize!" Com
Chapter 375 Tell me the name of my enemy.
"But what if she knew her grandfather was dead …"
Huayunjian eyes a stare tone cold grimace of a grin
"Her grandfather was killed by Ling Tian!"
"What don’t let her know!"
A few high-level one leng then all show suddenly color towards huayun kendo.
"The patriarch is really resourceful."
"I am waiting for Pei!"
Soon a young woman with a cold face was brought in.
"Chief, you wanted to see me?"
Young women are like an ice cube. The cold tone makes people get goose bumps.
Even in the face of Hua Yunjian, it is also a facial expression.
Huayunjian face is affable smile toward the young woman said
"Hua Min, sit down and make yourself at home."
Hua Min is motionless at vauen kendo.
"The heads of the fathers have something to say."
"I can go if I have nothing to do."
Huayunjian smile suddenly a stiff embarrassed rub the rub hands and said
"That Hua Min."
"It’s like this."
"I want to ask you to help me kill someone."
Hua Min face suddenly became cold than watching vauen kendo.
"I said I wouldn’t do anything for the Hua family."
Say that finish Hua Min turned and was ready to leave.
Huayunjian seems to have expected to sigh a way
"Don’t you want your grandfather to take revenge?"
Hua Min body suddenly a meal then suddenly turned around.
Look lengli like a sword at huayunjian cold way
"What happened to my grandfather!"
Huayunjian was involuntarily shuddered by Hua Min’s eyes on his heart.
Heart dark scold a this little bitch is so powerful aura.
Even he is oppressed and feels suffocated.
Huayunjian heaved a sigh and squeezed out two tears in his eyes, sad way
"I just got the news too."
"Your grandpa he …"
Hua Min figure a flash like a ghost in front of HuaYunJian.
Scared Hua Yunjian into a tingle and took two steps back involuntarily with a full face of panic.
"Chief, what happened to my grandfather!"
Hua Min nervous toward HuaYunJian asked.
Huayunjian pin heart panic pretend sad expression pain way
"My poor cousin, my Chinese family, has been stationed in Jiangzhou for decades and worked hard."
"but I don’t want to be killed by thieves."
"Killed by someone!"
Hua Min was stupid when he heard this.
My body trembled violently in spite of myself.
Tears flowed from his eyes.
A breath colder than ice was released from the body and swept the whole room.
Poor murderous look makes Hua Yunjian shudder, and his heart almost stops beating.
What a terrible smell!
"Hua Min, I know you must be very sad."
"I have been afraid to tell you."
"I sent East China City to avenge your grandfather the other day."
"But that enemy is too strong. East China City is no match."
"I’m still at large."
"Every time I think of my cousin’s tragic death, the murderer doesn’t get over it."
"My heart hurts!"
Huayun sword looks like wiping away tears while secretly observing Hua Min’s reaction.
Hua Min stood there motionless like a fool.
It’s the tears that keep flowing.
Fists clenched nails are deeply fastened in the meat.
Although I am relieved, my heart is already painful!
Huayunjian said with a sigh and said
"Hua Min, I hate to tell you."
"I can’t help it if the enemy is too strong."
"If you don’t want to go, go back and have a good rest."

Extremely fire, Jun Yuan, the God flashed to the depths of the eyebrows of this skeleton head and manipulated the skeleton to cross his legs and sit in the spirit pool.

A steady stream of vital essence pour into this crimson skeleton.
At the same time, the extreme fire, Jun Yuan, and God control mana and constantly shake bones.
The bone marrow in the bones flows loudly.
Cut pulp for blood!
Su Mo is most familiar with this scene.
There is a pulp cutting article in the secret book of the Wild Demon King!
Tiger and leopard sound cutting pulp to derive new blood vessels and finally achieve the purpose of changing blood!
Gradually, the terracotta skeleton emerged pieces of pink and tender flesh as thin as cicadas.
As time goes on, the bones and flesh gradually plump up.
The outline of Extreme Fire Road Jun is gradually becoming clear.
There was silence in the secret room
At this time, the Zhongzhou fix true world is already full of buzz, and news is coming one after another to set off waves!
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-two blustery
"A hundred years ago, Su Mo came back from the top of the vision!"
"Thousands of cranes tea party Su Mo town killed Ye Tiancheng and Pang Lan Zhenjun, and they defeated many infants, and even the Taoist priest who returned to the virtual world lost to being named the first true gentleman!"
"I haven’t seen this Uber in a hundred years. It’s even scarier than before. Tea will declare war on Emperor Yin!"
"There is only one person left in the mixed yuan double arrogance"
In these news, the state fix true boundary quickly caused great shock!
At this time, almost all the people in all parts of Zhongzhou discussed this matter.
"This man has been dormant for a hundred years, but he still hasn’t changed his former temperament. He offended so many forces when he appeared. I don’t think he will live long!"
"I may not have heard that Bailianmen really said that he would protect this person."
"Hehe, the hundred smelting doors are declining, and it’s hard to protect themselves. Who can you protect?"
"yes! If several super clans put pressure on the door at the same time, the door will be bent! Otherwise, they may be devastated! "
"Not necessarily, I have heard some news that a strong man who has been missing for thousands of years in Bailianmen has returned and is reshaping his body."
"What’s so powerful about the death of such a disciple?" Some people sneer rather disdainfully.
"This powerful man in France is unusual. I heard that he was extremely angry five thousand years ago!"
"Who is extremely fire gentleman? Never heard of it. "
"It’s him! Five thousand years ago, the law ranked first! He is still alive! "
Something happened at the Thousand Crane Tea Party. It is not difficult to guess the truth if you go out and remember some details.
After all, with a letter, you can hide the ancient array gate and Danyang gate from the world for thousands of years, and there are only a few people who can fit in with Qianhemen and ask them to move out of the mountain.
Sword Sect at the same time
Xian Jian Dao fu
Having lived here for more than three months after sex and snow were destroyed in the Valley of the Demons, Daojun and Daojun, the immortal sword, confirmed each other that Daofa had gained something.
In recent days, the two are going to leave.
However, one news after another entered Jianzong, and their trip was temporarily put on hold.
Xianjian Daojun said slowly with a cold face, "If Extreme Fire Daojun hadn’t died, it would have been him who I fought in the Demon Valley!"
"No wonder"
Sex and rain said, "When the two of you were fighting for the Yuan God, that man released the secret of burning the Yuan God with snakes."
Snow fairy shook her head and said, "I heard that Jihuo Daojun is reshaping the flesh. The flesh and blood we saw that day can never be him! There is no explanation here. "
"If there was another field, it would have made sense." Xianjian Daojun said with a faint eye.
"What do you mean?"
Snow fairy two people looked at xianjian Dao jun.
A name popped up between the teeth of xianjian daojun.
Snow fairy two people frown slightly.
"Is it the most famous first true gentleman in this period?"
Yunyu Daojun frowned and said, "It was a coincidence when he came back with great fire, but what did he do about it?"
Xianjian Daojun narrowed his eyes and said, "The Uber Su Mo in the news that the former Jian Zongdi came back has practiced a terrible sword tactic!"
"Even Jian Zong and Hang Qiuyu were almost killed by this sword tactic."
Xianjian Daojun saw that the two men were still confused and pondered a little before sinking. "There are some things I won’t hide."
"On that day, please help me compete for the treasure with two demon valleys. It’s a sword tactic! One of the three ancient swords! "
Snow fairy, sex way gentleman look slightly surprised one.

Being discovered at a glance, Su Wei’s anger burned from the bottom of my heart more and more violently.

But even if she is angry less than necessary, she will not show her emotions.
This is a killer’s basic literacy
Pondering for half an hour, Su Wei smiled coldly and immediately picked up his fingers. His lips were slightly open and his breath was like blue. "Mr. Gu, I am afraid that you will love me."
Indeed, a woman with good looks and such a devil figure is a template woman for most men’s courtship.
Gu never frowned.
Will he love her?
She is not too confident.
Think about it, buckle Su Wei’s waist and hand, and add a few minutes of strength. The charming smile is pulled by him at the corner of his mouth. "What’s the difficulty in loving a little beauty? If I really want you, you can’t get it easily."
just stretch out your hand and you’ll get what you want
He seems overconfident.
Su Wei’s amorous feelings smile suddenly caught in a cold "Mr. Gu, don’t put the words too full to be humiliating in the future."
"If you don’t have 99% confidence, would you and I joke like this?" Gu Jue said quietly.
"I’m sorry, I may be your unexpected one percent" Su Wei sarcastically smiled.
"Really?" Gu Jue touched Ba’s eyes. "If Miss Su wants to search for information in person, I’m afraid it will take a lot of time and energy. How about this? If you come to Guggenheim Building, I will give you many clues and test them. First, do you love me first or should I love you first?"
"Is it Guggenheim? I, Mr. Gu, will invite me to Guzhai." Su Wei smiled lightly.
What is a mere commercial Guggenheim?
She is more interested in Gu Zhai.
"I, Miss Su, don’t like such a direct man." Gu Jue’s reaction was that she quickly outlined a meaningful smile on her lips. "When my lover Gu Zhai lets you visit."
"I’m really flattered." The look of disgust flashed past Su Weifei, who would soon hide it and sneer at it.
This word is really disgusting.
"Don’t be flattered. Just get used to it." Gu Jue smiled.
She doesn’t want to have anything else to do with this beast-faced man.
"You don’t have what I want. In my eyes, you are no different from a horse." Su Wei snorted.
If she didn’t want to know who the gunman was at the moment, she would never have stayed with a strange man for more than ten seconds.
"stallion" gu absolutely slightly messy.
It was the first time that he was called a stallion by a woman.
"How do you know I don’t have what you need?" Gu Jue asked with a smile. "I checked the zodiac before I went out, and I will have a big meeting with you."
"You bought the almanac as a thief, right? I checked the almanac when I went out. I don’t know anything about men." Su Wei didn’t believe his nonsense.
As the saying goes, a good man should believe what he says, and a sow can grow trees.
"That’s other men. I’m different," Gu said.
Su Weimer
What he said is that he is not an ordinary man.
"If you don’t want to explain the gun to me, then our topic can end here." Su Wei put her hand on the doorknob for final confirmation.
"The topic is over, but I still say that I’ll see you later." Gu Jue spit out a few short words and smiled like a peach blossom on his mouth.
He doesn’t know what attracts this woman, and he has caused him a long-lost palpitation.
He suddenly developed a strong predatory interest in her
Su Wei smiled sarcastically when she heard this. "Mr. Gu, I remember a great philosopher once said never to go to pick up hot chicks with hypocritical sweet words. This is the stupidest way."
Hearing this, Gu Jue gently raised his eyebrows. "Oh, which great philosopher ever said what is the smartest way?"
"Your heart to exchange" Su Wei smiled gently and poked his solid chest with a finger.
Despite the pupil metamorphoses, a contraction across a sneer at the bottom of my heart.
Heart-to-heart talk
Chapter 22 Suspicion
first-class cabin
"Vivian, why did your ya go for so long?" Mo Lan’s long hair was a scolding.
Moran waited in the first class for almost half an hour, and just ten minutes ago, Miss Zhou also snapped her teeth and came to visit and scolded her for being a dog.
As soon as she heard that Gu was gone, she immediately thought of Su Wei’s growing anxiety.

But because of manager Luo, why should she be replaced?

Liu Zhuanghe stared at Lu Xiaomin for a while and said, "Do you want to come to my place?"
Xiao-min Lu looked up and asked in surprise, "Can Sister Zhuang?"
"Of course." Liu Zhuanghe rubbed her hair with a smile. "You can come to me after this activity."
"Okay," Xiao-min Lu laughed and got up and said, "Then I’ll go back first, Sister Zhuang. Remember to come and join me then. I’m leaving."
"Good bye"
Off the Xiao-min Lu Liuzhuang Lotus saw that it was almost time for work, so he packed up his things and walked towards the ladder with his bag.
While waiting for the ladder, there was a man next to him, Huo Sipeng.
Liuzhuang lotus consciousness took a step back and thought that he had just pinched his neck sample some dying.
"How afraid" HuoSiPeng sneer at a way.
"Who said I was afraid of you? Now it’s a society ruled by law, but you have to pay for killing people." Liu Zhuanghe said with a straight back and no weakness
HuoSiPeng sneer at a didn’t speak again.
Two people into the ladder after each corner.
The reflection of the ladder can make Liu Zhuanghe see Huo Sipeng’s expression clearly. He is indifferent and looks straight ahead as if she is not at all.
Liu Zhuanghe pinched his bag. If he dares to attack her again later, she will not hesitate to smash it on his head.
It was not until the ladder reached the first floor that Liuzhuang Lotus was relieved.
Liu Zhuanghe still chooses the back door. She doesn’t want those annoying reporters to catch her.
When Nianbo saw her, he immediately pulled the door and asked her to drive.
Liu Zhuanghe glanced at the car and found that Gu Siyang was also there. He said unpleasantly, "Why is the assistant Gu Zong here?"
"Gu always came to pick you up" Nianbo said with trepidation this afternoon, and I don’t know what happened. Gu always asked him to do this and that many things can be handed over to the secret, but he was asked to do it himself, even Li Kuigong asked him to do it together.
Just to catch my breath, General Manager Gu came with him to meet people in the morning sun.
Gu Boshang waited for a long time, but he didn’t see Liuzhuang’s car and car in front of her and said, "I told you today that grandma asked me to take you home for dinner."
"I won’t go to Gu’s post. If you really want to be with me, let’s talk about your family first." Liuzhuang Lotus took a taxi on the side of the road and took a family villa. She didn’t want to go again.
Gu Boshang sighed behind Liu Zhuanghe and said, "Well, I’ll let Nianbo send you back."
Just a taxi came over and took the door directly and sat in, leaving Liuzhuang Lotus with a wide eye and a small eye.
"Miss Liu, please take a car." Nianbo volunteered that although the back door is safer, it is hard to guarantee that no reporter will find it here.
Liuzhuanghe bent down to sit in the car and repose.
Today, Huo Sipeng’s behavior made her a little scared. She didn’t expect him to really dare to do it to her. The cold suffocation seems to still surround her now.
Liuzhuang lotus hand consciousness touched the neck.
In the car, I glanced at the rearview mirror at random. When I saw some redness and swelling in Liuzhuang Lotus’s neck, I asked, "Miss Liu, what happened to your neck?"
Gu always asked him to protect Miss Liu Anke, but her neck was pinched.
"I’m fine." Liu Zhuanghe didn’t explain that too many silk scarves were around his neck again.
Nianbo opened his mouth and finally said nothing.
Liuzhuanghe took a bath after returning home, and then carefully rubbed the medicine on the red and swollen place to cool the medicine, which made her neck less irritable and painful like just now.
Gu boss took a taxi back to the family villa.
Just entering the door, I saw three old people sitting on the sofa looking forward to it.
Gu Si smiled at the corner of his mouth. It seems that the three old people are very lonely at home and are looking forward to his return.
But he sat down on the sofa, and the three old people kept their potential cushions unchanged, staring straight at the door.
Gu Si was stunned. Isn’t he sitting here?
Can’t they see him as a big living person?
"Grandpa, Grandma, Dad" Gu Zilang feels good.
"Well" Gu Teng casually replied that Grandma and Dad didn’t really look at him at all.
This gu post some wonder seems not didn’t see him but waiting for someone.
"Grandma and Dad, who are you looking at?"
Zhong Shangyun looked back and asked, "Where is Liuzhuang Lotus?"
"She didn’t come" Gu Si was a little depressed.
The three old men all looked at him and asked "What didn’t come?"
"I told you to bring her to dinner, didn’t I?" Zhong Shangyun couldn’t help but add a sentence. If Liuzhuang Lotus was really the child that year, what she did before made her ashamed to see her.
"Well, she didn’t come to Zhuanghe." Gu Si carefully observed how the three old people looked and looked weird. They were not opposed to him being with Liuzhuang Lotus. Now what is the situation?
I feel that I don’t want him to go home for dinner today, but I want Liu Zhuanghe to go home for dinner.
"Oh, so that’s it." Zhong Shangyun glanced at it before looking at Gu Zilang and asked, "I read today’s newspaper. Can you tell us what’s going on?"
Gu took one look at the three old talents and said, "She was Huoshan’s lost daughter twenty-three years ago and now she’s back."
23 years ago
Zhong Shangyun took a complicated look at his eyes.
Gu Zhongchen also took a look at his mother, and the pain in his eyes could not be concealed.
Gu Teng stretched out his hand and took his wife’s shoulder and patted her.
Gu Boshang looked at the three old people in front of him and asked strangely, "Grandma, are you hiding something from me?"
"I haven’t got even with you yet. How can you make my granddaughter’s wife so busy?" Zhong Shangyun couldn’t help but be angry with Sun Bao when he got the answer he wanted.
""gu boss post has some received what grandma ok?
"What are you talking about? How do you take care of my granddaughter’s wife when she is tired?"
"Grandma, you don’t object to us." Gu Boshang still didn’t understand the current situation and asked with uncertainty.
"No objection," Zhong Shangyun waved his hand. "We three old guys were too pedantic before, but now it’s good to have your heart."
"True" Gu Boshang doesn’t believe looking at grandma.

He Jingchen’s face was cold and hard. Fang Huai saw his one eye and stepped outside to call Yun Shu.

Yun Shu has finished washing the bed. Seeing him coming, he probably knows what’s going on. He got through to "hello".
Fang Huai smiled faintly. "I won’t be back late. You go to sleep first."
"Well," said Yun Shuyin.
Fang Huai listened to the words, and she breathed gently and wanted to think, and called out "Yun Shu"
"I love you" Fang Huai suddenly said.
YunShu mercilessly leng a heartbeat as if all of a sudden slow lip "what’s the matter? Suddenly say this? "
"is this your response?" Fang Huai had no heart.
Yunshu didn’t speak.
Fang Huai asked her gently, "What about you?"
"I don’t feel anything for me. I don’t believe it."
"Yes," said Yun Shu quietly, "I have a feeling that this feeling is limited."
"I am white" Fang Huai breathed a sigh of relief "It won’t be long"
Yunshu nodded and hung up the phone.
Section 39
Fang Huai listened to the busy tone in the mobile phone, and his mood was still complicated. He installed the mobile phone for a long time and returned to the intensive care room.
He Jingyan and He Jingchen were talking and saw him come in and stop talking.
He Jingyan gave him a weak smile.
He Jingchen glanced at him and said, "Yan Yan said I was hungry. I’ll go out and see if there is anything to eat. You can accompany her to talk."
"Know" Fang Huai nodded.
He Jingchen stepped out.
Fang Huai took a stool and sat by the bed with him.
He Jingyan looked at him with infatuation. "I’m sorry, my brother. You know he’s angry, too. It’s all my fault."
"Or how do you say he is your brother?" Fang Huai shrugged and smiled. "You shouldn’t do such a stupid thing just because he is so kind to you."
"I’m so sad" He Jingyan’s eyes are stained with pain "especially when I think of you all the time …"
Chapter 15 Test One [Second Watch]
Fang Huai looked at her muttering and felt guilty.
It’s too long to change many things and many people.
But that silly girl who suffered the most in those years is still stubborn, even though she looks confident and proud, even though she has been generous and familiar with things, she is not as young as she was in those years.
She is still weak and wronged when she treats him.
"Jingyan …"
Fang Huai looked at her gently in a low voice.
He Jingyan pursed her lips and looked at him. "Please come back?"
"It’s over," Fang Huaishu looked at her with a sigh of relief as if she were determined. "It’s been too long. Even though I still have feelings for you, I’m already in love. I can’t lie to myself, let alone your eyes. Even though I’m barely with you, I believe it’s painful to wait for us. Just take a step back and broaden the sky. You must be so smart and white, right?"
"No" He Jingyan shook her head "I’m not white"
"But I already like women." Fang Huai sipped her lips and suddenly said.
He didn’t show his feelings for Yun Shu before. He Jingyan still holds the fantasy, but at the moment, the other party Huai has a serious look. She hesitated for a second and her white lips trembled.
She really … accepted it.

"Let’s suppress it together and don’t give him a chance to read the mantra." Aole smiled coldly and chaotic light flowed around him. "I’m the ancestor dragon. I’ll see if you can resist me by means of your first divine fire and innate divine wind."

"Aole, it’s no wonder that you want to die yourself." Jade Duxiu has a cold light in his eyes, "Chaotic Armageddon"
Jade Duxiu feels that the overwhelming doom in his own black lotus is pouring into the violet in his hand. After the increase of violet, the power has been doubled more than that of the fuzzy ten lotus, which has gradually faded into emptiness.
Aole didn’t know that the depth of this blow was suppressed by the former means without fear of the chaotic and hazy scale rune circulation in the palm towards Jade Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu flew out, but violet Daoguo broke into chaos in Aole’s palm.
"Bad" Aole’s face is not seen at all, and her face is full of anxiety and fear, "motherfucker! Chaos suppression! "
The overwhelming chaos is rushing towards Aole, constantly suppressing the fate of Aole.
"Ha, ha, ha, Aole, you also have today. Look, I swallowed you up today to achieve Zulongguo." Jinli laughed wildly at Aole.
Chapter 214 dismemberment, repression
See the horse Weili Aole body blow up all the grandfathers. The fiend turns pale with horror. Far away from the demon god, he quickly withdraws. On the contrary, his face is lit up with brocade scales. Suddenly, he reveals himself and overwhelms the huge dragon thousands of miles away in Fiona Fang. He growls and vibrates chaos. "Ha, ha, ha, you bitch also deserve me to compete for Zulong’s life? If you weren’t lucky enough to get Hongjun Jingxue and good luck, how could you have room for success? Today is the day when you die and swallow you, and I will break into the lock demon tower to achieve Zulong Avenue. "
As he spoke, Jin Li opened his mouth and swallowed Aole in one gulp, turning it into a humanoid dragon ball and continuously suppressing Aole in the abdomen, trying to absorb Aole for refining.
At this time, Aole won a single blow from Yudu Duxiu to suppress the strength of the body, so Jin Li opponent?
See the brocade scale really relentlessly to malicious hand AoLe eyes flashed a biting "die die! Everyone dies together! "
Aole didn’t suppress the fate of the body and the sky, but suddenly pushed it out.
"damn it! Bitch! " Brocade scales face crazy change for a moment, and pieces of great strength burst out and instantly smashed Brocade scales into blood fog, and Aole blood fog mixed together and could not tell each other.
"Hum ~"
The sky is full of blood and fog, and Aolejin scales are pale. Obviously, the previous blow will never feel good.
At this time, Yu Duxiu is also uncomfortable. Looking at the people in the field with a wry smile, "Lost! Lost! Strange how suddenly lost his mind incredibly so recklessly "
Yu Duxiu’s heart was in a state of indecision. "Is it because someone is plotting against me?"
"Hung-chun, don’t try to be brave. Let’s run! Otherwise, you call the old turtle to meet you. I trust these bastards are definitely not old turtle opponents. "Jade bodhi old zu shouted in the distance.
Looking at the jade bodhi old zu Yu Duxiu flashes in my mind and observing my whole body, ten thousand alpacas suddenly crossed my heart.
"Lie trough! Doom consumption is too big to suppress this fucking bad luck. I was influenced by this old thing’s bad luck. "Jade Duxiu suddenly had a pair of eyes scanning the field with chaotic violet in his hand.
"He can’t! After all, quasi-immortals are quasi-immortals and can’t become a big climate! Let’s make moves to kill the town. "Hubei God roared upwards and descended on Jade Duxiu again.
Terran ancestors watched the battle from a distance. Look at me. I think you are too easy. The ancestor played with the turtle shell in his hand and said, "Hongjun is a terrible force."
"It’s a pity that Hung-chun is so headstrong that he has to explain himself to so many strong people." Grandfather Tai Dou shook his head and sighed deeply. "Shall we do it?"
"Lock demon tower with demon clan dragon number is the bane of Hongjun. If you don’t give up the lock demon tower, the strong will not let him go. Let’s get burned. If you are at the critical moment, you will be miserable if you are found an excuse to knock on the door by the strong! Not worth the loss! " Tai Yi’s ancestor shook his head.
Listen to Tai Yi’s ancestor’s words, everyone smells words, you look at me, I see you are silent.
"Hung-chun! Hand over the lock demon tower of all the demon clan departments in the lock demon tower, and my demon clan will not be polluted at all, which will help you retreat from the strong enemy. Will you? " Fox God’s eyes stared at Jade Duxiu, full of longing and pleading.
"It’s better to die than live today." Jade Duxiu’s eyes scanned the field and the words were cold.
"Hung-chun! You don’t try to be brave "jade old man nai holding the head.
"You old bastard, stay away from me. It’s bad luck. I can’t stand your bad luck now," Yu Duxiu said.
As she spoke, the violet in Jade Duxiu’s hand circulated vertically and horizontally, and the Hubei God fought in a ball, rolling up the waves in vain and rolling in chaos.
"Everybody shoulder to shoulder" Wolf god shouted, twelve fiends jumped like gods and tigers, and Aolejin scales jumped instantly without rest at this time.
Demon clan, demon protoss, Aole and Jinlin respectively buckled a part of Jade Duxiu’s body, firmly fixed the true spirit of Jade Duxiu, and then everyone violently ripped Jade Duxiu apart instantly, and then everyone used their own means to suppress a part of Jade Duxiu’s body.
"Lock the demon tower?" Fox God holds Jade Duxiu’s head up to his front.
At Fox God, Jade Duxiu closed his eyes. "Want treasures? But no way! You’d better suppress me. "
"This fellow’s mouth shut. You’ll know it’s amazing if you suppress it for ten million years." Like a god, he came over and cast the forbidden method to seal Jade Duxiu’s head and arm.
The demon protoss seals the shoulders and abdomen of Jade Duxiu, and the wolf god looks at Jade Duxiu’s bust. "The crown will be so stubborn as to hand over the lock demon tower, but we don’t want to have a conflict with it. If you want to hand over the lock demon tower, we will let you go."
Yu Duxiu turned his belly into a big mouth and spat at the wolf god. "It depends on how long you can suppress the seat!"
Jinlin Aole turned away with one thigh and turned back to their respective territories.
Looking at SIRS the strong have left only jade bodhi old zu startled there "so suppressed? What tricks did Hung-chun play that he didn’t ask the bodhi old zu to help me? Is it strange that this fellow has a hobby of being abused? "
Talking, the jade bodhi old zu held his head and turned around. Jade Jingshan looked at the old tortoise and tugged at its beard. "You old Wang Hongjun have been suppressed, but you still don’t move to save Hongjun?"
"The Lord said that I would never be allowed to make a move without his command." The old tortoise slowly pushed the jade bodhi old zu’s eyes full of peace. "The Lord has always been far-sighted and may not have any plans this time."
"A way to fight? Hung-chun didn’t die now, and he didn’t see the truth. "Jade bodhi old zu balsam pear face way.
Just then, I saw Lingyu come running. "The bodhi old zu El Nino’s young master, your aunts and grandmothers are going crazy. I want to make a strong move to find you. I can’t stop the theory and ask the bodhi old zu to help me."
"Alas," the jade bodhi old zu sighed, "Hung-chun, this fellow is really not worrying."
With that, the jade bodhi old zu strode to the exit of Yujingshan, only to see that the infant grabbed the dust behind him with a fire tip, leaving the dust, and Wen Yingji’s face was full of anxiety and anger.
"live!" Jade bodhi old zu blocked the exit.
"The bodhi old zu, you came just in time for us to go to my father’s revenge." The baby saw that the jade bodhi old zu was full of grief and his face lit up.
Jade bodhi old zu sullenly nu scold a "nonsense, you wait for strength is not enough? The strong can blow your breath and you will be suppressed and you will be messed up? Or stay in this jade mountain and wait for your father to return. Your father has become immortal and immortal, and the one who can kill him. "
"The bodhi old zu! Are you going to stop me, too? " El Nino’s face is full of discontent.
"You have to die if you don’t stop you." Jade bodhi old zu shook his head.