It’s like a bomb hidden at the top of a stick.

The strong and vigorous energy was blown out through the stick, which made the oncoming fishy wind turn around.
"Well …"
In the middle of the hall, jade eyebrows are slightly raised.
"The stick technique is good."
It’s also a good stick
"Ha ha …"
In the face of the attack, the stick is fragrant and heavy, laughing and not retreating, but hitting it with one hand.
When the stick and palm intersect, the body will sink. When Zhou Yi is sluggish, the whole person will turn over and jump back for several feet. At the same time, the stick will tap the ground and save it again.
The black flame stick shook his hand back and forth or made people unpredictable. I don’t know whether it hit the neck or pierced the thigh.
The unpredictable stick technique makes Xiang Shen have to keep moving.
"Boom …"
Zhou Yi’s body is like a spirit ape’s hand, and the virtual shadow is clubbed. From time to time, every stick brings a detonation from a strange angle.
Xiang Shen, on the other hand, stands firmly with his hands on the spot, patting and pressing. Although the movement is relatively clumsy, it is powerful and heavy, and every blow makes the attack come back.
Even the stick technique is messy.
"Zhou Yi’s stick technique is good, and it can be said to be exquisite."
"Nai …"
"Poor constitution!"
"Good" Bo’s face is full of disdain.
"Everyone outside the mountain is as weak as a sheep, so you can exercise Wushu, but it’s a pity that it’s still hard to be big after all."
Jade has no mouth and a little disappointment in her eyes.
Two years!
The slow progress of Zhou Yi’s practice is outrageous. According to his age, his potential is not small. The physique of outsiders in Naishan is quite different.
It’s not suitable to cultivate five poisonous killers.
"heavy fragrance"
Shuode is a sound.
"Stop playing and everyone is watching you."
Xiang Shen’s face is facing Zhou Yi’s mouth
"Brother, be careful."
"Shout …"
Her voice did not fall, and her mouth suddenly took a huge suction, which directly caused a wind to swirl towards her belly.
In the blink of an eye, it’s like being inflated, and the whole person is bigger.
Go straight for three meters!
Sarcoma is even more shiny, bulging and slightly undulating. It seems that it is possible to explode and spray venom from it at any time.
As the pressure increases, Zhou Yi’s face becomes more dignified.
Xiang Shen’s mouth is full of drinks, and his hands pounce forward, regardless of the incoming sticks and heavy sticks, which directly cover 100 degrees.
No matter Zhou Yi’s body, it covers the scope.
The strength of terror rushed out more than 20 meters away, and even the hard rocks were corroded by a thin layer.
Hundreds of meters away, the giant trees are also swaying.
Zhou Yi’s face turned pale and the palm wind covered the edge, which was also because Xiang Shen deliberately slowed down to let him sometimes avoid it.
"The teacher elder sister …"
Sigh for a week and hold a stick and fuels.
"I am ashamed that Zhou is not as good as myself."
Xiang Shen received work and waved his hand.
"How long will it take you to practice? In a few years, you may not be weaker than me. If the weapons in hand are good enough, I may not be as good as you."
This is equivalent to her suggestion.
After all, Zhou Yi’s practice speed is too slow, and it is better to polish his stick and find a way to change his weapon to reality than to cultivate fierce apes.
"That’s it."
Fang Yu some disappointing shook his head, eyes rested on Kang Rongshen beautiful eyes a bright and then oral discussion way
"Kang Rong, you are gesticulating with Zhou Yi."
Chapter 93 Magic Knife
Jade discussion is a whim.
Kang Rong’s talent is extraordinary, and he has just advanced. His breath may not be stable, let alone exert other means.
Although Zhou Yi’s talent is not good, he has also polished the realm of Tian Man for more than two years, and the magic of stick skill can be used at will.
Compared with Kang Rong, they are no match.

Pak Lei suddenly gave me a charming smile and got up and ran out of the pavilion.

I was surprised when I suddenly saw a group of young men walking on Xiaoshi Road outside the garden. Bai Xihuang was in front, followed by Xie Tingjun, Duan Ciyu and Ling Mo. I didn’t know him.
Queen mother, is this a blind date meeting? But Ling Mo is not too young, is she?
Think about it, I don’t think it’s strange that it’s common to get married at a young age in ancient times. Ling Mo can also have a family at this age, but his personality is so arrogant that it’s hard to like girls.
They just came over and saw me, too. Xie Tingjun nodded politely and greeted me. Ling Mo saw my black face and immediately there was a cloud and mist, and when he glanced at me, he moved his line of sight.
Of course, I don’t know what he did. If the queen mother knows about us, I don’t care. I’m afraid the queen mother will do something to him, and we don’t even know him in the palace.
"Emperor, you have finally come. Your male and female servants have been waiting for you for a long time, and you have prepared your favorite fruit." Pak Lei smiled sweetly and ran like a swallow, but it happened that the right distance was gently tripped and Bai Xihuang fell into her arms.
This bitch! My heart is dark scold really want to slap ya one hundred.
I just ordered someone to bring these fruits, but she took the credit shamelessly and pretended to be tripped over. Pretend to be so arrogant, and it will pay off sooner or later.
But Bai Xihuang’s posture of holding her is really an eyesore. I took a hard bite of the cantaloupe and bit it as Bai Xihuang’s finger.
"Pear son, are you okay?" Bai Xihuang lifted her up briefly.
"Huang, I’m fine. It’s getting harder and harder to show up. I’m tripped when I run a road."
Pak Lei light frown on Bai Xihuang skill suddenly hold down the left waist expression as if brimming with pain.
"Pear son what’s wrong with you? Why is your face so white? " Bai Xihuang bowed their heads and asked
The more I watched it, the more angry I became. What tricks did Pak Lei play? Just now, he was still in high spirits, and his weak face became faster than a fox.
Why is her face so white? Is this an obvious fact? She wears too much powder and turns it into painting walls.
And Bai Xihuang was still holding her waist, and her heart was too unsightly. I took a hard bite of cantaloupe and treated it as Bai Xihuang’s arm.
"Well, the old waist injury has hurt again recently, but it doesn’t matter if you endure it for a few days."
Pak Lei’s hand still presses his waist, but he laughs hard. He is afraid of people and worries about knowing wisely and being virtuous.
"How can you endure the injury and ask Qi Yun to show you quickly?"
I think it’s a raging fire. Pretend you are. How light as a swallow you just ran past? I am an expert with sharp eyes. If there is a problem with her waist, she can swing and twist it step by step.
But damn it, Bai Xihuang believed it, and he also asked Qi Yun to help her see it. It was an eyesore. I took a hard bite of the cantaloupe and chewed it as Bai Xihuang’s neck.
Pak Lei’s face changed and forced a smile. "No, Qi’s adult is busy every day. How can I bother him with this little thing?"
See, I can’t put it in, and it’s not exposed after being checked by the old man Qi Yun.
"How can this be a trouble? The longer the injury drags on, the bigger the problem will be. We must look at it."
I almost laughed to death, Pak Lei. You deserved to dig a hole and jump in it.
Pak Lei hesitated with a sly look in her eyes. She turned to look at me defiantly, and her lips smiled again.
"Why bother Qi’s adult when there is a ready-made doctor who cures too much? Let the queen’s sister show me that the queen’s medical skill is so powerful that it can bring you back to life. Of course, my minor injury is not a problem. I don’t know if the queen is willing?"
I squint at this Pak Lei trying to drag me to her, but I dare not expose her, huh?
"Then let Yan Er help you have a look."
Bai Xihuang holding Pak Lei came slowly. Bai Xihuang and I should sit together because of the position of the long table.
Bai Xihuang sat next to me and Pak Lei stuck up again. conjoined twins seemed to hold Bai Xihuang’s hand and didn’t deflate, which made me almost lift the table.
So we had to sit in Bai Xihuang’s chair, and both sides really responded to the sentence "Left wife, right concubine, left hug and right hug".
"Yan Er, you are so beautiful today. The whole person looks aura." Bai Xihuang just sat down and immediately turned around and looked at me with a critical eye. She smiled and praised me.
I saw Pak Lei’s face turned black over his shoulder.
She is so beautifully dressed today, and she always looks at him with a smile on her face, but he doesn’t even have a comment, and he praises my horse when he sees it.
This is almost treatment. Hum wants to rob a man with me, so let’s see who can catch this man’s heart.
"Of course, there are no ugly women and lazy women in this world. I don’t think it is necessary to dress up before. Now I want to enjoy women, and I am beautiful."
No woman is not sweet when she hears the exaggeration of her heart, and so am I, which makes her feel beautiful. He doesn’t ask much about my appearance, which means that he doesn’t care that I am beautiful and ugly, which makes me happier.
Bai Xihuang close to me satisfiedly chuckle "is because women please yourself! Yan Er, I am very happy that you dress up like this. "
"You will be happier later." When you see my true appearance, your eyes will probably fall out.
However, before that, he needs to undergo many tests before I can judge whether he meets my requirements. When I am willing to face him in person, it is time for me to entrust him with my life happiness.

"Do you have a symbol?" I asked Chen Qiang, this guy came with his bare hands and didn’t even bring a small bag.

"Yes!" Chen Qiang nodded his head.
"Put another array to see what’s going on inside." My finger stole the hole and rushed to Chen Qiang, saying that the sealing of the soil affected my gas-watching spell hole. I didn’t understand the situation.
Chen Qiang nodded his head and quickly unbuttoned his clothes, revealing the lining of his Tibetan coat. The small pockets were bulging and filled with all kinds of small objects.
"There is a saying in Taoism that you are a dry Kun in your sleeve." I really didn’t see so many things hidden in Chen Jiang’s clothes.
Chen Qiang smiled at me and took out a few pieces from his small pocket, which were similar to animal bones and symbols, and put those messy stones on the ground in turn.
See Chen Qiang operator of has put a seven, I walked to the mouth of the cave holding hidden gas tactic waved them around.
"I want the section chief" Chen Jiang looked up at me with a small skull in his hand.
I turned around and nodded at him. Chen Qiang did not hesitate to stretch out his hand and put the object in his hand on the last stone. Once the array was formed, he suddenly exuded a cold sun’s spirit. It wasn’t long before I felt that there was a figure stealing the hole and flashed quickly. After a while, the flame had already shot out.
Suddenly out of the flames, the first target was Chen Qiang. Naturally, I couldn’t sit back and watch as I reached out and extended the purple gas to protect the Dharma. The flame in Chen Qiang was blocked by the purple gas, and it didn’t stop at once and quickly extended back to the stolen hole.
"There are still six people in it, and two of them may be injured and the sun be the spirit is weak." Chen Qiang withdrew the dharma seal one by one.
"What do you see?" King kong cannon see I nodded and shook his head and asked.
"The technique is very similar to the old seven, but the breath that just flashed inside is Kun Qi …"
Chapter 177 It was you.
"Female?" King Kong Cannon could not help but exclaim.
"It’s a woman and she’s young. It’s a dark red aura." Although it’s a glimpse, it’s time for me to see it clearly
"Look, I’ll go in and find her out." King Kong Gun stretched out his hand and grabbed the Ming Gong Dao. He looked righteously. I wonder if he still has the courage to say that the people inside have dark purple aura.
"Yu Kechang, what are you talking about?" Shao Yanqi and Chen Qianggen can’t understand these technical terms.
"Nothing inside is not bad. She set you on fire. It’s good for you." I turned to look at Shao Yanqi. "This ancient tomb is full of corpse gas. If you rush in, you will probably be washed away by corpse gas like the first archaeologist."
"So you two have to set up a table for ten, please ask others to thank her for setting you on fire." King Kong cannon laughed.
"I don’t listen to his nonsense, but she really doesn’t want to hurt you. It’s much easier to burn a person than to burn their hair and eyebrows." I explained that I was puzzled. Generally, grave robbers are ruthless. This group seems to be different from him.
"What should the section chief do now?" Shao Yanqi asked
"You are in charge of the overall situation from the outside. The three of us went in without my order not to have guns." I said seriously that Shao Yanqi’s psychic powers didn’t help much after going in, and these soldiers outside were transferred by him and wouldn’t listen to me. He was the most suitable one to take Chen Qiang outside because their faction could control the body and send some spots.
Shao Yanqi didn’t disagree with my suggestion.
"Xiao Chen, do you have any way to restrain the corpse?" I turned to look at Chen Qiang.
"I’m not afraid of resin gas. I still have the spirit of restraining resin gas here." Chen Qiang said and was ready to release it.
"We don’t want you to take care of yourself." I waved that King Kong Gun and I didn’t need to turn around and take the lead in entering the stolen hole.
Because the ancient tomb has been dug for a long time, the stolen hole is in good condition, and we have learned that the humanitarian law in the ancient tomb is not very high. Now the only thing we need to guard against is the sudden black gun, but fortunately, this has not happened. The three of them bent down and soon passed through the stolen hole and entered the outer tomb.
"I grass the Nanjing Massacre!" King Kong cannon exclaimed and shouted at the sight. The outer burial chamber has thousands of square meters. Although it is spacious and chiseled, it is quite crude and there are no sacrificial objects. The ground is full of missing arms and legs. The ancient ranks’ bodies are black, and the blood flow is everywhere. Although the bodies are not rotted, their eyes are white and their nostrils are enlarged, which means that the walkers are infected with the corpse gas. Judging from the coagulation of the corpse blood, these walkers should have been beheaded. If it is not cold in winter, it is estimated that they would have stinked a long time ago.
"Be careful, everyone, they have guns." Many of the walkers carried bullet holes, but more of them were killed by cold weapons such as swords. At that time, there was a quip in society that "no matter how high the martial arts are, we are afraid of kitchen knives." We are naturally not afraid of kitchen knives, but we cannot help but guard against them.
"If I had known I should have worn a bulletproof vest," the King Kong cannon pointed at the door of the tomb, which had been destroyed. "There were two people waiting for the rabbit. As soon as I got there, they were sure to shoot."
It is natural that a stone gate is blocked without sealing the soil, which will not affect our performance of gas observation. Both King Kong cannon and I have found two human scents in the middle tomb, one man and one woman, who previously controlled the flame to block the stolen hole, and one woman among the four people in the main tomb exudes a faint red aura.
"You wait here for me to rush over first," I said, pulling out my lieutenant.
"In the section chief you wait a moment" Chen Qiang stopped me.
"Xiao Chen, what are you doing?" King Kong cannon rushed to pinch the fire and rummaged through the pile of corpses, Chen Qiang asked.

"Your dad, of course, he is not a bonfire empire now, but I have given him what you brought." Gao Chen looked at Mag’s eyes and said faintly. Although it was such an answer, Gao Chen knew that Mag would definitely be able to understand the meaning of his words!

"Thank you, boss. I don’t know where they live now? Or windy city? " Magg took a deep breath and looked relaxed. He said a lot. Since Gao Chen said that he had given his things to Mast, Mast must still be alive now.
Gao Chen, such a strong man, has to make a move to deal with an enemy like Masud. That is usually to kill the other person. Listen to Gao Chen and say that when Gao Chen just returned to the bonfire empire, the situation of the Gao family panicked at that time. If you change your position and think that if you go back this time and you have Gao Chen’s strength, will your own means be like Gao Chen? I thought for a moment, but I shook my head and let it go. This is absolutely impossible!
"Practice hard. Everything in the secular world is just a cloud. Strength is the most important thing. Lang Hai, they are all real geniuses. Although it is only a matter of time before they surpass you, it is really a bit unreasonable if you don’t speed up your level and be surpassed in a short time!" The color of the map has not changed. Gao Chen is relieved. He is really afraid that the color of Mag will turn red. Although he is not afraid of Mag, there are not many people who can stay away from home anyway!
"I won’t let you down, and now I’m practicing!" Say that finish maag turned and walked out.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Encounter acquaintances
After arranging Lang Hai and others, Gao Chen intends to duel with Hua Weining for half a year now. Although even if Hua Weining becomes a ninth-order strong person, he is afraid of it, but in that case, he will expose the beast. The beast has always been a card of Gao Chen. If he really exposes the beast, he is a little unsatisfactory. After thinking about it, Gao Chen decided that he should also find a place to upgrade to level 90, and all problems will be solved.
Thinking about going out of the door, Gao Chen was definitely closed for half a year. Sometimes the enchantment helped this half a year, and there were more than one hundred years in the enchantment. If it was to increase the experience value, it should be almost the same. But at this time, I suddenly heard the voice to Tianyu, "Gao Chen, what are you doing now? Didn’t you practice at all when you went to the secular world for three months?"
"I have a practice, but the effect is not very obvious." When I heard it, I was busy with Tianyu pitch and respectfully returned to the Tao. Of course, he would never say that he should have a seven-star state. After all, this secret can’t be said casually, otherwise a lot of problems really don’t know how to explain it!
"There will be a decisive battle between you and Hua Weining in half a year. Hua Weining has already thought about the chamber closure and got the help of a piece of Tianchen Julingyu, the elder of China. It is likely to break into the ninth order in half a year. What are you going to do?" It’s a surprise for Gao Chen to listen to Tianyu without sadness or joy. Hua Tiandu actually helped Hua Weining to practice. It seems that his opponent is definitely a ninth-order strong man. Although he has long regarded Hua Weining as a ninth-order opponent, he was still a little shocked when he was really determined.
"I will try my best to be promoted to the ninth rank in half a year. This disciple will definitely live up to his reputation!" Gao Chen than firm serious mouth way
"Want to half a year from order a week to nine order? It’s hard. What do you need? The interpreter will try to satisfy you! " Sighing slightly to Tianyu, it is obvious that he is not very optimistic about Gao Chen’s going to rise from the first order to the ninth order in half a year. I have to say that this is crazy, even if it rarely happens in the whole history of the science of uniting!
"Thank you, Master. I think it’s time for me to go out and experience, so that my realm can rise rapidly." I feel that it’s not slow to warm my heart to Tianyu and then close my mouth, but it’s definitely faster than not killing monsters. In this case, why not kill monsters?
"It’s good to go out and experience, so where are you going to experience?" To Tianyu light asked
"Chang Yun War Zone" wanted to think about it. Gao Chen thought carefully about a few great experiences in the field of cultivation. Gao Chen felt that this was the most suitable because Chang Yun War Zone did not belong to an alien race. It was a paradise of Warcraft.
"Chang Yun war zone is good, too. Now the teacher will help you send off the array, and then you can go there for experience." To Tianyu, I heard Gao Chen’s ear.
"Thank you, Master" Gao Chen made a respectful worship in the direction of the Wind Temple.
Then I found Wenwen’s mouth and said, "Wenwen, I’m going out to experience, so why don’t you just practice fireball at home?"
"Brother, master, can I go with you? I don’t want to leave you." Just called out the word brother. Wenwen vomited her tongue and didn’t want to call a master!
"It’s too dangerous to go to a place without a division," Gao Chen said seriously. This time, going to the Chang Yun war zone for experience can be said that the encounter with Warcraft is at least six orders, which is no longer dangerous for a fireball artist to form, and it is simply to die …
"But I can respect you there, so I can be with you. If I don’t work with you, can I learn a fireball? No, I want to be stronger, and I will practice with you." At the end, Wenwen’s face and Shizun’s brother shouted out. Gao Chen’s face was sweaty. Brother Shizun, what a strange name is this!
However, after thinking about it for a long time, I think it’s better to take Wenwen with me because he wants to try Wenwen, and whether he can gain experience by beating monsters can also be upgraded to explain how Wenwen doesn’t overlook the temple. I think Wenwen should not attract people’s attention, even if Wenwen doesn’t, not many people know it, so he said, "We agreed that I won’t let you out when I get there."
"Hee hee, I knew you were the best brother and you would promise me." Wenwen said happily.
"To call master" Gao Chen drink a way with a straight face.
"What’s fierce? Call it a master. Call it a master." Wenwen’s mouth was flat and she said
Wen Wen’s words have just finished, and he has entered Gao Chen’s ear to Tianyu. "You are ready to send the array, so you can set off at the place ten thousand meters south of the Wind Temple."
"Thank you, Master!" Gao Chen respectful mouth way
After the fluctuation of Tianyu’s spirit disappeared, Gao Chen said to Wenwen, "Get ready, I’m going to set out for experience."
"Let’s go now," said Wenwen in surprise.
"Yes, we’re leaving now," said Gao Chen, and then we will directly start sending rings to the south of the Wind Temple as soon as we collect them in the shops!
Although Xiang Tianyu’s strength can send Gao Chen to the entrance of Zuma Temple, the distance between Fengshen Valley and Changyun Theater is too far. Even Xiang Tianyu can’t send Gao Chen to such a far place. However, there are arrays in the top ten sects. Although these arrays are rarely used in general, it takes energy for this array to start once, which is not affordable for ordinary practitioners. However, this energy consumption is of course a piece of cake for Xiang Tianyu.
Soon Gao Chen came to the sending array located in the south of the Wind Temple. This sending array sample is no different from the sending gate seen in Gao Chen’s game. If it is really different, it is that there are two tenth-order Fengshen Gu Di guarding the sending array in front. Although the sending array is rarely opened, it is of great significance to every sect. It is not surprising that all two tenth-order strong people guard this Gao Chen.
Gao Chen walked up to them and said respectfully, "Hello, two senior brothers. I’m going to the Chang Yun war zone for experience. Can I be sent to the battle now?"
After Gao Chen, the two tenth-order strong men in front of the escort formation, looked at one of Gao Chen at the same time and said, "Are you Gao Chen’s younger brother?"
"I dare to ask my brother’s name?" Although the tone of that person doesn’t sound emotionally fluctuating, the other person called him with the word "teacher younger brother", which means that the other person’s way of speaking is not aimed at anyone or that he is not pleasing to the eye. This is his speaking habit, just like a cold leaf!
"What’s the name? You’ll naturally know that since you want to go to the array to experience, you’re also very grasping. The Valley Master has already prepared the array to go now if you want." The most talkative one didn’t say anything, but another ten-order strong man said lightly …
A strange feeling is that this person doesn’t seem to have a good impression on himself. Of course, this is a feeling of Gao Chen. Gao Chen nodded to him and said, "Thank you very much. I’ll see you later!"
After that, Gao Chen stepped into the delivery array. He stepped into the delivery array and instantly felt a sense of terror coming to him. Gao Chen was on the alert. Although there should be no danger in this delivery array, Gao Chen had to be on the alert.
The flash in front of my eyes seems to be no different from that in the game. Another place has already appeared. I took a map and saw it. First, it was a strange scene. It seems that this should be the periphery of the Chang Yun war zone. Gao Chen is very puzzled. How did that fear come from? Is it because of the uncertain factors in the lineup? After thinking about it, Bai Gaochen didn’t feel relieved about it. He came to a new place. Gao Chen habitually looked at a map first. Suddenly, from the map, he saw several red dots rushing towards him. He was busy finding a secret place and hitting himself with invisibility.


"No" is almost unanimously rejected by everyone. According to the present situation, the enemy deliberately set up these obstacles to prevent forest intruders from invading, and the effect is remarkable.
If you don’t send a large number of troops to guard against invasion in such a long forest, since the enemy has such advanced equipment, you will not invest too much troops. Maybe the enemy doesn’t know that they have invaded yet!
But once you chop down trees, you tell the guards that someone is coming!
Chapter sixty-two magic eye secret
"Then I won’t believe it if we draw a deeper route. Can I still draw a circle?" Wu Buyue a look at the first idea was rejected by all at once and was unwilling to say again
Mo Xueyi shook his head and said, "No, setting this machine is aimed at our cranial nerves. Even if you draw a circle, I’m afraid it’s a straight line in your eyes. It shouldn’t work."
"That’s no good. That’s no good. Are we just going to die here?" Wu Yue-yi didn’t pass the exam and was immediately frustrated. After all, in the face of this situation, it is not a melee hunter who is good at coping with the situation.
"Liu Shu, I think you should give it a try. After all, do you have illusions and nerves?" Wang Ming turned to Liu Liangchen way
"Yes! Lao Liu, isn’t that what you play with? Can you still be stumped by this? " Wu Buyue felt that Wang Ming’s statement made sense and immediately urged Wu Buyue to be extremely impatient with being trapped in the forest.
"Try it, but I can’t impose my illusion on myself! Why don’t you try it, Lao Wu? " Liu Liangchen has reached the point that blood hunters still know something about human hallucinations, but he is still being disturbed himself. I don’t know if it will be biased if he rashly imposes it on others. After all, it is not fun to get stuck in hallucinations.
"Then forget it! Can you do this? " Wu Buyue is most afraid of this kind of invisible illusion and immediately rebuffed.
"Let me do it! Liu Shu, you apply the nerve correction illusion to me and add my perception of nature to see if we can go out. "Wang Ming volunteered at this time.
After all, now Wang Ming is the most dispensable in the group, with Wu Buyuan fighting, Mo Xueyi healing, Wilch and Liu Liangchen’s ability not to be imposed on himself, so now Wang Ming is the most suitable.
Mo Xueyi looked at Wang Ming. At the moment, there was no contempt in her eyes, but she respected her teammates. Liu Liangchen looked at Mo Xueyi and Mo Xueyi nodded his head. It was even settled.
After Liu Liangchen applied the nerve correction illusion to Wang Ming, everyone’s position has changed. Now Wang Ming and Xiao Qiu have gone to the front, and behind Wang Ming is Mo Xueyi. Because Mo Xueyi is afraid that Wang Ming, the leader, will be close behind Wang Ming and ready to defend at any time. Later, Wu Buyue Wilch and Liu Liangchen will heal the hunters. One end is to be protected in the team at any time.
Liu Liangchen’s illusion to Wang Ming is equivalent to nerve interference. On the contrary, the illusion of nerve is to correct the influence of interfering nerve on people, and Wang Ming can also judge whether he cares or not through the feedback of natural attributes to surrounding information.
In this way, Wang Ming and his team walked for a while. Wang Ming carefully felt the disappointment of the surrounding information and stopped and sighed. "Alas! Still can’t Liu Shu illusion no matter! "
A few people stopped again. Liu Liangchen was embarrassed to know that Wang Ming’s illusion was the original way for Liu Liangchen to join in order to deal with this situation, but who knows that the key moment fell off the chain, which made Liu Liangchen very embarrassed.
Just when they were at their wits’ end, Wang Ming suddenly found a flower in Xiaoqiu’s mouth that was different from the surrounding ones, and walked back.
Wang Ming saw the flowers in the mouth of Xiaoqiu shine at the moment and immediately called Xiaoqiu to his side and said, "Xiaoqiu, can you go out? Do you rely on smell instead of visual nerve?"
"tweet!" Hill immediately a face of satisfiedly cried.
At this time, some depressed teams heard the conversation between Wang Ming and Xiao Qiu and rekindled their hopes.
"Come on, then let Xiaoqiu lead the way so that we can’t go out?" Wu Buyue couldn’t help saying
Wang Ming looked at the crowd and found that all eyes were shining and no one objected. After all, no matter how strong people walk in this forest, they can’t compete with weak and fierce beasts.
"Wang Ming, let this little guy lead the way!" Moxueyi light way
Since everyone has no opinion and there is no other way, Wang Ming may as well let the hill go to the front, and everyone will go on with the hill. It will take more than ten minutes for Wang Ming to find that the information about the trees around him is different, and he also feels that the real barrier to the forest is far less unfathomable than what he felt just now.
"Come out, we finally got out. I can feel the real forest instead of the horrible place just now!" Not only Wang Ming, but also Welch felt the changes in the surrounding Woods at this time.
"Rest in place, we adjust and move forward again and again. This time, we can take the lead. Thanks to Wang Ming and his fox, I will remember your credit and report it truthfully when I get back." Although Mo Xueyi’s impression of Wang Ming’s womanizer has not changed yet, especially when he sees Wang Ming and Mia together, his heart is even more uncomfortable, but his current teammate Wang Ming is still worthy of Mo Xueyi’s recognition.
What is Wang Ming’s so-called credit? He smiled and stroked the hill and said, "This credit is all because our hill is the best fox!"
The hill was touched by Wang Ming, and it was very comfortable to rely on Wang Ming to look around. Both Mo Xueyi and Welch were very envious. After all, women have no natural resistance to this lovely animal. The hill is relatively cold, and no one is allowed to approach except Wang Ming.
When Wang Ming’s group was resting, suddenly there was a loud explosion in the Woods, and it was accompanied by sandstorms. The explosion was so dense that it could be felt in the Woods, and the explosion was like dyeing. Soon there were explosions in all directions in the Woods.
At this time, Mo Xueyi felt the vibration all around with a sullen face, but her face was not a little surprised, but a little worried.
"Team, captain, what the hell is going on? Did the enemy find us?" At this time, Liu Liangchen was surprised to feel the surrounding shock avenue.
Mo Xueyi shook his head and said, "No, it should be that his team also found itself trapped in the interference and took the road to release the latest magic bomb developed by magic eye!"
"What is that?" Wu Buyue asked puzzled.
Wu Buyue and Liu Liangchen are both from the Hunting Corps, and they know the secret of magic eye. It is no wonder that there are very few people here in magic eye. This newly developed magic explosive bomb in magic eye was given to 15 foreign team captains two days before the departure. It is said that this is the killer that magic eye has been hiding.
In fact, this magic bomb is a small missile launcher, but this device is very small and easy to carry, and there are ten powerful magic bombs hidden in it, which belong to weapons that can form great destructive power in a short time, and it has an excellent effect on breaking through the enemy’s encirclement when fighting alone. It is never good for him to estimate his power, even if the hunting king resists a magic bomb head-on.
This weapon is developed according to the principle that the hunter’s power activates the magic crystal to take things. This hair is discovered by a strange man in the eyes of the magic. If the hunter activates the power, it can cause the extremely unstable magic crystal to take things and explode.
This magic eye man immediately started to study it. After two years, he finally developed this powerful magic device that can be ejected. It is this magic device that only hunters can activate the root method of ordinary people. If ordinary people can also activate it, I am afraid it is really possible for human beings to reverse themselves.
Even if there are hunters available, the combat effectiveness of hunters has been raised by more than one grade in an instant. It is extremely difficult to make this weapon or take the raw materials of magic crystal blasting. After preparation, each team will be equipped with one, of course, who is in charge of the magic explosive bomb, that is, the captain of each team
Mo Xueyi probably explained the origin and power of a magic explosive bomb to the team members. Wu Buyue exclaimed, "My mother! If this thing can be mass-produced, it may not be a dream for us humans to counterattack and return to the land. "
Wang Ming shook his head, saying, "It is impossible to mass-produce this kind of thing, and I’m afraid there is not much equipment in the East Side Magic Crystal Limited, otherwise we should have one hand now."
"Wang Ming makes sense," Liu Liangchen echoed.
There was a huge explosion in the surrounding forest. When Wang Ming was still studying the magic explosive bomb, suddenly Wang Ming felt something entering the forest and heading for the explosion. Obviously, the other party also had certain natural properties. When they first entered, Wang Ming didn’t even notice it.
"No, someone is coming in the direction of the explosion. It’s the enemy on the other side of the forest!" Wang Ming quickly said

Wang Gan suddenly changed his face and felt a strange itch in the discolored part, which made him unbearable but could not move.

"There was once a monk who lied to me about this lingshi. I vowed to kill him and always carried it with me to wake myself up. Don’t forget the humiliation of the day, but I finally let him escape and die in this life." Wang Gan finally let go and gnashed his teeth for a long time.
Hua Shang Shi stared at Wang Gan’s eyes for half a ring, recalling that his eyes were exactly the same as they are now when he vowed to kill the father and the son. This just smiled, "I think so."
And she threw this waste lingshi away with a throw, but Wang Gan didn’t even move his eyes without changing his face.
Wang Gan is a wily old fox when it comes to acting and speculating on other people’s mentality, otherwise he wouldn’t have fooled Yang Qing at the beginning.
"wow! You’re so big. Which of these things is not someone else’s dream? It’s a pity that it’s all owned by the girl now. "Flower petticoats beat Wang Gankun’s bag at a glance, and then their eyes flashed in wonder."
Pushing a certain setting has been scolded badly by many new readers. It must be explained here-why should we set a gap? At first, it was to highlight the common sense of’ challenge that can’t be surpassed’, but the protagonist can often break this common sense because of the different cultivation routes. But later, it was found that this setting was too exaggerated to be restrained, and it was not wrong to skip the ten-fold increase of the body weight without strength. Because it involves another setting, it is boring to talk about it for the time being, and the strength setting is no problem, but some people compare it with Journey to the West … You monkeys have been suppressed for 500 years and are now cultivating immortality. It’s nothing to say that taking a nap is a thousand years’ work. It’s really nothing to say that taking a six-ton heavy stick and trying to fix the sea. The Wu Cheng’en setting is also very poisonous. It hasn’t been packed yet. (Laughter) Besides, this setting is not the same as ordinary people. It’s also because everyone is familiar with these words that the actual realm is still ordinary people = "Real people =" Fairy comes here to build a foundation and make an alchemy. Yuan Ying is a real person. It’s no different from practicing ten layers of gas. The upgrade speed will be very fast.
[ w w w ]
Chapter 12 All plundering then crumbling
Hua Shang Shi reached out and pulled out everything in Gan Kun’s bag, and everything was scattered all over the place.
"Are these two dry Kun bags the two younger brothers of Heaven and Earth Gate? Gee, really worthily, the disciples of heaven and earth add up to 100,000 pieces of spiritual stones and 10,000 pieces of supplementary Yuan Dan’s fortune is too rich … Huh? What instrument is this? " Hua Shang Shi paid attention to the heavenly seal. After looking through it for a long time, he found that it looked like an instrument, but it didn’t work, and it was also refined.
Where did she know that this multiplier was refined by chemical techniques? Wang Gan was the only one who could control it.
Suddenly, she remembered that Wei Tianbao had been sucked by this thing, and that he was easily killed by himself. He couldn’t help but gasp for air-conditioning, but then he showed surprise. It was unheard of that this kind of multiplier could be popular.
"Congenital multiplier! Gee, although it is just born soon, it can reach the degree of Chinese multiplier at most, but it will continue to be promoted over time. I didn’t expect you to have such a baby. "Hua Shang Shi unceremoniously collected the thunder and punishment pen."
"This is the one that can receive and send ink worms? I want to see what is written in it? " Then Hua Shangshi turned out the’ day’
Turning to the first page, Hua Shang Shi saw the line "You can die in the morning", but she didn’t mean much.
But then, when I looked at her, her expression gradually solidified. At first, she was puzzled, but gradually she was replaced by ecstasy, and she was so fascinated that she could not die.
Looking at the flower petticoats, Wang Gan showed such a sarcastic smile as if he had expected it.
All of a sudden, the flowers and petticoats fit together, and her eyes are filled with horror. When she looked down, she couldn’t help screaming sadly. But when she was only half a column of incense, her shawl grew to her waist, and her white hair was clearly visible. Life actually passed by less than half.
"How can this be …" Flower petticoats look very bad. Although she is cold-blooded in practice, women are most afraid of aging before they get old. How can this situation not scare her?
"Hey, this is blood bead? Is this the unique blood bead of Luotianmen? " Flower petticoats suddenly eyes a clot picked up a blood bead looked carefully hesitated for a moment and then swallowed.
"Good indeed as expected have come back to life wonders! It’s really hard for you to have so many blood beads! " Hua Shang Shi quickly swallowed hundreds of blood beads, and suddenly his white hair fell off and his vitality turned prosperous, restoring his youth.
I never dare to play this day after experiencing the breathtaking flowers, but I don’t want to throw them away, so I threw them into my dry bag at will.
Although she leafed through the sky, what was written in it? Looking back now, I feel that my memory is in chaos and I can’t remember the slightest.
The pregnant ghost Lei Fu blood bead refined the wind sword, and then got the materials, mud pills, pills, pills, pills, clothes and so on, which he plundered. All these things were unceremoniously’ accepted’ by Hua Shang Shi. Wang Gan looked at her unscrupulously plundering her own things, and there was a faint green light in her eyes, and her anger was constantly accumulating and waiting for the moment to break out.
"Shout … the harvest is too rich. I didn’t expect you to have so many adventures as a little monk who just practices gas. I’m not afraid that many things are plundered by you, right? It’s my turn to plunder you after pecking and drinking. "The harvest is very rich, and my eyes are bent with laughter."
"No one who dares to rob my baby will be killed by me in the end." Wang Gan said simply that the gloomy smell between his teeth made Hua Shangshi shudder.
"Hum!" Hua Shang Shi Wenwen’s face was suddenly cold and suddenly he reached out and pressed Wang Gan’s lower abdomen and corners of his mouth became warped. "What an annoying mouth! I wonder if you still have this chance when I waste your breath!"
Suddenly, Wang Gan felt a burst of heat flow in the lower abdomen, and felt that a large amount of liquid qi rushed into his gas sea and bumped around, but he wanted to directly explode his gas sea!
However, Hua Shangshi didn’t expect that Wang Gan’s air sea was ten times that of ordinary monks. Although these qi violently collided with the air sea, the law would be destroyed
But soon these liquid qi found a new target.
I saw clouds of cyclone qi impacting and exploding into chaotic vitality, but in a blink of an eye, more than 200 million cyclones were blown up by these qi and went all the way straight into the center of the big cyclone.
A silvery elixir cyclone full of cracks, with its central rotation, destroyed its whole structure by over-extraction, which made it no longer destroyed by the seamless method as before. Now, these qi violently hit this elixir, making the cracks more and more. Soon, when I heard a click, the elixir lit up with a golden light, and then it oscillated with layers of ripples accompanied by bursts of fragmentation and explosion!
"ah!" Suddenly, Wang Gan uttered a piercing scream and spat out one mouthful blood, but she was unconscious. There was a huge rebound in the palm of her hand, and her body could not help but go back several steps, and her face showed surprise.
She can pour the true qi into it, but she doesn’t know what happened in Wang Gan’s air sea.
"His true qi how so much? Although there is no condensate gas liquid, the rebound power is so great that I can’t stand it, but without it, the gas sea should be abolished from the perspective of rebound power. "Hua Shangshi secretly speculated that there should be no mistakes."
See her palm a turn a small and exquisite incense burner fly out of the palm unexpectedly Wang Gan inhalation.
"Hum! It’s time to pull your samadhi pure sun out of the body and waste your whole body to see what money you have! " The flower dress blows out a wisp of fragrance and turns into a enchanting and colorful flame, and the incense burner burns.
This flame is not a real fire, but a poisonous fire specially made for pure yang real fire. Once it is contaminated, it will be controlled.
I don’t know how long it took Wang Gan to wake up from a coma and feel wet with sticky sweat. You can imagine how painful it was.

On the age of the world, he should be called Lu Chenyi, but he is a mythical person, so he is honored.

"I feel that you have recently entered a bottleneck and I have come to help you."
Liu Chen said with a smile, raise my hand and point out a chaotic light into Sendai, Wang Bo.
Wang Bo was horrified at first, and then he found the brilliance and killed before he relaxed.
When he realized it, he was a little surprised. This is actually another chaotic ancient scripture!
He has long heard that not only the Emperor of Heaven has transformed the chaotic body, but also the Emperor Wu has evolved and transformed the chaotic body. I think Emperor Wu also has chaotic classics!
After a little research, he found that the chaotic ancient classics of Emperor Wu and the chaotic ancient classics of Ye Fan are very different, which is almost the opposite. It is more overbearing and more difficult to practice and understand.
It’s hard to say who has the disadvantage. After all, in the history of Emperor Wudi and Tiandi, Emperor Wudi won many times, but Emperor Wudi did not win by chaos.
"Xie Wudi gave the law"
Although Wang Bo is proud of his heart, he also knows that Lu Chen is also a generation who said that he can’t put on airs. At this time, the other party gave him a natural thank.
It was Wang Bo who wondered, "Xian Ye and I are both chaotic bodies, and she can prove it even if someone proves it, but your brother Lu Shutian still has to take the usual path. Isn’t it bad for your brother that Emperor Wu gave the dharma today?"
"I just want to give her more experience."
Lu Chen waved and smiled and then turned away.
The main reason is that Wang Bo is almost tied with those two little girls recently, so it’s boring. We must give coach Wang a boost.
It’s been a long time and a hundred years. Wang Bo got Lu Chen, Ye Fan, and the chaotic ancient classics combined the two methods and jumped out to show that their own methods were really strong.
He suppressed Ye Xianlu for another hundred years, and it was not until he was about to prove the truth that he almost drew a draw.
It’s hard to say if all three people don’t deliberately suppress it, but Wang Bo and Xian Ye have mostly become emperors.
This Ye Fan and Lu Chen called back two young girls respectively, and they were not allowed to play again, so they had to personally seal them in the future.
"Grandfather ~ I’m almost enlightened and haven’t won him yet …"
Lu Gaitian is very strong and indifferent, which is regarded as following her mother. The emperor Lu said that Gaitian Xian killed a generation of Tianjiao with a flick of his finger.
However, the Immortal Mountain in Emperor Wudi’s Palace is another kind of desert, holding Lu Chen’s arm like a little girl who doesn’t grow up.
Her delicate cheeks are bulging. "Grandfather, your method is too strong to give me."
Liu Chen’s heart touched the little brother’s head. "You’re not a chaotic body."
He went on to say, "I gave Wang Bo the Chaos Classic so that you could gain more experience. As a result, it was a success. It was not easy for you to draw him in the end. After all, he was an ancient and had more war experience than you."
Finally, Lu Chen sealed the land and let her break through, and then she really became an emperor.
The chaos hegemony ended and the draw ended, leaving a Wang Bo to be the only one in the years to come.
Thousands of years later, Wang Bo became the emperor and the law of blending all ways burned the world and shook the human world.
"This is the chaos into the Tao? It’s so extraordinary that he fits in with all the ways, and he really has the potential of natural enemies. Maybe Emperor Wudi and Emperor Tiandi really met the challenger. "
Someone exclaimed and praised Wang Bocheng’s greatness.
However, more people think that doesn’t mean that Emperor Wudi and Emperor Tiandi were too strong to create a miracle in ancient times and lived invincible for more than 200 thousand years.
After 10,000 years, the chaotic body is as strong as the sky, and it has reached the highest point in this life, and it has been sublimated to the name of chaotic Emperor Wu.
Everyone had a premonition that World War I was coming, so it was obvious that the name given to him was very specific to the surname, and there was a person who could respect Emperor Wu.
It’s not that Wang Bo doesn’t miss Lu Chen’s kindness in those years, but his innate chaos pride is more natural than his natural enemies after proving the truth.
Lu Chen once had a feat, and he once made the ancient Buddha Wyndell Dichinson a weaker emperor. It’s not that he didn’t have a chance to win. Unfortunately, he met the mythical nine Buddha, a powerful man.
Wang Bo denied that he would be much weaker than Lu Chen when he became a Taoist. In those days, Emperor Wudi and Emperor Tiandi sent their brothers to challenge him, and now he will challenge Emperor Wudi!
Even if you lose, how can you move on if you dare not even challenge?
Five hundred years later, Wang Bo boarded the Emperor Wudi’s Palace to challenge the Emperor Wudi, and it finally came!
The whole world was shocked and everyone was surprised and expecting.
Wang Bo was not overbearing. He was very polite to visit Emperor Wu and was introduced to the Immortal Mountain.
And then …
The world expected attention … didn’t come out.
There is no such thing as a shocking war as people think, and even the movement has never happened.
Soon after, Wang Bo walked out of the Emperor Wudi Palace, and no one knew what had happened before.
It wasn’t until fifty years later that the gossip flowed out of the Emperor Wudi’s Palace. When Emperor Wudi was sitting in a dish and realizing the ancient tea tree, he raised his hand and pressed Wang Bo to the ground.
The news surprised the whole world because the gap is too big!
People don’t think Wang Bo can challenge Lu Chen to succeed, but they also feel that Wang Bo can at least compete with Lu Chen, right?
But in fact, Lu Chen did make moves, but when he raised his hand, he suppressed Wang Bo.
"Yes, the fighting power of Emperor Wu is unpredictable!"
People can be so amazed that "I’m afraid all the masters of the Imperial Road through the ages are not opponents of Emperor Wu except those special ones."
This is an exaggeration, but everyone has seen the history of the "first knife of a pot of turbid wine crossing the immortal road;" In the past, the emperor’s cloud dissipated and the sky was broken. "The scene is fascinated and I hate that I can’t see the elegant demeanor of Emperor Wu."
It seems that it is not understandable to say that Emperor Wudi’s ability was inferior to that of a hundred ancient emperors, and now it is easy to suppress a chaotic body.
If you want to defeat Emperor Wu, maybe you can change all the hundreds of ancient emperors into chaos.
Some people joked that Emperor Wudi estimated that he had "a hundred waves" and that Heaven Emperor might have "ten waves".
Everyone understands that the power of chaos sets off the great power of Emperor Wudi and has become a "unit value" to measure his true strength!
The news came to Wang Bo’s ears, which naturally annoyed him. He didn’t feel ashamed of being defeated by Emperor Wu, but these people’s statements were really ridiculous.
He’s so angry that he can’t beat Emperor Wu. Can’t I beat Emperor Tian?
After another 3,000 years, he ascended to heaven to challenge the Emperor of Heaven.
The Emperor of Heaven met with less than five moves and flew Wang Bo into the universe to cough up blood in Bianhuang.
Wang Bo suddenly left his ear and seemed to hear the comments of the spectators, which made him feel ashamed.

"Hoo …!"

Although this force is very strong, the public defense soon passed. When this force passed, Huangfu Zhantian and others suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.
"Go!" Any suspection.i Zhantian dare not hesitate to directly lead the people to quickly jump into the stone gate. When they entered it, they found that there were a lot of bodies lying upside down. These bodies were obviously killed by the thunder explosion just now. It turns out that those deadly forces were cast by these guys just now. No wonder they are exhausted.
"Destroyed the hole behind them!" Huangfu Zhantian saw at a glance that there was a hole behind them, but there was a little bit of powerful death force pouring out of the hole. It was these death forces that supported these people’s endless death force. If they were not destroyed, I am afraid that these people would have his misfortune [
Hear any suspection.i war days all qi qi force mercilessly toward the hole boom to a few, then give these holes to bury the death force is no longer poured out.
"Go!" Huangfu Zhantian’s figure flashed straight toward the inside. This stone room is actually very big, but there is a very thick fog inside. These fog cover the whole stone room. These fog are isolated from everyone’s spiritual knowledge and perception. If it is not hand in hand, there is no way to perceive each other. This makes everyone a little nervous. Section 19: Cure evil
"There’s something wrong with Xiaotian. The fog here is a bit weird. Let’s all be careful!" Meng Hong shouted, but the dense fog alto is also very dull, but fortunately everyone can hear it.
"Don’t be far away from the defensive formation!" Go ahead suspection.i zhantian turned to the people.
With that, Huangfu Zhantian condensed his own Raytheon Qi into small thunderballs, and then spread them out, so that the dense fog in the place where the thunderballs passed all dissipated a lot. Well, things were too strong, and soon Huangfu Zhantian condensed all these thunderballs, and then each person distributed one for them to hold at will, so that the dense fog ten meters away around their center was dispersed by these thunderballs.
See their own method tube suspection.i zhantian also didn’t hesitate again quickly led the people toward the inside.
"Look out!" Huangfu Zhantian suddenly felt a bloody smell in the rush, followed by a disgusting fishy smell. This fishy smell made Huangfu Zhantian frown immediately, because the source of this fishy smell still exudes a strong breath [
Just as HuangFuZhanTian words just fell a powerful strong breeze blowing hard toward his head, but HuangFuZhanTian already ready, Raytheon hammer suddenly blocked the front.
"Boom …!" The unknown monster screamed and then quickly fled to the dense fog. The blow didn’t kill it, which surprised Huangfu Zhantian.
"Be careful, everyone. There are a lot of Warcraft in this dense fog. Although these Warcraft strengths are not very strong, a little injury in this place will cause bad results for us. At the same time, everyone must not be stingy with Dan medicine and ensure that their body energy is sufficient!" Any suspection.i Zhantian quickly told them again.
Hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, everyone’s spirit is refreshed, and then they constantly sweep their consciousness back and forth to find unknown dangers!
"Ow … Ow …!" I’m afraid there will be a lot of these calls when everyone is just ready.
"Snow …!" These beasts roar just behind any suspection.i Zhantian then a hammer will want to sneak attack their Warcraft to nullify.
This is a shiny Warcraft. This Warcraft is a bit like a leopard, but it is black without a hair. Moreover, two teeth in its mouth are very long and sharp, which makes people feel that it is about to be torn apart. Its eyes are as white as Qin Waner’s, and it is very uncomfortable.
"Booming …!" Just after Huangfu Zhantian just nullified this Warcraft, a messy and powerful pedal accompanied by the roar of the beast came closer and closer, and soon came to Huangfu Zhantian in front of them, but these Warcraft didn’t attack, but they just stared at them.
"These Warcraft are delaying us, and everyone will continue to rush forward, but if they stop Warcraft, they will all be killed!" Any suspection.i Zhantian immediately thought of this possibility after seeing these unusual samples of Warcraft. When any suspection.i Zhantian did not hesitate, he directly led the people to move forward in front.
When they just moved, the black eyes in the eyes of Warcraft suddenly burst into a black luster, and then these Warcraft quickly came towards them.
Soon they handed over to these Warcraft, but these Warcraft strengths are not very strong at most, that is, a god dzogchen’s realm, but they win a large number. Although these Warcraft are weak, their claws are highly toxic. If they are contaminated with people’s skin, they will do great harm to people. Huangfu Zhantian’s physical strength can feel this burning corrosion, not to mention others.
"If we can’t go like this, I’m afraid we haven’t gone out yet, and the evil robber has already advanced successfully!" Meng Hong them at this time while killing these exhausted Warcraft to suspection.i war heaven.
"In that case, there is a way!" Huangfu Zhantian took a deep breath and suddenly turned out the chaotic jade seal in his hand, and then filled it with Raytheon’s true qi. Then Huangfu Zhantian shouted loudly that the chaotic jade seal was getting bigger and bigger, and it was shrouded in wonder.
"Give me □□!" Any suspection.i Zhantian binge drinking chaotic jade seal in one hand suddenly threw it directly into this stone room.
"Boom …!"
As the chaotic jade seal fell, those Warcraft were severely crushed into virtual by this chaotic jade seal, and even the dense fog was bombarded by chaotic jade seal and disappeared directly. Look, everyone is one leng one leng.
"Well, don’t be stupefied and rush to that vertex!" Any suspection.i war days to see all the people froze when he hurriedly mouth wake up way
Hear suspection.i war day wake up all of a sudden wake up immediately when they will speed to the greatest extent crazy rushed towards the chambers of the vertex.
The speed of the crowd was not stopped by the thick fog. They were two breaths and came to the top [
"What should I do if Xiaotian picks it up?" Dance wind looked at this place and asked some questions.
"Hum, this evil robber has really been hiding us for so long, but he still hasn’t shown up!" Yuxiaoxian irate way
"Don’t worry, he can’t run away!" Any suspection.i zhantian self-confidence pointed to the tunnel
"land? Ok, I’ll fight this place! " Small deep and remote with that, don’t wait for everyone to talk. Weapons in their hands give a hard shot and directly bomb the ground.
"Whoosh …!"
Listen to an amazing call for a strong suction from the ground to directly pull them towards the ground. The strength of the people is not bound by this gravity for too long, and then there is a little discomfort, and then they will stabilize their bodies by relying on their own strong strength.
"Xiaotian, what shall we do now?" Henaan asked a little uneasy.
"Why don’t you just drop to that guy! Let’s go! " After hearing Henaan’s words, Huangfu Zhantian immediately chuckled and then his body flashed directly toward the face. Section 191: Cure evil two
HuangFuZhan day after they fall, they just saw a large group of people sitting cross-legged, thick dark energy lines pouring from them towards the central figure. After counting these people, they found that there were thirty-six men, thirty-six women and nine babies. The total number of these people was nine hundred and ninety-one, which exactly matched the number of nine hundred and ninety-nine.
And there are many people sitting cross-legged next to these people who are looking at the sky, such as Huangfu Zhantian and others, but when they react, they all come towards Huangfu Zhantian and others
"Be careful that these thirty people are the strong group of pseudo-gods!" After seeing these people, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly got a fright. When did there become so many pseudo-gods in this evil robbery? This is too fate. If these people really want to fight in the mainland, who else can stop them from striving for hegemony in the mainland?
After hearing that Huangfu Zhantian woke up, he had just landed, and the people’s face suddenly changed, and then they quickly formed a war, which just blocked the first wave of attacks on these people. These people were like crazy and reckless attacks on Huangfu Zhantian, which made Huangfu Zhantian suddenly struggling to cope.
"What should Xiaotian do now?" Qin Si slapped a fake god who was going to take a hand from her and flew out directly to Huangfu Zhantian and asked [
"Don’t worry. Although these guys are all pseudo-gods, their eyes think that they should be taken away from the soul puppet. If they are tough against the strong in the 30 pseudo-gods, there should be no problem with these 30 pseudo-gods puppets, right?" HuangFuZhanTian is a thor’s hammer to fly out a false god realm of the strong, and then the mouth but that was HuangFuZhanTian fly out the strong but can’t climb up anymore, because thor’s true qi has destroyed all the functions of his body, even the qualification to be a puppet is gone, because he can’t even get up.
After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, everyone’s eyes suddenly lit up, and then they finally saw that there was no look in these people’s eyes, just like wooden stakes, and although their attacks were very powerful, they lacked flexibility. This was a false god realm, and the strong could never make mistakes.
Now that we know the shortcomings of the puppet of the false god realm, they directly formed a mixed yuan converging attack in a group of three people, and then three people fought against seven people, including Huangfu Zhantian Dance Wind Meng Hong and Yan Xi, and four of them fought against nine people.
In this situation, Huangfu Zhantian fully benefited their own characteristics, that is, individual attack is strong, defense is strong, and personal flexibility is stronger than these guys. Every team has come up with ingenious ways to restrict these guys’ actions, while Henaan and his team were the first to kill one of the seven puppets.
Henaan after they kill a suspection.i Zhantian, of course, they can’t be willing to lag behind and directly kill two puppets.
It’s good to take it. Everyone came up with a way to deal with these guys. It took a lot of effort to kill these 30 puppets, but there was no sense of accomplishment in everyone’s heart, because if these 30 puppets became people, I’m afraid it would be ten of them now.

Two mermaid soldiers were strung together and crucified.

Another javelin passed.
Two more mermaid soldiers were strung together and crucified.
He’s not in a straight line, and Hang Yu is too lazy to wave javelin and directly draw out flying knives one by one.
Huang Yan several people didn’t come to intervene.
On the one hand, when it is necessary to distinguish the position of monsters under the influence of fog.
On the other hand, Hang Yu shot too fast, and when he reacted and approached, there was a fish man’s body left.
The fisherman hunter was killed by a tree, four of him were crucified by two, and four were killed by a flying knife.
"I got a dog!"
Sun Chaosheng looked unbelievable.
Nine fishmen were killed in this way?
If he had no one to help him, there would be a 50% chance that a fisherman hunter and a fisherman warrior would fight for their lives.
This guy is a great god!
Sun Chaosheng was thorough this time.
Hang Yu led several people into the encirclement.
"The fisherman is coming!"
"Everyone is ready for battle!"
Hang Yu threw a few fishbone javelins to kill a few fishermen.
At this moment, he Fisherman has found that they immediately separated their forces and wanted them to launch a siege. When the trapped Skynet elite heard the companion sounds, they all showed a surprise.
There are eleven of them.
Most of them are skynet captains.
I really want to say that their strength is not weak. If the situation is fair, the head-on battle may not be lost to this group of fishermen.
But the fog in Jiang Xinzhou is too foggy.
Their vision is greatly affected, and they can’t see the position of the fisherman clearly. They are very passive in fighting. If Hang Yu and others come a little late, they will definitely suffer serious casualties.
"It turned out to be the first brigade of Lao Huang!"
"I really owe you my life this time!"
Huang Yan saw that several of them were seriously injured. "Ji Wen quickly treated the wounded."
"Others help fight!"
The leader of the second brigade is a squadron leader in wang xing.
The leader of the third brigade is a squadron leader named Li.
Both of them are officers transferred directly from the army.
Skynet organized the brigade to be relatively independent. Although Huang Yan and them are all mid-team leaders, they are generally competitive with the brigade.
Of course
They are all skynet people
At the key moment, Qi Xin will definitely work together to fight side by side
The first group of people joined them, and the pressure was greatly relieved.
In particular, Hang Yu kept throwing knives and javelins into the fog alone, because the fog was too heavy for others to see the throwing results clearly.
But they can clearly feel it.
The stress caused by the fishman attack is greatly reduced!
Sun Chaosheng was bored.
This guy throws so hard
That must be a level 3 throwing suspicion.
Level 3 throwing costs a lot. Why can’t his spirit be exhausted?
Out of the fog came an ambitious growl
Immediately, an unusually big fishman figure dashed out.
"Look out!"
Liang Dong released the light shield and blocked it.
The fisherman took a spear from war spear and pierced the Liang Dong light shield. The powerful force blew Liang Dongyi several meters away.
The second brigade captain wang face a change.
"No, it’s a fisherman warrior. It should be a level 5 silver elite!"
"This guy is fast, explosive and fierce. Be careful!"
The fisherman warrior is completely different from the fisherman.

"Then can the master ask the princess one more thing?"

The housekeeper knows that this matter is very important and there is probably a huge conspiracy hidden.
"Do you want me to take the message out for you?" Ink reporting soft light asked
"Yes, I want to ask the princess to send the news that my young master is trapped to Huaijun’s house."
Now the housekeeper has no choice but to ask for help. Chapter 3 The trapped Jiao Ren clan [6]
He was so badly injured that he gasped several times before he spoke completely.
It turned out that he wanted to personally send the news even if he was desperate, but I’m afraid he was caught by the eyeliner of the two kings before he left the big palace.
Besides, I’m afraid he will die soon after he appears seriously injured. It doesn’t matter if he dies, but he is afraid that if he can’t send the news out when he can’t, it will bring trouble to the young master’s life and alarm him.
He can’t take the risk!
The ink is soft and clear about the interests. After all, your family is also their Jiao Ren family. They can’t afford to offend their second brother. Doing so is different from bringing disaster to themselves.
But also bring trouble to the Jiao Ren family, and he will become a sinner of the Jiao Ren family through the ages, and she will be an accomplice if she doesn’t report it.
So she agreed to the housekeeper’s request with a little hesitation.
"How can I make them believe me?"
Mo Mo Rou suddenly thought of.
Butler obviously also thought of this problem.
See he reached into his arms to pay out and pulled out a bloody token.
Cherishing a carved pattern, he handed the token to Mo Mo’s soft hand.
"This is the waist tag of your family, which is a status symbol. If you see someone, they will believe you. Please ask the princess for everything."
After that, I coughed heavily again, and my angry face became paler at the moment.
Knowing the importance of the token, Mo Mo Rou solemnly took it over, put it in the ring, and took out a healing pill from it to let the housekeeper
"Princess, don’t bother." The housekeeper refused her kindness and gasped. "It’s too badly hurt. Dan medicine is a powerful remedy. Princess, please keep it for emergency."
"It’s not safe here, princess. Let’s leave quickly. Please, princess, thank you first."
"Sir, you don’t have to say that. It’s just to help your second brother atone. I hope he won’t make a big mistake."
After hearing her say this, the housekeeper no longer said anything about weakness, and waved her hand to indicate that Mo Mo Rou would leave quickly.
With tears in his eyes, he bid farewell to the housekeeper, Mo Mo Rou, and quietly slipped back to his bedroom through the back door in four people.
There was no one in the bedroom. She wanted to take a nap before she went to the Grand Palace. Don’t disturb everyone. Now it’s not time for dinner, so no one found her out.
She is very sad and confused now, and she feels guilty at the thought of worrying about her master’s safety and housekeeper until she dies because she failed to save him.
I also think that the whole Jiao Ren people feel depressed in the future.
She is confused and can’t believe that people don’t know if someone around her will be the second brother’s eyeliner.
Sending the news out is so important that no one can believe it, so she can do it herself
But she doesn’t know what kind of excuse to say that the second brother let her leave the family in such a severe situation.