Wang Gan suddenly changed his face and felt a strange itch in the discolored part, which made him unbearable but could not move.

"There was once a monk who lied to me about this lingshi. I vowed to kill him and always carried it with me to wake myself up. Don’t forget the humiliation of the day, but I finally let him escape and die in this life." Wang Gan finally let go and gnashed his teeth for a long time.
Hua Shang Shi stared at Wang Gan’s eyes for half a ring, recalling that his eyes were exactly the same as they are now when he vowed to kill the father and the son. This just smiled, "I think so."
And she threw this waste lingshi away with a throw, but Wang Gan didn’t even move his eyes without changing his face.
Wang Gan is a wily old fox when it comes to acting and speculating on other people’s mentality, otherwise he wouldn’t have fooled Yang Qing at the beginning.
"wow! You’re so big. Which of these things is not someone else’s dream? It’s a pity that it’s all owned by the girl now. "Flower petticoats beat Wang Gankun’s bag at a glance, and then their eyes flashed in wonder."
Pushing a certain setting has been scolded badly by many new readers. It must be explained here-why should we set a gap? At first, it was to highlight the common sense of’ challenge that can’t be surpassed’, but the protagonist can often break this common sense because of the different cultivation routes. But later, it was found that this setting was too exaggerated to be restrained, and it was not wrong to skip the ten-fold increase of the body weight without strength. Because it involves another setting, it is boring to talk about it for the time being, and the strength setting is no problem, but some people compare it with Journey to the West … You monkeys have been suppressed for 500 years and are now cultivating immortality. It’s nothing to say that taking a nap is a thousand years’ work. It’s really nothing to say that taking a six-ton heavy stick and trying to fix the sea. The Wu Cheng’en setting is also very poisonous. It hasn’t been packed yet. (Laughter) Besides, this setting is not the same as ordinary people. It’s also because everyone is familiar with these words that the actual realm is still ordinary people = "Real people =" Fairy comes here to build a foundation and make an alchemy. Yuan Ying is a real person. It’s no different from practicing ten layers of gas. The upgrade speed will be very fast.
[ w w w ]
Chapter 12 All plundering then crumbling
Hua Shang Shi reached out and pulled out everything in Gan Kun’s bag, and everything was scattered all over the place.
"Are these two dry Kun bags the two younger brothers of Heaven and Earth Gate? Gee, really worthily, the disciples of heaven and earth add up to 100,000 pieces of spiritual stones and 10,000 pieces of supplementary Yuan Dan’s fortune is too rich … Huh? What instrument is this? " Hua Shang Shi paid attention to the heavenly seal. After looking through it for a long time, he found that it looked like an instrument, but it didn’t work, and it was also refined.
Where did she know that this multiplier was refined by chemical techniques? Wang Gan was the only one who could control it.
Suddenly, she remembered that Wei Tianbao had been sucked by this thing, and that he was easily killed by himself. He couldn’t help but gasp for air-conditioning, but then he showed surprise. It was unheard of that this kind of multiplier could be popular.
"Congenital multiplier! Gee, although it is just born soon, it can reach the degree of Chinese multiplier at most, but it will continue to be promoted over time. I didn’t expect you to have such a baby. "Hua Shang Shi unceremoniously collected the thunder and punishment pen."
"This is the one that can receive and send ink worms? I want to see what is written in it? " Then Hua Shangshi turned out the’ day’
Turning to the first page, Hua Shang Shi saw the line "You can die in the morning", but she didn’t mean much.
But then, when I looked at her, her expression gradually solidified. At first, she was puzzled, but gradually she was replaced by ecstasy, and she was so fascinated that she could not die.
Looking at the flower petticoats, Wang Gan showed such a sarcastic smile as if he had expected it.
All of a sudden, the flowers and petticoats fit together, and her eyes are filled with horror. When she looked down, she couldn’t help screaming sadly. But when she was only half a column of incense, her shawl grew to her waist, and her white hair was clearly visible. Life actually passed by less than half.
"How can this be …" Flower petticoats look very bad. Although she is cold-blooded in practice, women are most afraid of aging before they get old. How can this situation not scare her?
"Hey, this is blood bead? Is this the unique blood bead of Luotianmen? " Flower petticoats suddenly eyes a clot picked up a blood bead looked carefully hesitated for a moment and then swallowed.
"Good indeed as expected have come back to life wonders! It’s really hard for you to have so many blood beads! " Hua Shang Shi quickly swallowed hundreds of blood beads, and suddenly his white hair fell off and his vitality turned prosperous, restoring his youth.
I never dare to play this day after experiencing the breathtaking flowers, but I don’t want to throw them away, so I threw them into my dry bag at will.
Although she leafed through the sky, what was written in it? Looking back now, I feel that my memory is in chaos and I can’t remember the slightest.
The pregnant ghost Lei Fu blood bead refined the wind sword, and then got the materials, mud pills, pills, pills, pills, clothes and so on, which he plundered. All these things were unceremoniously’ accepted’ by Hua Shang Shi. Wang Gan looked at her unscrupulously plundering her own things, and there was a faint green light in her eyes, and her anger was constantly accumulating and waiting for the moment to break out.
"Shout … the harvest is too rich. I didn’t expect you to have so many adventures as a little monk who just practices gas. I’m not afraid that many things are plundered by you, right? It’s my turn to plunder you after pecking and drinking. "The harvest is very rich, and my eyes are bent with laughter."
"No one who dares to rob my baby will be killed by me in the end." Wang Gan said simply that the gloomy smell between his teeth made Hua Shangshi shudder.
"Hum!" Hua Shang Shi Wenwen’s face was suddenly cold and suddenly he reached out and pressed Wang Gan’s lower abdomen and corners of his mouth became warped. "What an annoying mouth! I wonder if you still have this chance when I waste your breath!"
Suddenly, Wang Gan felt a burst of heat flow in the lower abdomen, and felt that a large amount of liquid qi rushed into his gas sea and bumped around, but he wanted to directly explode his gas sea!
However, Hua Shangshi didn’t expect that Wang Gan’s air sea was ten times that of ordinary monks. Although these qi violently collided with the air sea, the law would be destroyed
But soon these liquid qi found a new target.
I saw clouds of cyclone qi impacting and exploding into chaotic vitality, but in a blink of an eye, more than 200 million cyclones were blown up by these qi and went all the way straight into the center of the big cyclone.
A silvery elixir cyclone full of cracks, with its central rotation, destroyed its whole structure by over-extraction, which made it no longer destroyed by the seamless method as before. Now, these qi violently hit this elixir, making the cracks more and more. Soon, when I heard a click, the elixir lit up with a golden light, and then it oscillated with layers of ripples accompanied by bursts of fragmentation and explosion!
"ah!" Suddenly, Wang Gan uttered a piercing scream and spat out one mouthful blood, but she was unconscious. There was a huge rebound in the palm of her hand, and her body could not help but go back several steps, and her face showed surprise.
She can pour the true qi into it, but she doesn’t know what happened in Wang Gan’s air sea.
"His true qi how so much? Although there is no condensate gas liquid, the rebound power is so great that I can’t stand it, but without it, the gas sea should be abolished from the perspective of rebound power. "Hua Shangshi secretly speculated that there should be no mistakes."
See her palm a turn a small and exquisite incense burner fly out of the palm unexpectedly Wang Gan inhalation.
"Hum! It’s time to pull your samadhi pure sun out of the body and waste your whole body to see what money you have! " The flower dress blows out a wisp of fragrance and turns into a enchanting and colorful flame, and the incense burner burns.
This flame is not a real fire, but a poisonous fire specially made for pure yang real fire. Once it is contaminated, it will be controlled.
I don’t know how long it took Wang Gan to wake up from a coma and feel wet with sticky sweat. You can imagine how painful it was.

Two mermaid soldiers were strung together and crucified.

Another javelin passed.
Two more mermaid soldiers were strung together and crucified.
He’s not in a straight line, and Hang Yu is too lazy to wave javelin and directly draw out flying knives one by one.
Huang Yan several people didn’t come to intervene.
On the one hand, when it is necessary to distinguish the position of monsters under the influence of fog.
On the other hand, Hang Yu shot too fast, and when he reacted and approached, there was a fish man’s body left.
The fisherman hunter was killed by a tree, four of him were crucified by two, and four were killed by a flying knife.
"I got a dog!"
Sun Chaosheng looked unbelievable.
Nine fishmen were killed in this way?
If he had no one to help him, there would be a 50% chance that a fisherman hunter and a fisherman warrior would fight for their lives.
This guy is a great god!
Sun Chaosheng was thorough this time.
Hang Yu led several people into the encirclement.
"The fisherman is coming!"
"Everyone is ready for battle!"
Hang Yu threw a few fishbone javelins to kill a few fishermen.
At this moment, he Fisherman has found that they immediately separated their forces and wanted them to launch a siege. When the trapped Skynet elite heard the companion sounds, they all showed a surprise.
There are eleven of them.
Most of them are skynet captains.
I really want to say that their strength is not weak. If the situation is fair, the head-on battle may not be lost to this group of fishermen.
But the fog in Jiang Xinzhou is too foggy.
Their vision is greatly affected, and they can’t see the position of the fisherman clearly. They are very passive in fighting. If Hang Yu and others come a little late, they will definitely suffer serious casualties.
"It turned out to be the first brigade of Lao Huang!"
"I really owe you my life this time!"
Huang Yan saw that several of them were seriously injured. "Ji Wen quickly treated the wounded."
"Others help fight!"
The leader of the second brigade is a squadron leader in wang xing.
The leader of the third brigade is a squadron leader named Li.
Both of them are officers transferred directly from the army.
Skynet organized the brigade to be relatively independent. Although Huang Yan and them are all mid-team leaders, they are generally competitive with the brigade.
Of course
They are all skynet people
At the key moment, Qi Xin will definitely work together to fight side by side
The first group of people joined them, and the pressure was greatly relieved.
In particular, Hang Yu kept throwing knives and javelins into the fog alone, because the fog was too heavy for others to see the throwing results clearly.
But they can clearly feel it.
The stress caused by the fishman attack is greatly reduced!
Sun Chaosheng was bored.
This guy throws so hard
That must be a level 3 throwing suspicion.
Level 3 throwing costs a lot. Why can’t his spirit be exhausted?
Out of the fog came an ambitious growl
Immediately, an unusually big fishman figure dashed out.
"Look out!"
Liang Dong released the light shield and blocked it.
The fisherman took a spear from war spear and pierced the Liang Dong light shield. The powerful force blew Liang Dongyi several meters away.
The second brigade captain wang face a change.
"No, it’s a fisherman warrior. It should be a level 5 silver elite!"
"This guy is fast, explosive and fierce. Be careful!"
The fisherman warrior is completely different from the fisherman.

Haitang has followed him for so many years and seen so many expressions, but he has never seen such an angry and murderous expression, even during the windy night!

Although she is scared to death in her heart, she is still stubborn! "The palace master denies that there is a wrong judgment! Compared with the lives of so many of us, the poor life of that fox … If you give it another chance, you will choose the latter! "
Cyclone couldn’t help but come and persuade "the palace Lord, don’t blame the boss. She is all with us …"
The night is like a stranger without saying anything. The most important thing is to save Zhuge Yue!
-dividing line-
The windy night Xuan didn’t take Zhuge Yue back to his lair, but took her to a ruined temple.
Because he knows in his heart that if he goes back to his lair at night, he will find him immediately, so he can’t take any risks, not at all!
Can you beat the night like a stranger? He needs to get the death ring at one stroke. Not only is the night like a stranger, but the whole six realms are his!
He threw her on the table and looked at her forehead. Zhuge Yue stared at him. "Your name is Feng Yexuan, right?"
She doesn’t know if he understands animal language. When she wants to delay …
The windy night Xuan looked at her as if she understood and didn’t understand. Her eyes were so tangled that she died!
Feng Ye Xuan hit the nail on the head with his hands around his chest. "When do you want to delay?"
Zhuge Yue "…"
Should this crop continue?
She took a deep breath. "I know you can understand animal language, so do you remember the woman who shot you when you fought the night?"
On hearing this, Feng Yexuan’s face really changed, and his hand tightly grabbed her thin arm. "Do you know that bitch?"
Zhuge Yue watched it work and continued to be persuasive. "Do you remember the woman who was seriously injured by the night when you were fighting with Nan Qianye and caused all the disasters?"
"Know that the two are the same woman! Do you know her? Tell me quickly! "
Zhuge Yue smiled, "Of course I know! You know, I’m a practicing fox for thousands of years, or something as powerful as the death ring can attach to me! Otherwise, how could I possibly know so many things! "
I hate these three words fox. I have to borrow one!
Seeing the wind and the night touching the bar seems to ponder Zhuge Yue and know that the fish is finally going to hook!
However, the windy night is far more refined than she thought, looking at her. "If I want to kill you, you naturally hate it!" What’s in it for you to tell your seat? "
Zhuge Yue looked at him for a few quick laughs for just a few seconds. I don’t know how many turns in my head. "Of course it’s good! Because I have a deep hatred with that woman, I know that I can’t escape from your palm this time anyway. Of course I don’t want to die unsatisfied. "
"Sounds like something." The windy night Xuan has always been rain or shine. Listening to his words, Zhuge Yue didn’t breathe a sigh of relief, but he felt relieved for a long time.
"Just … I’ll believe you once, but if you dare to cheat me …" On a windy night, Xuan stumbled close to the faint fragrance floating around Zhuge Yue, which made her feel dizzy. "I’ll let you feel skinning cramps and then chop you into pieces …"
(Zhuge Yue will meet the third beam on a windy night. Everyone applauds and welcomes 4. Chapter 4 would rather kill 10,000 by mistake.
Listen to the windy night Xuan depicting Zhuge Yue’s body hair standing on end!
She smiled stiffly, but fortunately, she was a fox, and she couldn’t see the clue in the windy night. "I dare not … I absolutely dare not!"
-dividing line-
Zhuge Yue took Feng Yexuan to the busiest street in Fierce City, and Feng Yexuan put her hand on her and smiled darkly. "Don’t play any tricks or I will never let you go!"
Zhuge Yue shook his head like a rattle "never …"
On a windy night, Xuan changed his silver-haired eyes into black-haired eyes, but this change still keeps him low-key because he is so handsome. These ordinary people dressed in ordinary clothes are like kings and superstars coming, especially …
He still holds a small fox in his hand, which adds a passion to many girls’ ignorant and longing hearts. He seems to be a very caring man!
Zhuge Yue is searching for an object from these people. Feng Yexuan is already impatient. "Are you sure she is here?"
Accepting the baptism of those people’s eyes, he was so impatient that he couldn’t help but say coldly, "I really want to kill these people!"
ZhuGeYue mind immediately emerged a river of blood scene but also can’t literally find a koo people as a shield!
Just thinking about it, when a wind/slut greeted me, the sound really made people feel goose bumps all over the floor-
This person is … Her half-sister Zhuge Jie.
Before she was married, she smelled a unique smell of excellent men as soon as she saw the windy night, just like a bee rushing to see the flowers. "We seem to have seen this man somewhere!"
She carefully tucked her hair behind her ears and smelled shy!
This is the worst white field … and the oldest to befriend!
But seeing this acquaintance coming … Zhuge Yue is relieved. Think about how many unforgivable things Zhuge Jie has done to this original body. She quickly pointed at Zhuge Jie, "That’s her!"
On a windy night, Xuan’s deep eyes fell on Zhuge Jie’s face and body. Zhuge Jie also felt more and more glad that he was interested in himself.
On a windy night, Zhuge Yue’s ear rings, "This woman is different from what she has seen twice before. You’d better not fool around!"
His cold and heavy voice makes people feel oppressed!

I just broke up with them about this so-called dominator problem, and now these guys are going one step further.

It seems that they still recognize him and them from the bottom of their hearts as before, which is the kind of ruling place where he is desperately short of and hard to find a piece in exchange for this design of the strongest crossbow in the cold weapon at present.
Lin Yue interrupted thinking.
It’s time to make a decision
He looked at the chat panel and entered the words "3 units of alloy, 3 units of plexiglass, 2 units of asphalt pavement and the vegetables and fruits in front of the throttle valve. If you agree, I will give you the crossbow design."
Fei Yue stayed there for a while.
Will hesitate, that’s for sure
One design can’t change so much. Normally,
This time it’s different.
But if the crossbow, the king of cold weapons, can own it, Fei Yue and others may do many things.
What mutant creatures, lizard people, beggars and all kinds of monsters in the secret land don’t talk.
If a crossbow squad can be established, the lethality and deterrence will be quite terrible.
With the original armor or a shield …
The actual combat effectiveness can become one of the first-line combat effectiveness teams in this different world!
More than that
Lin Yue put himself in the other’s shoes. If he is Fiji Yue, more than 100 people will all get a crossbow …
It seems that we can take the road of collecting his refuge village?
But if Fei Yue refuses, it can be seen from this incident that Fei Yue is really not suitable to be a leader, as the Third Master said.
"I just discussed a Lin Yue with others and we accept your request."
It didn’t take long for Fei Yue to reply to the message.
Sure enough, Fei Yue is a wise man.
How insecure is this guy? He thinks he can’t lead this refuge village.
Lin Yue couldn’t help but vomit.
"Well, when you get the materials together, you can exchange them with me, which is the exclusive transaction of vegetables and fruits. I have already sent it to you. Please check it out."
Lin Yue said and went to the warehouse, and soon Fiji Yue agreed to the transaction, and there were a lot of materials in the other things!
[You got 22 pieces of hard aluminum alloy, stainless steel, 34 zinc alloy, 42 brass and 9 plexiglass]
Good harvest
It seems that the glass greenhouse will not be long before it is built. The alloy is a little poor, and the plexiglass figures are not too bad
Lin Yue looked at his own things.
It’s 44 cubic meters
Unconsciously, it has risen to such a horrible number!
Most of the money accumulated so quickly really has something to do with killing a large number of beggars in saltpeter mines who have recently attacked shelters.
It’s quite suitable for a trip to the secret land to collect a lot of materials.
But not now.
Lin Yue put all the materials into various warehouses, checked whether one or several doors had been locked, and returned to the bed with satisfaction when the lights were just lying down and his eyes were closed.
He suddenly opened his eyes and suddenly thought of a very important thing!
"Fiji yue! You caught the beggar. What did you do to him? "
Fiji Yue has just distributed fruits and vegetables and suddenly received the information from Lin Yue. I don’t know what happened.
"The beggar? Ah, we got him up. We’re going to deal with him tomorrow. After all, we just got back. It’s very late now. "
Chapter 32 A precise and violent blow!
Still alive?
Get up and not kill?
What kind of brain is this Fei Yue?
"Is that beggar awake or fainted? Confirm one!"
How could a fool like Fei Yue make such a mistake?
Catch a beggar and go back to his shelter? The other side is not deaf and blind all the way. Fiji Yue, their refuge, the location of fighters’ refuge, and the preparedness situation, etc. Which one is known by this prisoner will make Fiji Yue’s refuge village directly exposed to the lizard people’s sight!
It can be said that the lizard beggars are probably already preparing to attack the Fiji Yue sanctuary.
Or they may be here soon!
Fiji yue there paused for a moment and gave Lin Yue the most don’t want to see a reply "he’s awake … what’s the matter? Lin Yue, he smiled with his eyes open … It’ s hard to wait, can’ t it be said! "
"Your refuge village has exposed the beggar, and even if he has no hands or feet, he can expose the location of your refuge village to his companions! I’m afraid he has leaked your information now. Once the lizard people think it, you will be violently attacked. "
"No, no …"
Fei Yue looked at the beggar who was tied tightly by them, and his eyes were full of horror!
Others don’t know what happened yet, and they are wondering what just happened to the expression of leader. ?
Fei Yue is more stupid than annoyed himself at this moment. He made an irreparable wrong judgment this time!

The east was frightened by Kou Zhong’s request.

He thought about many possibilities, but he never thought about accepting Ssangyong’s younger brother. After all, Ssangyong’s future achievement is obvious to all, but it makes Donglai feel reasonable after careful consideration. After all, Kou Zhong has not been stimulated by Li Xiuning and is going to fight for the sky, and Xu Ling has not had the idea of avoiding the world with the increase in repairs. It is not so complicated for them to get rich and get revenge in Fu Junchuo.
Soon the east shook his head.
When Kou Zhong and Xu Ling saw that the East refused, their faces turned dark. However, when the East received the words, they were relieved. "Xiaozhong and Xiaoling are the best talents I have ever seen, and it is a coincidence that you have successfully cultivated the four wonders. Your future achievements are definitely higher than what I am now. If I fix you in a category, it is waves, and your talents are sinful."
After a pause, Donglai said, "It is of great benefit to me to learn from you the operation mode of immortality and true qi. Besides, you also agreed to lend me three years. Strictly speaking, I owe you a lot."
Kou Zhong and Xu Ling listened refreshed and straightened up, looking forward to the East.
Let Donglai know that he has successfully inspired Ssangyong’s confidence and smiled and said, "The four wonders and one value are definitely beyond your imagination. I can’t repay this feeling much. I promise you that when you give it to me, I can conditionally do something within your ability."
Kou Zhong and Xu Ling promised to lend it to Donglai for three years, but it was not a matter of getting out of the casino. At that time, they were very grateful to Donglai for saving their lives, and they were willing to repay it and knew that the goal of Donglai was just that they could not understand the sky, so they generously promised to lend it to Donglai for three years.
Now, the words from Donglai hit Kou Zhong and Xu Ling’s heart, and they were so happy that their eyes were bright and their faces were excited.
They are all outstanding people with seven minds and exquisite hearts. Knowing that people of this level from the East are ordinary secular people, please don’t move the mountains and giant mountains. It is even more important to keep your word. It is definitely more cost-effective for the Lord to get such a big promise than to teach them martial arts.
After all, you can learn martial arts and steal it, but you can understand it yourself, but you can make a master like Donglai promise that there will be no shop after this village.
I don’t want the East to surprise them more. "Wait a minute. I’ll teach you a set of methods that can make your mind single-minded by using strange breathing methods. I believe it will be helpful for your future journey."
Let Donglai say that the skill of mind is the "Dantian Gong" in the method of mind boxing, while giving Juexue is the famous Xingyiquan.
Mind boxing is the skill of abdomen, that is, "staying in the abdomen", which is the main method of cultivating strength with mind boxing. The ancients said that "it is the most difficult to keep one’s mind in the abdomen", and it is difficult to be quiet and easy to be distracted, while mind boxing is to exercise all over the body, move all over the body, and seek luck in the stillness. If you exercise in the abdomen for a long time, you can achieve the goal of abdomen. This kind of visualization, refinement and gravity exercise can make you fine, energetic and spiritual.
It is Kou Zhong and Xu Ling’s position to consider taking "Dantian Gong" as the first step, and it is more suitable for them to realize that "the moon in the well" in the original work of Ssangyong has the same effect. The same is true of Xingyiquan. Kou Zhong and Xu Ling have long understood the mystery of nature from the parade of fish and birds and the flight trajectory, and they have learned this set of Xingyiquan, which originated from natural creatures. It is definitely a multiplier effect.
In addition to these two things, Donglai can’t figure out what martial arts are suitable for them.
So six days passed unconsciously.
Just like in the plot, Dong Ai sent people from their own high stature to avoid ordering the East to secretly extend an olive branch to Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, but because Dong Ai sent people there is no reason to be proud, they can finally get back a face of nai.
Since Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, who have the greatest potential to attract opportunities, have refused, the Dongao faction can send the most distinguished Dongao lady to try it, hoping to invite Lingdonglai, a master.
"Please sit down!"
Noble but gentle Mrs East styles invited.
You’re welcome to Donglai. Just find a place where you can sit. Before he came in, he already felt that it was not just Mrs. Donglai. If I didn’t guess wrong, there should be Princess Donglai’s single Wan Jing, but now she doesn’t appear and chooses to eavesdrop, so the atmosphere is a bit weird.
Mrs. Dong Ying somehow hit a brocade box on the table and showed it as a pale blue sword with a cold breath. The shape of this sword is quite elegant. Obviously, it has been decorated by seiko craftsmen, but the front mouth reveals an unparalleled sense of sharpness, which makes Dong Lai know that this sword is definitely a rare top weapon.
Seeing this, Donglai vaguely guessed the meaning of Mrs. Dong styles.
Sure enough, Mrs. Dong Ai pointed to the sword and said, "This sword is called’ Ice Blue’, which is one of the top ten magic weapons of our Dong Ai Sect. It is much more valuable than the Gu Jian on the back of the pavilion. Today, our Dong Ai Sect gave the sword to the hero. I wonder if Pavilion will be honored?"
Nailing shook his head directly from the East.
He knew that such a direct refusal would definitely hurt each other’s subtle tacit understanding, but he was not stupid enough to betray himself by taking short hands.
Rao is Mrs. Dong Ying’s self-cultivation, and she is also hurt by being asked to come from the East.
However, Dong Lai also has a backward strategy to directly untie the "sword" that he has been carrying behind him and put it in front of Mrs. Dong Ai to make a comparison for herself. This sword was obtained by Dong Lai from a group of mountain thieves who intended to rob him. Because it seems to be quite satisfactory, it is barely a weapon, so he brought it over and carried it himself, but it still hasn’t moved.
"What does the pavilion mean?"
Mrs. Dong styles knows that this weapon is simply a dirty weapon. Even the lowest weapon of Mrs. Dong styles can’t compare with, not to mention, the top ten magic weapons of Dong styles. In Mrs. Dong styles’ eyes, it’s an insult to Dong styles to make Dong Lai behave like this.
Make Donglai smile and answer, "Don’t say it’s an ordinary iron sword, even if it’s an iron piece."
Mrs East styles smell speech facial expression first changed and then eased.
Now she finally knows why the East refused so simply. It turned out that her own realm was low and she couldn’t see through it. The realm expressed by the East has been reached. All weapons are integrated and not limited to the general weapon form. It is simply a matter of picking flowers and leaves.
Suddenly, Mrs. Dong Ying felt that she was really not qualified to make Dong Lai an equal, and even she didn’t like what she was most proud of. This blow was really profound.
Don’t want to be embarrassed, Donglai hurriedly asked, "Mrs. Dong styles, we are flattered by your hospitality in recent days. It’s a pity that the three of us will leave the ship to find Sister Xiaozhong Xiaoling."
Mrs. Dong styles obviously didn’t want to leave like this, but she couldn’t find an excuse to stay.
Originally, both sides wanted to repay a debt of gratitude, and one side wanted to take temporary refuge and complete it by the way. But now Ssangyong has a new goal. Li Shimin’s so-called nature will not rest assured, let alone the so-called invitation of the East styles. So the East styles are naturally sentimental.
"Ah …"

"Okay, okay, what can I do for you before?"

"Nothing can’t find you?"
"Can" xiao asked consumedly square tunnel
"That’s more like it. Come out soon."
"What for?"
"What do you say?" Violet Yan bad tunnel
After two hours, Xiao Wencai returned to the stone painting again. He did not have a horse refining device, but sat down to stabilize the realm first. After each double-cultivation with Zi Yan, his basic strength would be improved. Now he is moving step by step towards the initial stage of Yashen.
Three days later, Xiao asked this to refine the dry Kun fan.
In a blink of an eye, half a year later, Xiao Wen has refined the fifth dry Kun fan! The fourth fact is that he has succeeded, but now he is in excellent condition and feels that he can forge a better dry Kun fan after finishing.
When refining this fifth hand, he mastered the material, structure and aura of Gankun Fan better and better, and he could also integrate more yin and yang forces into it …
This will be the first fairy device that he has refined, but its power will definitely be far better than that of ordinary devices. The reason is that it is extraordinary to have a dry Kun fan in the face. Others have no materials and he has the best; He has the foundation of yin and yang law, which is far superior to other laws; He is not an ordinary Taoist priest, but an unknown Taoist master!
Only one month later, the fifth Gankun fan was refined!
Looking up at the face of Xiao Wen, who is flying in the middle of the school, his face is full of gratified smiles.
Fan bone is no longer pure black, but mixed with black and white, in which black is more obvious than white, and the two colors are slowly flowing. At first glance, the materials are as jade as iron, but they are not spread over a foot. There are no words and lines on the surface, but there are more amazing things! Nowadays, the sector is a blend of black and white, but it is too uniform, and black and white have become chaotic colors. Those chaotic energies flow slowly in the sector and are extremely stable, just like the sky is falling, so don’t try to affect them.
A fan is heavy and light, but this fan gives people the feeling that the fan is much heavier than the fan, and the whole fan is no longer mysterious, but it makes people breathless and heavy! When Xiao asked his eyes to stay on the sector, he saw that there was a sector and it was a real vast world! And if you let that fan fly over his head, when he looks up, it will really produce a feeling that the whole day will be pressed at any time, which will make him tight and sweaty!
This is the real dry Kun fan! ! to be continued
Chapter five hundred and sixty Foundation stone
Since it is a real Gankun fan, its power naturally reaches the standard required by Lu Xunyue. This fan root is not an ordinary fairy device but a semi-artifact!
Xiao asked that there was no horse sacrifice to refine the dry Kun fan, but we said hello to Zi Yan and took it outside directly.
Purple Yan took a look at Xiao Wen’s hand and left the pie mouth with a smile. "You don’t even like to take a fan in your left hand …"
Xiao Wen immediately responded with disdain, "Even if you hold a zither all day, you are nothing like a lady."
After all, Ziyan was more concerned about Xiao’s strength, so he looked at Gan Kun’s fan and asked, "Is this your new fairy?"
"Half a year has passed, and its power had better be worth your time!" Purple Yan frown way
"Just give it a try."
"Hey … do you want me to practice for you?"
"Is there anyone else besides you?"
"Come on!" Purple Yan put his fist crunchy look at Xiao asked sneer at a way
Half an hour later, Xiao Wen and Zi Yan stopped panting.
Xiao asked his right hand rubbing his left shoulder with a bitter face and scolding him, "Do you want my life? !”
"What are you doing to break the fairy? I’m sick to death." Purple Yan ignored Xiao’s question and scolded and looked at the dry Kun fan that was floating in the middle of the school and angered.
"Hey, hey, it’s still not refined." Xiao asked proudly tunnel.
"…" Purple Yan suddenly stopped talking because she was just aware of this problem, which made her sick than a fan. It turned out that she hadn’t been sacrificed yet.
That is to say, there are many opportunities for that fan to rise in power!

However, Ji Shao is not stupid. Some ministers have no talent, but they are all wrapped in corpses. His roots can’t.

After three months at home, those ministers Ji Shao were suddenly ecstatic when they heard the news.
Everyone knows that they will all be old and spicy, but they will definitely be fooled by them in their teens. Every day, Hebei suddenly becomes a paradise they yearn for.
JiShao disdain looking at this information these old guys die!
Think of JiFan JiShao involuntarily gave me a kind smile.
So now the crusade is nominal.
It’s time to launch a general attack.
Wen Jia Wen Liu looked at the information and smiled when he saw the news.
Laughing brightly!
"Sure enough"
Wen Liu murmured that he had long noticed that this JiFan was unusual and the emperor was too close to him.
Moreover, he inquired carefully and learned that the emperor was determined to invest part of it first.
This is the first generous donation.
Now Wen Liu has a decision in his heart.
Cai Tianhua, the theme of Xiangyang, Jingzhou, stroked this chair and laughed.
"I finally took this seat, thanks to you, Mr. Enxun!"
"By the way, I saw that JiFan grew fast enough to know that Mr. EnEnXun was hidden in the snow. We can fight against Yuzhou soldiers this time, right?"
Beside him, the teachers of the law have been smiling, saying, "It is not recommended to attack Yuzhou now, so that the third-line war and the supply line will lengthen the reserve resources."
Cai Tianhua’s eyes suddenly narrowed and looked at Mr. Xun and said with a smile, "I’ll tell you what happened to the Jingnan Raiders." Has Changsha fallen? "
The scribe shook his head and said, "It’s a pity that the other side has a general, but it’s too loyal to surrender to have a chance to wait."
Cai Tianhua’s eyes looked at the scribes again and nodded.
There are some strange ideas in my heart.
Yangzhou Jianye
Jia Wen walked lightly with a face of excitement and entered a face of obscene Wang Qiang. Finally, there were three civil servants.
What makes Fang Jin excited? It’s because he feels that this is Ji Fan’s belief in Thaksin.
Wang Qiang, what’s so obscene? It seems that he is like this, and he is very fresh about guest espionage.
The rest of the civil servants are sworn to JiFan, and they are also the master JiFan, but I am embarrassed to say that.
JiFan knocked on JiWu door.
Ji Wu has been waiting impatiently at the moment. When he hears the door, he hurriedly sees a pale smile on his face. Jia Wen is gentle.
Ji Wu looked around and brought a total of five people to quickly take everyone in and ask Jia Wen, "Are these your friends?"
A black iron armor wham, for example, entered JiWu’s mouth and said, "Iliad! Tiger general! "
See a pair of scribes costume at the moment Wang Qiang looked at his pot-bellied JiWu in the heart a definition.
"The strategy in the chest can reach a million soldiers!"
Looked at the other three civil servants, looked at them with a calm face and shouted, "Big talents are big talents."
Jia Wen and looked JiWu knew what he was thinking, quietly left the pie mouth, and immediately recovered his composure and bowed to JiWu.
"I’m not not at home, but I refuse to be an official. I’m also capable! It seems that they have already arrived. "
Ji Wu is keen to catch a word "it’s time". It’s a pity that there is such a big sky in my heart.
Jia Wen smiled faintly and said, "But please rest assured that I will have a reason to say what I say. In addition, these two are also first-class talents, especially General Fang Jin, who is superior in force and brave in the three armies."
"This Wang Qiang is even more scheming!"
"The other three are dealing with political talents!"
"With these people, you can’t worry about the great cause!"
Ji Wu was warm and indifferent by Jia Wen, saying a few words of blood, as if he had already stepped on nine or five people as heroic words.
"If I were the master of Yangzhou, I would be a hero!"
Jia Wen smiled and bowed, "I wish you all the best!"
Ji Wu thought, "Hurry up and present it to woo them to get a table first."
Then JiWu first two steps with one hand holding a hand will party into, Wang Qiang hand firmly grasp! A face of deep affection to the two said
"There are two people I feel at ease!"
Party into it’s nothing, a face of calm talk as little as possible.
Wang Qiang, with a trembling face, howled in his heart, "Does he mean that gay people look at the affectionate eyes and listen to the coquettish tone? What do you mean,’ I feel at ease with two people’ is that it’s been a long time? Look at this hand."
Wang Qiang suddenly looked at Jia Wen with tears and bitterness and denounced in his heart, "Didn’t you say anything before this fellow? Did you already have that with him? It won’t be a shame to see your picture. "
Jia Wen looked at Wang Qiang and his eyes shone brightly. He showed him a look that you know. While Ji Wu was not paying attention, he said to Wang Qiang, "Hello, gay friends are here."
Wang Qiang was angry at Jia Wen and shouted, "It’s always not gay friends!"
Ji Wuna asked Wang Qiang stiffly, "Does Mr. Wang dare to ask’ gay friends’?"
Wang Qiang said awkwardly, "Oh, this gay friends means good friend haha."
Ji Wu flashed at the moment and said, "So Mr. Wang, we should be gay friends."
Wang Qiang suddenly burst into tears.
What is this? My pure name has been destroyed by this Jia Wen.
Jia Wen and gather together to say, "Of course you are good friends, but I’m not. I belong to you."
Wang Qiang pointed to Jia Wen and kept shaking his hand, pointing to a pale smile. Jia Wen shouted, "You are immoral!" Then he said to Ji Wu Shuo, "I am also yours."
Ji Wu’s heart is full of joy
A line of people entered the banquet, and Ji Wu was very attentive. Several people poured wine.
Wang Qiang muttered, "There won’t be uen medicine here, will there?"
JiFan looked at Xun Yu constantly sent information with laughter.
Lu Xun also retrained thousands of double armies after the training of the foot soldiers of the local defenders was completed.
Moreover, the original 6,500 double armies were also trained by Dian Wei and Xu Chu to be a full-time tiger guard to protect Jifan.
There has been a new round of conscription in various places. Before Ji Fan did good deeds, there were countless recruiters.
Ji Fan ordered the transfer of troops on the spot.

According to the scene, the one who destroyed

"Come on, no matter what chariots. No matter how powerful it is, it can’t be worse than what I put in the clock of heaven and earth. "
According to the scene, the one who destroyed the chariot was probably the broken halberd that Fang Yun met. Now that you have got the most powerful halberd, you don’t have to participate in the battle for the wreckage of the car. So as not to be greedy, you will lose big because of small.
Fang Yun knows, however, that there is a "Hall of All Demons" and the Emperor’s Prince and his party hidden in the dark.
The wind swings, Fang Yun without hesitation to another direction.
"Dragon saliva Gentiana!"
"Chaos tung skin!"
"Yin and Yang stretch grass …"
Fang Yun is constantly collecting the medicinal materials here.
"This time, or try to collect enough. Otherwise, out of here, I’m afraid I can’t find it again! It’ s too pale to have a prescription, but there is no material, but it’ s a very troublesome thing. "
Fang Yun frowned slightly while collecting medicinal materials. The value of "Tai Cang Shen Ding" is far above the general ancient instruments. But one problem that he has to face is that it is impossible for him to find so many places with ancient materials.
Besides, there are many strong people here. A conflict, a fight, can easily make this place, devastated. Besides, so many people are staring. It’s impossible for Fang Yun to sweep the whole piece away.
After all, no one is stupid who can cultivate to the realm of six or seven products of Tianchong. Probably, just seeing some bare spots, I guess someone got the formula of the ancient God Dan.
Suddenly, Wu Guang flashed in my mind, and Fang Yun suddenly had to laugh: "Hey! I actually ignored such a simple fact. " A breeze blew, and another flower disappeared out of thin air. Only this time, not only the roots, stems, flowers and leaves on the surface were collected, but even a piece of soil disappeared.
At the same time, just below a mountain peak, there was a newly transplanted herb.
Transplanting the exotic flowers and herbs in the ancient small world into the universal clock of heaven and earth, and establishing a medicine garden. Use the time of "the clock of heaven and earth" to accelerate energy, breed continuously and cultivate herbs! This is Fang Yun’s solution.
The so-called incoming fans, onlookers see clearly. Fang Yun kept thinking about how to collect more herbs, but ignored the simplest fact. With a complete space, Fang Yun can cultivate itself in it.
The concentration of primordial energy in the Middle Ages and the Near Ages is no longer suitable for cultivating ancient plants and medicinal materials. However, this is not a problem. Fang Yun can completely create an ancient environment in it.
"Ha, ha, ha, unexpectedly, I also made such a low-level mistake. Fortunately, I reacted in time. "
Da3 Yun4 smiled and relaxed completely. Now, really speaking, as long as he cultivates the medicine garden. There can be no one here who has gained more than him.
Sometimes, the harvest of killing is not necessarily the biggest!