"You tell me what it’s called. Isn’t it just that I saw your big white legs like this? I’m a little sad." Li Yi saw that Lin Keer didn’t eat soft, so he ya I’ll try to force me to see what you do!

"Do you know that in ancient times, if a girl saw her white legs, she would marry that person directly?" Lin Keer said with a sigh.
"Well, it’s really a good boy. History is so good. Even those petty details know that it’s too admirable. By the way, you can marry me directly. How simple it is," said Li Yi with a smile.
"You want to miss big how can according to the ancient way! It’s the 21st century now, "Lin Keer said.
"It’s the 21st century. Why do you talk about the ancients?"
"The ancients also had some things to learn, such as picking up things and beating people directly." Lin Keer threw the pillow out more simply this time.
"Hey, I’ll see how you hit me!" Li Yi directly caught the pillow thrown by Lin Keer in one hand and then made a face.
"Hee hee!" Lin Keer looked at Li Yi and smiled, but Li Yi didn’t know what Lin Keer smiled.
"Your ya smile how so cautious? I have a bad feeling that I want to get goose bumps when I look at it, "Li Yi said.
"An ominous premonition is right." Lin Keer directly grabbed a pillow and made sure that this time it was not a soft pillow, but a real pillow that hurt people.
"Look at your small sample. How can a little idiot like you hit a great god like me?" Li Yi didn’t care about the pillow in Lin Keer’s hand because Li Yi recognized that his rapid moving speed could definitely flash directly.
"Oh, I made a careless mistake. Don’t fight!" But the facts are often not as perfect as Li Yi imagined.
Actually, that’s what just happened
Li Yi was there, and then Chloe flew up with a pillow. Li Yi may have made a brain-dead disease at this time and ran over to catch it. Then he went into a place surrounded by things and it was difficult to jump out according to Lin Keer’s idea.
Then Li Yi sadly urged her fate.
I have to say here that Lin Keer is also a very clever girl, and Li Yi occasionally makes brain-damaged diseases directly.
"I told you to look down on me again. I told you to dodge again. How can you drop if you don’t dodge again? I’ll let you peek at my thigh again. Today, I’ll let you know what a pig’s head is and let you taste the girl." Lin Keer said while holding a pillow.
Suddenly Li Yi discovered something, because Lin Keer lifted the pillow for a while and put it down for a while, and then she changed her clothes.
Let’s just say that when Lin Keer lifts the pillow, the clothes will be pulled back, and then the pants will not be worn, which will cause the clothes to lean back and reveal something, while when Lin Keer hits the pillow, the clothes will lean forward and reveal something behind them.
And Li Yi is in Lin Keer, which leads to Li Yi not seeing the back but seeing the front.
I’m sorry, this nima is the root of Kerr’s thigh. Dare nima go any further and let the place of * * also be exposed?
Just a little more, just a little more.
"ah!" The truth is often cruel. In the end, I didn’t go to the place where Li Yi expected, or I didn’t show it. Instead, I was hit with a pillow.
Forget it, just look at this big white leg. This leg heel is also very good, and there is a hint of * * in vain. It’s simply stunning, but I wish I hadn’t smashed my pillow.
In this way, Li Yi is painful and happy.
"how about it? Still watching it later? " Lin Keer gasped, causing that cute little preserved Li Yi’s eyes almost didn’t fall off.
"Look, you have to look. If everyone is in the heart, you can’t see your white and tender legs. Isn’t that cheat people!" Li Yi said
"I mean, did you steal or peek later?" Lin Keer qian face a red said.
"Stop peeking" Li Yi really didn’t violate his inner world this time.
After that, I will never peek, even if I peek, I have to show my dew when Chloe hits me. This is killing two birds with one stone. How can a kind and lovely child like us not do such a thing!
"Are you sure?" Lin Keer is still very heart asked.
"Sure, sure, of course. Don’t fight again and you’ll be brain-dead," Li Yi said with a curl of his lip.
"If it’s a big deal, I’ll help you!" Lin Keer smiled and said.
"No, you’re not a doctor, and I’m afraid you’ll directly treat me as a pure-blooded brain!" Li Yi skimming the pie mouth said
"Hum, that’s good. If you peek later, I’ll beat you into a real pig’s head," Lin Keer pursed her lips and said.
"Sister Kerr, are you finished?" Li Lu clever lovely sound came in.
"At last, Li Yiqu gave up," Lin Keer said smugly.
"For me, I bowed to Lin Keer’s arrogance and pity! Pathetic! " Li Yi couldn’t help feeling
"What do you mean, I’m arrogant?" Lin Keer looked at Li Yi and asked
"Sister Kerr, why don’t we play games!"