"Hoo …!"

Although this force is very strong, the public defense soon passed. When this force passed, Huangfu Zhantian and others suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.
"Go!" Any suspection.i Zhantian dare not hesitate to directly lead the people to quickly jump into the stone gate. When they entered it, they found that there were a lot of bodies lying upside down. These bodies were obviously killed by the thunder explosion just now. It turns out that those deadly forces were cast by these guys just now. No wonder they are exhausted.
"Destroyed the hole behind them!" Huangfu Zhantian saw at a glance that there was a hole behind them, but there was a little bit of powerful death force pouring out of the hole. It was these death forces that supported these people’s endless death force. If they were not destroyed, I am afraid that these people would have his misfortune [
Hear any suspection.i war days all qi qi force mercilessly toward the hole boom to a few, then give these holes to bury the death force is no longer poured out.
"Go!" Huangfu Zhantian’s figure flashed straight toward the inside. This stone room is actually very big, but there is a very thick fog inside. These fog cover the whole stone room. These fog are isolated from everyone’s spiritual knowledge and perception. If it is not hand in hand, there is no way to perceive each other. This makes everyone a little nervous. Section 19: Cure evil
"There’s something wrong with Xiaotian. The fog here is a bit weird. Let’s all be careful!" Meng Hong shouted, but the dense fog alto is also very dull, but fortunately everyone can hear it.
"Don’t be far away from the defensive formation!" Go ahead suspection.i zhantian turned to the people.
With that, Huangfu Zhantian condensed his own Raytheon Qi into small thunderballs, and then spread them out, so that the dense fog in the place where the thunderballs passed all dissipated a lot. Well, things were too strong, and soon Huangfu Zhantian condensed all these thunderballs, and then each person distributed one for them to hold at will, so that the dense fog ten meters away around their center was dispersed by these thunderballs.
See their own method tube suspection.i zhantian also didn’t hesitate again quickly led the people toward the inside.
"Look out!" Huangfu Zhantian suddenly felt a bloody smell in the rush, followed by a disgusting fishy smell. This fishy smell made Huangfu Zhantian frown immediately, because the source of this fishy smell still exudes a strong breath [
Just as HuangFuZhanTian words just fell a powerful strong breeze blowing hard toward his head, but HuangFuZhanTian already ready, Raytheon hammer suddenly blocked the front.
"Boom …!" The unknown monster screamed and then quickly fled to the dense fog. The blow didn’t kill it, which surprised Huangfu Zhantian.
"Be careful, everyone. There are a lot of Warcraft in this dense fog. Although these Warcraft strengths are not very strong, a little injury in this place will cause bad results for us. At the same time, everyone must not be stingy with Dan medicine and ensure that their body energy is sufficient!" Any suspection.i Zhantian quickly told them again.
Hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, everyone’s spirit is refreshed, and then they constantly sweep their consciousness back and forth to find unknown dangers!
"Ow … Ow …!" I’m afraid there will be a lot of these calls when everyone is just ready.
"Snow …!" These beasts roar just behind any suspection.i Zhantian then a hammer will want to sneak attack their Warcraft to nullify.
This is a shiny Warcraft. This Warcraft is a bit like a leopard, but it is black without a hair. Moreover, two teeth in its mouth are very long and sharp, which makes people feel that it is about to be torn apart. Its eyes are as white as Qin Waner’s, and it is very uncomfortable.
"Booming …!" Just after Huangfu Zhantian just nullified this Warcraft, a messy and powerful pedal accompanied by the roar of the beast came closer and closer, and soon came to Huangfu Zhantian in front of them, but these Warcraft didn’t attack, but they just stared at them.
"These Warcraft are delaying us, and everyone will continue to rush forward, but if they stop Warcraft, they will all be killed!" Any suspection.i Zhantian immediately thought of this possibility after seeing these unusual samples of Warcraft. When any suspection.i Zhantian did not hesitate, he directly led the people to move forward in front.
When they just moved, the black eyes in the eyes of Warcraft suddenly burst into a black luster, and then these Warcraft quickly came towards them.
Soon they handed over to these Warcraft, but these Warcraft strengths are not very strong at most, that is, a god dzogchen’s realm, but they win a large number. Although these Warcraft are weak, their claws are highly toxic. If they are contaminated with people’s skin, they will do great harm to people. Huangfu Zhantian’s physical strength can feel this burning corrosion, not to mention others.
"If we can’t go like this, I’m afraid we haven’t gone out yet, and the evil robber has already advanced successfully!" Meng Hong them at this time while killing these exhausted Warcraft to suspection.i war heaven.
"In that case, there is a way!" Huangfu Zhantian took a deep breath and suddenly turned out the chaotic jade seal in his hand, and then filled it with Raytheon’s true qi. Then Huangfu Zhantian shouted loudly that the chaotic jade seal was getting bigger and bigger, and it was shrouded in wonder.
"Give me □□!" Any suspection.i Zhantian binge drinking chaotic jade seal in one hand suddenly threw it directly into this stone room.
"Boom …!"
As the chaotic jade seal fell, those Warcraft were severely crushed into virtual by this chaotic jade seal, and even the dense fog was bombarded by chaotic jade seal and disappeared directly. Look, everyone is one leng one leng.
"Well, don’t be stupefied and rush to that vertex!" Any suspection.i war days to see all the people froze when he hurriedly mouth wake up way
Hear suspection.i war day wake up all of a sudden wake up immediately when they will speed to the greatest extent crazy rushed towards the chambers of the vertex.
The speed of the crowd was not stopped by the thick fog. They were two breaths and came to the top [
"What should I do if Xiaotian picks it up?" Dance wind looked at this place and asked some questions.
"Hum, this evil robber has really been hiding us for so long, but he still hasn’t shown up!" Yuxiaoxian irate way
"Don’t worry, he can’t run away!" Any suspection.i zhantian self-confidence pointed to the tunnel
"land? Ok, I’ll fight this place! " Small deep and remote with that, don’t wait for everyone to talk. Weapons in their hands give a hard shot and directly bomb the ground.
"Whoosh …!"
Listen to an amazing call for a strong suction from the ground to directly pull them towards the ground. The strength of the people is not bound by this gravity for too long, and then there is a little discomfort, and then they will stabilize their bodies by relying on their own strong strength.
"Xiaotian, what shall we do now?" Henaan asked a little uneasy.
"Why don’t you just drop to that guy! Let’s go! " After hearing Henaan’s words, Huangfu Zhantian immediately chuckled and then his body flashed directly toward the face. Section 191: Cure evil two
HuangFuZhan day after they fall, they just saw a large group of people sitting cross-legged, thick dark energy lines pouring from them towards the central figure. After counting these people, they found that there were thirty-six men, thirty-six women and nine babies. The total number of these people was nine hundred and ninety-one, which exactly matched the number of nine hundred and ninety-nine.
And there are many people sitting cross-legged next to these people who are looking at the sky, such as Huangfu Zhantian and others, but when they react, they all come towards Huangfu Zhantian and others
"Be careful that these thirty people are the strong group of pseudo-gods!" After seeing these people, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly got a fright. When did there become so many pseudo-gods in this evil robbery? This is too fate. If these people really want to fight in the mainland, who else can stop them from striving for hegemony in the mainland?
After hearing that Huangfu Zhantian woke up, he had just landed, and the people’s face suddenly changed, and then they quickly formed a war, which just blocked the first wave of attacks on these people. These people were like crazy and reckless attacks on Huangfu Zhantian, which made Huangfu Zhantian suddenly struggling to cope.
"What should Xiaotian do now?" Qin Si slapped a fake god who was going to take a hand from her and flew out directly to Huangfu Zhantian and asked [
"Don’t worry. Although these guys are all pseudo-gods, their eyes think that they should be taken away from the soul puppet. If they are tough against the strong in the 30 pseudo-gods, there should be no problem with these 30 pseudo-gods puppets, right?" HuangFuZhanTian is a thor’s hammer to fly out a false god realm of the strong, and then the mouth but that was HuangFuZhanTian fly out the strong but can’t climb up anymore, because thor’s true qi has destroyed all the functions of his body, even the qualification to be a puppet is gone, because he can’t even get up.
After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, everyone’s eyes suddenly lit up, and then they finally saw that there was no look in these people’s eyes, just like wooden stakes, and although their attacks were very powerful, they lacked flexibility. This was a false god realm, and the strong could never make mistakes.
Now that we know the shortcomings of the puppet of the false god realm, they directly formed a mixed yuan converging attack in a group of three people, and then three people fought against seven people, including Huangfu Zhantian Dance Wind Meng Hong and Yan Xi, and four of them fought against nine people.
In this situation, Huangfu Zhantian fully benefited their own characteristics, that is, individual attack is strong, defense is strong, and personal flexibility is stronger than these guys. Every team has come up with ingenious ways to restrict these guys’ actions, while Henaan and his team were the first to kill one of the seven puppets.
Henaan after they kill a suspection.i Zhantian, of course, they can’t be willing to lag behind and directly kill two puppets.
It’s good to take it. Everyone came up with a way to deal with these guys. It took a lot of effort to kill these 30 puppets, but there was no sense of accomplishment in everyone’s heart, because if these 30 puppets became people, I’m afraid it would be ten of them now.

"No, it’s too dangerous. Don’t go to Momo." Mu Wanhua threw herself into her fiance’s arms and hugged Lin Momo’s body for a long time.

"Ha ha so have no confidence in me? Phantom of the opera, able to kill billions of powerful zerg with one blow, is not afraid of demigod-level star cruises. Elf King, the emperor, is very strong, but it is not strong enough to be ridiculous. "
"Big bull male chauvinism you decide things never compromise? All right! All right! Let you take risks, but if you want to take me, the Yunlu will definitely help. Don’t be so kind, okay? "
"Look at how to say that you are going to cry? With YunLu number is not cocoa, but I prefer to have a demigod-level star cruise ship in St. YunXing. After all, Xiao Qiang pulled the fleet slightly thin, and the Elf King noticed that the strength of the TianZhu fleet rose sharply and seized the second galactic rule and was close to the end. He would definitely take some actions. "
"Don’t, don’t, don’t let the sand show non-success and even guarding this place and Damon and Connor have the vanguard fleet and the pioneer fleet to cover the fear of the elf king’s tampering? If I follow your action, Lilith will definitely go to the second galaxy and dare to leave us with you. "Mu Wanhua squeezed a handful to make Lin momo grin.
"Well, I’ll hand over one hundred ships from the main fleet to you and Lilith, and lead the Yunlu, the mighty, the two semi-gods, and follow me. Obsidian and Feiyu stay behind and inform Roderick to let the transport fleet help the adventure guild to transfer materials. Our logistics force is still relatively good. In addition, we should choose a suitable B-class star cruise ship from the transport fleet to fill the Discovery Fleet. We have cleaned up so many elite insect towers in our war zone and gained a lot. It should not be difficult to strive for the promotion of hundreds of elite combat groups to reach 10,000 ships."
"Is I at the head of the adult you greatest hurry to rest! Leave these things to your wife to do well, and you will save your strength and go to the Elves after receiving people from various families. "
"Thank you, Wanhua!" Lin momo held Mu Wanhua in his arms and kissed her on the forehead. This woman is really considerate. Honestly speaking, she is going to the Elf Elf King for a decisive battle. The psychological pressure is very great. Zerg elite forces consume a lot of heart in wartime. She has been hard-working in recent days and really needs a good rest for a few days.
Lin momo wanted to have a good rest, but the wooden messenger arrived at St. Vincent’s Tenchu fleet the next day, and the efficiency of the super family was really remarkable.
The hero’s title is very good, and the wooden messenger respectfully presents a belt with both hands. Inside it is the "goodwill" of the wooden family. The meeting room of Phantom of the Opera discussed it for half an hour, and the messenger hurried back to report the situation.
The messenger of fire, the messenger of stone and the messenger of water arrived at the adventure guild on the third day, and also came to the news that they were willing to obey Lin momo’s orders, and the interstellar trend was quietly reversed.
On the tenth day after the Tianzhu fleet returned to St. Vincent, it was quite pretty to decorate the mirror array to cover up the Phantom of the Opera, leading half of the main fleet, and the target was the second galaxy.
There are several important territories in the Milky Way outside the Elves’ boundary, but Momo Lin’s scope of attack is to kill the Elves’ King Ofara, so that the Elves will fall into chaos and not do anything. I believe that all forces in the interstellar world will actively cooperate with the annexation of the Elves’ King and work hard to come out, and then the Elves can compromise.
So Lin momo has to attack the Elf King? This is purely a naive question. If Lin Sisuo doesn’t take the opportunity to kill the Elf King and the Elf clan forces continue to grow, who will be a target of the Elf King? The Tianzhu fleet has long been a thorn in the side of the Elf King, and there is no possibility for both sides to resolve their grievances.
Even if you meet a star cruise ship on the road, you can see the Phantom of the Opera and tell the true face of the star cruise ship. The Elf King should know the situation of St. Yunxing like the palm of his hand. The mirror array will not last long, so you must respond quickly and quickly.
Lilith is an activist, far more vigorous than Mu Wanhua. During the rest of the fleet, St. Yunxing will allocate the adventure guild to the missile department to the main fleet. All supplies will be given priority to the Phantom of the Opera, and then it will be carried out in turn to clean up the old monster Elf King. It is definitely a double battle in the world. Never mind.
More than 60 hours, just more than 60 hours, hundreds of star cruise ships crossed the wormhole and came to the second galactic star, which already belongs to the Elves.
The entrance to the Super Wormhole is controlled by the military, but the exit is guarded by many powerful Elf fleets. It is precisely because the military is still competent and the Elf King doesn’t want to touch the sensitive nerve of the military that he didn’t personally go to the out-of-bounds Galaxy to deal with the Tianzhu fleet. Otherwise, when the news of Xiao’s cold came out, O ‘Farah should have gone to see the actual situation.
Various reasons have prompted this interstellar situation through the game of all parties, and the growth of the Tenchu fleet is not unreasonable. All parties want to see the result. Today, Lin momo and the Elf King finally confront the Tianchu fleet, and the two ends of the Elf fleet are like interstellar beasts. All eyes are tied to the second galaxy.
The Phantom of the Opera, facing tens of thousands of star cruises, has decided that these tens of thousands of star cruises are hostile, so the function of the record list appears.
"I’m sorry you are facing a star cruise ship, but please think twice before you do. The other side has a high level of freedom. If you form a hostile ship, the basic strength will be weakened by 20%."
"What? What’s this? We are an odd star cruise ship, and the points in the record list are also not low. What basic strength will weaken by 20%? Answer me, what will be the result? "
Captain Elves, the captain of the Elves working for the human body was shocked, and the strength of the Tenchu fleet was already ridiculously strong, but before the Phantom of the Opera, it was necessary to cut so much strength and let the elves live?
"Intercept the phantom of the opera, who died" Phantom of the opera, set off a screen outside the hull. Lin momo’s huge figure appeared too.
"Don’t be afraid of the Elves. The Elves have honored us and fought to the death."
"Boom …"
The cannon light suddenly broke out and thousands of star cruise ships charged forward. It was an incredible scene to see the huge Lin momo figure reach out and seem to hold something, and then bring a touch of blood in front of the super wormhole.
More than 500 star cruise ships are launching a charge. They blew themselves up a little farther away. Where is the Phantom of the Opera? There was a lotus flower jumping on the battlefield, and ships were wrecked everywhere …
Volume 22 The devil takes the hindmost! Great War Chapter 1294
Tenchu fleet is coming, Phantom of the Opera is coming, Momo Lin is coming.
The Elf King is at the peak of his ruling career, and someone dares to come to the Second Galaxy to make trouble. I really don’t know how to write the word "dead", but the adventure guild took the opportunity to leave the resistance of the Second Galaxy suddenly attacked and many newly established Elf territories were attacked. However, this is not the worst news.
It has been declared that the sudden defection of Sima family from the Stone Family has caused great damage to the Elves, and when the Elf King has not yet reacted, the organization of gods has changed again.
Who would have thought that the Mujia gods organization was inextricably linked? Although the core of the gods organization has always been the three-eyed family, the three-eyed family has been used to it for nearly a thousand years. They know that asking for it has made many human beings dissatisfied. Grassroots people secretly look for partners behind their backs and want to get rid of the shackles on their heads.
The opportunity is rare, and the organization of gods is completely divided.
This is really the biggest irony. Previously, the Second Galaxy Mujia Gods organized a competition for the artifact, which was almost a larger foe. That artifact was secretly promised to the Gods by the top management of the First Galaxy Mujia. Obviously, Yan Shuang, the widow of Mujia, did not have such a high vision. It is strange that everything she did can be successful. How can she lose an artifact for nothing with the power of Mujia? And that artifact is an important part of a strategic artifact.
In just a few days, the adventure guild jumped out, the stone family jumped out, the wooden family jumped out, and the fire family attracted more attention, because Morgan Dominion actually adhered to the ancient Covenant and forged a strategic alliance with the fire family
Not long ago, I just agreed to support the elf king Morgan Dominion and openly come out to clean up the elf clan war units near the Dominion. What does this say? It says that human beings are the masters of playing Tao!
You know, the Morgan dominion has been closed for many years, and you hooked up with the Morgans? I’m afraid it dates back to a long time ago, but the problem of picking up people’s teeth seems to be getting worse and worse. Even if there are more forces of surrendering elves, who can guarantee that there is no "double agent" in it? The Elves are increasingly distrustful of human beings.
The water family and the light Federation later shot at the Elves camp, and suddenly there were many more traitors. Several old judges of the Sanzong Jury openly countered the secret line of Pope Morgan’s survivors and started it quickly, which made the Elf King.
The second galaxy is in chaos, as if the Elves’ ruling area is full of traitors and spies. Elves’ fleets are everywhere fighting against the rebels, and at the same time, they have to separate their forces to guard against the fleet of the Tenchu.
Tenchu fleet came to the second galaxy and then broke through the defense line of the super wormhole, and then advanced towards the capital star of the Elves. At this time, five Elves were ordered to intercept. Does Lin momo want to compete with the entire Elves with just one hundred ships? I don’t know what it means. It’s wishful thinking. Elf leaders are extremely angry
Time flies in the past five days. During these five days, the Tianzhu fleet has been wandering as far as possible to avoid the main battle of the Elves. Sometimes it is mysterious and sometimes it takes the initiative to attack the territory of the Elves. It seems that it wants to fight a guerrilla war or harassment war to destroy the targets of the Elves.
The Elf King is not easy to handle. Since the Federation of Light and the Adventure Guild dare to tear the dough, he wants to show mankind the layout for 3,000 years. Maybe in less than half a year, the Elf will be able to stabilize the overall situation. O ‘Farra has to admit that Lin Sisuo is very good at picking the right time and even chose this point to make trouble. But there is nothing wrong with starting before, and it is more troublesome to clean up after destroying the Tianzhu fleet at most. Is there any chance for human beings to make a comeback? Don’t phantom of the opera, reached the level of god is against the day?
"I ordered to start the first galaxy and the second galaxy in hibernation, all hidden piles started to hibernate, and all the star thieves and families in the galaxy outside the boundary were informed to make several wormholes to let the zerg army enter the border. I believe that the human ruler must have more headaches than the king."
"Do it immediately." Several elves hurried to bring life.
Elf king turned his head and sneered, "There are hidden fire families, wooden families, water families and those dark hands. Let them give a slap in the face to several big families. The king knows what these super families mean. They have to force me to reveal my cards. Good, good, good. Let them get what they want and see if they can afford it!"
"Yes, I immediately set out to decorate my father out of the galaxy. I must be careful about the Phantom of the Opera. A few days ago, I personally went to San Yunlin Momo’s meeting and found that the ship had reached the level of God with the help of the Star Fighter Cloud Nuclear. We have been searching hard for it for so many years, but we never wanted to seal the Star Fighter Cloud Nuclear in the Daqingshan Mountain. In addition, the Phantom of the Opera’s record list broke through the limit and reached dzogchen. Otherwise, the title of hero’s position is not casually awarded. It is very unfavorable for us elves to suppress the record list automatically during wartime.
"No, no, no, it’s a record list, isn’t it? The Emperor has been trained almost without the limitation of Phantom of the Opera. You are the king’s best son. Your genes are perfect. It’s time for you to get rid of the fire family and help the king to take charge of the overall situation. However, it is necessary to wipe out the St. Yunxing Tianzhu fleet for the king. Everything else is up to you. Only this matter can’t be delayed. Let the foreign leader attack St. Yunxing at all costs and kill Lin Sisuo. All followers hum, if you want to find the king, please let him look good. This day is an elf family. Humans are not much better than zerg. There are
"My father’s talent is the first male advocate, and I will help the out-of-bounds galaxy to deal with it! On the Tianzhu fleet or dare to make the elves ugly forces, they will all pay the price. I believe it won’t be long before my father will be in charge of the day. "A man’s eyes showed fanaticism on the screen.
"Good super communication here! It takes a lot of energy to maintain synchronous communication. Remember to transport your current identity, especially the fiery gentleman. Try to dig up his influence. You can do it. "
"Beep Beep" The light screen in front of both sides of the communication is broken at the same time, and the energy pool in the room is close to drying up. The figure of the self-proclaimed son turned around. He was a wise man who used to spy on the Tianzhu fleet near the fire home territory.
It’s really a complicated layout. The Elf King values that people actually hide the fire family and get along quite well. Otherwise, he wouldn’t go to San Yunxing Lin momo for a meeting on behalf of the fire family. Fortunately, Lin momo is very careful to meet the messengers of each family alone, just because he is worried that there are elf eyeliner among these messengers.
In fact, a super family like Firehouse will never reveal the secret layout to the emissary on the safe side, although Firehouse is in today’s position and it is not clear about Firehouse Morgan Dominion.
The interstellar situation has become a beach, and it is unclear. You have me and I have your eyes. No one believes in each other and guard against each other.

Liu Feifei glared at Wuling’s son and said, "I know who he is, but it wasn’t your medicine that controlled his mind and caused him to die in the end. Although he died at your hands, I have always cared that you are my half-sister, and you have never hated you. Do you have to make us sisters eat each other?"

Wuling son suddenly stopped laughing and said, "You’re right. I won’t stop until Si Yakehitobe dies. This mausoleum is the best place for me to prepare for your family. I’m worthy of you. Today is your death."
LiuFeiFei know there is no point in talking to her more, so watch SiXiang fight with that weirdo.
At this time, Si Xiang is fighting with the weirdo as hard as he can. This weirdo looks silly, but I didn’t expect to start working. This person has changed a lot. Not only is his skill profound, but his martial arts strength looks higher than Wuling’s. If Si Xiang hadn’t eaten nine planets’s soul-turning Dan Li, he wouldn’t be his opponent.
Although barely tied with each other, Si Xiang’s heart was very anxious. After all, there was another one who was good at keeping poison Wuling’s son aside and Liu Feifei’s ankle was injured. Now this situation is very unfavorable for them.
In an instant, there are so many distractions in Si Xiang’s heart, but the other side and she are just the opposite. Like a Woodenhead, the attack is lax, and there is Si Xiang in front of her eyes. It seems that everything is not important. It is difficult for Si Xiang to be the first to fight with such a martial artist.
Sure enough, when it was less than half a column of incense, Si Xiang was accidentally slapped on the wrist by the other party, and the sword had not come to react. It had already flown out and almost stabbed to the side. Liu Feifei saw the other party occupying the wind. Si Xiang hurriedly took advantage of the other party’s palm to protect his chest shape with his left sword.
She means that if she defends the other side like this, she will avoid her own sword, and she can retreat safely. But she didn’t expect that it was the other side who rushed to meet the sword in front of her, and heard a light sound in her ear. The sword and sword had already cut out the chest full of dirt in that weirdo’s chest.
Si Xiang didn’t expect him to meet Jianfeng and rush to his side. When she wanted to deal with each other, the weirdo had quickly reached out and grabbed her throat, and a feeling of suffocation suddenly flooded my heart.
This flint Liu Feifei is a long way away, and where is she going to save her ankle injury? Seeing Si Xiang fall into each other’s hands, this is the only way to react. Pick up the sword and try your best to jump behind Si Xiang and hold the hilt with both hands and thrust forward.
Si Xiang was caught by the other person’s throat, and his mind turned white. When he was dying, he saw the other person’s face, but suddenly the pain twisted, and a little bright red blood flowed out of his mouth, and then he bowed his head and looked at the face.
At this moment, Si Xiang suddenly thought of a strange question. This person is really not a ghost. Seeing that his blood is so bright red, this idea passes in his mind. Si Xiang feels that the other person’s hand seems to be loose and regains consciousness. Si Xiang remembered to look down the other person’s eyes.
The sword that was originally beaten by the other side is directly inserted into the other side’s lower abdomen through his armpit. This is what’s going on. Before the other side can react, Si Xiang clasps the other side’s wrist acupuncture points and then lifts one foot to kick the other side out. As the weirdo flies back, a puff of blood gushes out, ignoring his face and blood. Si Xiang hurriedly turns around to hold Liu Feifei.
LiuFeiFei just tried her best not to consider her broken ankle. Seeing that Sixiang was fine, she felt the pain in her ankle. If it wasn’t for Sixiang’s pull, I’m afraid she would have fallen to the ground.
The weirdo’s sword in the abdomen was kicked out by Si Xiang again. It took a long time before he sat up with his hands on his belly and gasped.
Hold LiuFeiFei slowly sit SiXiang took the sword in the mother’s hand and walked slowly to the front of the fallen monster.
The sword pointed at the weirdo’s throat but looked at Wuling’s eyes and said, "What do you have to say?"
Wuling son looked at Si Xiang with an expression on his face and said, "Kill him."
Si Xiang paused. What did she mean by not understanding Wuling’s son? The conditioned response asked, "What did you say?"
Wuling son still said without expression, "I told you to kill him."
Si Xiang listened to Wuling’s words. Instead of stabbing the sword at the weirdo, she stepped back a little. She also wanted to kill the enemy. Otherwise, I’m afraid it will still be tough for him to slow down. Wuling asked her to kill this man, but she hesitated.
Wuling son said contemptuously, "what? Don’t you dare to kill people? "
Si Xiangyuan was still hesitant when Wuling said this, and immediately angered, "What’s not to dare you? Am I still the little girl you manipulated at the beginning?"
After the sword in Si Xiang’s cruel hand was withdrawn, he thrust it forward to the weirdo’s throat
Just as the tip of the sword was about to stab him in the throat, suddenly this weirdo said, "Yu Niang?"
Si Xiang saw that this weirdo suddenly spoke in front of her, so she quickly stopped stabbing and looked at each other with a sword. wait for a while stared at her mouth and called another person’s name and asked involuntarily, "What did you say?"
Wuling’s son was a little caught off guard when she heard the weirdo talk. She never imagined that there was a loophole in her plan again. In a hurry, she roared at Si Xiang, "Why don’t you do it if you dare to kill him?"
Si Xiang was hesitant when she heard Wuling’s words, but she heard Liu Feifei suddenly exclaim, "Xiang Er, stop it."
Chapter 44 Xiang Xiao Bai Di Mountain Dead Emperor Mausoleum (3)
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Si Xiang admitted the sword and turned his head to look at LiuFeiFei doubtfully.
At this moment LiuFeiFei brimming with foot injury slowly up SiXiang busy back to hold her.
LiuFeiFei holding SiXiang motioned for her to take herself to the front of the strange person and stare at the strange person’s eyes carefully. The strange person suddenly saw LiuFeiFei appear in front of his eyes and looked at Sixiang and LiuFeiFei’s eyes suddenly shed a string of tears.
Liu Feifei saw the other side shed tears as if she understood the truth and choked and asked, "Is it you?"
Si Xiang holds LiuFeiFei and feels strange when he sees that weirdo shed tears. Now he hears LiuFeiFei calling his father’s name to this weirdo just like Wuling’s son, which is even more vacant. He says to LiuFeiFei, "Mom, how can you call this weirdo like that bad woman?"
Liu Feifei didn’t seem to hear Si Xiang’s words. She broke free from Si Xiang’s hand and threw herself at the strange man’s shoulder. She asked, "Is it you or not?"
The weirdo closed his eyes and fought back tears in his eyes. He looked up with a long sigh and said, "Yu Niang didn’t expect to see you again in this life. This is really beyond my dreams."
LiuFeiFei just vaguely heard this weirdo named Yu Niang in the distance. I already felt something strange in my heart, and I wondered if my ears were wrong. Now I hear each other really calling their birth names. At this moment, my heart defense line finally collapsed, and my sad cry suddenly resounded through the whole mausoleum.
Seeing her mother fall in this freak’s arms and cry so bitterly, Si Xiang seems to realize that she can’t accept the fact that everything is happening in front of her eyes, and she doesn’t know if she should just watch at a loss.
LiuFeiFei cry for a while after this just remember behind SiXiang busy sleeves to wipe the tears in the twist a head to SiXiang said "sweet son come here"
SiXiang light oh a hesitation walked beside LiuFeiFei.
Liu Feifei looked silly at that Sixiang and knew that she accepted it all the time, so she said softly to her, "Xianger, do you know who he is?"
Although Si Xiang nodded his head, he still wondered and asked, "But …? Dad is not already … "
Actually LiuFeiFei heart also has a lot of questions, not only Si Xiang hard to believe, even she is like a dream.
It turns out that this weirdo is none other than Si Zhenting, who has been dead for many years, but now he appears here inexplicably, which is really puzzling.
Sizhenting looked at Liufeifei and Sixiang and didn’t know what was going on. His memory still stayed at Qixiufang to see Liufeifei for the last time.
Seeing that he is also a puzzled expression, Liu Feifei knows that all this must be done by Wuling’s son. Now she is too busy to pull Si Xiang and squat down and say, "Who do you think this is?"
Si Zhenting nodded with tears in his eyes and said, "I know whether it was Xianger when I first saw her or you. Our daughter is very similar to you. Even I admitted my mistake when you were young."
Si Xiang realized that it was the first time that her father called her mother’s birth name. No wonder her mother would stop her from doing it. If she didn’t wake up when she was a father, she almost committed a great crime of patricide.
Thinking of this, Si Xiang rubbed up and glared at Wuling son with double swords and said, "What did you do to my father, a bad woman, to make him look like this?"
Looking at LiuFeiFei holding the weirdo and crying, cutting Wuling son aside early, she was so angry that her teeth itched. She didn’t expect things to become like this, which completely disrupted her revenge plan, but now LiuFeiFei personally stabbed Sizhenting, which is also a good result.

The solar sail of Phantom of the Opera is flaunting, not only the bloody hourglass in the blue-blooded meteorite needs the sixteen ghosts of the Zerg Jingxue sail surface, but also the Jingxue energy turns from virtual to real, and there are ten more turrets to be fed. What do you think of Phantom of the Opera? It is like an authentic evil ship repairing, which makes those star cruises who come to have a windfall afraid to get close.

A bitter fleabane bitter fleabane bitter fleabane bitter fleabane bitter fleabane bitter fleabane toward the phantom of the opera, gathering the spirit’s son insect corpse in the ocean to search for strange individuals. Idle zerg root into his eyes.
With the Phantom of the Opera, a large number of Zerg JingXie rolled in and came to the battlefield to form a spectacle. The Phantom of the Opera’s hull was shrouded in blood clouds, and it was impossible to digest so much JingXie at the moment.
Volume 12 War! Star rolling Chapter 694 Perfusion
Zerg jingxie is the part of zerg blood that is rich in cosmic energy. The more powerful the zerg body is, the more jingxie it contains.
It’s the Phantom of the Opera that sucks the whole blood cloud. It’s a rare scene. Rao is Lin momo’s strong psychological quality. At this moment, he is also surprised from ear to ear
"This will die how many zerg will leave so much JingXie? And most of them are famous characters on the list of strange insects, not those three-legged cats. "Lin momo regrets for the screen."
"Ha ha, we’ve come to the right place. Many Zerg have destroyed their bombs and stormed out, but their body JingXie will always remain a part. If it were his star cruise ship, it would be really bad to rely on blue blood meteorites to cultivate that complementary blood device to have such a magnificent scene." The charm son said excitedly measuring the concentration of JingXie nearby, and the blood cloud sucked by the blood device would not stop. She wanted to make persistent efforts to further seize the legacy of the battlefield.
The exciting moment has begun. Lin momo keeps an eye on the blood volume in the attached blood strip of the blue blood meteorite. It is hard to imagine that the speed of blood volume is rising at ordinary times. It is necessary to know that every time the blood volume reaches a slam, it will bring benefits to the Phantom of the Opera. With this newly injected energy, many things can be done, which is even the original extreme luxury.
Phantom of the opera, quivering slightly, the main energy system reached the load, followed by a series of auxiliary energy systems. Lin momo solemnly entered the manipulation of the magnetic field, and the charm son hugged the captain intimately.
"The blue-blood meteorite runs at the maximum power, and the blood device is self-emerging. The crew members are ready to adjust when they enter the post." Lin momo clearly handed over the phantom of the opera, and the crew members became nervous.
If the absorption of Zerg Jingxue leads to new changes in Phantom of the Opera this time, the crew must adapt to these changes as soon as possible and form combat effectiveness, which will test the basic operation ability of the crew and be spiritual and not too rigid.
Lin momo just gave the order that the magnetic field in the main control room of Phantom of the Opera piled up from the hull, and layers of fine purple were hard to find with the naked eye. Then Phantom of the Opera was like being thrown into a water tank, and the blood cloud was "glug" and drunk wildly, and a suction force soared, and the area of the blood cloud was gradually growing.
Even if a star cruise ship detects an abnormality, it is very impolite to detect the blood cloud casually. Moreover, even if it detects it, it will be greatly disturbed. How to see the scene in the blood cloud clearly?
Besides, the tide of more than ten kinds of severe insects from Firehouse is coming. With the severe consumption of ammunition, many star cruise ships are starting to fight with each other. How can they spare time to take care of things outside?
As far as insect tide is concerned, the firemen can still hold up, but a few gray shadows have wandered around the battlefield. It has been more than half a month since they met these gray shadows. Although the number of these shadows has also decreased, they still can’t figure out their true colors. It’s a strange thing that even the odd star cruises have been hit hard.
Don’t say fire home such as joint zerg war Lin momo in phantom of the opera, manipulation of the magnetic field ship every change can’t escape his eyes phantom of the opera, just absorb more than ten minutes of blood to reach a full round.
"Well, this round of blood is full. Do we want the worm turret or the blood device itself?" Lin momo is smiling. If you can achieve a slam in ten minutes, what will be the result today?
"Ha ha, judging from the distribution of insect carcasses, even if it is absorbed for two days and two nights, it can’t be absorbed. If you can persist for half a day, it is at least worth the zerg jingxie gained in fighting the Phantom of the Opera for a hundred years. The only thing you need to worry about is that you must avoid the insect tide in the period of absorbing the zerg jingxie, so that I can concentrate on making these jingxie and make the Phantom of the Opera’s details rise to a new level in this first round of slam jingxie. In my opinion, it is more cost-effective to pour it into the defense matrix, and the blood transfusion device will have a certain defense Her suggestion is really good because the defense matrix has not kept pace with the development of Phantom of the Opera, and it should be upgraded well. When encountering a strong enemy, it will be broken by others.
Lin momo stretched out his right hand and shuttled through the colorful magnetic field for a moment. He seemed to catch something and suddenly clenched his fist and listened to a slight tick.
"Tick-tock" bright red liquid seeped out and then a little bit gasified. The first layer of defense matrix of Phantom of the Opera was flushed with a rare red light with the start of one hundred titanium mirror shields, and the blood volume was in a state of consumption.
The incarnate son closes his eyes and calls out the micro-robot matrix from the core cabin, which is actually a complete energy body. All kinds of energy circuits are hidden in the titanium mirror shield. It is necessary to broaden the energy circuits and inject them into the Zerg Jingxue, and the preliminary transformation will be completed.
It’s a pity that the reconstruction project is not accomplished overnight, but it takes a lot of time and a little tempering. Fortunately, this does not delay the absorption of Zerg Jingxue by the blood device.
Charming son poured the matrix because she was worried about an emergency. She put increasing defense in the first place, which made the blood quality better. That would speed up the absorption of Zerg Jingxue. It is good to be in a dangerous situation and reduce the risk. After all, no one knows that a zerg will be encountered at any moment.
About ten minutes later, the blood volume reached a new round of slam. Lin momo concocted it according to law and sent it to the matrix. But this time, it was to transform the second matrix, and the charm son manipulated most of the micro-mechanical artificial thirty-six critical vanadium pyramids emerged, and the Phantom of the Opera’s hull was even more red.
Seen from a distance, the blood cloud has just been absorbed a little and a new blood cloud has been added. In less than two hours, it will converge into a bloody Wang Yang, which makes the idle star cruises far and near quite fearful.
Most star cruise ships come with the mentality of picking up cheap, but there are also a few fugitives who are planning to rob the Phantom of the Opera.
The star cruise ship that can cause wonders in these outlaws’ thinking concepts must be rich in oil and water. If the other party tries its best to bully or absorb worm blood, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and then everyone can share some benefits, which is better than watching this ship absorb Zerg JingXie alone.
Soon, five star cruises approached the blood cloud, two of them have reached the elite level, and the other three are also senior B-class star cruises. This strength is not to be underestimated, but when they rushed to the edge of the blood cloud, they were abruptly forced by cannon light to show their figure by ten mobile turrets. At the same time, there are amazing things happening.
"Warn each other that the record list of Star Cruises is open to the fourth floor. We have entered the range of coercion. If we don’t retreat, we will immediately judge the strength of the record points and ask the captain to think twice." I am doing my duty to wake the captain. Don’t be impulsive, but this sound is different from a fierce thump, which makes the five desperate captains feel dizzy.
"Record list on the fourth floor? There are so many mobile turrets. What the hell? Hurriedly retreat "first the elite star cruise ship captain the fastest response even regardless of the four comrades-in-arms immediately turn on the propeller and run away.
Is it too little to say that there are many strange-class star cruises in the out-of-bounds galaxy, although this is said from textual research, but there must be a wind coming from the cave because of the three thousand years? Today, the captain of these fugitives was kicked to the iron plate, and he almost retreated without fighting.
Worm spirit turret quickly mask to figure Lin momo was just a virtual phantom of the opera, absorb so many zerg JingXie incredibly some indigestion.
If you reach one or two rounds of slam, there is no problem, but after more than two hours, the blood quality naturally changes, and you can reach a slam in 12 minutes, but it is difficult to control the charm even if you can be distracted. How much blood does he consume in just two hours?
"Scrambling" The first layer of the matrix burst into a hundred titanium mirror shields on Mars, and those rare red lights seemed to find a breakthrough to accelerate the perfusion into the mirror shields.
Strange to say, each mirror shield emits substantial red light, giving people the feeling that they are thriving.
"Ding, ding, ding" mirrors and shields ring like ringtones. With the successful transformation of the first matrix, a large number of Zerg JingXie are added, which will not make her feel so bad.
Lin momo is also relieved. Just now, the Phantom of the Opera energy system was almost exploded by the Zerg JingXie. This is a unique experience. It is always difficult to achieve a slam, but today it is a continuous slam and can’t stop.
Then, the charm poured into the second matrix, and the thirty-six critical vanadium pyramids were stronger than the titanium mirror shield, and the third matrix was even more than the absorption of Zerg Jingxue.
It’s been more than five hours since the Phantom of the Opera came to the battlefield, and the blood cloud outside the ship has been reduced by less than half, while the blood device has just sucked JingXie for 26 times. Even the sinking blade has completely lost its language.
It’s a terrible war once in a thousand years. Will the fallen Zerg stop billions? Firehouse fleet losses are equally heavy. One hundred and ninety-four elite star cruises completely hang up the fall of those senior B-class star cruises. The number method is used to count the hard support of his family.
The more strongly this ancient queen’s brain opens up the fourth galaxy, the faster it will be. No matter how difficult this battle is, we must persist until the end.
Lin momo has no desire for the brain of Taikoo Empress, that is, for the big family like Firehouse and Wooden House. If it is attributed to the Tianzhu fleet, it will cause great trouble no matter how to hide it.
It took another hour for the incarnate son to complete the second and third matrix transformation projects. Now all she has to do is to pour the Zerg JingXie into it. At this time, she is not worried about the explosion of the energy system.
Fortunately, for more than six hours, there was no new worm tide, and only a small stream of worms joined in, posing a threat to the Phantom of the Opera method. However, Lin momo always had a sense of foreboding, which seemed to be the tranquility before the storm.
Volume 12 War! Star rolling Chapter 695 Purple cicada
Insect tide has some successors, and they still haven’t broken into Selpuna’s defensive body. The war is in a stalemate, and if nothing unexpected happens, the fire family will win slightly.
At this moment, the phantom of the opera, Lin momo, keeps wandering in the blood of ShiShan, and occasionally encounters a small stream of worms to destroy them. If it encounters a worm cloud, it quickly evades.
Phantom of the Opera, the second-floor matrix has been poured, and now it’s the third-floor matrix. However, it’s rare that JingXie was sucked in like the blood in the bottom hole, and the charm son hurried to investigate the matter. She found that the five-color bile worms and magic beasts in the ten black boxes in the third-floor matrix had a strong solubility in Zerg JingXie, and the kettle also slowly changed.
At this time, Lin momo felt strongly uneasy. Many monks Wu struggled for life and death, and similar premonitions would appear over time, and this kind of induction was sometimes very accurate.
"Incarnate son first put the third layer matrix transformation workers put a put more efforts to water the worm spirit turret! The main purpose of our coming here is to raise the turret, so as not to get to the end. "Lin momo made a warning sign and immediately adjusted the focus of the Phantom of the Opera."
"Well, I’ll pour the worm turret. One thing is very strange. There is a sense of gloom in the place where I just passed, but I can’t get to the point when I scan it carefully. You might as well take a closer look at what’s going on." The screen circle of the incarnate son leads to an area where it seems darker than other places, but it is no different when I look at it carefully.
"Yi is a zerg?" Lin momo’s eyes flashed through the deep and remote light, and there were three gray-white figures lying in a very open place. These three figures seemed to be burning, so that the deep and remote eyes could not see them.
"Really have found? Do you want to attack and try? " Incarnate son curious stare big eyes, she still can’t see anything.
"Don’t attack these invisible creatures. It’s strange that they are alive or dead. I don’t know if I have to go and see them before I can come to a conclusion." Lin momo is adventurous and it’s hard to itch when he sees strange things.
"ah? You want to take risks at this time? No, it’s too dangerous. It’s better to send some robots in the past to test. "The incarnate son grabs Lin momo’s arm and doesn’t let people live or die. The insect tide may come at any time and must be extra careful."
"Robots can’t solve the problem in the past. Just park the Phantom of the Opera near my deck as I instructed, so it should be okay?" Lin momo smiled. He was really reckless just now.
"Hum, you are smart enough. The captain wants the crew to consider that if there is his ship to follow, even if the Phantom of the Opera accompanies you to die, it is also called, but we can’t take risks with a ship in this operation." The incarnate son is tough and teaches her that she can accompany Lin momo to risk her life, but she can’t ignore the lives of others on board.
Lin momo was shocked when he heard this, and then his face was uncertain. He nodded his head and blamed himself, "You’re right. Since the Phantom of the Opera acted alone, you can’t do whatever you want as before. Even though I’m not afraid of danger, I can’t let my brothers fall into a hopeless situation, so I’ll behave myself until I return to the fleet."
Incarnate son is a sentient beings and righteous constant wave tree people hear Lin momo’s tone gives birth to remorse. She quickly grabs each other’s hand to appease interstellar travel. What does it depend on? Family, friendship and love are all powerful sources.
The Phantom of the Opera glided gently and soon approached Lin Sisuo and saw three gray-white figures. When the hull was 100 meters away from the gray shadow, the solar sail suddenly expanded and the blue-blood meteorite beat violently like a heart.
"Bang, bang, bang" strong pulse makes Lin momo frown. He hasn’t boarded the deck yet, so he has changed. It seems that the three gray-white figures opposite are not simple.
A large number of zerg JingXie gushed out from the virtual and merged into the blood cloud, which has shrunk by nearly half, and the blood cloud has been refilled. Although the Phantom of the Law set foot in the battlefield a few hours ago, it is also very shocking.
"This is a worm resin! They are a kind of unnamed advanced zerg. Are they the same as the mutated five-color gall bladder worm? Belong to a mutant zerg with defensive attributes? " Lin momo eyes like burning light.
Gradually, with the loss of insect carcasses, a large number of jingxie figures have been revealed. These three figures no longer present strange grayish white, but change to lavender. They look like giant cicadas and look glittering and translucent.
"Ha-ha, what luck! The third matrix has not yet been fully equipped with insect carcasses, so I’ll send three of them, but each of them is 20 meters long. It seems that the cargo hold needs to be cleaned up!" Lin momo said to release the bright beetle.
Brilliant beetle flies away from Phantom of the Opera. When it comes to Taizhong, its tail rolls forward. Unexpectedly, three strange insect carcasses move out more than 100 meters by themselves.
Even if the three purple cicadas lose a lot of JingXie and have died extremely thoroughly, they still have such a solution ability that Lin momo immediately attaches great importance to it.
"Athena, help me to see what’s so special about these three insect corpses." Lin momo finally remembered that there was an artist who knew about the Zerg one hundred times better than him when he encountered difficulties.
"Gee call old niang? Isn’t it just a few strange zerg? Zerg species check hundreds of millions of human contact with the zerg is just the tip of the iceberg. I want to collect purple cicadas and help with the Phantom of the Opera magnetic field. I don’t know the origin of these purple cicadas. "Athena is very interested in purple cicadas, but she knows that Lin momo will not give benefits to others unless she formally joins the Tianzhu fleet. There may be a glimmer of hope.
"Hum tough old woman" Lin momo secretly muttered that his idea of turning the Phantom of the Opera was close to a purple cicada.
The center of the purple magnetic field Phantom of the Opera radiates. From a distance, the blood cloud suddenly expands, and a red lotus blooms like a sea of blood. When the magnetic field covers to a certain extent, it bites the three purple cicadas a little and gradually engulfs them.

Chloe is holding a feather face, and his tongue has slipped into the sakura mouth of the feather. His tongue deftly stirs and wraps the feather small tongue, and his slender fingers probe into the feather pants.

He ran into her nose in a domineering manner, causing her to burst into dizziness. His hands and tongue were both lured by the unconscious, and she was ignited by the fanatical flame in the depths of her heart. She could hold tight his chest and skirt for fear that her weak legs could not support herself.
He kissed her, barely breathing, and still tried to keep his head clear.
Hang in there. I’m going to take Chloe crazy in love’s strength and kill him.
Feather pastor bite a tooth, the tip of the intertwined lips and teeth is still gentle. She keeps telling herself in her heart that she is forced and unwilling to commit herself to Chloe and ask Feng Pei to realize her reluctance. It will help her absorb Chloe’s energy and spiritual strength, and quietly avoid Chloe’s touch and kiss while secretly worrying.
Feng Pei, what hasn’t happened yet
Keer buried his head in the feather neck. He bit the earlobe of the feather gently and said, "Do you really want to come with me?"
Nonsense. Of course not. You and I still see shota and the hideous vampire with no deciduous teeth
Feather pastor bite a tooth without a word.
Chloe pried her lips and teeth with her tongue. He kissed his beloved girl affectionately as if to embed all her strength into her body.
Finally, Feng Pei flashed colorful brilliance on her chest, which absorbed Kerr’s spiritual strength and strength.
I feel the spiritual force continuously spreading from my body to the feather body in the confusion of Kerr.
Chloe’s mind immediately woke up. He took a deep breath and wanted to get rid of the feather and learn from the spiritual power, but his whole body seemed to be out of control. In an instant, less than half of the spiritual power had been sucked by the feather and the lips.
After a pause, Chloe tried her best to push the feather. Because of the excessive force, the feather "plopped" from the bed and fell to the ground, and her mouth almost dislocated when she chewed mud.
Feather touched herself and got up from the ground. She turned stubbornly and looked at the bed with a sneer. Chloe said coldly, "It’s a pity that it will soon make you lose your strength and kill you easily. I didn’t expect it to be so long."
Chloe looked at the feather in disbelief. His face was so puzzled and painful. He gasped and looked at the feather for a long time. "Do you hate me so much? Try your best to deal with me? "
"Yes, that’s right. I just want to take your psychic department away from you. You little devil killed my lover. I want you to pay for it." Feather suddenly jumped up and split her hand to Chloe’s neck
Chloe’s bed rolled all the way. He stretched out his left palm and got stuck in the feather’s hand. It’s still a big strength. Is the feather biting his teeth not his opponent?
However, Feather Pastor is not a vegetarian. She bit Chloe’s shoulder, and then Chloe’s thick shoulder was bloody, but Feather Pastor still didn’t let go.
He smiled. "Nothing is much better now."
Feather pastor simply walked to the front of the bed and gently sat beside Chloe. She chuckled. "How can I do without looking?" What if it’s infected? Will get rabies. "
And she gently solved our chest clothes.
Chloe’s wound healed quickly. It’s such a long time. It’s no longer so bloody and bloody. The slender fingers of the feather lightly touch Chloe’s * * and the bodybuilding chest is soft.
This gentle touch aroused ripples in Kerr’s heart, and the feathers seemed to tease him, making it almost impossible for him to control his breathing and gradually become turbid and dull.
He couldn’t help but embrace the feather and waist.
Feather mobile hand filled a glass of wine and said with a smile, "Now that the injury has healed so much, I am relieved. You don’t know how worried I am about you."
"Feather pastor ….." Chloe’s throat itches. Although these days and nights * * those poor girls indulge themselves with alcohol * * and emotions, those strange girls gain strength, but he really likes girls, so he still feels like a deer.
Because she is the only one she really likes.
His big hand gently brushed his delicate face and white neck, and he hesitated for a moment or leaned over to print his passionate kiss on his ear.
Feather anchor conveniently sat in Chloe’s arms. She still carried the glass in one hand and hugged Chloe’s neck tightly in the other. Her tender face gently rubbed Chloe’s handsome face and lips gently blew air into Chloe’s ears.
I never thought that there would be such a day when Feather Zhen would be intimate with Kerr.
Feather pastor raised her head and gently took a sip of the wine. Her almond eyes slightly narrowed her hands and looked at Chloe’s face for a while. Her lips gently printed Chloe’s lips. The big mouthful of wine was directly poured into Chloe’s mouth from Feather pastor’s mouth.
Chloe swallowed it, not to mention wine, even though he knew it was intestinal poison, he would not hesitate to drink it.
Chloe swallowed this drink, and her eyes became blurred more and more. The color of his eyes became crimson. The teasing has completely aroused his original * *
At the moment he wants to have this girl in front of him, and he doesn’t care about everything.
Feather pastor is also obviously aware of Chloe’s * * rising. Her heart keeps beating drums and hesitating, but in the end she still closes her eyes and slides her hands into Chloe’s skirt and gently caresses her.
Spirits, beautiful women, teasing … seem to fuel the fire. Keer’s passion, which has been suppressed for a long time, hopes to be vented as soon as possible.
He stretched himself, picked up the feather and put it on the bed, and then quickly bullied himself.
Thin snow Qiu was quickly torn out by Chloe’s claws, revealing the girl’s proud, pure and exquisite skin like makeup and jade, and the curve suddenly appeared in front of Chloe.
White and glittering and translucent body attracted Chloe’s attention, and he kissed every inch of feather’s skin crazily. This pure county was covered with love marks.
His hand gently stroked the feather’s breasts, and the fingertips also stirred up the fragile and sensitive nerves of the feather, and Kerr kissed overbearing and fanatical like the wind.
Chloe is holding a feather face, and his tongue has slipped into the sakura mouth of the feather. His tongue deftly stirs and wraps the feather small tongue, and his slender fingers probe into the feather pants.
He ran into her nose in a domineering manner, causing her to burst into dizziness. His hands and tongue were both lured by the unconscious, and she was ignited by the fanatical flame in the depths of her heart. She could hold tight his chest and skirt for fear that her weak legs could not support herself.
He kissed her, barely breathing, and still tried to keep his head clear.
Hang in there. I’m going to take Chloe crazy in love’s strength and kill him.
Feather pastor bite a tooth, the tip of the intertwined lips and teeth is still gentle. She keeps telling herself in her heart that she is forced and unwilling to commit herself to Chloe and ask Feng Pei to realize her reluctance. It will help her absorb Chloe’s energy and spiritual strength, and quietly avoid Chloe’s touch and kiss while secretly worrying.
Feng Pei, what hasn’t happened yet

"Mother may want to give you brother kiss! Do you see the rain as a dream? " Thyme stranger replied absently.

I don’t know how close I am to Mu Nian and Mu Huan, but there is an idea in my mind that this woman is her own princess, and other men can’t get close to their brothers!
"Dear? Princess Rain Dream? " MuHuan frightened "how is it possible? My brother, he will marry a woman in his life, and he won’t promise marriage at will! My father tried to marry him many times, but he refused. Besides, Princess Raindream’s brother is not suitable. "
"Marry a woman all your life?" Thyme devoted to the depths of the garden stopped and looked at MuHuan beside him. "Is that possible? If your brother inherits the throne, will the harem also marry a queen? "
"What’s impossible!" MuHuan not gas cocked a little "don’t you every man like to sit and enjoy people’s happiness? My brother is very devoted! "
"I have never heard of such a funny thing!" It’s natural for a man to have three wives and four concubines, and even a civilian man will marry several rooms, which of the royal men is not a group of wives and concubines?
Whether it’s the royal branch, the heir, or various interests and political needs, there will be many women in the royal family to marry one. This is simply a myth! Especially the women in the imperial harem are their tools to balance their ministers. Even if they don’t like it, they have to marry it back and put it there. How can there be a queen?
"Marrying a bunch of strange bedfellows women is not as good as marrying a lover who will be with you through thick and thin, so that there will be a lot less sibling things in the family." Muhuan rolled his eyes and big stallion said that you don’t understand these truths.
"It turns out that the idea of the princess and the prince is so unique." Muhuan’s eyes sparkled when she spoke, which made her heart move. This girl must be looking forward to a complete home when she stayed with Gusu Qingmin for too long. After returning to the palace, she was ostracized, so she was tired of the royal family’s cannibalism. Is this also the reason why she disdained to compete for favor and wanted to escape?
"Reality is not unique." Muhuan muttered something. Maybe I told you that my sister was from a different time. At that time, she was already monogamous. If I said that, you would be crazy.
"It must be difficult for your report to save your brother this time. Your report seems a little haggard. I really appreciate your report!" Muhuan don’t want to discuss this problem again, and quickly change the subject.
"No king is lucky enough to find a report" thyme devoted to the hot word doesn’t hurt himself. You know, after that day’s coma, his bed lay for ten days, even now the wound is still dull. The doctor said that it was also a cold king who was in good health. If someone else is so seriously injured, don’t think about it if he doesn’t lie in bed for a month.
"Why didn’t the report send a message back earlier? Male and female servants but have been waiting for "MuHuan also didn’t want to see the sample this big ice and brother seems to be very well.
"Is the princess worried about the king?" Li Mo Xu raised his eyebrows and stared at Mu Huan quietly. "Or are you worried about your brother?"
"Male and female servants are naturally worried about their brother." Muhuan stopped to have a look at the words of thyme devoted to the heat, but it was also honest. "Male and female servants are also worried about the safety of the report because they ask the report to save their brother. Male and female servants don’t want anything to happen to the report."
"It turns out that the princess will also worry that Wang Wang is a little flattered!" There is a little joy in thyme devoted to the heat. I stretched out my hand and took Muhuan into my arms. I secretly paid the girl in my heart. Do you know that Wang was in a coma for a moment and I never saw you again? I felt a little sorry in my heart.
When Wang woke up, he didn’t doubt that you and your brother had participated in the design of this bureau. But when Wang sent someone to secretly investigate and make sure that Mu Nian was indeed a victim, Wang was suddenly relieved to know that you didn’t have those people colluding to harm Wang. It was easier than ever to hold you again.
MuHuan one leng just came back from the battlefield men are so emotional? Although I really want to push thyme away, I can repay him when I think I still owe him a favor. This harmony has always made Muhuan feel uncomfortable.
This big stallion must have seen a woman who didn’t know the "meaty smell" for more than ten days, so she couldn’t help but embrace her in her arms. If this is Leng Yuxin at the moment, he must be eager to embrace her in the room and have sex, right? With this in mind, Muhuan once again wants to push thyme away.
When this guy didn’t come back, he was a little uneasy and worried, but he always wanted to stay away from him before he was alive? Just for a short time, Mu Huan’s heart has been constantly entangled in be? This classic English line popped up in her heart. It’s only a matter of time before I get into snake disease with this big ice cube!
Two people quietly embrace together cangxi mainland all scenery this moment is eclipsed by far behind sogeum hurriedly lowered his eyes.
"The princess’s hands are all ready, right?" A hundred miles devoted to Xu took her arms and sniffed the faint jasmine, feeling that it would be wonderful if she was still at this moment. Where did he know the psychological activities of the people in her arms?
"Thank you for leaving no scars."
"Pay attention later" said Bai Li Mo Xu, putting Muhuan "The princess is really too thin", but he really didn’t want to let go, but he found himself less and less infected with this girl, so he held her and had a reaction. He didn’t want to be rude in front of this girl, and he didn’t want people to look at it. Although it was Cian Pavilion, it was difficult to have someone else’s eyes.
"I …" MuHuan turned over their elder sister when lost weight? I have a standard figure, okay? It’s called the devil’s figure, you know?
"Eat more after the princess. You should eat more and gain weight like Nini."
"I don’t want to eat like Nini!" Muhuan’s pouting is also a foodie, but I’m not like Nini, who mistakenly recognizes Dad because of a little delicious blood. This kind of milk is a mother’s foodie and I despise it! Of course, it’s just a little contempt. After all, it’s also my sister’s daughter!
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Women like warm men? !
"Eat food?" A hundred miles away, I was stunned. "What is food? !”
How did Emma accidentally say this word in front of the big ice? ! Mu Huan shrugged his shoulders and blinked. "The saying that Wang Ye eats food is a night orchid people refers to the kind of people who especially love to eat and are determined to eat delicious food all over the world."
"oh? Night haze people say it’s really special. "Hundred miles devoted to the heat didn’t rest assured to take MuHuan’s hand again." There’s nothing wrong with being a foodie. People say it’s not a blessing to eat happily and comfortably every day. If you can really eat delicious food all over the world, it will be very interesting. "
"Yes, walk around and see how much life is like eating, drinking and drinking!" Muhuan didn’t expect thyme to have such an understanding. It was a little unexpected. It seems to her that people like thyme should like surgery.
"But Nini’s dad remembered telling you before leaving that men should not be allowed to get close to your mother except dad. Didn’t you stop that yearning for your mother just now?" Thyme devoted to the heat will MuHuan wrist gripper from a distance in the past seems to be kissing her hand is talking to Nini.
What’s wrong with MuHuan’s feeling that a flock of crows flew over this big stallion? Elder sister didn’t tube you and so many women rolled sheets you really when you are a brother-in-law jun tube elder sister free to immediately withdraw his hand from thyme devoted to hot turned supercilious look "report that is my brother! I grew up together, and my brother was hugged by my brother. What’s the matter? "
"Children are naturally nothing, but now that the princess is married, she still needs to pay attention to her image at any time outside. Don’t let people gossip." There is a hint of hegemony in the old myth. "From the truth, a married woman can give her husband a hug!"
"According to your report, if I meet my father, I can’t be close to him?" Muhuan turned supercilious look again.
"Princess, is this questioning the king?" The ending of thyme was dragged up, which seemed to wake Muhuan. But you promised the king not to talk back to him.
"Of course not. The sovereign is always right!" Muhuan sighed sadly in his heart. What can he do? Can’t offend this guy, let his brother see that his Xilin Day is not good, let his brother and mother worry about it, forget it, let him be low-spirited, and ask him not to really let Nini stop himself from getting close to his brother. "But I grew up with my brother, and I haven’t seen it for months. If I don’t get close to my brother as usual, I will be very sad."
"The king is not to say that you don’t want the princess to be close to your brother …"
"That male and female servants thank report! Wang Ye is really a great man! " Before finishing the sentence, Muhuan hurriedly grabbed the words and offered a hug in a dog’s leg, then bowed his head to his wrist and said, "Nini, did you hear that?" Your father said that my brother was close to me, but don’t be ridiculous! "
A hundred miles away in tears and laughter, but because of this hug, I immediately remembered another thing. "By the way, does the princess think that the mother is very special to your brother?"
When I saw Mu Nian from the East Miao, it seemed that her eyes had never left Mu Nian. The eyes were very complicated, with joy, sorrow, thoughts and desires, and all kinds of emotions were intertwined, which made Bai Li feel a little strange.
It is reasonable to say that it is the first time for the mother to see Mu Nian, and even an old friend is not so excited, right? When I first met Muhuan, my mother was not so excited. Was it that my mother was not only a good friend of Gu Suqing’s, but also Mubai?
"I can see that my mother likes my brother very much. My mother and I must be very good sisters in the past." Muhuan didn’t think much about the fact that Oriental Miao Miao is also very good to herself. It should be because of her mother’s reasons. "Besides, my brother is a good person. A typical warm man would like him. 1.
"Warm man? What’s this? Is it your night LAN dialect again? " A hundred miles away, I was confused.
"Warm men are the kind of men who can give people a warm feeling like warm sunshine. They are very caring for their families, considerate and considerate, and their friends around them think he is very warm." Mu Huan cocked his head and tried to recall the modern definition of warm men, trying to understand as much as possible to explain "anyway, it is a fine and clean sunny man like my brother."
"Princess like this warm man? !” I can’t hear any emotions in the words of a hundred miles.
"Women like warm men, ok? !” Muhuan said smoothly and didn’t realize what he was saying.
"So that’s it." Li Mo Xu was silent for a while. "It seems that Wang Shou is also a warm man, isn’t it? !”
"Shouwang and my brother are quite like a gentle and modest gentleman like jade …" Muhuan suddenly realized here that he had let slip his tongue and stopped to look at thyme nervously. "Shouwang in my heart is just a friend of your brother."

The teacup fell to the ground and splashed with broken porcelain.

It took a while for Yun Qing to move for a stalemate before she pulled out a silk handkerchief to wipe off the spilled tea.
"Can you make such a low-level mistake?" Jin sat opposite her mouth Gherardini.
Li Yunqing didn’t answer. She bowed her head and carefully wiped off the water stains.
Just now, there was a strange feeling in my heart, which made her lose her grip on the teacup.
It’s so weird …
Mo Chi sighed faintly. "Are you worried?"
"No" from yun-ching decisive answer him.
Helan Xun looked at the atmosphere in the hall. "Let’s forget it today and discuss it later."
They gathered together today to discuss how to deal with the heavy sword in his hand.
"No … it’s better to decide the countermeasures as soon as possible. We don’t have much time." From Yun Qing, it was cold in the ink pupil of the broken porcelain.
Three people in the hall glances in the heart have the same feeling. Tonight, it seems that Yun Qing is a little impatient.
At this moment, Helan Xun’s eyes suddenly became unfathomable. "Someone broke in."
Brocade face solemn Mo Chi also exudes a murderous look.
A cold smile came from Yun Qing’s mouth. "Let me go and see who dares to come uninvited?"
"I’ll go with you" Mo Chi also got up.
"You need a person to watch here. I don’t know how many of them are there. Helan Xun is in poor health and Jin can’t operate." Leave this sentence from Yun Qing and walk straight out the door.
Mo Chi can also be discouraged and sit away from Yun Qing, which is very reasonable.
Who is impatient 83 Chapter 83 Meet again (5)
When Bai Liyi climbed out of the ice lake, he had a fierce cough and his hair was full of water. His hair clung to his resolute face and he added a few minutes of perseverance.
When he fell into the lake, the water was as attractive as it was, and it was wrapped around him so hard that he could not escape.
For a moment, he really wanted to die himself, which was really not worth the loss. He still had a lot to say to Li Yunqing.
How can you die at this time …
He got up, embroidered with dark stripes, and the corners of his robe were dripping with water.
Bai Liyi waved a hand, and the clothes were as dry as before after the wind dissipated from the soles of the feet.
He didn’t look around until his straight hair was dry.
All over the world, behind the white cliff, it goes straight into the sky, and in front of it, it is a snowy field.
So where will it be from Yun Qing?
As soon as he took a step, I don’t know when several sharp and sharp ice crystals grew from the ground of his feet like vines.
Bai Liyi was startled at first, and then reacted quickly. Those ice cones were as dense as cobwebs.
If he hadn’t flashed just now, would he have been stabbed into a hornet’s nest now?
"How dare you break in here and be prepared to pay the price?" Two bells of water are as light as water, and ripple after ripple comes from the sky.
Bailiyi felt this familiar, raised his eyes and looked at the man floating from the sky.
The spotless moonlight, her white dress is still as white as the first snow, and it is like fog in the night.
At that time, the fundus flashed a little smile.
Bai Liyi believes that his expression must be very happy or happy at this moment?
"We haven’t seen you for more than a month. How can you forget your husband?" Bailiyi smiled and squinted at her.
It’s a bit slow to move away from Yun Qing, but from the sky, wait for a while stepped on the ice and looked at the sudden appearance.
I wonder if she suddenly felt a little annoyed when she saw that his eyebrows were full of joy of meeting again after parting.
"Yun Qing?" See her leng for a long time, thyme yi tentatively called two.
But I never wanted to see a few sharp skates coming towards him
"Niang, you are too cruel." Bailiyi was indifferent and formed a barrier around her. The skates stopped and fell to the ground.
"You?" Seeing this, it is unnatural for Yun Qing to correct her eyebrow expression.
"Do you think husband is very handsome?" On the contrary, Bai Liyi jokingly walked step by step to the person who stared at me. "Destiny sometimes takes care of me. I should say that I want to thank the God. He gave me spiritual strength in a crisis."

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “