"Your dad, of course, he is not a bonfire empire now, but I have given him what you brought." Gao Chen looked at Mag’s eyes and said faintly. Although it was such an answer, Gao Chen knew that Mag would definitely be able to understand the meaning of his words!

"Thank you, boss. I don’t know where they live now? Or windy city? " Magg took a deep breath and looked relaxed. He said a lot. Since Gao Chen said that he had given his things to Mast, Mast must still be alive now.
Gao Chen, such a strong man, has to make a move to deal with an enemy like Masud. That is usually to kill the other person. Listen to Gao Chen and say that when Gao Chen just returned to the bonfire empire, the situation of the Gao family panicked at that time. If you change your position and think that if you go back this time and you have Gao Chen’s strength, will your own means be like Gao Chen? I thought for a moment, but I shook my head and let it go. This is absolutely impossible!
"Practice hard. Everything in the secular world is just a cloud. Strength is the most important thing. Lang Hai, they are all real geniuses. Although it is only a matter of time before they surpass you, it is really a bit unreasonable if you don’t speed up your level and be surpassed in a short time!" The color of the map has not changed. Gao Chen is relieved. He is really afraid that the color of Mag will turn red. Although he is not afraid of Mag, there are not many people who can stay away from home anyway!
"I won’t let you down, and now I’m practicing!" Say that finish maag turned and walked out.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Encounter acquaintances
After arranging Lang Hai and others, Gao Chen intends to duel with Hua Weining for half a year now. Although even if Hua Weining becomes a ninth-order strong person, he is afraid of it, but in that case, he will expose the beast. The beast has always been a card of Gao Chen. If he really exposes the beast, he is a little unsatisfactory. After thinking about it, Gao Chen decided that he should also find a place to upgrade to level 90, and all problems will be solved.
Thinking about going out of the door, Gao Chen was definitely closed for half a year. Sometimes the enchantment helped this half a year, and there were more than one hundred years in the enchantment. If it was to increase the experience value, it should be almost the same. But at this time, I suddenly heard the voice to Tianyu, "Gao Chen, what are you doing now? Didn’t you practice at all when you went to the secular world for three months?"
"I have a practice, but the effect is not very obvious." When I heard it, I was busy with Tianyu pitch and respectfully returned to the Tao. Of course, he would never say that he should have a seven-star state. After all, this secret can’t be said casually, otherwise a lot of problems really don’t know how to explain it!
"There will be a decisive battle between you and Hua Weining in half a year. Hua Weining has already thought about the chamber closure and got the help of a piece of Tianchen Julingyu, the elder of China. It is likely to break into the ninth order in half a year. What are you going to do?" It’s a surprise for Gao Chen to listen to Tianyu without sadness or joy. Hua Tiandu actually helped Hua Weining to practice. It seems that his opponent is definitely a ninth-order strong man. Although he has long regarded Hua Weining as a ninth-order opponent, he was still a little shocked when he was really determined.
"I will try my best to be promoted to the ninth rank in half a year. This disciple will definitely live up to his reputation!" Gao Chen than firm serious mouth way
"Want to half a year from order a week to nine order? It’s hard. What do you need? The interpreter will try to satisfy you! " Sighing slightly to Tianyu, it is obvious that he is not very optimistic about Gao Chen’s going to rise from the first order to the ninth order in half a year. I have to say that this is crazy, even if it rarely happens in the whole history of the science of uniting!
"Thank you, Master. I think it’s time for me to go out and experience, so that my realm can rise rapidly." I feel that it’s not slow to warm my heart to Tianyu and then close my mouth, but it’s definitely faster than not killing monsters. In this case, why not kill monsters?
"It’s good to go out and experience, so where are you going to experience?" To Tianyu light asked
"Chang Yun War Zone" wanted to think about it. Gao Chen thought carefully about a few great experiences in the field of cultivation. Gao Chen felt that this was the most suitable because Chang Yun War Zone did not belong to an alien race. It was a paradise of Warcraft.
"Chang Yun war zone is good, too. Now the teacher will help you send off the array, and then you can go there for experience." To Tianyu, I heard Gao Chen’s ear.
"Thank you, Master" Gao Chen made a respectful worship in the direction of the Wind Temple.
Then I found Wenwen’s mouth and said, "Wenwen, I’m going out to experience, so why don’t you just practice fireball at home?"
"Brother, master, can I go with you? I don’t want to leave you." Just called out the word brother. Wenwen vomited her tongue and didn’t want to call a master!
"It’s too dangerous to go to a place without a division," Gao Chen said seriously. This time, going to the Chang Yun war zone for experience can be said that the encounter with Warcraft is at least six orders, which is no longer dangerous for a fireball artist to form, and it is simply to die …
"But I can respect you there, so I can be with you. If I don’t work with you, can I learn a fireball? No, I want to be stronger, and I will practice with you." At the end, Wenwen’s face and Shizun’s brother shouted out. Gao Chen’s face was sweaty. Brother Shizun, what a strange name is this!
However, after thinking about it for a long time, I think it’s better to take Wenwen with me because he wants to try Wenwen, and whether he can gain experience by beating monsters can also be upgraded to explain how Wenwen doesn’t overlook the temple. I think Wenwen should not attract people’s attention, even if Wenwen doesn’t, not many people know it, so he said, "We agreed that I won’t let you out when I get there."
"Hee hee, I knew you were the best brother and you would promise me." Wenwen said happily.
"To call master" Gao Chen drink a way with a straight face.
"What’s fierce? Call it a master. Call it a master." Wenwen’s mouth was flat and she said
Wen Wen’s words have just finished, and he has entered Gao Chen’s ear to Tianyu. "You are ready to send the array, so you can set off at the place ten thousand meters south of the Wind Temple."
"Thank you, Master!" Gao Chen respectful mouth way
After the fluctuation of Tianyu’s spirit disappeared, Gao Chen said to Wenwen, "Get ready, I’m going to set out for experience."
"Let’s go now," said Wenwen in surprise.
"Yes, we’re leaving now," said Gao Chen, and then we will directly start sending rings to the south of the Wind Temple as soon as we collect them in the shops!
Although Xiang Tianyu’s strength can send Gao Chen to the entrance of Zuma Temple, the distance between Fengshen Valley and Changyun Theater is too far. Even Xiang Tianyu can’t send Gao Chen to such a far place. However, there are arrays in the top ten sects. Although these arrays are rarely used in general, it takes energy for this array to start once, which is not affordable for ordinary practitioners. However, this energy consumption is of course a piece of cake for Xiang Tianyu.
Soon Gao Chen came to the sending array located in the south of the Wind Temple. This sending array sample is no different from the sending gate seen in Gao Chen’s game. If it is really different, it is that there are two tenth-order Fengshen Gu Di guarding the sending array in front. Although the sending array is rarely opened, it is of great significance to every sect. It is not surprising that all two tenth-order strong people guard this Gao Chen.
Gao Chen walked up to them and said respectfully, "Hello, two senior brothers. I’m going to the Chang Yun war zone for experience. Can I be sent to the battle now?"
After Gao Chen, the two tenth-order strong men in front of the escort formation, looked at one of Gao Chen at the same time and said, "Are you Gao Chen’s younger brother?"
"I dare to ask my brother’s name?" Although the tone of that person doesn’t sound emotionally fluctuating, the other person called him with the word "teacher younger brother", which means that the other person’s way of speaking is not aimed at anyone or that he is not pleasing to the eye. This is his speaking habit, just like a cold leaf!
"What’s the name? You’ll naturally know that since you want to go to the array to experience, you’re also very grasping. The Valley Master has already prepared the array to go now if you want." The most talkative one didn’t say anything, but another ten-order strong man said lightly …
A strange feeling is that this person doesn’t seem to have a good impression on himself. Of course, this is a feeling of Gao Chen. Gao Chen nodded to him and said, "Thank you very much. I’ll see you later!"
After that, Gao Chen stepped into the delivery array. He stepped into the delivery array and instantly felt a sense of terror coming to him. Gao Chen was on the alert. Although there should be no danger in this delivery array, Gao Chen had to be on the alert.
The flash in front of my eyes seems to be no different from that in the game. Another place has already appeared. I took a map and saw it. First, it was a strange scene. It seems that this should be the periphery of the Chang Yun war zone. Gao Chen is very puzzled. How did that fear come from? Is it because of the uncertain factors in the lineup? After thinking about it, Bai Gaochen didn’t feel relieved about it. He came to a new place. Gao Chen habitually looked at a map first. Suddenly, from the map, he saw several red dots rushing towards him. He was busy finding a secret place and hitting himself with invisibility.

On the age of the world, he should be called Lu Chenyi, but he is a mythical person, so he is honored.

"I feel that you have recently entered a bottleneck and I have come to help you."
Liu Chen said with a smile, raise my hand and point out a chaotic light into Sendai, Wang Bo.
Wang Bo was horrified at first, and then he found the brilliance and killed before he relaxed.
When he realized it, he was a little surprised. This is actually another chaotic ancient scripture!
He has long heard that not only the Emperor of Heaven has transformed the chaotic body, but also the Emperor Wu has evolved and transformed the chaotic body. I think Emperor Wu also has chaotic classics!
After a little research, he found that the chaotic ancient classics of Emperor Wu and the chaotic ancient classics of Ye Fan are very different, which is almost the opposite. It is more overbearing and more difficult to practice and understand.
It’s hard to say who has the disadvantage. After all, in the history of Emperor Wudi and Tiandi, Emperor Wudi won many times, but Emperor Wudi did not win by chaos.
"Xie Wudi gave the law"
Although Wang Bo is proud of his heart, he also knows that Lu Chen is also a generation who said that he can’t put on airs. At this time, the other party gave him a natural thank.
It was Wang Bo who wondered, "Xian Ye and I are both chaotic bodies, and she can prove it even if someone proves it, but your brother Lu Shutian still has to take the usual path. Isn’t it bad for your brother that Emperor Wu gave the dharma today?"
"I just want to give her more experience."
Lu Chen waved and smiled and then turned away.
The main reason is that Wang Bo is almost tied with those two little girls recently, so it’s boring. We must give coach Wang a boost.
It’s been a long time and a hundred years. Wang Bo got Lu Chen, Ye Fan, and the chaotic ancient classics combined the two methods and jumped out to show that their own methods were really strong.
He suppressed Ye Xianlu for another hundred years, and it was not until he was about to prove the truth that he almost drew a draw.
It’s hard to say if all three people don’t deliberately suppress it, but Wang Bo and Xian Ye have mostly become emperors.
This Ye Fan and Lu Chen called back two young girls respectively, and they were not allowed to play again, so they had to personally seal them in the future.
"Grandfather ~ I’m almost enlightened and haven’t won him yet …"
Lu Gaitian is very strong and indifferent, which is regarded as following her mother. The emperor Lu said that Gaitian Xian killed a generation of Tianjiao with a flick of his finger.
However, the Immortal Mountain in Emperor Wudi’s Palace is another kind of desert, holding Lu Chen’s arm like a little girl who doesn’t grow up.
Her delicate cheeks are bulging. "Grandfather, your method is too strong to give me."
Liu Chen’s heart touched the little brother’s head. "You’re not a chaotic body."
He went on to say, "I gave Wang Bo the Chaos Classic so that you could gain more experience. As a result, it was a success. It was not easy for you to draw him in the end. After all, he was an ancient and had more war experience than you."
Finally, Lu Chen sealed the land and let her break through, and then she really became an emperor.
The chaos hegemony ended and the draw ended, leaving a Wang Bo to be the only one in the years to come.
Thousands of years later, Wang Bo became the emperor and the law of blending all ways burned the world and shook the human world.
"This is the chaos into the Tao? It’s so extraordinary that he fits in with all the ways, and he really has the potential of natural enemies. Maybe Emperor Wudi and Emperor Tiandi really met the challenger. "
Someone exclaimed and praised Wang Bocheng’s greatness.
However, more people think that doesn’t mean that Emperor Wudi and Emperor Tiandi were too strong to create a miracle in ancient times and lived invincible for more than 200 thousand years.
After 10,000 years, the chaotic body is as strong as the sky, and it has reached the highest point in this life, and it has been sublimated to the name of chaotic Emperor Wu.
Everyone had a premonition that World War I was coming, so it was obvious that the name given to him was very specific to the surname, and there was a person who could respect Emperor Wu.
It’s not that Wang Bo doesn’t miss Lu Chen’s kindness in those years, but his innate chaos pride is more natural than his natural enemies after proving the truth.
Lu Chen once had a feat, and he once made the ancient Buddha Wyndell Dichinson a weaker emperor. It’s not that he didn’t have a chance to win. Unfortunately, he met the mythical nine Buddha, a powerful man.
Wang Bo denied that he would be much weaker than Lu Chen when he became a Taoist. In those days, Emperor Wudi and Emperor Tiandi sent their brothers to challenge him, and now he will challenge Emperor Wudi!
Even if you lose, how can you move on if you dare not even challenge?
Five hundred years later, Wang Bo boarded the Emperor Wudi’s Palace to challenge the Emperor Wudi, and it finally came!
The whole world was shocked and everyone was surprised and expecting.
Wang Bo was not overbearing. He was very polite to visit Emperor Wu and was introduced to the Immortal Mountain.
And then …
The world expected attention … didn’t come out.
There is no such thing as a shocking war as people think, and even the movement has never happened.
Soon after, Wang Bo walked out of the Emperor Wudi Palace, and no one knew what had happened before.
It wasn’t until fifty years later that the gossip flowed out of the Emperor Wudi’s Palace. When Emperor Wudi was sitting in a dish and realizing the ancient tea tree, he raised his hand and pressed Wang Bo to the ground.
The news surprised the whole world because the gap is too big!
People don’t think Wang Bo can challenge Lu Chen to succeed, but they also feel that Wang Bo can at least compete with Lu Chen, right?
But in fact, Lu Chen did make moves, but when he raised his hand, he suppressed Wang Bo.
"Yes, the fighting power of Emperor Wu is unpredictable!"
People can be so amazed that "I’m afraid all the masters of the Imperial Road through the ages are not opponents of Emperor Wu except those special ones."
This is an exaggeration, but everyone has seen the history of the "first knife of a pot of turbid wine crossing the immortal road;" In the past, the emperor’s cloud dissipated and the sky was broken. "The scene is fascinated and I hate that I can’t see the elegant demeanor of Emperor Wu."
It seems that it is not understandable to say that Emperor Wudi’s ability was inferior to that of a hundred ancient emperors, and now it is easy to suppress a chaotic body.
If you want to defeat Emperor Wu, maybe you can change all the hundreds of ancient emperors into chaos.
Some people joked that Emperor Wudi estimated that he had "a hundred waves" and that Heaven Emperor might have "ten waves".
Everyone understands that the power of chaos sets off the great power of Emperor Wudi and has become a "unit value" to measure his true strength!
The news came to Wang Bo’s ears, which naturally annoyed him. He didn’t feel ashamed of being defeated by Emperor Wu, but these people’s statements were really ridiculous.
He’s so angry that he can’t beat Emperor Wu. Can’t I beat Emperor Tian?
After another 3,000 years, he ascended to heaven to challenge the Emperor of Heaven.
The Emperor of Heaven met with less than five moves and flew Wang Bo into the universe to cough up blood in Bianhuang.
Wang Bo suddenly left his ear and seemed to hear the comments of the spectators, which made him feel ashamed.

Glass foam threw the shoulder bag to the car borrowed yesterday and hit the door.

Start’ whew’ a car and shoot it like a bow and arrow ready to go …
You shouldn’t mind your own business if you open the convertible and let the wind blow head-on!
"Elder, didn’t you say you would give it to me on Monday?" Cut the original carrying a backpack, this car is the glass foam predecessors? So handsome, limited edition! Today, however, the glass foam predecessors are so cold and the minister of Qingxue has a fight …
"Well, you’ve played the game there, and there’s absolutely no problem with English!" Glass foam turned to hit the door car …
"Do you really want to play games?" This is me. I still play English every day …
Start the car and hit the window. "Hey, my brother and I passed the exam once!" Leave a word!
One pass? Smaller than before? ? ? Cut the original eyes instantly filled with war and went back to the room and plunged into the game.
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Chapter 31 Transition transition!
One pass? Smaller than before? ? ? Cut the original eyes instantly filled with war and went back to the room and plunged into the game.
So after a week, everyone in the tennis department will always see two scenes like this.
Scene 1: The ace of the second grade tennis department enters the tennis court with two panda eyes every day, and then the flames of war around him go to the glass foam and say,’ I will definitely defeat you!’ Then go to training.
In the second scene, behind LIMO, you will always see a pathetic girl. The girl always calls LIMO’s predecessor LIMO’s predecessor’ and either looks at LIMO directly or gives an a4 piece of paper with the words’ Don’t go near trouble’.
In this way, the protagonist Li Mo gave a wonderful performance to all the people in the tennis department, and the happiest thing among them was Xingcun, the tennis department.
It’s Sunday again, isn’t it? Xing Cun smiles and Mimi looks at the glass foam that is locking the door. Hehe, look at the situation that she gave us a play. Just spare her once, but don’t forget another time.
"Oh, it should be sometimes!" Xing Cun is still smiling, but there is a hint of toughness in her tone, saying that you dare to refuse to try.
Li Mo blinks, Minister. That’s awesome. It’s mean to remember that!
Hehe, this is called seriousness! The minister and the president of the student union are not serious! The corner of Xingcun’s eye is more curved.
Li Momo … Ya, you still know that you are the president of the student union. It’s really a blessing for students to have such a distorted president …
When I got home, Li Mo looked at the limited edition Rolls-Royce Phantom in a daze that year. I was a brain-dead man. I left such a good car in a stranger’s house for a week. Didn’t he worry? Why don’t you sell it
Huh? Glass foam looked at the mobile phone. This man is really sensitive. He just wanted to say that he wanted to sell it, but he came …
There’s a sharp slap in the corner of her eye. Is she a nemesis? "Not gorgeous, the mother cat will pick up the car tomorrow!" "Pa" hang up without mercy!
? ? ? Another day? So? ? ? Glass foam corners of the mouth evoke a strange radian, which I didn’t arrange on purpose …
This bad glass foam in a good mood, put away the words and go back to the room …
A villa in H city, far away from China, is a medium-sized building with a slim figure and a slender face. Danfeng looks out the window at the distance and his eyes are shining …
"The east elder brother wife flat recently? I always have a bad feeling, but I can’t tell what’s wrong! " Opposite a tall population.
When asked about the flashing of male eyes, it reminded me, "Brother Zhang, don’t be too nervous. There’s nothing to do recently. I haven’t seen Sophia Kao for a long time. I miss it very much!"
"I don’t know what happened to that girl. It’s time to go and see!" Three eyes to his baby daughter is gone, and her face has softened just now.

Shen Qiqi was lost again at this moment.

She comes from modern times and has no so-called hierarchy and so many secular constraints.
She seems to be able to overcome difficulties if she really loves each other.
However, Shen and Hu Ji are cruel and realistic, and their ideas are severely overthrown. Maybe this world she doesn’t know is really not love, so everything can be seen.
She turned her attention to Shen and Hu Ji not far away.
Shen also tried to say that Hu Ji told her to give up the idea of saving him.
Of course, Hu Ji could not promise, but she was not angry at Shen’s accusation. Instead, she was patient and listened to her face without impatience.
She really loves it badly. Think about it.
Otherwise, according to Hu Ji’s popularity, where would he listen to Shen’s sermon with his eyes down like this?
Shen Qiqi just wanted to say something when she saw Shen looking in her direction with a face of apology and said to her, "Miss Shen, I, Hu Ji, apologize for what I did to you. Please don’t worry. I’ll let her send you back later."
Shen Qiqi looked at him in surprise, then at Hu Ji and said coldly, "That’s simple. What about my master’s antidote? I will believe your sincerity if you ask her to hand over the antidote. "
"What antidote is the antidote?" Shen looked at Hu Ji with a confused face.
"Why didn’t she tell you? She took me captive and poisoned her with a boatload of people. You have more than one life in your hand. "
"That’s enough. Shut up!" Hu Ji suddenly lost control and yelled at Shen Qiqi. Seeing Shen Yi’s face and looking at her heart with grief, it was not a big pain.
"Listen to me, Shen Lang …"
"Forget it, don’t say it." Hu Ji interrupted Shen before she finished. "Listen to me and send Miss Shen back and give her the antidote."
Say that finish closed his eyes and stopped looking at her.
Hu Ji looked at him and said with tears, "I’m sorry about Shen Lang" and knocked him out with a hand knife.
Shen suddenly opened his eyes wide and his eyes were full of sadness, and then he fell into an uncontrolled coma.
Shen Qiqi coldly looking at her with a cold hum "I knew you weren’t so kind"
Hu Jihong looked at her "Shen Qiqi I won’t let you go"
I know that she means that she just told Shen Qiqi about the poison and shrugged her shoulders. "Will you let me go if I don’t tell you?"
"Hum, naturally not."
Lay Shen Pingping on the stone stage and Hu Ji looked coldly at Shen Qiqi. "It’s your turn to pick it up."
Shen Qiqi looked at her with some crazy eyes and a thrill, and then found herself unable to move.
Hu Ji moved her to a place closer to Shen, regardless of her self-care. She went to Shen’s side and took out a dagger and bullet. He cut his wrist.
A foul blood flowed out.
Shen Qiqi noticed that Shen Xue was not bright red, but dark red, which looked a little lifeless.
Heart secretly lose it seems that he was badly eroded by Hu Ji gas.
And Hu Ji saw that bleeding from Shen’s body was also a red eye socket and almost shed tears.
"I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I hurt you." She held Shen’s other hand and muttered.
Shen blood flowed more and more, and soon his face became pale. Hu Ji stared at the bleeding for a moment and held it tightly in one hand. Chapter 15 suddenly became crazy
Shen Qiqi also stared at two people nervously. She knew that Shen was bleeding almost when she was bleeding.
Sure enough, when Shen’s face was almost white, Hu Ji stopped the bleeding and then came to Shen Qiqi’s side and gave her a hard cut on her left wrist.
Shen Qiqi’s painful cold sweat almost came out, but he clenched his teeth and said nothing.
Then I don’t know what spell Hu Ji read. She was bleeding, but it seemed as if she consciously merged into a straight line and went to Shen’s cut wound. When she touched the wound, she went in like a small snake.
Shen Qiqi was so dumbfounded that he forgot his hand pain.
It is almost impossible for her to change blood in such a strange way.
Don’t say it, but the blood type may not match. Aren’t you afraid of hemolysis?
But she glanced at Shen and found that he didn’t have any respiratory arrest or his condition.
And she also knew that Hu Ji’s spell could control the amount and speed of blood flow. She bled too much and Shen was too shocked to accept it.
Sure enough, the world refreshed her cognition again.
Her blood continued to flow into Shen’s body, and the excessive blood loss made her eyes a little distracted, but strangely, her consciousness remained awake.
Even Hu Ji went over to help Shen cover a cloak, and she felt it clearly.
She felt a force, and her body was about to get out of her control.
With more and more blood flow, Shen Qiqi finally felt a little dizzy and his eyelids became heavier and heavier.
There seems to be a fire burning in her chest, which makes her limbs scream for pain.
Hu Ji saw that she seemed to want to struggle to speed up the spell, and her blood suddenly flowed quickly to Shen blood vessels.
"ah!" Shen Qiqi suddenly roared out of Hu Ji’s control.

Don’t be afraid to guess!

This seaside tourism industry has developed very well, especially at this time when it is busy. Not only tourists come out in twos and threes, but also some tourists and floating vendors nearby come here to sell some local products. Generally, people in tourist areas are very proficient in business, but the prices of goods sold are much higher than those in urban areas.
Two people walk very slowly. Cold owl circles Bao Qi’s small waist and bows her head to ask in her ear.
Looking at his precious eyes, there is a sly smile like a fox.
"Of course, but more excitement."
"Don’t be careless!"
"I know!" Baoqi looked up at him in a low voice that only the two of them could see. "Uncle, do you think she saw us after all?"
Lengxiao frowns "I don’t know" and finally wraps her whole body in her arms, tightening her arms tightly.
Although he didn’t say much, looking at his serious and serious face, Bao Qi knew that this man was still not at ease, even though they were fully prepared for everything, he was still worried about her.
Sweet in my heart
But she knew she had to do it
Otherwise, it is a hidden danger to have a wandering sunseeker dormant in the dark forever, and they will never think about Ann’s birthday in this generation. When they see that it is getting dark, Bao Qi knows that they have to try anyway.
"Uncle, give it a try?"
Leng Xiao sound a little cold "hmm"
I have to say that both Baoqi and Leng Xiao are born Oscar-level actors-
Two fingers alternately shook the treasure and seemed to suddenly see something. He took his hand and walked to a hawker selling conch pendants next to him. He said with a charming voice, "Uncle, look at these conchs …"
As soon as I heard this, selling conch elder sister knew that her own business was coming, smiling all over her face and carrying a string of conch.
"Sister really has a look. I’m an authentic thing. You don’t regret buying a bag."
"Hey, why am I fooling you?" Say that finish the elder sister in his stall a Bala and took out a conch act the role of "you look at the za this design and color this quality where to find so beautiful …"
Wang Po will always blow his own melon and treasure, and snigger in his heart. When he picks it up, he seems to really like it. He pulls the cold owl’s hand and coquetry. "Uncle, I like this. Buy me a bunch?"
Lengxiao frowned and made a cold face. It seems that he is not satisfied with Lengxiao.
"Why? Wait a minute-"Baoqi pulled him and seemed to really like the conch." How much is this, big sister? "
"Sister, ten dollars!"
"Ok, I want one!" Holding the conch in his hand, Bao Qi smiled and stabbed the cold owl. "Hey, give money!"
Lengxiao’s face seems to be a little impatient with one hand in his pocket. "What are these broken things for?"
When I heard this, my skin was a little tanned, and my elder sister was not very happy. She said with a pie mouth, "Yo, you can’t say that. What is a broken thing?"
Cold owl pursed her lips and didn’t look at her, but she didn’t answer. She continued to drag Bao Qi away.
Looking at him looking down on these things, the expression Bao Qi is a little annoyed. "Give me the money quickly!" You can’t say that others are broken things if you look down on them! " She seems to be indignant and sincerely apologizes to her elder sister. "Sister, I’m sorry!"
A small dispute between two lovers immediately caught the attention of the people next to them.
Lengxiao seems a little awkward and his face is cold again.
"Baoqi, stop it!"
Section 45
He doesn’t like to talk when he comes. He looks at the elder sister with an embarrassed face and smiles. Baoqi seems to be a little angry. He takes his hand and doesn’t move. "You won’t be reluctant to give up ten dollars, will you?"
Leng Xiao propped up his forehead and looked gloomy. "Go!"
Baoqi was choked and awkward. "I won’t go and buy one!" "
Just now, I had a good walk. A couple of young lovers got stuck in a conch, and the big sister was a little embarrassed. She was afraid of affecting her business. She waved her hand and persuaded, "Forget it, little sister, if your boyfriend says no, don’t argue!"
With an outsider to persuade Bao Qi, it is even more humiliating. It seems that everyone is watching her joke. My boyfriend is reluctant to buy her a conch for ten dollars. He gets angry, stomps off the cold owl and turns around and leaves.
Leng Xiao ran a few steps to grab her hand and warned, "Baoqi, don’t be so sexual!" "


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Par17 almost hurt someone [two watches]
"Eldest brother, please see clearly that I am not your baby!" When Lin Zixiao tried to push her, another man actually held her wrist tightly with his hands.
Men are also drunk and less conscious, knowing that they are holding it hard.
There is a kind of bone that will be crushed. The pain spreads from the wrist and straightens every nerve in the body.
Does Lin Zixiao really feel that he is very sad and has no place to relax?
"Baby, I want you!" Handsome man still mumbles, sticks out his tongue and licks her white neck. Lin Zixiao feels a creepy and disgusting feeling at the neck.
Oh, my god
Her reputation will be ruined here forever, right? Two men, if she is not toxic at ordinary times, don’t say two or four, and she doesn’t care. Now she has the strength and unique skills, but she can’t make it out. This feeling is really unprecedented. Can she wait for death?
"You! If you want me now, I will hate your generation! " Lin Zixiao choked and said that there were tears in her eyes. She remembered that men would feel distressed when they saw that they liked women crying! If you say hate, you will feel even more distressed!
She wants to gamble!
"Baby, do you hate me?" The man smirked a few times and said, "That’s all right! Say you have me in your heart! It’s better than not having me in my heart. Hate it! "
Said and put his rough crazy hand Lin Zixiao chest gently stroked for two.
Instantly Lin Zixiao felt what it meant to be wronged and what it meant to resist Bei Bei’s biting his lips hard, so tears were squeezed out, but now they turned into true feelings.
She actually cried …
How can she be so indifferent when she goes like this? She is likely to lose her virginity!
She doesn’t want this deep mountain forest to be disturbed by this man!
"Baby, don’t cry, I love you ~" The man gently kissed away the tears on her face and stroked her hair with one hand. "Baby has not only improved her figure, skin and hair ~"
Lin Zixiao cried quietly and complained in her heart that it was of course. The root was not a person. Of course everything changed! Silly!
"Dear ~" still forgets me and whispers softly.
"Get out of here!" What should Lin Zixiao do if she is annoyed? If only someone could come and save her at this time!
"Baby!" The man said that he would pull her jeans.
Good jeans are tight. He tried them many times and was indifferent ~
Until two tall figures shuttle freely in the dark, a sudden figure throws a handsome man, and then one fist after another falls on his handsome face.
Anshun glared and said, "You two bastards, I want to root out the bad guys!" Said and will be the man holding Lin Zixiao hand a feet chuai fly!
And Lin Shengyan was a little distressed and pitied. Looking at Lin Zixiao covering her short-sleeved coat, Lin Zixiao could still see her face with clear tears at close range, and her neck was as dense as cherry with hickeys and fluffy hair …
Par18, they mean it
Lin Zixiao received Lin Sheng’s eyes, wiped her face with tears on the back of her hand, looked down at herself and suddenly froze …
It turns out that she has been so flustered by these two drunkards. She is not easy to sit up with her hands on the ground. Shaw killed her eyes and gently swept one. These two drunkards were beaten by Anshun Day. A casual color made two men feel the cold breath from the ice in the snow.
"I’m sorry we mistook one for another!" The handsome man bent over to apologize and knelt down. He was probably beaten awake before he saw that he had just been holding up a woman and was a strange woman.
"Get out of here!" Anshun tianyi roars
Two men rolled and crawled away from this wet street, then turned around and looked at Lin Zixiao in horror and said, "Oh, I didn’t expect you to have a good figure!" "
Joking at Lin Zixiao’s pondering evoked his lip angle.
Lin Zixiao bit his lip and felt his cheeks burning. Lin Sheng stared at him with bitterness along his coat.
"Hey, don’t look at me like that. You know, I beat the bad guys away!" See Lin Zixiao bitterness eyes Anshun day is the so-called smile.
Then he took out his mobile phone in his pocket and waved it for two and said, "Su Moxiao said that he would just pick us up along the car."
Hearing the words Su Moxiao, Lin Zixiao’s eyes returned to the original cold sneer. "Who will pick him up!"
Then I tried to get up from the ground in anger, but I couldn’t find the balance. When I almost fell, I was firmly held by Lin Shengyan …
"Don’t be reluctant to get up if the toxicity is sent!" Lin Shengyan kindly woke up and said goodbye.
"I seem to be dead and have nothing to do with you!" Lin Zixiao sneered and smiled.

Every day, they look forward to when their lovely daughter can open her eyes and look at them playfully and smile gently.

The night in the hospital is so quiet that there is a long moonlight shining softly through the wide glass window, and a white light appears in the ward when it penetrates.
This is a very beautiful silver boy. He has bright and evil silver eyes. He holds the soul of a sleeping girl in his hand. The girl has long Xiu Xiu eyelashes covering her big eyes.
The girl’s soul floats lightly in a semi-transparent shape, and the silver boy’s hand gently holds her to Meng Xiaoyu’s body lying in bed.
This silver-beautiful young man is the famous little Shura River in the underworld, and he is holding his soul in his hand. It is the soul of the young girl Lan Yu, and it can’t be said that it should be said that it is the soul of the little white-collar Meng Xiaoyu.
Xiaoxi put the girl’s soul in Meng Xiaoyu’s body, but she was surprised to find that the girl’s soul was rooted in Meng Xiaoyu’s body.
Xiaoxi thought to herself, is it because she has been out of the body for too long and has been limited to contact with the spirit of the underworld, so she can’t fit in with her original body smoothly?
He leaned over gently and suddenly noticed that the girl’s soul was wearing Feng Pei, and she had a small west to condense her spiritual strength to activate Feng Pei’s colorful Guanghua Meng Xiaoyu’s chest. Finally, her soul slowly returned to her body.
Xiaoxi Dijun’s face was pale. He wiped his forehead with sweat and sighed lightly. His hand gently stroked Meng Xiaoyu’s soft strands. He said to himself, "Goodbye, Feather, you must live happily!"
The silver light is getting brighter and brighter, and the silver light of Xiaoxi’s figure is getting weaker and weaker, and finally it disappears as if it had never appeared.
Meng Xiaoyu’s father slowly opened his eyes and patted his wife. "Hey, wake up. Why did I feel a silver light just now? It was so bright."
"What light? Are you dreaming? " Xiaoyu’s mother rubbed her eyes. She habitually got up and went to Meng Xiaoyu’s window to gently tuck her daughter in.
"Xiaoyu, when will you wake up?" She gently took Xiaoyu’s hand and sighed and said
At this time, she obviously felt the sudden movement of her little hand. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She carefully looked at her beloved daughter’s face, and now her eyes slowly opened in surprise.
"Baby, her father is coming to Xiaoyu to wake up." Xiaoyu’s mother excited with a trembling voice.
Meng Xiaoyu opened her big round eyes and turned around. She saw two cutting faces in front of her eyes. She opened her mouth and said weakly, "Mom and Dad …"
Xiao Yu’s parents were so excited that they wiped their tears. "Xiao Yu, you are really worried about your parents when you wake up. Are you going to scare us to death?" For more than a year, mom and dad are all anxious. "
Xiaoyu laboriously raised her hand to hold her mother’s hand. "Mom, I’m sorry to have worried you. I seem to have had a long dream and met many people, but I can’t remember them."
Meng Xiaoyu recovered very quickly. In a few days, she was able to walk slowly. In a few days, she was alive and kicking.
But I don’t know why, she always feels lost in her heart, and she always feels that she has forgotten something, and she doesn’t know when to wear a phoenix-shaped necklace and when to buy land. Even parents don’t know.
After three months’ rest, Meng Xiaoyu decided to re-apply for a job, having recovered his health.
I went to interview every day after I submitted a lot of resumes online, but it was really hard to find a job just in time for the economic crisis, but Xiaoyu didn’t lose heart and still applied everywhere.
After everything comes to him who waits, Xiaoyu was finally admitted to a large real estate company.
"Ulla!" Xiaoyu almost kowtowed and thanked Cang.
Finally, I look forward to the day when it rains early in the morning in the class, and my beautiful face, which is elegant and long, straight and professional, is a "Bai Gujing" (white-collar+backbone+elite)
After reporting smoothly, the secret lady smiled and said to Meng Xiaoyu, "It’s just that the general manager has come back from a business trip in other places to meet you!"
Xiaoyu nervously followed the secret lady into the spacious boss’s desk of the general manager’s big office, and then sat back and looked at them as if enjoying the scenery outside the floor-to-ceiling window. The secret lady respectfully said, "Miss Meng Xiaoyu, the new general manager, has come."
The swivel chair man "Oh" made a gorgeous turn. The boss’s chair turned around. It was a very handsome young man like Tianqiao male model. He had a pair of deep dark green eyes and a charming smile on his beautiful mouth. His voice was low, gentle and full of magnetism. "Miss Meng Xiaoyu, right? Welcome to join our company. I am the general manager of this company. My name is Ling. "
The end of a story may be another story, right?
In five months, the first novel of chocolate, "Born Thief, I Steal My Heart", has ended. Thank you for your support and encouragement when chocolate is confused. Because this is chocolate first, there are many imperfections and unsatisfactory places for everyone, but everyone has wrapped me up. I sincerely thank you for your kisses! Maybe everyone is not satisfied with this ending, but chocolate has left an association for everyone. Maybe imperfection is the most perfect. The new chocolate "don’t be your beauty" has been pitted. I hope you can still support chocolate!
Feather Zhen kept crying and was dragged out of the ten layers of hell by Xiaoxi and Mo Yan.

"Elder, your so-called kindness to the people in this world includes those who have become friends with the monster beast, right?" Li Qiushi asked without moving se.

After all, the contradictions between the two sides are irreconcilable. Naturally, the more we talk about it, the more rigid it is. At this time, Xiao asked where he still had to find the purple Yan God to be on guard.
At the same time, in a forest hundreds of miles away from here, Violet Yan is quietly leaning against a big tree. If an outsider sees it, he will find that his posture is actually a little feminine. If he doesn’t know the details, he will definitely treat him as a woman with pale purple skin and mysterious atmosphere!
At this moment, the purple Yan straightened his body and turned his right palm, and there were more than ten golden lights flashing and flying to the middle.
Then I saw that the middle finger of his right hand was buckled on his thumb, and the slender finger had an evil aesthetic feeling and then suddenly bounced outward.
A finger-sized purple awn pops up with a golden light in the middle.
The golden light is shattered at the touch of purple awn, and the gold Se powder dissipates in the middle.
Play again!
Purple mountain broke into another golden light in the sky!
Then the third and fourth …
He moved as leisurely as drinking tea, and the roads in the sky naturally rose and fell, and the golden light quickly broke more than half.
Only a few golden lights are falling, which is closer to the purple Yan, and one is still slowly turning over. When facing the purple Yan, it is barely visible to write four words.
Demon world respect!
I don’t know when ZiYan actually searched for more than a dozen of these cards!
At first, there were not 193 demon leagues in the world God League and Zhengxian Club, but now it seems that those who didn’t find out were in the hands of Purple Yan.
There are still five cards left, but I still haven’t waited to change. Purple Yan is finally frowning. Se is a bit dignified.
Then he saw that the five cards had fallen to about the same height as his neck. He finally grinned and then the whole right palm suddenly threw out!
This time, he should be some kind of magical power, and then he saw a flash of purple Se light arc and drew from those five gold medals like a horse!
It is "wow" that five cards are broken at the same time!
At this time, many people in the Jieshenmeng are still searching for things in the Yaomeng compound in Zhenxi. At this time, the high-level conversation between the celestial alliance and the Zhengxian Society is getting more and more stiff and will soon fall out; At this time, the demon family in Xijing, the demon world of Tianlan, is fleeing in haste; At this time, the whole Tianlan demon race didn’t know what to do …
At this time, in another world, in front of the magnificent palace, the giant golden dragon on the left was finally unbearable!
"wow! ! !”
The golden dragon suddenly moved its body and made a great noise. The giant column entangled with it shook, and even the temple floating in the middle seemed to shake!
"Ang! ! ! !”
The golden dragon gave a huge roar, which made the whole world truly tremble.
Then a circle of strange golden awns rose from the golden dragon.
The golden dragon is more painful than it is, but it still doesn’t stop. The golden awn in vitro is more and more condensed!
From the dragon head to the dragon tail, the dragon horn, the dragon beard, the dragon claw and Long Lin, it seems that everything has its own soul, and they are being separated from the golden dragon body together!
On the other side of the giant column, the one-horned python calmly looked at the golden dragon’s every move, but after all, he didn’t speak to stop it and slowly closed his eyes.
There are very few lucky people in Tianlan demon world who have seen the strange scene. Those people went to the demon league headquarters in the building and became a little solid with a faint golden light, and then all those golden lights flew in a certain direction.
Not a demon alliance, but the vast majority of destroyed demon alliances
Town west demon au there is no exception, the world god au and zhengxianhui will soon turn against each other. Li Qiushi and Xue Zhu are thinking about how to layout the zhengxianhui gang, and the golden light will suddenly appear in the middle, which will make them all startled.
Then they watched the pale golden light fly to the southeast.
But compared with the purple Yan over there, those demon alliances happen again …
The golden light appears all over the sky, and no one in the demon world can collect them at a glance. The golden light is faint in the rest of more than 100 places, but the purple Yan appears around him, but the pixels are melted with gold.
Purple Yan is also slightly surprised and then teleported to Gao Yao without hesitation, looking at those golden lights.
Then he watched those golden Se streamers rush from low to the southeast of Tianlan demon world.
I am afraid that he is already the best person in the whole Tianlan demon world, and at this time he stops at a very high natural horizon.
So he not only saw the golden light flying out with great range, but also saw more than ten other slightly pale golden lights flying out from all directions of Tianlan demon world but rushing in the same direction.
Tianlan demon world is southeast!
Those golden lights have a great range. Although they flew far away, they were far away from the vision of Ziyan, but when they gathered in a certain position southeast of Tianlan demon world, their volume became bigger and bigger, and their light became brighter and brighter, they were once again captured by Ziyan.
The fact that Guanghua is more than a purple Yan depends on Xijing, and those people can see it.
Outside I don’t know how many Wan Li, those golden lights have gathered in a huge mountain range.
It is the largest gold mine in the whole Tianlan demon world!
Due to the recent turmoil in the demon world, every mine in that mine has been banned and sealed, and there is not even a left-behind person.
At this moment, the huge mountain range is shaking, and the earth is shaking more and more violently on both sides of the mountain range!
There are several large and small cracks in the mountain and the earth during the shaking. Those beasts who are fleeing are unstable and accidentally fall into the ground. Several rocks tumbled down from the heights and smashed the giant trees for hundreds of years. Like bean sprouts, several birds flew in the sky. All waterfalls are intermittent because of the mountain shaking, either changing lanes or directly drilling out of the newly emerged cracks …
But these are nothing, because the mountain range that is more than a thousand miles long is arching vigorously, as if an ancient beast is waking up!
It takes a whole day to ride a fast horse from one end to the other for more than a thousand miles, and its real influence has long been outside Wan Li!
The higher the mountain is arched, the higher it is. However, it is not really separated from the earth, but it is also arched with the earth on both sides. On the south side of the mountain, there is a river with a width of 50 feet. Okawahara has not been too affected by the mountain vibration. At this time, the river bed has been involuntarily lifted and deformed with the deformation of the earth. Floods have ravaged several towns and villages on the south bank of the river. Those floods easily engulfed all the towns and villages …
Finally, the cracks in the mountains have cracked big enough to reveal a faint golden light!
Then the golden light is getting brighter and brighter, and finally the cracks are completely exposed to the air!
Gold mine is a gold mine with extremely high content! !
But this is just one. More gold mines poured from the ground to raise the mountains and the ground, and soon became the only protagonist of heaven and earth!
It’s like a giant golden bug, and the mountains and land that used to cover it are like pieces of old skin on its body being thrown away to gradually show its main body.
Its head, which is more than ten miles in size, slowly rises and extends to the sky like a living thing, but there is wind and thunder in it, but what are the wind and thunder compared with its body? It is the greatest miracle in the world!