"No" is almost unanimously rejected by everyone. According to the present situation, the enemy deliberately set up these obstacles to prevent forest intruders from invading, and the effect is remarkable.
If you don’t send a large number of troops to guard against invasion in such a long forest, since the enemy has such advanced equipment, you will not invest too much troops. Maybe the enemy doesn’t know that they have invaded yet!
But once you chop down trees, you tell the guards that someone is coming!
Chapter sixty-two magic eye secret
"Then I won’t believe it if we draw a deeper route. Can I still draw a circle?" Wu Buyue a look at the first idea was rejected by all at once and was unwilling to say again
Mo Xueyi shook his head and said, "No, setting this machine is aimed at our cranial nerves. Even if you draw a circle, I’m afraid it’s a straight line in your eyes. It shouldn’t work."
"That’s no good. That’s no good. Are we just going to die here?" Wu Yue-yi didn’t pass the exam and was immediately frustrated. After all, in the face of this situation, it is not a melee hunter who is good at coping with the situation.
"Liu Shu, I think you should give it a try. After all, do you have illusions and nerves?" Wang Ming turned to Liu Liangchen way
"Yes! Lao Liu, isn’t that what you play with? Can you still be stumped by this? " Wu Buyue felt that Wang Ming’s statement made sense and immediately urged Wu Buyue to be extremely impatient with being trapped in the forest.
"Try it, but I can’t impose my illusion on myself! Why don’t you try it, Lao Wu? " Liu Liangchen has reached the point that blood hunters still know something about human hallucinations, but he is still being disturbed himself. I don’t know if it will be biased if he rashly imposes it on others. After all, it is not fun to get stuck in hallucinations.
"Then forget it! Can you do this? " Wu Buyue is most afraid of this kind of invisible illusion and immediately rebuffed.
"Let me do it! Liu Shu, you apply the nerve correction illusion to me and add my perception of nature to see if we can go out. "Wang Ming volunteered at this time.
After all, now Wang Ming is the most dispensable in the group, with Wu Buyuan fighting, Mo Xueyi healing, Wilch and Liu Liangchen’s ability not to be imposed on himself, so now Wang Ming is the most suitable.
Mo Xueyi looked at Wang Ming. At the moment, there was no contempt in her eyes, but she respected her teammates. Liu Liangchen looked at Mo Xueyi and Mo Xueyi nodded his head. It was even settled.
After Liu Liangchen applied the nerve correction illusion to Wang Ming, everyone’s position has changed. Now Wang Ming and Xiao Qiu have gone to the front, and behind Wang Ming is Mo Xueyi. Because Mo Xueyi is afraid that Wang Ming, the leader, will be close behind Wang Ming and ready to defend at any time. Later, Wu Buyue Wilch and Liu Liangchen will heal the hunters. One end is to be protected in the team at any time.
Liu Liangchen’s illusion to Wang Ming is equivalent to nerve interference. On the contrary, the illusion of nerve is to correct the influence of interfering nerve on people, and Wang Ming can also judge whether he cares or not through the feedback of natural attributes to surrounding information.
In this way, Wang Ming and his team walked for a while. Wang Ming carefully felt the disappointment of the surrounding information and stopped and sighed. "Alas! Still can’t Liu Shu illusion no matter! "
A few people stopped again. Liu Liangchen was embarrassed to know that Wang Ming’s illusion was the original way for Liu Liangchen to join in order to deal with this situation, but who knows that the key moment fell off the chain, which made Liu Liangchen very embarrassed.
Just when they were at their wits’ end, Wang Ming suddenly found a flower in Xiaoqiu’s mouth that was different from the surrounding ones, and walked back.
Wang Ming saw the flowers in the mouth of Xiaoqiu shine at the moment and immediately called Xiaoqiu to his side and said, "Xiaoqiu, can you go out? Do you rely on smell instead of visual nerve?"
"tweet!" Hill immediately a face of satisfiedly cried.
At this time, some depressed teams heard the conversation between Wang Ming and Xiao Qiu and rekindled their hopes.
"Come on, then let Xiaoqiu lead the way so that we can’t go out?" Wu Buyue couldn’t help saying
Wang Ming looked at the crowd and found that all eyes were shining and no one objected. After all, no matter how strong people walk in this forest, they can’t compete with weak and fierce beasts.
"Wang Ming, let this little guy lead the way!" Moxueyi light way
Since everyone has no opinion and there is no other way, Wang Ming may as well let the hill go to the front, and everyone will go on with the hill. It will take more than ten minutes for Wang Ming to find that the information about the trees around him is different, and he also feels that the real barrier to the forest is far less unfathomable than what he felt just now.
"Come out, we finally got out. I can feel the real forest instead of the horrible place just now!" Not only Wang Ming, but also Welch felt the changes in the surrounding Woods at this time.
"Rest in place, we adjust and move forward again and again. This time, we can take the lead. Thanks to Wang Ming and his fox, I will remember your credit and report it truthfully when I get back." Although Mo Xueyi’s impression of Wang Ming’s womanizer has not changed yet, especially when he sees Wang Ming and Mia together, his heart is even more uncomfortable, but his current teammate Wang Ming is still worthy of Mo Xueyi’s recognition.
What is Wang Ming’s so-called credit? He smiled and stroked the hill and said, "This credit is all because our hill is the best fox!"
The hill was touched by Wang Ming, and it was very comfortable to rely on Wang Ming to look around. Both Mo Xueyi and Welch were very envious. After all, women have no natural resistance to this lovely animal. The hill is relatively cold, and no one is allowed to approach except Wang Ming.
When Wang Ming’s group was resting, suddenly there was a loud explosion in the Woods, and it was accompanied by sandstorms. The explosion was so dense that it could be felt in the Woods, and the explosion was like dyeing. Soon there were explosions in all directions in the Woods.
At this time, Mo Xueyi felt the vibration all around with a sullen face, but her face was not a little surprised, but a little worried.
"Team, captain, what the hell is going on? Did the enemy find us?" At this time, Liu Liangchen was surprised to feel the surrounding shock avenue.
Mo Xueyi shook his head and said, "No, it should be that his team also found itself trapped in the interference and took the road to release the latest magic bomb developed by magic eye!"
"What is that?" Wu Buyue asked puzzled.
Wu Buyue and Liu Liangchen are both from the Hunting Corps, and they know the secret of magic eye. It is no wonder that there are very few people here in magic eye. This newly developed magic explosive bomb in magic eye was given to 15 foreign team captains two days before the departure. It is said that this is the killer that magic eye has been hiding.
In fact, this magic bomb is a small missile launcher, but this device is very small and easy to carry, and there are ten powerful magic bombs hidden in it, which belong to weapons that can form great destructive power in a short time, and it has an excellent effect on breaking through the enemy’s encirclement when fighting alone. It is never good for him to estimate his power, even if the hunting king resists a magic bomb head-on.
This weapon is developed according to the principle that the hunter’s power activates the magic crystal to take things. This hair is discovered by a strange man in the eyes of the magic. If the hunter activates the power, it can cause the extremely unstable magic crystal to take things and explode.
This magic eye man immediately started to study it. After two years, he finally developed this powerful magic device that can be ejected. It is this magic device that only hunters can activate the root method of ordinary people. If ordinary people can also activate it, I am afraid it is really possible for human beings to reverse themselves.
Even if there are hunters available, the combat effectiveness of hunters has been raised by more than one grade in an instant. It is extremely difficult to make this weapon or take the raw materials of magic crystal blasting. After preparation, each team will be equipped with one, of course, who is in charge of the magic explosive bomb, that is, the captain of each team
Mo Xueyi probably explained the origin and power of a magic explosive bomb to the team members. Wu Buyue exclaimed, "My mother! If this thing can be mass-produced, it may not be a dream for us humans to counterattack and return to the land. "
Wang Ming shook his head, saying, "It is impossible to mass-produce this kind of thing, and I’m afraid there is not much equipment in the East Side Magic Crystal Limited, otherwise we should have one hand now."
"Wang Ming makes sense," Liu Liangchen echoed.
There was a huge explosion in the surrounding forest. When Wang Ming was still studying the magic explosive bomb, suddenly Wang Ming felt something entering the forest and heading for the explosion. Obviously, the other party also had certain natural properties. When they first entered, Wang Ming didn’t even notice it.
"No, someone is coming in the direction of the explosion. It’s the enemy on the other side of the forest!" Wang Ming quickly said

"Then can the master ask the princess one more thing?"

The housekeeper knows that this matter is very important and there is probably a huge conspiracy hidden.
"Do you want me to take the message out for you?" Ink reporting soft light asked
"Yes, I want to ask the princess to send the news that my young master is trapped to Huaijun’s house."
Now the housekeeper has no choice but to ask for help. Chapter 3 The trapped Jiao Ren clan [6]
He was so badly injured that he gasped several times before he spoke completely.
It turned out that he wanted to personally send the news even if he was desperate, but I’m afraid he was caught by the eyeliner of the two kings before he left the big palace.
Besides, I’m afraid he will die soon after he appears seriously injured. It doesn’t matter if he dies, but he is afraid that if he can’t send the news out when he can’t, it will bring trouble to the young master’s life and alarm him.
He can’t take the risk!
The ink is soft and clear about the interests. After all, your family is also their Jiao Ren family. They can’t afford to offend their second brother. Doing so is different from bringing disaster to themselves.
But also bring trouble to the Jiao Ren family, and he will become a sinner of the Jiao Ren family through the ages, and she will be an accomplice if she doesn’t report it.
So she agreed to the housekeeper’s request with a little hesitation.
"How can I make them believe me?"
Mo Mo Rou suddenly thought of.
Butler obviously also thought of this problem.
See he reached into his arms to pay out and pulled out a bloody token.
Cherishing a carved pattern, he handed the token to Mo Mo’s soft hand.
"This is the waist tag of your family, which is a status symbol. If you see someone, they will believe you. Please ask the princess for everything."
After that, I coughed heavily again, and my angry face became paler at the moment.
Knowing the importance of the token, Mo Mo Rou solemnly took it over, put it in the ring, and took out a healing pill from it to let the housekeeper
"Princess, don’t bother." The housekeeper refused her kindness and gasped. "It’s too badly hurt. Dan medicine is a powerful remedy. Princess, please keep it for emergency."
"It’s not safe here, princess. Let’s leave quickly. Please, princess, thank you first."
"Sir, you don’t have to say that. It’s just to help your second brother atone. I hope he won’t make a big mistake."
After hearing her say this, the housekeeper no longer said anything about weakness, and waved her hand to indicate that Mo Mo Rou would leave quickly.
With tears in his eyes, he bid farewell to the housekeeper, Mo Mo Rou, and quietly slipped back to his bedroom through the back door in four people.
There was no one in the bedroom. She wanted to take a nap before she went to the Grand Palace. Don’t disturb everyone. Now it’s not time for dinner, so no one found her out.
She is very sad and confused now, and she feels guilty at the thought of worrying about her master’s safety and housekeeper until she dies because she failed to save him.
I also think that the whole Jiao Ren people feel depressed in the future.
She is confused and can’t believe that people don’t know if someone around her will be the second brother’s eyeliner.
Sending the news out is so important that no one can believe it, so she can do it herself
But she doesn’t know what kind of excuse to say that the second brother let her leave the family in such a severe situation.

Tong still refused to stop staring at Yeling Avenue. "Don’t run, bad guys!"

The night spirit did not move.
He also recognized the origin of just a few tricks.
The monkey looked at Tong Shen and asked, "Little doll, is your husband surnamed Su?"
"Hey, how do you know?"
Children immediately froze stare big eyes curious and asked.
Qingqing and others are gradually coming in vain.
Linghu, with a depressed face and a swollen cheek, complained, "This special flood rushed to Longwang Temple and got a beating!"
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy-three Life mark
Qingqing is more happy to learn that Tong Su Mo has a heart. I am happy to watch Tong Shi more and more like it.
"What a suck!"
Qingqing saw that Linghu was full of grievances and couldn’t help but criticise "Who told you to bully others’ children?"
"Sister, have you ever seen such a fierce child?"
Linghu turned supercilious look with black lines.
Tong will suppress the three of them, even if the night spirit fights and fights, there is no wind falling!
The golden lion exclaimed, "Big Brother is really amazing. When did you train such a demon child?"
Tong was a little confused and couldn’t help asking, "Do you know my husband?"
"More than knowing"
The monkey grinned. "We know your husband very well, but we are sworn brothers. Your husband is our eldest brother."
Tong tilted his head, blinked his eyes, and his black eyes turned with a grain of salt.
Qingqingqi said, "Big Brother never told you about us?"
Hearing this sentence, the child’s face passed a bit frustrated and slightly bowed his head and whispered, "No one has told me two words."
"How is that possible?"
Linghu shook his head and said, "Brother didn’t talk to you much. How do you know those killing tricks?"
As he spoke, Linghu did two strokes.
"Those moves?"
Tong shook his head and said, "You didn’t teach me."
Qingqing, Linghu and others looked at each other and could see each other’s faces puzzled.
Su Mo knows the kind of killing they remember.
Didn’t Su Mo teach the boy to learn from it?
"Eldest brother didn’t teach you such as practice?"
Qingqing asked again
Tong shook his head and said, "I have seen the scene when Gong broke through Dan Dao. Those moves and some practice methods have been in my mind since I was channeled."
"It’s strange that who else knows those moves if it’s not Big Brother?"
Linghu whispers
The monkey’s heart moved, and a figure dressed in a bloody robe emerged in his mind.
"It’s her …"
Monkeys whisper to each other
Some monkeys know these moves clearly, and there is another person besides Su Mo who knows them!
And this mysterious woman once gave him an article on the practice of apes at night more than 100 years ago, and then disappeared!
Night spirit once said that the stronger the source of psychic wisdom of this peach tree, the greater the potential of children.
I’m afraid it’s the mysterious woman who wants to help this peach tree channel so much!
No wonder this boy is scary, but he inherited the mysterious female orthodoxy!
Qingqing came to Tong and squatted down with a smile and asked, "How long has it been since I saw your husband?"
"More than a hundred years"
Child snapping his fingers and said
"What did your family say to you before you left?" Qingqing asked again
Tong said seriously, "Let me protect this people!"
"So you’ve been guarding this place for more than a hundred years?"
Qingqing’s eyes flashed a soft color.
Tong Li nodded. "I have never left over the years! Pingyang town people are also doing very well! "
"Yeah, we saw it."
Qingqing nodded.
I don’t know to see children like this. A soft place in everyone’s heart seems to be suddenly touched.
Even the resentment against children in Linghu’s heart vanished in an instant
After a word, the child will shoulder the responsibility of guarding this party. How many dangers and difficulties has it experienced during this period?
Some time ago, the northern land experienced witchcraft, but there was no sign of a wave here, presumably because of this child’s protection
The child doesn’t know when it will be the end.

"Let Ji Xinghe come and ask him to rush in front of me, then surround him."

Man Yong doesn’t believe that Ji Xinghe can kill it, because its mecha are also made of tungsten steel alloy, and its fighting capacity is stronger in Bibel and Rossi.
How long did Ji Xinghe defeat Berrossi?
If you want to entangle Ji Xinghe yourself and let yourself kiss Weiying, the other two Marquis will surround Ji Xinghe, and then Ji Xinghe will die.
It wants to kill Ji Xinghe personally, because Ji Xinghe represents meritorious service, and even it is jealous.
It’s impossible to be promoted to the knighthood because of this, but it has too many children and not enough titles.
And it thought that Xinghe had chosen sturm und drang without hesitation.
The goal is the brave Grand Duke.
And it looks like he wants to kill the brave Grand Duke, and he charges alone. After seeing the road, he lets the imperial noble mecha surround him from behind and on both sides.
When Ji Xinghe was about to be entangled in foolhardy and then besieged by more than 300 imperial mecha, most of which were imperial noble mechs.
The worse command center TuYuan suddenly laughed.
One tone after another, the command center rings.
"Oriental black dragon Fleet Horn-Mujiao space battleship is in place"
"Magnetic pulse energy main gun charging"
"Confirm that the anti-magnetic pulse function of general armor is complete"
"It has been confirmed that the armor anti-magnetic pulse energy impact component is intact."
"Confirm that the laser towing beacon is fully functional"
"Confirmed that the laser towing beacon is fully functional"
"Magnetic pulse energy main gun is fully charged"
"Ji Xinghe, please activate the laser traction beacon and start the anti-magnetic pulse energy impact module"
JiXinghe sound has a quiet ratio.
"activated and activated"
Tu Yuan’s stereo sounded faintly with a smile.
"Thunder at the Milky Way"
Chapter 294 The Prince of the Escape Empire
Tu Yuan ordered some literature and art, but it was not literature and art to be called God’s punishment and attack.
As he ordered the Mujiao, the floating universe, space battleship released a beam of energy that looked too slim.
The light blue energy beam has the speed of thunder as Tu Yuan said, and breathing has achieved the real meaning of day after day.
The sky belongs to the space battleship, Jiaomujiao, the space fleet of black dragon, Longzhou Oriental.
The earth is Ji Xinghe’s driving general A, the alien star he founded, and the earth is the battlefield of B72 highland mountain plain.
Surrounded by more than 300 imperial mecha, General Jia, who had just rushed to the front of the mecha driven by the brave Grand Duke, did not set up a pike to make a fatal blow like the brave imperial orangutans expected.
Ji Xinghe controlled the general’s armor brake and raised his hand to aim the pike and your gun at the sky.
Compared with the gun body, the laser-guided beacon device at the joint of the front fixed gun tip and the gun rod looks small, which was not obvious just now.
But when it led the light blue energy beam from the sky to crash, Yan Yong finally noticed this, but it was too late.
It looks slender and very energetic when it falls on the alien earth.
The gun tip with a diameter of more than three meters instantly submerged Ji Xinghe.
Looks like the federal fleet energy main gun hit their ace mecha by mistake.
But this is not the federal research energy main gun, but the magnetic pulse energy main gun.
Driving the light blue beam of General Jia Ji Xinghe should not be said to be unscathed in the beam.
When he was covered, he raised his pike and was finally put lightly and touched the ground.
It’s like falling from the sky in order to cooperate with his movement. The energy beam and the gun tip suddenly explode when they fall to the ground.
It looks like a light blue light mass instantly expands into a huge ring, which is about three meters high on the ground, and expands rapidly until it completely submerges more than 300 imperial mecha surrounded by Ji Xinghe.
"Warning antimagnetic pulse …"
All the imperial mecha cockpit in the attack range rang with intelligent core alarm.
But with one exception, these alarms have disappeared before they are finished.
As the energy beam explodes, the magnetic pulse energy in it also explodes.
From the perspective of spectral imaging, a golden ring followed by a light blue ring passed through more than 300 imperial mecha surrounded by Ji Xinghe.
Some nuclear explosions produce nuclear magnetic pulse waves.
When the second ring spread, the light blue energy beam suddenly disappeared as if it had never appeared.
More than 300 mecha surrounded by Ji Xinghe look unscathed, as if nothing really happened just now.
Is it true that nothing happened?
A wisp of smoke floated from behind Ji Xinghe, and a hanging kit automatically fell off and hit the ground.
General Jia’s pike beacon device was also damaged.
These phenomena have proved that everything just now was not an illusion but a fact that actually happened.
More able to prove is that those who fell to the imperial mecha.
Before they have completed the siege of Ji Xinghe, and it is really surrounded by the mecha and the gap between the mechs is less than two meters. More than 300 imperial mechs overlap one layer after another.
Even if Ji Xinghe wants to charge and then leap through, it is impossible to charge. As their encirclement shrinks, it becomes shorter and thicker. The encirclement has exceeded the maximum leap distance of General A.
But now
These mecha surrounded by Ji Xinghe Empire fell to the ground like leeks.
Some of the distances were too close to the imperial mecha, and when they fell to the ground, they collided like a pyramid.
Panic-stricken cries rang out from their communication channels.
None of the orangutan pilots in the mecha cockpit died, and they were equally unscathed.
But their mecha are already’ dead’

Is he dead? What? Everyone is so sad.

There was a girl who cried very sadly.
She walked slowly over and felt that the girl was strangely familiar and familiar as if she were herself.
She tried to comfort her, but found her finger through her body.
Is this also a dream? Is she a lonely soul? Is it the law that touches them? And they can’t seem to see her?
She looked at everyone carefully and felt that there was a pair of eyes that were special. He seemed to look at her.
That man has long silver hair. She is sure that it is the first time she has met him. He is so beautiful. If she has seen him before, she can’t remember him, but she feels more familiar …
Wounded fire Ryutsuki looked at her without expression, but she felt that her body somehow trembled as if she had been seen through and wanted to escape.
But when she was about to run away, he turned his eyes. His expression never changed. She breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that she was worrying too much. He didn’t see her.
Ziyun proudly paid attention to the teenager surrounded by the crowd-
He is dazzling in red, but pale as snow …
It’s beautiful, but it gives people a feeling of lifelessness.
She stretched out her hand to test his breath-
She immediately withdrew her hand and felt palpitations.
He’s sad about so many people. He must be a very warm person …
What a beautiful cheek, even if the facial features are bloody, it is already breathtaking.
Even with your eyes closed, you can feel his noble and indifferent temperament, as if nothing would be assured by him, as delicate and indifferent as lotus flowers, but as inexplicable as poppy.
She seemed to be bewitched, and she leaned over and stroked his cheek consciously.
Something weird happened-
Her hand actually touched his cheek—
Touched it!
Suddenly a voice sounded from her ear, "Aoer, what are you doing? Take out Jiuzhuan Linglong Dan and feed him!"
What is ziyun ao’s nine-turn exquisite pill? She looked at the sound source is the silver-haired boy …
Wounded fire Ryutsuki quickly approached and took her hair pin, which was as bright as a shark’s bead. His palm turned into a pill.
"Hello-"Ziyun proudly called one in hindsight.
But the silver-haired boy has already fed the pearl to the dead boy-
When did she get this hairpin? How could she not know?
Is that man really dead?
A second miracle appeared, and the man’s hand actually moved consciously-
"Wake up!" The silver-haired boy passed by with a touch of surprise. He guessed it was right. The seemingly shark bead decoration on the surface of the kite is really a nine-turn exquisite Dan medicine! !
Jiu Zhuan Linglong Dan is refined by Broken Snow Game and heavy lotus Temple. Now they have been buried for a long time, but the only thing left is this hairpin!
There’s a destiny-
This time, Aoer will never take out her heart again …
This time she will be here well …
Wounded fire Ryutsuki suddenly ruthlessly held Ziyun proudly in her arms as if she had done her best. Remember her temperature at this moment! She won’t know how much pain she has caused others when she died, but this joy of being recovered makes him whiter. Even if she has something that won’t belong to him, he will be willing to protect this warmth!
Ziyun proudly got a fright and pushed him hard.
He was not angry at all, and his lips raised a smile. Although the parting hug was short, he would never forget it …
"Strange man" proudly frowned and took a step back.
At this time, the young boy who was lying on the ground miraculously woke up. Chapter 963 You come!
It worked! Huang Junyi looked at Ziyun proudly in surprise! They’ve been looking for the nine-turn exquisite Dan and it’s actually in the kite hairpin! The last gift left by the mother princess is more precious than anything else! ! Damn it, he ignored it for so long! !
She and his eyes blink as if something is changing-
Ziyun is proud to be surprised by the messy and broken plots in her mind, and the suffocating feeling is overwhelming, but the light has enveloped her …

Lotus Yan Jing listened thoughtfully and said, "You mean this Yingying girl’s face is not the same?"

"Of course not." Dong Yuling seems to find something interesting. "Can you give the world an example? What Hou Fu was copied in the imperial examination fraud case two months ago? Didn’t all his relatives go into exile? Are exiles always so obedient? "
Exile is to go to a remote and bitter cold place, where it is not easy to live in a harsh environment. Is it not easy for Emperor Gao to die and shell casually this day?
The jurisdiction of Kuang Shenglian Dynasty is far beyond Dong Yongling’s previous life. Can the country find a place to live if it wants to?
It is said that Dong Yuling has always been not afraid of provoking the emperor, and it is a big deal for the generation to fly away. As in previous lives, the information is highly developed and can be hidden. Is there no network and human flesh to search ancient times?
Therefore, Dong Yuling believes that exile is a very light punishment.
Lian Yan-jing couldn’t help laughing when she thought that Dong Yong-ling had just said that she was more familiar with herself once. "You said she was Cao Liying, the first daughter of Pingyang Houfu?"
No wonder she despised the name. It sounded exactly the same.
Not only that, she escaped from exile, but she dared to return to Shengjing so openly? And it’s two months later. At the beginning, everyone has not forgotten the fraud case. I really don’t know if this girl is stupid or clever. Or does she believe that the most dangerous place is the safest place?
Just because no one expected that she would come back in such an identity and her face changed, it was difficult for anyone to find out?
But just because no one has found it for the time being doesn’t mean that no one will ever find it. Even if the face has changed for less than two months, how much can the whole person change? Over time, there will naturally be flaws.
I met someone I didn’t expect, but it’s even worse if I care about it.
In addition, Lian Yan Jing realized that Cao Liying was afraid of coming back this time. Maybe someone was behind it or wanted to achieve something.
"A good aristocratic men are willing to degenerate? Can’t understand "Dong Yuling thought of how proud and noble he was when he first met Cao Liying at Guosi? Charm is very different from today’s charm. If she doesn’t look at people in a different way, it’s hard to tell even familiar people apart.
"If it weren’t for this, she wouldn’t come back or someone needed such an identity." Lotus Yan Jiing thought of Yunpiaofang, which is definitely a problem. After all these years, there has been no evidence to doubt and speculate behind the scenes.
"Oh!" Dong Yuling realized that this had already involved a conspiracy. Isn’t it that she ruined others’ plans by saying so?
Sheng Jingcheng plays a conspiracy, but you can ignore Lian Yan Jiing’s caution and fear, or go to the one facing him.
It’s not easy for a famous brothel leader to get in touch with people. Sometimes he can control a game of chess.
Cao Liying incarnates Yingying to compete for the top spot in Yunpiaofang, and she has entered the eyes of the people who care about winning or losing.
She came because everyone was born from a young age, bred naturally, and the aristocratic demeanor, coupled with the charm of prostitutes, was two extremes, and this kind of conflict was the most eye-catching. Some men loved this tone.
It is conceivable that Cao Liying is likely to become an instant hit and enter the stratum society.
However, Dong Yuling is more interested in Cao Liying’s face now, which seems to be more beautiful than the original one, and it doesn’t look like she is wearing any skin mask or is it easy to get past the one road left?
I didn’t know that there was a special technology in this era. It seems to be not bad.
"Look at that dance, Cao Liying should have a bottom, but he should have been severely trained recently," Dong Yuling commented.
I should have learned dance more formally before, but now I have learned some methods of prostitutes, which are generally atmospheric, but mixed with a lot of slightly crude temptations. It is this violation that will make men more forbidden and desirous.
I don’t know if the people behind Cao Liying really have a vision to find her bright spot? It’s really interesting to teach women …
Cao Liying is now a perfect "production"
"How can I get it without training?" Lian Yan Jing, otherwise, just as the second waiter came in, he smiled, "Never mind what the number one card is, let’s fill our stomachs well!"
"That’s" Dong Yuling immediately put things out of the window and walked to the table to sit down.
Float dancing ying ying looked at the flavor building through the cuff gap, although it didn’t really look at Dong Yuling and Lian Yan Jiing’s elegance, but it was with some expectation in dim eyes.
Although she is not as good as before now, what man doesn’t cheat? Maybe if she changed her identity, she would be closer to the one in her mind. Even if she didn’t have the chance to be with him, she would have the possibility to walk into his heart.
Ying Ying’s heart is still longing for a beautiful encounter with him in the early heart.
If it weren’t for the main complaint, she really didn’t know that this flavor building turned out to be Qin Ruwang’s industry. I wonder if she could touch it …
It’s a pity that the float has gone a long way, and I haven’t seen anyone I want to see, so I can’t help but feel lost
At the moment, Lian Yan Jing and Dong Yuling together with a cat are feasting and having a good time. Where is the mind to compete for the top spot? It doesn’t matter at all. If this girl can care for herself, that’s life satisfaction.
On the evening of that day, Dong Yuling naturally stayed in the Wangfu, and at the same time, she gave Lian Yan Jing a few needles before going to bed to make him sleep better.
Early the next morning, Dong Yuling was strangely taken to the National Temple by Lian Yan Jing to meet Master Ling Yue, who had heard a lot about her medical skills and her illness for a whole day.
Lian Yan Jing also learned a lot from listening carefully for a day, although she couldn’t get in the mouth.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! 8! ! ! !
After getting along with Dong Yuling once, she felt that Master Ling Yue was a very funny old monk. Before that, she was not willing to contact such worldly experts, and she was afraid that there was something strange about the spleen. Chapter 156 came so suddenly.

"Father" Han Chen eyes corner face with a smile is slowly walked towards Han Xiaotian.

"Chen son? You just left? Don’t you say hello to your father? " Quietly watching his son Han Xiao face is also hung with a smile.
"Ha ha, I’m afraid to take away too much care." A light sentence highlights Han Chen’s heart.
"Purple spirit? Aren’t you going to see her? " Han Xiao Tian Zheng didn’t seem to think Han Chen would say such a thing.
Listen Han Xiao day if this meaningful words Han Chen shook his head and said, "that Ni will go to St. Meng College, right? In a few years, I will go there to find her. We have already agreed. "Said Han Chen’s mouth is also raised with a shallow radian.
"Son, you are proud of your father. Today, when you go out to experience, you remember a sentence,’ There is someone behind the scenes’." Han Xiaotian said that there was also a tear in her eyes.
"Father, you can rest assured that your son will not let you down." A trace of perseverance rose slowly.
Hand Han Chen shoulder Han Xiaotian smiled and nodded gently and said, "I know that when you are strong, you will have enough strength to go to St. Meng College, where it is really a crouching tiger, hidden dragon place. Remember that one day if you practice there, don’t take out the residual picture." Han Xiaotian’s face is also slightly weird and he wants to say something, but the words to his mouth are swallowed by him.
"Father, I know that there are some things in my room that are reserved for you. With those things, you will be able to reach the realm of soul-setting soon." Gently nodded Han Chen’s face flashed with a look of expectation.
Smell speech Han Xiao day face also appeared a trance.
"Well, practice well with your teacher and remember to wait for me to thank your teacher. If it weren’t for his old man’s house, I wouldn’t have such a scene in Korea." I smiled at Han Chen with a smile and looked at Han Chen with silent eyes.
Seeing Han Xiaotian like this, Han Chen also felt warm in his heart. The earth hasn’t felt affection for more than 20 years, so he got it here.
"Well, it’s getting late. You can go now. That wench of Ziling will loathe to give up when the time comes." Han Xiaotian slowly wiped her eyes and said.
Han Chen moment looked at his father without a word and then slowly took a step and walked straight to the Korean door.
Looking at Han Chen slowly leaving figure Han Xiaotian nodded slightly and corners of the mouth slightly raised.
The sentence "Father is waiting for you to become a peerless strong man one day" expresses his father’s expectation.
Looking back and casting a glance, Han Chen paused with a smile on his face. At this time, Han Chen slowly emerged that purple beautiful image in his mind.
"Ziling is waiting for me, and I will come to you."
With a smile in his eyes, the sun rose slowly, and Han Chen slowly took steps and walked out of the windy city.
"Han Chen elder brother, I’m waiting for you." Korea’s family gate played Ziling and slowly walked out and looked at the far-away figure. His eyes were full of expectation.
The sun is shining, and it’s noon now.
The teenager walked alone on the avenue and his face was very calm.
"Ah, this feeling of leaving home is really strange." Han Chen said to himself, looking up at the scorching sun makes people feel tired.
"Ha ha, little guy, if you have been a little windy city, you can’t be a real strong person. You can sit in the well and watch the sky." A sudden sound sounded from Han Chen’s heart
The pie mouth Han Chen also did not refute ling old saying.
"Of course I know this. The strong way is to come out by yourself." Hey hey smiled and Han Chen looked at a small town in the distance.
"If we know that, you have to be ready to endure hardships at all times. This practice day is not that simple. Before, your windy city was tinkering around the edges. Now you will know what a real strong person is when you are outside." Ling Laoyin took his time.
Nodding lightly, Han Chen was also full of expectation and immediately asked, "Teacher, where are we going to practice first?"

"Ha ha ha ~! !” Everyone’s eyes are discerning, and Shen Yue’s small movements are in stitches when they see them.

"Don’t worry, ladies!" At this moment, Wang Baobao jumped out again and patted I not ng preserved with these girls to ensure that "I am a firm escort who will protect you! I’ll fight anyone who dares to hit on you! Especially someone! !”
"Se Wolf are you talking about me? !”
"Yes, I’m talking about you!" As soon as Wang Baobao’s words were answered, he realized that it was wrong. "Bullshit! Who are you talking about? !”
"whoever admits it is who ~!"
"Slander this is definitely slander!" Wang Baobao explained to the daughters with a big smile, "You must never believe this big bug talk, Yin!"
"Well, that’s it!" Jiuzhong pointed to Wang Baobao and said, "Now let Mr. Wolf take you to the apartment!"
"… I fight with you! !” Wang Baobao, a hungry tiger pounces on food and rushes towards Jiuchong.
"Ah da-! !” Jiuzhong directly pushed Wang Baobao out of the door with a flying foot and then said to the girls, "Go with him if you have nothing to do!"
After these girls were settled, Jiuzhong set out to send someone to contact their families and arrange for them to meet.
There are not many trivial things, and a few people have been busy for three days.
Three days later, sixty-seven girls met their families, but unexpectedly, none of them went back to the Ministry with their parents and stayed.
As a result, Longyu has another beautiful landscape.
Because these girls have been hurt, they all have burdens in their hearts, and at the same time, Jiuzhong is afraid that the people in the meeting will have glasses to see that they have wronged them, so they make a decision after consulting Shen Yue.
On this day, Jiuzhong once again called the dragon domain workers’ department owned by the é n Lord here as a witness.
After everyone arrived, Jiuzhong announced his decision in front of everyone and said to these girls, "Since you all believe in me, Jiuzhong decided to stay with me and I will be kind to you! So I’ve decided to accept 67 of you as dry sisters today! Would you like to? !”
“……!” Sixty-seven girls were all one leng when they heard Jiuchong’s speech, and they were moved by a strange emotion, and they couldn’t help crying.
Nine heavy looked at nao nao head. "Are you willing to cry so much? Still willing? !”
"Well … well! !” Sixty-seven girls nodded again.
Seeing all the women crying with joy, everyone felt happy, and the happiest one was Wang Baobao.
Wang Baobao said to the daughters, "Since you are all willing, hurry up! After saluting the blade, you will be a brother and sister family ~! "
Daughters smell speech have fallen down to worship "eldest brother is invited to be worshipped by younger sister! !”
"Good all up ~! !” Nine-fold raised my hand and motioned for the daughters to get up and then glanced at each other. While I was happy, my mouth was almost wide to the back of my head. Wang Baobao asked curiously, "Psst … I said that my baby and my sister are not your sisters. How can you be beautiful like this? !”
"Gaga, you can’t treat them like sisters. I’m not happy ~! !” Wang Baobao smiled that smugly.
"Really?" Nine corners of the mouth raised a sly smile. "Although I think they can’t be their sisters, I have also gained a new privilege to ask them about their lifelong events! After that, if they want to find their husband’s family, they all have to go through my audit, and if they can’t get into my eyes, they won’t touch them! !”
"Elder brother I was wrong! !” Wang Baobao a hugged nine major uǐ.
"Hey hey, that’s more like it ~!" Nine heavy mood big yue said to them, "don’t call someone to prepare a banquet for the old happiness today. We’ll have a good time later!" !”
"yes ~! !” Everyone Huan should way
In reality, Jiuzhong’s side is full of happiness, but in the game, players in Huaxia District are in a state of disaster!
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Substitution
? Yan Wang’s call for the formation of the anti-Japanese war United front is like a flash in the pan.
At the beginning of the establishment of the United front, the prince of Yan was sitting on 300 million troops, and he was as ambitious as the Japanese side. On that day, he divided his troops into five roads, each with 60 million troops, and at the same time he fought fiercely against the forces of the five districts
It’s like a roll. It has repeatedly recovered lost ground, and the forces in the five districts have been defeated. In less than two days, the strength of the five districts has been returned to its original shape and returned to the original invasion of China. The situation is less in ideal city. This is the case on the surface.
Seeing that the five-zone strength department will be deported, the victory is just around the corner, and the Yan Wang Jiangong is eager to immediately decide to wipe out the five-zone invasion forces in Huaxia District.
So on the third day of the campaign, the prince continued to divide his troops into five ways to attack the last city of the five districts.
Everything went well ahead, and the Fifth Route Army easily occupied the Fifth Zone in Huaxia District, finally surrounded by the ideal city Department, and then the prince ordered five battlefields to fight at the same time and launched an attack on the city in the Fifth Zone.
However, just as the front line was in full swing, the backyard suddenly caught fire, and five core large guilds were raided, and the Youth Soul Club was also on the raid list.