The teacup fell to the ground and splashed with broken porcelain.

It took a while for Yun Qing to move for a stalemate before she pulled out a silk handkerchief to wipe off the spilled tea.
"Can you make such a low-level mistake?" Jin sat opposite her mouth Gherardini.
Li Yunqing didn’t answer. She bowed her head and carefully wiped off the water stains.
Just now, there was a strange feeling in my heart, which made her lose her grip on the teacup.
It’s so weird …
Mo Chi sighed faintly. "Are you worried?"
"No" from yun-ching decisive answer him.
Helan Xun looked at the atmosphere in the hall. "Let’s forget it today and discuss it later."
They gathered together today to discuss how to deal with the heavy sword in his hand.
"No … it’s better to decide the countermeasures as soon as possible. We don’t have much time." From Yun Qing, it was cold in the ink pupil of the broken porcelain.
Three people in the hall glances in the heart have the same feeling. Tonight, it seems that Yun Qing is a little impatient.
At this moment, Helan Xun’s eyes suddenly became unfathomable. "Someone broke in."
Brocade face solemn Mo Chi also exudes a murderous look.
A cold smile came from Yun Qing’s mouth. "Let me go and see who dares to come uninvited?"
"I’ll go with you" Mo Chi also got up.
"You need a person to watch here. I don’t know how many of them are there. Helan Xun is in poor health and Jin can’t operate." Leave this sentence from Yun Qing and walk straight out the door.
Mo Chi can also be discouraged and sit away from Yun Qing, which is very reasonable.
Who is impatient 83 Chapter 83 Meet again (5)
When Bai Liyi climbed out of the ice lake, he had a fierce cough and his hair was full of water. His hair clung to his resolute face and he added a few minutes of perseverance.
When he fell into the lake, the water was as attractive as it was, and it was wrapped around him so hard that he could not escape.
For a moment, he really wanted to die himself, which was really not worth the loss. He still had a lot to say to Li Yunqing.
How can you die at this time …
He got up, embroidered with dark stripes, and the corners of his robe were dripping with water.
Bai Liyi waved a hand, and the clothes were as dry as before after the wind dissipated from the soles of the feet.
He didn’t look around until his straight hair was dry.
All over the world, behind the white cliff, it goes straight into the sky, and in front of it, it is a snowy field.
So where will it be from Yun Qing?
As soon as he took a step, I don’t know when several sharp and sharp ice crystals grew from the ground of his feet like vines.
Bai Liyi was startled at first, and then reacted quickly. Those ice cones were as dense as cobwebs.
If he hadn’t flashed just now, would he have been stabbed into a hornet’s nest now?
"How dare you break in here and be prepared to pay the price?" Two bells of water are as light as water, and ripple after ripple comes from the sky.
Bailiyi felt this familiar, raised his eyes and looked at the man floating from the sky.
The spotless moonlight, her white dress is still as white as the first snow, and it is like fog in the night.
At that time, the fundus flashed a little smile.
Bai Liyi believes that his expression must be very happy or happy at this moment?
"We haven’t seen you for more than a month. How can you forget your husband?" Bailiyi smiled and squinted at her.
It’s a bit slow to move away from Yun Qing, but from the sky, wait for a while stepped on the ice and looked at the sudden appearance.
I wonder if she suddenly felt a little annoyed when she saw that his eyebrows were full of joy of meeting again after parting.
"Yun Qing?" See her leng for a long time, thyme yi tentatively called two.
But I never wanted to see a few sharp skates coming towards him
"Niang, you are too cruel." Bailiyi was indifferent and formed a barrier around her. The skates stopped and fell to the ground.
"You?" Seeing this, it is unnatural for Yun Qing to correct her eyebrow expression.
"Do you think husband is very handsome?" On the contrary, Bai Liyi jokingly walked step by step to the person who stared at me. "Destiny sometimes takes care of me. I should say that I want to thank the God. He gave me spiritual strength in a crisis."