"Ha ha ha ~! !” Everyone’s eyes are discerning, and Shen Yue’s small movements are in stitches when they see them.

"Don’t worry, ladies!" At this moment, Wang Baobao jumped out again and patted I not ng preserved with these girls to ensure that "I am a firm escort who will protect you! I’ll fight anyone who dares to hit on you! Especially someone! !”
"Se Wolf are you talking about me? !”
"Yes, I’m talking about you!" As soon as Wang Baobao’s words were answered, he realized that it was wrong. "Bullshit! Who are you talking about? !”
"whoever admits it is who ~!"
"Slander this is definitely slander!" Wang Baobao explained to the daughters with a big smile, "You must never believe this big bug talk, Yin!"
"Well, that’s it!" Jiuzhong pointed to Wang Baobao and said, "Now let Mr. Wolf take you to the apartment!"
"… I fight with you! !” Wang Baobao, a hungry tiger pounces on food and rushes towards Jiuchong.
"Ah da-! !” Jiuzhong directly pushed Wang Baobao out of the door with a flying foot and then said to the girls, "Go with him if you have nothing to do!"
After these girls were settled, Jiuzhong set out to send someone to contact their families and arrange for them to meet.
There are not many trivial things, and a few people have been busy for three days.
Three days later, sixty-seven girls met their families, but unexpectedly, none of them went back to the Ministry with their parents and stayed.
As a result, Longyu has another beautiful landscape.
Because these girls have been hurt, they all have burdens in their hearts, and at the same time, Jiuzhong is afraid that the people in the meeting will have glasses to see that they have wronged them, so they make a decision after consulting Shen Yue.
On this day, Jiuzhong once again called the dragon domain workers’ department owned by the é n Lord here as a witness.
After everyone arrived, Jiuzhong announced his decision in front of everyone and said to these girls, "Since you all believe in me, Jiuzhong decided to stay with me and I will be kind to you! So I’ve decided to accept 67 of you as dry sisters today! Would you like to? !”
“……!” Sixty-seven girls were all one leng when they heard Jiuchong’s speech, and they were moved by a strange emotion, and they couldn’t help crying.
Nine heavy looked at nao nao head. "Are you willing to cry so much? Still willing? !”
"Well … well! !” Sixty-seven girls nodded again.
Seeing all the women crying with joy, everyone felt happy, and the happiest one was Wang Baobao.
Wang Baobao said to the daughters, "Since you are all willing, hurry up! After saluting the blade, you will be a brother and sister family ~! "
Daughters smell speech have fallen down to worship "eldest brother is invited to be worshipped by younger sister! !”
"Good all up ~! !” Nine-fold raised my hand and motioned for the daughters to get up and then glanced at each other. While I was happy, my mouth was almost wide to the back of my head. Wang Baobao asked curiously, "Psst … I said that my baby and my sister are not your sisters. How can you be beautiful like this? !”
"Gaga, you can’t treat them like sisters. I’m not happy ~! !” Wang Baobao smiled that smugly.
"Really?" Nine corners of the mouth raised a sly smile. "Although I think they can’t be their sisters, I have also gained a new privilege to ask them about their lifelong events! After that, if they want to find their husband’s family, they all have to go through my audit, and if they can’t get into my eyes, they won’t touch them! !”
"Elder brother I was wrong! !” Wang Baobao a hugged nine major uǐ.
"Hey hey, that’s more like it ~!" Nine heavy mood big yue said to them, "don’t call someone to prepare a banquet for the old happiness today. We’ll have a good time later!" !”
"yes ~! !” Everyone Huan should way
In reality, Jiuzhong’s side is full of happiness, but in the game, players in Huaxia District are in a state of disaster!
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Substitution
? Yan Wang’s call for the formation of the anti-Japanese war United front is like a flash in the pan.
At the beginning of the establishment of the United front, the prince of Yan was sitting on 300 million troops, and he was as ambitious as the Japanese side. On that day, he divided his troops into five roads, each with 60 million troops, and at the same time he fought fiercely against the forces of the five districts
It’s like a roll. It has repeatedly recovered lost ground, and the forces in the five districts have been defeated. In less than two days, the strength of the five districts has been returned to its original shape and returned to the original invasion of China. The situation is less in ideal city. This is the case on the surface.
Seeing that the five-zone strength department will be deported, the victory is just around the corner, and the Yan Wang Jiangong is eager to immediately decide to wipe out the five-zone invasion forces in Huaxia District.
So on the third day of the campaign, the prince continued to divide his troops into five ways to attack the last city of the five districts.
Everything went well ahead, and the Fifth Route Army easily occupied the Fifth Zone in Huaxia District, finally surrounded by the ideal city Department, and then the prince ordered five battlefields to fight at the same time and launched an attack on the city in the Fifth Zone.
However, just as the front line was in full swing, the backyard suddenly caught fire, and five core large guilds were raided, and the Youth Soul Club was also on the raid list.