"Elder, your so-called kindness to the people in this world includes those who have become friends with the monster beast, right?" Li Qiushi asked without moving se.

After all, the contradictions between the two sides are irreconcilable. Naturally, the more we talk about it, the more rigid it is. At this time, Xiao asked where he still had to find the purple Yan God to be on guard.
At the same time, in a forest hundreds of miles away from here, Violet Yan is quietly leaning against a big tree. If an outsider sees it, he will find that his posture is actually a little feminine. If he doesn’t know the details, he will definitely treat him as a woman with pale purple skin and mysterious atmosphere!
At this moment, the purple Yan straightened his body and turned his right palm, and there were more than ten golden lights flashing and flying to the middle.
Then I saw that the middle finger of his right hand was buckled on his thumb, and the slender finger had an evil aesthetic feeling and then suddenly bounced outward.
A finger-sized purple awn pops up with a golden light in the middle.
The golden light is shattered at the touch of purple awn, and the gold Se powder dissipates in the middle.
Play again!
Purple mountain broke into another golden light in the sky!
Then the third and fourth …
He moved as leisurely as drinking tea, and the roads in the sky naturally rose and fell, and the golden light quickly broke more than half.
Only a few golden lights are falling, which is closer to the purple Yan, and one is still slowly turning over. When facing the purple Yan, it is barely visible to write four words.
Demon world respect!
I don’t know when ZiYan actually searched for more than a dozen of these cards!
At first, there were not 193 demon leagues in the world God League and Zhengxian Club, but now it seems that those who didn’t find out were in the hands of Purple Yan.
There are still five cards left, but I still haven’t waited to change. Purple Yan is finally frowning. Se is a bit dignified.
Then he saw that the five cards had fallen to about the same height as his neck. He finally grinned and then the whole right palm suddenly threw out!
This time, he should be some kind of magical power, and then he saw a flash of purple Se light arc and drew from those five gold medals like a horse!
It is "wow" that five cards are broken at the same time!
At this time, many people in the Jieshenmeng are still searching for things in the Yaomeng compound in Zhenxi. At this time, the high-level conversation between the celestial alliance and the Zhengxian Society is getting more and more stiff and will soon fall out; At this time, the demon family in Xijing, the demon world of Tianlan, is fleeing in haste; At this time, the whole Tianlan demon race didn’t know what to do …
At this time, in another world, in front of the magnificent palace, the giant golden dragon on the left was finally unbearable!
"wow! ! !”
The golden dragon suddenly moved its body and made a great noise. The giant column entangled with it shook, and even the temple floating in the middle seemed to shake!
"Ang! ! ! !”
The golden dragon gave a huge roar, which made the whole world truly tremble.
Then a circle of strange golden awns rose from the golden dragon.
The golden dragon is more painful than it is, but it still doesn’t stop. The golden awn in vitro is more and more condensed!
From the dragon head to the dragon tail, the dragon horn, the dragon beard, the dragon claw and Long Lin, it seems that everything has its own soul, and they are being separated from the golden dragon body together!
On the other side of the giant column, the one-horned python calmly looked at the golden dragon’s every move, but after all, he didn’t speak to stop it and slowly closed his eyes.
There are very few lucky people in Tianlan demon world who have seen the strange scene. Those people went to the demon league headquarters in the building and became a little solid with a faint golden light, and then all those golden lights flew in a certain direction.
Not a demon alliance, but the vast majority of destroyed demon alliances
Town west demon au there is no exception, the world god au and zhengxianhui will soon turn against each other. Li Qiushi and Xue Zhu are thinking about how to layout the zhengxianhui gang, and the golden light will suddenly appear in the middle, which will make them all startled.
Then they watched the pale golden light fly to the southeast.
But compared with the purple Yan over there, those demon alliances happen again …
The golden light appears all over the sky, and no one in the demon world can collect them at a glance. The golden light is faint in the rest of more than 100 places, but the purple Yan appears around him, but the pixels are melted with gold.
Purple Yan is also slightly surprised and then teleported to Gao Yao without hesitation, looking at those golden lights.
Then he watched those golden Se streamers rush from low to the southeast of Tianlan demon world.
I am afraid that he is already the best person in the whole Tianlan demon world, and at this time he stops at a very high natural horizon.
So he not only saw the golden light flying out with great range, but also saw more than ten other slightly pale golden lights flying out from all directions of Tianlan demon world but rushing in the same direction.
Tianlan demon world is southeast!
Those golden lights have a great range. Although they flew far away, they were far away from the vision of Ziyan, but when they gathered in a certain position southeast of Tianlan demon world, their volume became bigger and bigger, and their light became brighter and brighter, they were once again captured by Ziyan.
The fact that Guanghua is more than a purple Yan depends on Xijing, and those people can see it.
Outside I don’t know how many Wan Li, those golden lights have gathered in a huge mountain range.
It is the largest gold mine in the whole Tianlan demon world!
Due to the recent turmoil in the demon world, every mine in that mine has been banned and sealed, and there is not even a left-behind person.
At this moment, the huge mountain range is shaking, and the earth is shaking more and more violently on both sides of the mountain range!
There are several large and small cracks in the mountain and the earth during the shaking. Those beasts who are fleeing are unstable and accidentally fall into the ground. Several rocks tumbled down from the heights and smashed the giant trees for hundreds of years. Like bean sprouts, several birds flew in the sky. All waterfalls are intermittent because of the mountain shaking, either changing lanes or directly drilling out of the newly emerged cracks …
But these are nothing, because the mountain range that is more than a thousand miles long is arching vigorously, as if an ancient beast is waking up!
It takes a whole day to ride a fast horse from one end to the other for more than a thousand miles, and its real influence has long been outside Wan Li!
The higher the mountain is arched, the higher it is. However, it is not really separated from the earth, but it is also arched with the earth on both sides. On the south side of the mountain, there is a river with a width of 50 feet. Okawahara has not been too affected by the mountain vibration. At this time, the river bed has been involuntarily lifted and deformed with the deformation of the earth. Floods have ravaged several towns and villages on the south bank of the river. Those floods easily engulfed all the towns and villages …
Finally, the cracks in the mountains have cracked big enough to reveal a faint golden light!
Then the golden light is getting brighter and brighter, and finally the cracks are completely exposed to the air!
Gold mine is a gold mine with extremely high content! !
But this is just one. More gold mines poured from the ground to raise the mountains and the ground, and soon became the only protagonist of heaven and earth!
It’s like a giant golden bug, and the mountains and land that used to cover it are like pieces of old skin on its body being thrown away to gradually show its main body.
Its head, which is more than ten miles in size, slowly rises and extends to the sky like a living thing, but there is wind and thunder in it, but what are the wind and thunder compared with its body? It is the greatest miracle in the world!