"Father" Han Chen eyes corner face with a smile is slowly walked towards Han Xiaotian.

"Chen son? You just left? Don’t you say hello to your father? " Quietly watching his son Han Xiao face is also hung with a smile.
"Ha ha, I’m afraid to take away too much care." A light sentence highlights Han Chen’s heart.
"Purple spirit? Aren’t you going to see her? " Han Xiao Tian Zheng didn’t seem to think Han Chen would say such a thing.
Listen Han Xiao day if this meaningful words Han Chen shook his head and said, "that Ni will go to St. Meng College, right? In a few years, I will go there to find her. We have already agreed. "Said Han Chen’s mouth is also raised with a shallow radian.
"Son, you are proud of your father. Today, when you go out to experience, you remember a sentence,’ There is someone behind the scenes’." Han Xiaotian said that there was also a tear in her eyes.
"Father, you can rest assured that your son will not let you down." A trace of perseverance rose slowly.
Hand Han Chen shoulder Han Xiaotian smiled and nodded gently and said, "I know that when you are strong, you will have enough strength to go to St. Meng College, where it is really a crouching tiger, hidden dragon place. Remember that one day if you practice there, don’t take out the residual picture." Han Xiaotian’s face is also slightly weird and he wants to say something, but the words to his mouth are swallowed by him.
"Father, I know that there are some things in my room that are reserved for you. With those things, you will be able to reach the realm of soul-setting soon." Gently nodded Han Chen’s face flashed with a look of expectation.
Smell speech Han Xiao day face also appeared a trance.
"Well, practice well with your teacher and remember to wait for me to thank your teacher. If it weren’t for his old man’s house, I wouldn’t have such a scene in Korea." I smiled at Han Chen with a smile and looked at Han Chen with silent eyes.
Seeing Han Xiaotian like this, Han Chen also felt warm in his heart. The earth hasn’t felt affection for more than 20 years, so he got it here.
"Well, it’s getting late. You can go now. That wench of Ziling will loathe to give up when the time comes." Han Xiaotian slowly wiped her eyes and said.
Han Chen moment looked at his father without a word and then slowly took a step and walked straight to the Korean door.
Looking at Han Chen slowly leaving figure Han Xiaotian nodded slightly and corners of the mouth slightly raised.
The sentence "Father is waiting for you to become a peerless strong man one day" expresses his father’s expectation.
Looking back and casting a glance, Han Chen paused with a smile on his face. At this time, Han Chen slowly emerged that purple beautiful image in his mind.
"Ziling is waiting for me, and I will come to you."
With a smile in his eyes, the sun rose slowly, and Han Chen slowly took steps and walked out of the windy city.
"Han Chen elder brother, I’m waiting for you." Korea’s family gate played Ziling and slowly walked out and looked at the far-away figure. His eyes were full of expectation.
The sun is shining, and it’s noon now.
The teenager walked alone on the avenue and his face was very calm.
"Ah, this feeling of leaving home is really strange." Han Chen said to himself, looking up at the scorching sun makes people feel tired.
"Ha ha, little guy, if you have been a little windy city, you can’t be a real strong person. You can sit in the well and watch the sky." A sudden sound sounded from Han Chen’s heart
The pie mouth Han Chen also did not refute ling old saying.
"Of course I know this. The strong way is to come out by yourself." Hey hey smiled and Han Chen looked at a small town in the distance.
"If we know that, you have to be ready to endure hardships at all times. This practice day is not that simple. Before, your windy city was tinkering around the edges. Now you will know what a real strong person is when you are outside." Ling Laoyin took his time.
Nodding lightly, Han Chen was also full of expectation and immediately asked, "Teacher, where are we going to practice first?"