"Mother may want to give you brother kiss! Do you see the rain as a dream? " Thyme stranger replied absently.

I don’t know how close I am to Mu Nian and Mu Huan, but there is an idea in my mind that this woman is her own princess, and other men can’t get close to their brothers!
"Dear? Princess Rain Dream? " MuHuan frightened "how is it possible? My brother, he will marry a woman in his life, and he won’t promise marriage at will! My father tried to marry him many times, but he refused. Besides, Princess Raindream’s brother is not suitable. "
"Marry a woman all your life?" Thyme devoted to the depths of the garden stopped and looked at MuHuan beside him. "Is that possible? If your brother inherits the throne, will the harem also marry a queen? "
"What’s impossible!" MuHuan not gas cocked a little "don’t you every man like to sit and enjoy people’s happiness? My brother is very devoted! "
"I have never heard of such a funny thing!" It’s natural for a man to have three wives and four concubines, and even a civilian man will marry several rooms, which of the royal men is not a group of wives and concubines?
Whether it’s the royal branch, the heir, or various interests and political needs, there will be many women in the royal family to marry one. This is simply a myth! Especially the women in the imperial harem are their tools to balance their ministers. Even if they don’t like it, they have to marry it back and put it there. How can there be a queen?
"Marrying a bunch of strange bedfellows women is not as good as marrying a lover who will be with you through thick and thin, so that there will be a lot less sibling things in the family." Muhuan rolled his eyes and big stallion said that you don’t understand these truths.
"It turns out that the idea of the princess and the prince is so unique." Muhuan’s eyes sparkled when she spoke, which made her heart move. This girl must be looking forward to a complete home when she stayed with Gusu Qingmin for too long. After returning to the palace, she was ostracized, so she was tired of the royal family’s cannibalism. Is this also the reason why she disdained to compete for favor and wanted to escape?
"Reality is not unique." Muhuan muttered something. Maybe I told you that my sister was from a different time. At that time, she was already monogamous. If I said that, you would be crazy.
"It must be difficult for your report to save your brother this time. Your report seems a little haggard. I really appreciate your report!" Muhuan don’t want to discuss this problem again, and quickly change the subject.
"No king is lucky enough to find a report" thyme devoted to the hot word doesn’t hurt himself. You know, after that day’s coma, his bed lay for ten days, even now the wound is still dull. The doctor said that it was also a cold king who was in good health. If someone else is so seriously injured, don’t think about it if he doesn’t lie in bed for a month.
"Why didn’t the report send a message back earlier? Male and female servants but have been waiting for "MuHuan also didn’t want to see the sample this big ice and brother seems to be very well.
"Is the princess worried about the king?" Li Mo Xu raised his eyebrows and stared at Mu Huan quietly. "Or are you worried about your brother?"
"Male and female servants are naturally worried about their brother." Muhuan stopped to have a look at the words of thyme devoted to the heat, but it was also honest. "Male and female servants are also worried about the safety of the report because they ask the report to save their brother. Male and female servants don’t want anything to happen to the report."
"It turns out that the princess will also worry that Wang Wang is a little flattered!" There is a little joy in thyme devoted to the heat. I stretched out my hand and took Muhuan into my arms. I secretly paid the girl in my heart. Do you know that Wang was in a coma for a moment and I never saw you again? I felt a little sorry in my heart.
When Wang woke up, he didn’t doubt that you and your brother had participated in the design of this bureau. But when Wang sent someone to secretly investigate and make sure that Mu Nian was indeed a victim, Wang was suddenly relieved to know that you didn’t have those people colluding to harm Wang. It was easier than ever to hold you again.
MuHuan one leng just came back from the battlefield men are so emotional? Although I really want to push thyme away, I can repay him when I think I still owe him a favor. This harmony has always made Muhuan feel uncomfortable.
This big stallion must have seen a woman who didn’t know the "meaty smell" for more than ten days, so she couldn’t help but embrace her in her arms. If this is Leng Yuxin at the moment, he must be eager to embrace her in the room and have sex, right? With this in mind, Muhuan once again wants to push thyme away.
When this guy didn’t come back, he was a little uneasy and worried, but he always wanted to stay away from him before he was alive? Just for a short time, Mu Huan’s heart has been constantly entangled in be? This classic English line popped up in her heart. It’s only a matter of time before I get into snake disease with this big ice cube!
Two people quietly embrace together cangxi mainland all scenery this moment is eclipsed by far behind sogeum hurriedly lowered his eyes.
"The princess’s hands are all ready, right?" A hundred miles devoted to Xu took her arms and sniffed the faint jasmine, feeling that it would be wonderful if she was still at this moment. Where did he know the psychological activities of the people in her arms?
"Thank you for leaving no scars."
"Pay attention later" said Bai Li Mo Xu, putting Muhuan "The princess is really too thin", but he really didn’t want to let go, but he found himself less and less infected with this girl, so he held her and had a reaction. He didn’t want to be rude in front of this girl, and he didn’t want people to look at it. Although it was Cian Pavilion, it was difficult to have someone else’s eyes.
"I …" MuHuan turned over their elder sister when lost weight? I have a standard figure, okay? It’s called the devil’s figure, you know?
"Eat more after the princess. You should eat more and gain weight like Nini."
"I don’t want to eat like Nini!" Muhuan’s pouting is also a foodie, but I’m not like Nini, who mistakenly recognizes Dad because of a little delicious blood. This kind of milk is a mother’s foodie and I despise it! Of course, it’s just a little contempt. After all, it’s also my sister’s daughter!
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Women like warm men? !
"Eat food?" A hundred miles away, I was stunned. "What is food? !”
How did Emma accidentally say this word in front of the big ice? ! Mu Huan shrugged his shoulders and blinked. "The saying that Wang Ye eats food is a night orchid people refers to the kind of people who especially love to eat and are determined to eat delicious food all over the world."
"oh? Night haze people say it’s really special. "Hundred miles devoted to the heat didn’t rest assured to take MuHuan’s hand again." There’s nothing wrong with being a foodie. People say it’s not a blessing to eat happily and comfortably every day. If you can really eat delicious food all over the world, it will be very interesting. "
"Yes, walk around and see how much life is like eating, drinking and drinking!" Muhuan didn’t expect thyme to have such an understanding. It was a little unexpected. It seems to her that people like thyme should like surgery.
"But Nini’s dad remembered telling you before leaving that men should not be allowed to get close to your mother except dad. Didn’t you stop that yearning for your mother just now?" Thyme devoted to the heat will MuHuan wrist gripper from a distance in the past seems to be kissing her hand is talking to Nini.
What’s wrong with MuHuan’s feeling that a flock of crows flew over this big stallion? Elder sister didn’t tube you and so many women rolled sheets you really when you are a brother-in-law jun tube elder sister free to immediately withdraw his hand from thyme devoted to hot turned supercilious look "report that is my brother! I grew up together, and my brother was hugged by my brother. What’s the matter? "
"Children are naturally nothing, but now that the princess is married, she still needs to pay attention to her image at any time outside. Don’t let people gossip." There is a hint of hegemony in the old myth. "From the truth, a married woman can give her husband a hug!"
"According to your report, if I meet my father, I can’t be close to him?" Muhuan turned supercilious look again.
"Princess, is this questioning the king?" The ending of thyme was dragged up, which seemed to wake Muhuan. But you promised the king not to talk back to him.
"Of course not. The sovereign is always right!" Muhuan sighed sadly in his heart. What can he do? Can’t offend this guy, let his brother see that his Xilin Day is not good, let his brother and mother worry about it, forget it, let him be low-spirited, and ask him not to really let Nini stop himself from getting close to his brother. "But I grew up with my brother, and I haven’t seen it for months. If I don’t get close to my brother as usual, I will be very sad."
"The king is not to say that you don’t want the princess to be close to your brother …"
"That male and female servants thank report! Wang Ye is really a great man! " Before finishing the sentence, Muhuan hurriedly grabbed the words and offered a hug in a dog’s leg, then bowed his head to his wrist and said, "Nini, did you hear that?" Your father said that my brother was close to me, but don’t be ridiculous! "
A hundred miles away in tears and laughter, but because of this hug, I immediately remembered another thing. "By the way, does the princess think that the mother is very special to your brother?"
When I saw Mu Nian from the East Miao, it seemed that her eyes had never left Mu Nian. The eyes were very complicated, with joy, sorrow, thoughts and desires, and all kinds of emotions were intertwined, which made Bai Li feel a little strange.
It is reasonable to say that it is the first time for the mother to see Mu Nian, and even an old friend is not so excited, right? When I first met Muhuan, my mother was not so excited. Was it that my mother was not only a good friend of Gu Suqing’s, but also Mubai?
"I can see that my mother likes my brother very much. My mother and I must be very good sisters in the past." Muhuan didn’t think much about the fact that Oriental Miao Miao is also very good to herself. It should be because of her mother’s reasons. "Besides, my brother is a good person. A typical warm man would like him. 1.
"Warm man? What’s this? Is it your night LAN dialect again? " A hundred miles away, I was confused.
"Warm men are the kind of men who can give people a warm feeling like warm sunshine. They are very caring for their families, considerate and considerate, and their friends around them think he is very warm." Mu Huan cocked his head and tried to recall the modern definition of warm men, trying to understand as much as possible to explain "anyway, it is a fine and clean sunny man like my brother."
"Princess like this warm man? !” I can’t hear any emotions in the words of a hundred miles.
"Women like warm men, ok? !” Muhuan said smoothly and didn’t realize what he was saying.
"So that’s it." Li Mo Xu was silent for a while. "It seems that Wang Shou is also a warm man, isn’t it? !”
"Shouwang and my brother are quite like a gentle and modest gentleman like jade …" Muhuan suddenly realized here that he had let slip his tongue and stopped to look at thyme nervously. "Shouwang in my heart is just a friend of your brother."