"Uncle, you just seemed to say that you used to be a billionaire, but even playing games and throwing money … I’m afraid you didn’t play like this. Otherwise, it should have been recorded in Guinness as" Top Ten People who Moved China "."Xiaoye "plugged in" quipped.

"Of course, playing other games costs millions. Some game equipment can sell hundreds of thousands. dnf is really very economical compared with them." Viagra didn’t explain it directly, but it can be seen from his words that dnf should not be the culprit.
"So what? ……”
"In fact, when I was playing a game, I was caught in an online fraud."
"Internet fraud?" Two whew frowned and asked
"Well, it should be a fraud," Viagra replied with a wry smile.
"… this I really can’t figure out how even fraud can make you so miserable? Look at you now, as if you can go home? " Tianyu said so
"Ah, what home can I have? It’s just a "swinging" room. If she doesn’t miss home any more, she might sell the suite, too, "Viagra replied.
"…" The language.
Now, a suite in wz city has at least one million prime lots, and a good room in wz city can be broken by ten million.
It seems that all that glitters is not gold.
"If the other party changed the incoming number for the benefit of the Internet, I believed that the other party was an official of Zheng fu … if I hadn’t played games at that time, I might have thought more for a few seconds."
"Internet talk?" Tianyu mouth again.
"Well, many fraud gangs use this method, but I know it’s still too late."
"…" The language.
Sure enough, people are afraid of famous pigs and strong people. After all, few poor people will encounter any online fraud.
"Anyway, I can’t finish talking about the whole process for three days and three nights. I just got cheated and lost everything," Viagra replied.
"So you play disappear in order to avoid some creditors’ debt collection … and then add the media to indiscriminately render you a’ private’ fugitive? You didn’t call the police? " Sugar sugar opened a brain’ hole’ and said so.
"Haha, it should be like this, but if you don’t call the police, you have to be linked with the’ private’ escape with money … Although a lot of the company’s money is invested by everyone, I only move my own share, but even so, it has already violated the law."
"…" They were silent again.
But when I was silent, Tianyu always echoed four words in my heart-network words.
The walking dead have been together for about five months.
However, the other party’s hidden’ sex’ roots will not reveal any real information.
Tianyu also dare not ask more questions, for fear that the other party will see the clue. After all, cheating is’ quite’ sensitive, especially it is a professional cheating, and the realm of self-cultivation should be very high.
In the past few months, Tianyu has made no progress in exploring the real clues of walking corpses.
"Maybe … online words can help!" Tianyu mind come up to such an idea.
Tianyu has a connection with Xie Junhao, a technician from Hua Jian.
Tianyu once asked him to set up his qq and then check the ip address of the corpse, but Xie Junhao replied to Tianyu that the corpse had been "fleshed" many times, and the IP converter was just a network police check.
Unless you send a Trojan horse file to the other party, you can directly determine the real ip, otherwise it is difficult to determine the real location of the other party.
If you can’ get’ the phone number, it is much easier to check the attribution than ip.
"Why don’t you go back and deal with your’ audience’ after the street activity has started?" Viagra said
"You are like this … why are you in the mood to play games?" If Ling hates iron and says, "No wonder your wife will leave you with her children. How can a man like that give them happiness?"
Chapter 1 A Word
Viagra leng, he didn’t expect to be a’ cover’ face, head and hair.
If ling and sugar are different, sex is much more straightforward, which has something to do with her lonely childhood (
"What else can I do?" Viagra chagrin said
"What else can I do? You ask me how I know! " If Reiki bites her teeth and continues to say, "You have been brilliant at least once. Don’t you have any friends to help you make a comeback?"
Viagra shook his head and looked at the crowd and said, "A friend in need sees the truth. Even a wife can’t be trusted these days. Do you expect those friends?"
"All wet!" Tianyu retorted, "Do you think we are like brothers and sisters?"
Viagra shook his head.
"But I was so down and out that I was penniless. By the way, there was a brain around me that could play games," Tianyu recalled.
"Then what?" Viagra asked curiously.
"Then I’ve been playing games until now."
Listen Tianyu answer all petrochemical immediately.
Viagra couldn’t help laughing when Tianyu said this and said, "I still want you to give me a positive example. I didn’t expect it to be a negative textbook."
"Let me ask you, have you ever made any money playing games?" Tianyu eyes clear looking at viagra seriously said.
"Playing games to make money? ….. Don’t be ridiculous. Playing games costs money. Where can you make money? "Viagra shook his head in disbelief.
"It’s not convenient to ask them how much they earned, but I can tell you that I started from scratch in the past five years and now I have a house and a car from games."
Viagra didn’t look like Tianyu was blowing hard, so he was silent.
"But one thing is certain, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be here today without this group of friends around me."
"We call him Erxiu. He followed me for the longest time. Even if we were embarrassed enough to eat instant noodles three times a day, he didn’t waver. On the contrary, I wavered and never left … It’s a pity that he is a Han, or maybe he really wants to be committed."
"Fuck off!" Two whew heard Tianyu finally joke mercilessly scold a.
Everyone laughed without a word.
"We call this guy Izumo. His family is relatively rich. At the beginning, he gave us some starting money when we were in the most difficult time. Although it was not a big amount for him, it was a life-saving money for me and Erxiu."
A cloud is Tianyu said some embarrassed scratched his head and then "dew" a light wind light cloud light smile.
Take the initiative to make friends with you. This friend named Sugar Sugar is a cloud girl. Although she is petite and lovely, she is a little devil. None of us here can cure her. Speaking of this, Tianyu suddenly stopped and jumped to the topic. Maybe this is fate.
"We call him" Xiao Ye "as a technician of our team and he is a" friend "of life and death." Tianyu smiled and pointed to Xiao Ye and continued to introduce him.
"Don’t listen to his nonsense … he helped our family a lot. Anyway, if he has any difficulties, I will go through fire and water." Xiaoye patted his chest and said firmly.
Tianyu looked at Xiao Ye and smiled. Brotherhood needs more words.
"We used to call her’ Abortion’ here. She used to be a game merchant and worked with our team." Tianyu introduced Ruoling.
After listening to Tianyu’s introduction of Viagra, he frowned for a moment and said, "Feeling, are you working in the game?"
Tianyu shook his head indifferently and explained, "No, our sex is actually the same as your company."
"What do you mean?"
"Game Merchant"
"In reality, I don’t have any rich social experience that I can’t do, but it is not difficult to make money if I am willing to pay in the game."