"Okay, okay, what can I do for you before?"

"Nothing can’t find you?"
"Can" xiao asked consumedly square tunnel
"That’s more like it. Come out soon."
"What for?"
"What do you say?" Violet Yan bad tunnel
After two hours, Xiao Wencai returned to the stone painting again. He did not have a horse refining device, but sat down to stabilize the realm first. After each double-cultivation with Zi Yan, his basic strength would be improved. Now he is moving step by step towards the initial stage of Yashen.
Three days later, Xiao asked this to refine the dry Kun fan.
In a blink of an eye, half a year later, Xiao Wen has refined the fifth dry Kun fan! The fourth fact is that he has succeeded, but now he is in excellent condition and feels that he can forge a better dry Kun fan after finishing.
When refining this fifth hand, he mastered the material, structure and aura of Gankun Fan better and better, and he could also integrate more yin and yang forces into it …
This will be the first fairy device that he has refined, but its power will definitely be far better than that of ordinary devices. The reason is that it is extraordinary to have a dry Kun fan in the face. Others have no materials and he has the best; He has the foundation of yin and yang law, which is far superior to other laws; He is not an ordinary Taoist priest, but an unknown Taoist master!
Only one month later, the fifth Gankun fan was refined!
Looking up at the face of Xiao Wen, who is flying in the middle of the school, his face is full of gratified smiles.
Fan bone is no longer pure black, but mixed with black and white, in which black is more obvious than white, and the two colors are slowly flowing. At first glance, the materials are as jade as iron, but they are not spread over a foot. There are no words and lines on the surface, but there are more amazing things! Nowadays, the sector is a blend of black and white, but it is too uniform, and black and white have become chaotic colors. Those chaotic energies flow slowly in the sector and are extremely stable, just like the sky is falling, so don’t try to affect them.
A fan is heavy and light, but this fan gives people the feeling that the fan is much heavier than the fan, and the whole fan is no longer mysterious, but it makes people breathless and heavy! When Xiao asked his eyes to stay on the sector, he saw that there was a sector and it was a real vast world! And if you let that fan fly over his head, when he looks up, it will really produce a feeling that the whole day will be pressed at any time, which will make him tight and sweaty!
This is the real dry Kun fan! ! to be continued
Chapter five hundred and sixty Foundation stone
Since it is a real Gankun fan, its power naturally reaches the standard required by Lu Xunyue. This fan root is not an ordinary fairy device but a semi-artifact!
Xiao asked that there was no horse sacrifice to refine the dry Kun fan, but we said hello to Zi Yan and took it outside directly.
Purple Yan took a look at Xiao Wen’s hand and left the pie mouth with a smile. "You don’t even like to take a fan in your left hand …"
Xiao Wen immediately responded with disdain, "Even if you hold a zither all day, you are nothing like a lady."
After all, Ziyan was more concerned about Xiao’s strength, so he looked at Gan Kun’s fan and asked, "Is this your new fairy?"
"Half a year has passed, and its power had better be worth your time!" Purple Yan frown way
"Just give it a try."
"Hey … do you want me to practice for you?"
"Is there anyone else besides you?"
"Come on!" Purple Yan put his fist crunchy look at Xiao asked sneer at a way
Half an hour later, Xiao Wen and Zi Yan stopped panting.
Xiao asked his right hand rubbing his left shoulder with a bitter face and scolding him, "Do you want my life? !”
"What are you doing to break the fairy? I’m sick to death." Purple Yan ignored Xiao’s question and scolded and looked at the dry Kun fan that was floating in the middle of the school and angered.
"Hey, hey, it’s still not refined." Xiao asked proudly tunnel.
"…" Purple Yan suddenly stopped talking because she was just aware of this problem, which made her sick than a fan. It turned out that she hadn’t been sacrificed yet.
That is to say, there are many opportunities for that fan to rise in power!