The east was frightened by Kou Zhong’s request.

He thought about many possibilities, but he never thought about accepting Ssangyong’s younger brother. After all, Ssangyong’s future achievement is obvious to all, but it makes Donglai feel reasonable after careful consideration. After all, Kou Zhong has not been stimulated by Li Xiuning and is going to fight for the sky, and Xu Ling has not had the idea of avoiding the world with the increase in repairs. It is not so complicated for them to get rich and get revenge in Fu Junchuo.
Soon the east shook his head.
When Kou Zhong and Xu Ling saw that the East refused, their faces turned dark. However, when the East received the words, they were relieved. "Xiaozhong and Xiaoling are the best talents I have ever seen, and it is a coincidence that you have successfully cultivated the four wonders. Your future achievements are definitely higher than what I am now. If I fix you in a category, it is waves, and your talents are sinful."
After a pause, Donglai said, "It is of great benefit to me to learn from you the operation mode of immortality and true qi. Besides, you also agreed to lend me three years. Strictly speaking, I owe you a lot."
Kou Zhong and Xu Ling listened refreshed and straightened up, looking forward to the East.
Let Donglai know that he has successfully inspired Ssangyong’s confidence and smiled and said, "The four wonders and one value are definitely beyond your imagination. I can’t repay this feeling much. I promise you that when you give it to me, I can conditionally do something within your ability."
Kou Zhong and Xu Ling promised to lend it to Donglai for three years, but it was not a matter of getting out of the casino. At that time, they were very grateful to Donglai for saving their lives, and they were willing to repay it and knew that the goal of Donglai was just that they could not understand the sky, so they generously promised to lend it to Donglai for three years.
Now, the words from Donglai hit Kou Zhong and Xu Ling’s heart, and they were so happy that their eyes were bright and their faces were excited.
They are all outstanding people with seven minds and exquisite hearts. Knowing that people of this level from the East are ordinary secular people, please don’t move the mountains and giant mountains. It is even more important to keep your word. It is definitely more cost-effective for the Lord to get such a big promise than to teach them martial arts.
After all, you can learn martial arts and steal it, but you can understand it yourself, but you can make a master like Donglai promise that there will be no shop after this village.
I don’t want the East to surprise them more. "Wait a minute. I’ll teach you a set of methods that can make your mind single-minded by using strange breathing methods. I believe it will be helpful for your future journey."
Let Donglai say that the skill of mind is the "Dantian Gong" in the method of mind boxing, while giving Juexue is the famous Xingyiquan.
Mind boxing is the skill of abdomen, that is, "staying in the abdomen", which is the main method of cultivating strength with mind boxing. The ancients said that "it is the most difficult to keep one’s mind in the abdomen", and it is difficult to be quiet and easy to be distracted, while mind boxing is to exercise all over the body, move all over the body, and seek luck in the stillness. If you exercise in the abdomen for a long time, you can achieve the goal of abdomen. This kind of visualization, refinement and gravity exercise can make you fine, energetic and spiritual.
It is Kou Zhong and Xu Ling’s position to consider taking "Dantian Gong" as the first step, and it is more suitable for them to realize that "the moon in the well" in the original work of Ssangyong has the same effect. The same is true of Xingyiquan. Kou Zhong and Xu Ling have long understood the mystery of nature from the parade of fish and birds and the flight trajectory, and they have learned this set of Xingyiquan, which originated from natural creatures. It is definitely a multiplier effect.
In addition to these two things, Donglai can’t figure out what martial arts are suitable for them.
So six days passed unconsciously.
Just like in the plot, Dong Ai sent people from their own high stature to avoid ordering the East to secretly extend an olive branch to Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, but because Dong Ai sent people there is no reason to be proud, they can finally get back a face of nai.
Since Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, who have the greatest potential to attract opportunities, have refused, the Dongao faction can send the most distinguished Dongao lady to try it, hoping to invite Lingdonglai, a master.
"Please sit down!"
Noble but gentle Mrs East styles invited.
You’re welcome to Donglai. Just find a place where you can sit. Before he came in, he already felt that it was not just Mrs. Donglai. If I didn’t guess wrong, there should be Princess Donglai’s single Wan Jing, but now she doesn’t appear and chooses to eavesdrop, so the atmosphere is a bit weird.
Mrs. Dong Ying somehow hit a brocade box on the table and showed it as a pale blue sword with a cold breath. The shape of this sword is quite elegant. Obviously, it has been decorated by seiko craftsmen, but the front mouth reveals an unparalleled sense of sharpness, which makes Dong Lai know that this sword is definitely a rare top weapon.
Seeing this, Donglai vaguely guessed the meaning of Mrs. Dong styles.
Sure enough, Mrs. Dong Ai pointed to the sword and said, "This sword is called’ Ice Blue’, which is one of the top ten magic weapons of our Dong Ai Sect. It is much more valuable than the Gu Jian on the back of the pavilion. Today, our Dong Ai Sect gave the sword to the hero. I wonder if Pavilion will be honored?"
Nailing shook his head directly from the East.
He knew that such a direct refusal would definitely hurt each other’s subtle tacit understanding, but he was not stupid enough to betray himself by taking short hands.
Rao is Mrs. Dong Ying’s self-cultivation, and she is also hurt by being asked to come from the East.
However, Dong Lai also has a backward strategy to directly untie the "sword" that he has been carrying behind him and put it in front of Mrs. Dong Ai to make a comparison for herself. This sword was obtained by Dong Lai from a group of mountain thieves who intended to rob him. Because it seems to be quite satisfactory, it is barely a weapon, so he brought it over and carried it himself, but it still hasn’t moved.
"What does the pavilion mean?"
Mrs. Dong styles knows that this weapon is simply a dirty weapon. Even the lowest weapon of Mrs. Dong styles can’t compare with, not to mention, the top ten magic weapons of Dong styles. In Mrs. Dong styles’ eyes, it’s an insult to Dong styles to make Dong Lai behave like this.
Make Donglai smile and answer, "Don’t say it’s an ordinary iron sword, even if it’s an iron piece."
Mrs East styles smell speech facial expression first changed and then eased.
Now she finally knows why the East refused so simply. It turned out that her own realm was low and she couldn’t see through it. The realm expressed by the East has been reached. All weapons are integrated and not limited to the general weapon form. It is simply a matter of picking flowers and leaves.
Suddenly, Mrs. Dong Ying felt that she was really not qualified to make Dong Lai an equal, and even she didn’t like what she was most proud of. This blow was really profound.
Don’t want to be embarrassed, Donglai hurriedly asked, "Mrs. Dong styles, we are flattered by your hospitality in recent days. It’s a pity that the three of us will leave the ship to find Sister Xiaozhong Xiaoling."
Mrs. Dong styles obviously didn’t want to leave like this, but she couldn’t find an excuse to stay.
Originally, both sides wanted to repay a debt of gratitude, and one side wanted to take temporary refuge and complete it by the way. But now Ssangyong has a new goal. Li Shimin’s so-called nature will not rest assured, let alone the so-called invitation of the East styles. So the East styles are naturally sentimental.
"Ah …"