They are like bees, whose tails carry toxins, but they don’t sting easily, because once they sting, they will die, and they will never provoke others easily unless someone threatens their lives.

The flame spirit, like a bee, will not attack easily unless it feels that its territory has been violated, and it will try its best to defend its territory before it dies.
The beating flame will not cause any substantial harm to Ziyun Ao, but the scene of expelling her from the country in such a large number of suicide ways is indeed somewhat inexplicable and suffocating.
How can we let them know that she just passed through here, leading to the second staircase?
But the other side of the ladder passes through this fire world, and I don’t know how many flame spirits will be destroyed.
Soon, the flame spirits seemed to find that their suicide play could not stop the invaders, so they gathered together and a large number of flame spirits joined forces to attack Ziyun Ao.
Ziyun’s proud eyes flashed a touch of ice cold.
"Xuan Bing frozen-"
Xuanbing Sword emits ice mountain, which makes the flame fall as fast as the stars, and soon disappears, and the ground disappears.
However, his fire spirit is more powerful than a man’s, so he is surrounded by others.
Such a large area of fire is obviously not so easy to deal with. Together, they form a huge barrier, as if a wall of fire blocked Ziyun’s way.
Unless she penetrates this wall of fire, she will enter a staircase in the same way.
Xuanbingjian, even if it has freezing force, can’t freeze such a large area of flame at one time.
This wall of fire is unstoppable, and the momentum is growing rapidly, and it will soon surround Ziyun proudly.
Xuanbing Sword seems to feel this hot blade tremble.
There are fine beads of sweat sliding from Ziyun’s forehead.
what’s to be done
Even xuanbing sword seems to be able to split this fire wall for a while!
The flame came towards ziyun ao.
Xuanbingjian shot down the flame with one stroke.
"I mean to hurt you, but I just want to pass through here. I want you to make me promise not to hurt Koo."
"I want to pass from us and say that it will not hurt us. This is our territory and no one is allowed to invade!" A flame spirit big drink a way
"That’s right. This is our world. No one is allowed to invade you. Get out of here quickly or we will make you turn to dust!"
Ziyun proudly said, "You have already learned the Xuanbing Sword in my hand. No matter how many flame spirits are, they are suicidal!"
"We won’t give in easily. If you try to break in again, we will narrow down the scope and burn you alive."
"I want to spare your lives, but I don’t want you to die."
"Good arrogant tone brothers and sisters hurry up and surround her. Never let her step out from here. Chapter 631 Flame spirit.
The flame spirit surrounded Ziyun proudly in a large area, and then the flame circle became smaller and smaller.
It’s hot, hot and strong, and the ground is blackened as if overwhelmed.
So many flame spirits gathered in one place may bring devastating high temperature.
The burning pain makes Xuanbing Sword very uncomfortable, and the ice light emitted by the blade is getting more and more prosperous.
Knock the flame out.
But they don’t retreat and soon cluster together.
"She can’t stand it any more. Let’s get rid of her!"

Tong still refused to stop staring at Yeling Avenue. "Don’t run, bad guys!"

The night spirit did not move.
He also recognized the origin of just a few tricks.
The monkey looked at Tong Shen and asked, "Little doll, is your husband surnamed Su?"
"Hey, how do you know?"
Children immediately froze stare big eyes curious and asked.
Qingqing and others are gradually coming in vain.
Linghu, with a depressed face and a swollen cheek, complained, "This special flood rushed to Longwang Temple and got a beating!"
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy-three Life mark
Qingqing is more happy to learn that Tong Su Mo has a heart. I am happy to watch Tong Shi more and more like it.
"What a suck!"
Qingqing saw that Linghu was full of grievances and couldn’t help but criticise "Who told you to bully others’ children?"
"Sister, have you ever seen such a fierce child?"
Linghu turned supercilious look with black lines.
Tong will suppress the three of them, even if the night spirit fights and fights, there is no wind falling!
The golden lion exclaimed, "Big Brother is really amazing. When did you train such a demon child?"
Tong was a little confused and couldn’t help asking, "Do you know my husband?"
"More than knowing"
The monkey grinned. "We know your husband very well, but we are sworn brothers. Your husband is our eldest brother."
Tong tilted his head, blinked his eyes, and his black eyes turned with a grain of salt.
Qingqingqi said, "Big Brother never told you about us?"
Hearing this sentence, the child’s face passed a bit frustrated and slightly bowed his head and whispered, "No one has told me two words."
"How is that possible?"
Linghu shook his head and said, "Brother didn’t talk to you much. How do you know those killing tricks?"
As he spoke, Linghu did two strokes.
"Those moves?"
Tong shook his head and said, "You didn’t teach me."
Qingqing, Linghu and others looked at each other and could see each other’s faces puzzled.
Su Mo knows the kind of killing they remember.
Didn’t Su Mo teach the boy to learn from it?
"Eldest brother didn’t teach you such as practice?"
Qingqing asked again
Tong shook his head and said, "I have seen the scene when Gong broke through Dan Dao. Those moves and some practice methods have been in my mind since I was channeled."
"It’s strange that who else knows those moves if it’s not Big Brother?"
Linghu whispers
The monkey’s heart moved, and a figure dressed in a bloody robe emerged in his mind.
"It’s her …"
Monkeys whisper to each other
Some monkeys know these moves clearly, and there is another person besides Su Mo who knows them!
And this mysterious woman once gave him an article on the practice of apes at night more than 100 years ago, and then disappeared!
Night spirit once said that the stronger the source of psychic wisdom of this peach tree, the greater the potential of children.
I’m afraid it’s the mysterious woman who wants to help this peach tree channel so much!
No wonder this boy is scary, but he inherited the mysterious female orthodoxy!
Qingqing came to Tong and squatted down with a smile and asked, "How long has it been since I saw your husband?"
"More than a hundred years"
Child snapping his fingers and said
"What did your family say to you before you left?" Qingqing asked again
Tong said seriously, "Let me protect this people!"
"So you’ve been guarding this place for more than a hundred years?"
Qingqing’s eyes flashed a soft color.
Tong Li nodded. "I have never left over the years! Pingyang town people are also doing very well! "
"Yeah, we saw it."
Qingqing nodded.
I don’t know to see children like this. A soft place in everyone’s heart seems to be suddenly touched.
Even the resentment against children in Linghu’s heart vanished in an instant
After a word, the child will shoulder the responsibility of guarding this party. How many dangers and difficulties has it experienced during this period?
Some time ago, the northern land experienced witchcraft, but there was no sign of a wave here, presumably because of this child’s protection
The child doesn’t know when it will be the end.

Repeatedly denying your heart is counterproductive. The more you avoid some problems, the more you swing in front of them!

He may really like Zhuge Yue.
Zhuge Yue retired as soon as he heard that he was ill.
In modern times, there are so many psychopaths cutting people. She must protect herself!
Nan Haochen returned it to her because he almost seized her once!
Ape arm extension directly imprisons him in his arms! "I hold you and I don’t move."
She is ill today, and he will never give birth to anything.
Think about it. I just came to the room to read by candlelight, but I didn’t read a word. After all, I want to see her!
But Zhuge Yue seems that Nan Haochen’s sentence is just like a man’s not a secret lie!
"I’m going in and I’m not moving!"
She didn’t grow up eating white rabbits, but at least she came from modern encyclopedia!
She threw a pillow between them! Just push his restless arm back!
"This is the third line! Do not cross the thunder pool! "
"Three lines? What a fresh statement! " He is full of interest.
Zhuge Yue ignored him and pretended to sleep!
He’s so energetic, she has to sleep!
The original chaotic thoughts were suddenly awakened by his words and blown out of my mind!
"When you get well, the king will straighten you up!"
Zhuge Yue, a carp stood up and sat up. "What is righting?"
She has decided that if she escapes from this palace, she won’t stay upright!
Nan Haochen couldn’t help but laugh when she saw her. She was scared silly by this surprise. "It’s hard for you to be so happy."
She stared at him. How could he see that she was happy? Was she frightened?
"I know you are unhappy because there are too many women around me!" For the first time, a woman is not tall but a word "I", but she can’t say happy, and there is no loneliness at the top!
"When you are well, I will canonize your six princesses’ palace. Although his concubines can’t go away, because there are forces behind them who can do whatever they want, I promise I will touch them less!"
Touch less? This is his promise!
Zhuge Yue sneers at a scum man or a love rat dog, but he can’t change * * * *!
Think about what Qiu Ju said, and then think about the change of Nan Haochen. Isn’t it true that she was right? Nan Haochen has a crush on her?
But how long is the shelf life of a love rat’s love? It’s just a novelty!
Zhuge Yue had heard more sweet words and had long been on guard. She would never be trapped in her life by such sweet words. Chapter 39 How deep love is and how strong hate is.
Zhuge Yue had heard more sweet words and had long been on guard. She would never be trapped in her life by this sweet words!
So her mind has not changed!
Zhuge Yue was silent about Nan Haochen and she agreed!
Finger gently hook ZhuGeYue was a Machamp to roll in the past!
He possessed his lips and crushed her lips!
The heat immediately started a prairie fire …
I don’t know if he threw the pillow in the way …

"Let Ji Xinghe come and ask him to rush in front of me, then surround him."

Man Yong doesn’t believe that Ji Xinghe can kill it, because its mecha are also made of tungsten steel alloy, and its fighting capacity is stronger in Bibel and Rossi.
How long did Ji Xinghe defeat Berrossi?
If you want to entangle Ji Xinghe yourself and let yourself kiss Weiying, the other two Marquis will surround Ji Xinghe, and then Ji Xinghe will die.
It wants to kill Ji Xinghe personally, because Ji Xinghe represents meritorious service, and even it is jealous.
It’s impossible to be promoted to the knighthood because of this, but it has too many children and not enough titles.
And it thought that Xinghe had chosen sturm und drang without hesitation.
The goal is the brave Grand Duke.
And it looks like he wants to kill the brave Grand Duke, and he charges alone. After seeing the road, he lets the imperial noble mecha surround him from behind and on both sides.
When Ji Xinghe was about to be entangled in foolhardy and then besieged by more than 300 imperial mecha, most of which were imperial noble mechs.
The worse command center TuYuan suddenly laughed.
One tone after another, the command center rings.
"Oriental black dragon Fleet Horn-Mujiao space battleship is in place"
"Magnetic pulse energy main gun charging"
"Confirm that the anti-magnetic pulse function of general armor is complete"
"It has been confirmed that the armor anti-magnetic pulse energy impact component is intact."
"Confirm that the laser towing beacon is fully functional"
"Confirmed that the laser towing beacon is fully functional"
"Magnetic pulse energy main gun is fully charged"
"Ji Xinghe, please activate the laser traction beacon and start the anti-magnetic pulse energy impact module"
JiXinghe sound has a quiet ratio.
"activated and activated"
Tu Yuan’s stereo sounded faintly with a smile.
"Thunder at the Milky Way"
Chapter 294 The Prince of the Escape Empire
Tu Yuan ordered some literature and art, but it was not literature and art to be called God’s punishment and attack.
As he ordered the Mujiao, the floating universe, space battleship released a beam of energy that looked too slim.
The light blue energy beam has the speed of thunder as Tu Yuan said, and breathing has achieved the real meaning of day after day.
The sky belongs to the space battleship, Jiaomujiao, the space fleet of black dragon, Longzhou Oriental.
The earth is Ji Xinghe’s driving general A, the alien star he founded, and the earth is the battlefield of B72 highland mountain plain.
Surrounded by more than 300 imperial mecha, General Jia, who had just rushed to the front of the mecha driven by the brave Grand Duke, did not set up a pike to make a fatal blow like the brave imperial orangutans expected.
Ji Xinghe controlled the general’s armor brake and raised his hand to aim the pike and your gun at the sky.
Compared with the gun body, the laser-guided beacon device at the joint of the front fixed gun tip and the gun rod looks small, which was not obvious just now.
But when it led the light blue energy beam from the sky to crash, Yan Yong finally noticed this, but it was too late.
It looks slender and very energetic when it falls on the alien earth.
The gun tip with a diameter of more than three meters instantly submerged Ji Xinghe.
Looks like the federal fleet energy main gun hit their ace mecha by mistake.
But this is not the federal research energy main gun, but the magnetic pulse energy main gun.
Driving the light blue beam of General Jia Ji Xinghe should not be said to be unscathed in the beam.
When he was covered, he raised his pike and was finally put lightly and touched the ground.
It’s like falling from the sky in order to cooperate with his movement. The energy beam and the gun tip suddenly explode when they fall to the ground.
It looks like a light blue light mass instantly expands into a huge ring, which is about three meters high on the ground, and expands rapidly until it completely submerges more than 300 imperial mecha surrounded by Ji Xinghe.
"Warning antimagnetic pulse …"
All the imperial mecha cockpit in the attack range rang with intelligent core alarm.
But with one exception, these alarms have disappeared before they are finished.
As the energy beam explodes, the magnetic pulse energy in it also explodes.
From the perspective of spectral imaging, a golden ring followed by a light blue ring passed through more than 300 imperial mecha surrounded by Ji Xinghe.
Some nuclear explosions produce nuclear magnetic pulse waves.
When the second ring spread, the light blue energy beam suddenly disappeared as if it had never appeared.
More than 300 mecha surrounded by Ji Xinghe look unscathed, as if nothing really happened just now.
Is it true that nothing happened?
A wisp of smoke floated from behind Ji Xinghe, and a hanging kit automatically fell off and hit the ground.
General Jia’s pike beacon device was also damaged.
These phenomena have proved that everything just now was not an illusion but a fact that actually happened.
More able to prove is that those who fell to the imperial mecha.
Before they have completed the siege of Ji Xinghe, and it is really surrounded by the mecha and the gap between the mechs is less than two meters. More than 300 imperial mechs overlap one layer after another.
Even if Ji Xinghe wants to charge and then leap through, it is impossible to charge. As their encirclement shrinks, it becomes shorter and thicker. The encirclement has exceeded the maximum leap distance of General A.
But now
These mecha surrounded by Ji Xinghe Empire fell to the ground like leeks.
Some of the distances were too close to the imperial mecha, and when they fell to the ground, they collided like a pyramid.
Panic-stricken cries rang out from their communication channels.
None of the orangutan pilots in the mecha cockpit died, and they were equally unscathed.
But their mecha are already’ dead’

Haitang has followed him for so many years and seen so many expressions, but he has never seen such an angry and murderous expression, even during the windy night!

Although she is scared to death in her heart, she is still stubborn! "The palace master denies that there is a wrong judgment! Compared with the lives of so many of us, the poor life of that fox … If you give it another chance, you will choose the latter! "
Cyclone couldn’t help but come and persuade "the palace Lord, don’t blame the boss. She is all with us …"
The night is like a stranger without saying anything. The most important thing is to save Zhuge Yue!
-dividing line-
The windy night Xuan didn’t take Zhuge Yue back to his lair, but took her to a ruined temple.
Because he knows in his heart that if he goes back to his lair at night, he will find him immediately, so he can’t take any risks, not at all!
Can you beat the night like a stranger? He needs to get the death ring at one stroke. Not only is the night like a stranger, but the whole six realms are his!
He threw her on the table and looked at her forehead. Zhuge Yue stared at him. "Your name is Feng Yexuan, right?"
She doesn’t know if he understands animal language. When she wants to delay …
The windy night Xuan looked at her as if she understood and didn’t understand. Her eyes were so tangled that she died!
Feng Ye Xuan hit the nail on the head with his hands around his chest. "When do you want to delay?"
Zhuge Yue "…"
Should this crop continue?
She took a deep breath. "I know you can understand animal language, so do you remember the woman who shot you when you fought the night?"
On hearing this, Feng Yexuan’s face really changed, and his hand tightly grabbed her thin arm. "Do you know that bitch?"
Zhuge Yue watched it work and continued to be persuasive. "Do you remember the woman who was seriously injured by the night when you were fighting with Nan Qianye and caused all the disasters?"
"Know that the two are the same woman! Do you know her? Tell me quickly! "
Zhuge Yue smiled, "Of course I know! You know, I’m a practicing fox for thousands of years, or something as powerful as the death ring can attach to me! Otherwise, how could I possibly know so many things! "
I hate these three words fox. I have to borrow one!
Seeing the wind and the night touching the bar seems to ponder Zhuge Yue and know that the fish is finally going to hook!
However, the windy night is far more refined than she thought, looking at her. "If I want to kill you, you naturally hate it!" What’s in it for you to tell your seat? "
Zhuge Yue looked at him for a few quick laughs for just a few seconds. I don’t know how many turns in my head. "Of course it’s good! Because I have a deep hatred with that woman, I know that I can’t escape from your palm this time anyway. Of course I don’t want to die unsatisfied. "
"Sounds like something." The windy night Xuan has always been rain or shine. Listening to his words, Zhuge Yue didn’t breathe a sigh of relief, but he felt relieved for a long time.
"Just … I’ll believe you once, but if you dare to cheat me …" On a windy night, Xuan stumbled close to the faint fragrance floating around Zhuge Yue, which made her feel dizzy. "I’ll let you feel skinning cramps and then chop you into pieces …"
(Zhuge Yue will meet the third beam on a windy night. Everyone applauds and welcomes 4. Chapter 4 would rather kill 10,000 by mistake.
Listen to the windy night Xuan depicting Zhuge Yue’s body hair standing on end!
She smiled stiffly, but fortunately, she was a fox, and she couldn’t see the clue in the windy night. "I dare not … I absolutely dare not!"
-dividing line-
Zhuge Yue took Feng Yexuan to the busiest street in Fierce City, and Feng Yexuan put her hand on her and smiled darkly. "Don’t play any tricks or I will never let you go!"
Zhuge Yue shook his head like a rattle "never …"
On a windy night, Xuan changed his silver-haired eyes into black-haired eyes, but this change still keeps him low-key because he is so handsome. These ordinary people dressed in ordinary clothes are like kings and superstars coming, especially …
He still holds a small fox in his hand, which adds a passion to many girls’ ignorant and longing hearts. He seems to be a very caring man!
Zhuge Yue is searching for an object from these people. Feng Yexuan is already impatient. "Are you sure she is here?"
Accepting the baptism of those people’s eyes, he was so impatient that he couldn’t help but say coldly, "I really want to kill these people!"
ZhuGeYue mind immediately emerged a river of blood scene but also can’t literally find a koo people as a shield!
Just thinking about it, when a wind/slut greeted me, the sound really made people feel goose bumps all over the floor-
This person is … Her half-sister Zhuge Jie.
Before she was married, she smelled a unique smell of excellent men as soon as she saw the windy night, just like a bee rushing to see the flowers. "We seem to have seen this man somewhere!"
She carefully tucked her hair behind her ears and smelled shy!
This is the worst white field … and the oldest to befriend!
But seeing this acquaintance coming … Zhuge Yue is relieved. Think about how many unforgivable things Zhuge Jie has done to this original body. She quickly pointed at Zhuge Jie, "That’s her!"
On a windy night, Xuan’s deep eyes fell on Zhuge Jie’s face and body. Zhuge Jie also felt more and more glad that he was interested in himself.
On a windy night, Zhuge Yue’s ear rings, "This woman is different from what she has seen twice before. You’d better not fool around!"
His cold and heavy voice makes people feel oppressed!

To tell the truth, at first, houseman was very satisfied and proud when he saw that his cry finally attracted people’s attention and even the former NASA director had to come out to respond.

As soon as he got the data, he informed NASA at the first time. As a result, the NASA operator was responsible for selling the surrounding area and the model industry, which led him to warn the door.
Is it ready now?
Let them take care of the surrounding area!
Now, even the director of NASA has to come out and explain clearly.
But with the development of events, houseman’s mood changed rapidly again.
Social security and all kinds of order are deteriorating rapidly.
Everyone either fled to the plateau or smashed it crazily, hoping for one last madness before the end of the day.
The environment around him is still generally safe, but for walking into some blocks at night.
But now even if you go out or stay at home during the day, you are uneasy.
Yesterday, he saw with his own eyes another man in the block being dragged to the door by his enemy and led by others to be executed …
And those people are shouting all kinds of extreme slogans with some cult signs.
This scared houseman to death. He doesn’t dare to go out now. Although his tonnage is bluffing, he can’t hold his face. He’s too good. He’s just a fat man in vain. If he’s stared at, he’s simply a pig!
Now houseman doesn’t know whether it is right or wrong to do so.
He knows some online friends on weekdays, but now he can’t contact them, especially because he believes that the moon is an artificial celestial body circle, and several people lose contact every day …
If all those people are dead, is he a murderer?
Houseman hopes that this commotion will be over as soon as possible and there will be fewer dead people. He very much hopes that NASA and the European Bureau will succeed in exploring the moon.
But …
Houseman hit the enter key and watched the lunar exploration again with his own cat.
He couldn’t help but grab the cat beside him and talk about it. "Fuzi, this is a certain failure. Those people haven’t realized that the moon is a giant structure yet. It’s man-made and now there is something wrong with the core of the giant structure department. It’s not that they can solve it with a little data …"
"Meow?" The kitten cocked its head to show that it didn’t understand what the shovel officer said.
"Only I can solve this matter …"
Houseman is still talking and holding the kitten in his hand is getting stronger and stronger.
"Meow? ? ?”
The kitten silently flashed its claws.
Not this barber shop!
Brush! ! !
The cat’s paw gently opened two flowers on houseman’s hand …
Houseman eats pain and hurriedly takes back his hand and arm, but accidentally catches the keyboard and slaps his head and starts playing again.
It’s a woman with a translation cavity.
"We have come to a preliminary solution to the lunar orbit deviation. At present, it is certain that the moon is not as simple as we had previously speculated, and there may be some kind of alien life. The high probability of this incident is also caused by this alien life …"
Is a word let houseman froze.
Extraterrestrial life on the moon?
This theory … He likes it!
Although he supports the theory that the moon is man-made, since the moon is man-made, it is naturally made by aliens. Can it not be made by the earth?
This view is similar to his.
Houseman Ma looked at the screen and saw an identity nameplate, the chief engineer of aerospace engineering. The man was talking to the camera and doing simultaneous translation at the TV station.
It seems to be a press conference, too. This speech is also full of reporters in front of the man, and the reporters are all quite shocked.
General Ji continued
Just now, we have learned that NASA’s European Bureau has reached a cooperation, and they will send the spacecraft and astronauts to the moon together to obtain the current data of the moon.
"We wish this success, but based on the information we have at present, we have to call on them to stop the launch.
It is irresponsible to send astronauts to the moon rashly because of the inability to eliminate alien life on the moon … "
"Woo hoo-"
Listening to Ji’s words, houseman blushed with excitement, just like an otaku who saw Mr. Bodo and Mr. San in his room.
The artificial moon and aliens are houseman, the otaku, Mr. Bo and Mr. San.
Houseman was so excited that his voice trembled a little. He took out his medicine from his pocket and touched one casually. He put his eyes in his mouth and looked straight at the brain screen.
Suddenly he remembered something and quickly took out his mobile phone and shouted in the artificial moon circle for everyone to watch the conference.
After Ji’s speech, the press conference did not end, but changed to a different place.
Ding Hongbo’s serious face and figure suddenly appeared on the screen.
Next, he will personally tell the specific action plan to alleviate people’s panic.
"In order to cope with the lunar orbit deviation, we made a grand plan-we decided to push away from the moon!"
"We obtained an engine through a special channel, and temporarily named this engine’ Planetary Engine’. Its thrust has reached a prehistoric level of 15 trillion tons, and it takes about 100 seats to push the moon to alleviate the situation that the moon continues to slide to the earth …"
Ding Hongbo’s figure is still on the screen, but at this time everyone can’t see him. Everyone has something he just said in their eyes.
"Wang Defa? !”
"What did he just say?"
"Fifteen trillion tons of thrust engine?"
"Did he really say the wrong unit?"
Houseman’s group chat has just been called by him to watch the press conference, and his friends have made a sensation.
Even as far away as Washington, Fox looked incredible at this time. He consciously called hutchins.
"Do we have a 15 trillion-ton thrust engine?"
Hutchins "? ? ?”
Not this barber shop, okay?
Chapter 47 Their Moon?
From Ding Hongbo’s mouth, it is a monkey [monthly plan], which can not completely push the moon away, but can slightly change its orbit and prolong its collision with the earth.
The real solution to this crisis still depends on the moon spacecraft.

Liu Feifei glared at Wuling’s son and said, "I know who he is, but it wasn’t your medicine that controlled his mind and caused him to die in the end. Although he died at your hands, I have always cared that you are my half-sister, and you have never hated you. Do you have to make us sisters eat each other?"

Wuling son suddenly stopped laughing and said, "You’re right. I won’t stop until Si Yakehitobe dies. This mausoleum is the best place for me to prepare for your family. I’m worthy of you. Today is your death."
LiuFeiFei know there is no point in talking to her more, so watch SiXiang fight with that weirdo.
At this time, Si Xiang is fighting with the weirdo as hard as he can. This weirdo looks silly, but I didn’t expect to start working. This person has changed a lot. Not only is his skill profound, but his martial arts strength looks higher than Wuling’s. If Si Xiang hadn’t eaten nine planets’s soul-turning Dan Li, he wouldn’t be his opponent.
Although barely tied with each other, Si Xiang’s heart was very anxious. After all, there was another one who was good at keeping poison Wuling’s son aside and Liu Feifei’s ankle was injured. Now this situation is very unfavorable for them.
In an instant, there are so many distractions in Si Xiang’s heart, but the other side and she are just the opposite. Like a Woodenhead, the attack is lax, and there is Si Xiang in front of her eyes. It seems that everything is not important. It is difficult for Si Xiang to be the first to fight with such a martial artist.
Sure enough, when it was less than half a column of incense, Si Xiang was accidentally slapped on the wrist by the other party, and the sword had not come to react. It had already flown out and almost stabbed to the side. Liu Feifei saw the other party occupying the wind. Si Xiang hurriedly took advantage of the other party’s palm to protect his chest shape with his left sword.
She means that if she defends the other side like this, she will avoid her own sword, and she can retreat safely. But she didn’t expect that it was the other side who rushed to meet the sword in front of her, and heard a light sound in her ear. The sword and sword had already cut out the chest full of dirt in that weirdo’s chest.
Si Xiang didn’t expect him to meet Jianfeng and rush to his side. When she wanted to deal with each other, the weirdo had quickly reached out and grabbed her throat, and a feeling of suffocation suddenly flooded my heart.
This flint Liu Feifei is a long way away, and where is she going to save her ankle injury? Seeing Si Xiang fall into each other’s hands, this is the only way to react. Pick up the sword and try your best to jump behind Si Xiang and hold the hilt with both hands and thrust forward.
Si Xiang was caught by the other person’s throat, and his mind turned white. When he was dying, he saw the other person’s face, but suddenly the pain twisted, and a little bright red blood flowed out of his mouth, and then he bowed his head and looked at the face.
At this moment, Si Xiang suddenly thought of a strange question. This person is really not a ghost. Seeing that his blood is so bright red, this idea passes in his mind. Si Xiang feels that the other person’s hand seems to be loose and regains consciousness. Si Xiang remembered to look down the other person’s eyes.
The sword that was originally beaten by the other side is directly inserted into the other side’s lower abdomen through his armpit. This is what’s going on. Before the other side can react, Si Xiang clasps the other side’s wrist acupuncture points and then lifts one foot to kick the other side out. As the weirdo flies back, a puff of blood gushes out, ignoring his face and blood. Si Xiang hurriedly turns around to hold Liu Feifei.
LiuFeiFei just tried her best not to consider her broken ankle. Seeing that Sixiang was fine, she felt the pain in her ankle. If it wasn’t for Sixiang’s pull, I’m afraid she would have fallen to the ground.
The weirdo’s sword in the abdomen was kicked out by Si Xiang again. It took a long time before he sat up with his hands on his belly and gasped.
Hold LiuFeiFei slowly sit SiXiang took the sword in the mother’s hand and walked slowly to the front of the fallen monster.
The sword pointed at the weirdo’s throat but looked at Wuling’s eyes and said, "What do you have to say?"
Wuling son looked at Si Xiang with an expression on his face and said, "Kill him."
Si Xiang paused. What did she mean by not understanding Wuling’s son? The conditioned response asked, "What did you say?"
Wuling son still said without expression, "I told you to kill him."
Si Xiang listened to Wuling’s words. Instead of stabbing the sword at the weirdo, she stepped back a little. She also wanted to kill the enemy. Otherwise, I’m afraid it will still be tough for him to slow down. Wuling asked her to kill this man, but she hesitated.
Wuling son said contemptuously, "what? Don’t you dare to kill people? "
Si Xiangyuan was still hesitant when Wuling said this, and immediately angered, "What’s not to dare you? Am I still the little girl you manipulated at the beginning?"
After the sword in Si Xiang’s cruel hand was withdrawn, he thrust it forward to the weirdo’s throat
Just as the tip of the sword was about to stab him in the throat, suddenly this weirdo said, "Yu Niang?"
Si Xiang saw that this weirdo suddenly spoke in front of her, so she quickly stopped stabbing and looked at each other with a sword. wait for a while stared at her mouth and called another person’s name and asked involuntarily, "What did you say?"
Wuling’s son was a little caught off guard when she heard the weirdo talk. She never imagined that there was a loophole in her plan again. In a hurry, she roared at Si Xiang, "Why don’t you do it if you dare to kill him?"
Si Xiang was hesitant when she heard Wuling’s words, but she heard Liu Feifei suddenly exclaim, "Xiang Er, stop it."
Chapter 44 Xiang Xiao Bai Di Mountain Dead Emperor Mausoleum (3)
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Si Xiang admitted the sword and turned his head to look at LiuFeiFei doubtfully.
At this moment LiuFeiFei brimming with foot injury slowly up SiXiang busy back to hold her.
LiuFeiFei holding SiXiang motioned for her to take herself to the front of the strange person and stare at the strange person’s eyes carefully. The strange person suddenly saw LiuFeiFei appear in front of his eyes and looked at Sixiang and LiuFeiFei’s eyes suddenly shed a string of tears.
Liu Feifei saw the other side shed tears as if she understood the truth and choked and asked, "Is it you?"
Si Xiang holds LiuFeiFei and feels strange when he sees that weirdo shed tears. Now he hears LiuFeiFei calling his father’s name to this weirdo just like Wuling’s son, which is even more vacant. He says to LiuFeiFei, "Mom, how can you call this weirdo like that bad woman?"
Liu Feifei didn’t seem to hear Si Xiang’s words. She broke free from Si Xiang’s hand and threw herself at the strange man’s shoulder. She asked, "Is it you or not?"
The weirdo closed his eyes and fought back tears in his eyes. He looked up with a long sigh and said, "Yu Niang didn’t expect to see you again in this life. This is really beyond my dreams."
LiuFeiFei just vaguely heard this weirdo named Yu Niang in the distance. I already felt something strange in my heart, and I wondered if my ears were wrong. Now I hear each other really calling their birth names. At this moment, my heart defense line finally collapsed, and my sad cry suddenly resounded through the whole mausoleum.
Seeing her mother fall in this freak’s arms and cry so bitterly, Si Xiang seems to realize that she can’t accept the fact that everything is happening in front of her eyes, and she doesn’t know if she should just watch at a loss.
LiuFeiFei cry for a while after this just remember behind SiXiang busy sleeves to wipe the tears in the twist a head to SiXiang said "sweet son come here"
SiXiang light oh a hesitation walked beside LiuFeiFei.
Liu Feifei looked silly at that Sixiang and knew that she accepted it all the time, so she said softly to her, "Xianger, do you know who he is?"
Although Si Xiang nodded his head, he still wondered and asked, "But …? Dad is not already … "
Actually LiuFeiFei heart also has a lot of questions, not only Si Xiang hard to believe, even she is like a dream.
It turns out that this weirdo is none other than Si Zhenting, who has been dead for many years, but now he appears here inexplicably, which is really puzzling.
Sizhenting looked at Liufeifei and Sixiang and didn’t know what was going on. His memory still stayed at Qixiufang to see Liufeifei for the last time.
Seeing that he is also a puzzled expression, Liu Feifei knows that all this must be done by Wuling’s son. Now she is too busy to pull Si Xiang and squat down and say, "Who do you think this is?"
Si Zhenting nodded with tears in his eyes and said, "I know whether it was Xianger when I first saw her or you. Our daughter is very similar to you. Even I admitted my mistake when you were young."
Si Xiang realized that it was the first time that her father called her mother’s birth name. No wonder her mother would stop her from doing it. If she didn’t wake up when she was a father, she almost committed a great crime of patricide.
Thinking of this, Si Xiang rubbed up and glared at Wuling son with double swords and said, "What did you do to my father, a bad woman, to make him look like this?"
Looking at LiuFeiFei holding the weirdo and crying, cutting Wuling son aside early, she was so angry that her teeth itched. She didn’t expect things to become like this, which completely disrupted her revenge plan, but now LiuFeiFei personally stabbed Sizhenting, which is also a good result.

The solar sail of Phantom of the Opera is flaunting, not only the bloody hourglass in the blue-blooded meteorite needs the sixteen ghosts of the Zerg Jingxue sail surface, but also the Jingxue energy turns from virtual to real, and there are ten more turrets to be fed. What do you think of Phantom of the Opera? It is like an authentic evil ship repairing, which makes those star cruises who come to have a windfall afraid to get close.

A bitter fleabane bitter fleabane bitter fleabane bitter fleabane bitter fleabane bitter fleabane toward the phantom of the opera, gathering the spirit’s son insect corpse in the ocean to search for strange individuals. Idle zerg root into his eyes.
With the Phantom of the Opera, a large number of Zerg JingXie rolled in and came to the battlefield to form a spectacle. The Phantom of the Opera’s hull was shrouded in blood clouds, and it was impossible to digest so much JingXie at the moment.
Volume 12 War! Star rolling Chapter 694 Perfusion
Zerg jingxie is the part of zerg blood that is rich in cosmic energy. The more powerful the zerg body is, the more jingxie it contains.
It’s the Phantom of the Opera that sucks the whole blood cloud. It’s a rare scene. Rao is Lin momo’s strong psychological quality. At this moment, he is also surprised from ear to ear
"This will die how many zerg will leave so much JingXie? And most of them are famous characters on the list of strange insects, not those three-legged cats. "Lin momo regrets for the screen."
"Ha ha, we’ve come to the right place. Many Zerg have destroyed their bombs and stormed out, but their body JingXie will always remain a part. If it were his star cruise ship, it would be really bad to rely on blue blood meteorites to cultivate that complementary blood device to have such a magnificent scene." The charm son said excitedly measuring the concentration of JingXie nearby, and the blood cloud sucked by the blood device would not stop. She wanted to make persistent efforts to further seize the legacy of the battlefield.
The exciting moment has begun. Lin momo keeps an eye on the blood volume in the attached blood strip of the blue blood meteorite. It is hard to imagine that the speed of blood volume is rising at ordinary times. It is necessary to know that every time the blood volume reaches a slam, it will bring benefits to the Phantom of the Opera. With this newly injected energy, many things can be done, which is even the original extreme luxury.
Phantom of the opera, quivering slightly, the main energy system reached the load, followed by a series of auxiliary energy systems. Lin momo solemnly entered the manipulation of the magnetic field, and the charm son hugged the captain intimately.
"The blue-blood meteorite runs at the maximum power, and the blood device is self-emerging. The crew members are ready to adjust when they enter the post." Lin momo clearly handed over the phantom of the opera, and the crew members became nervous.
If the absorption of Zerg Jingxue leads to new changes in Phantom of the Opera this time, the crew must adapt to these changes as soon as possible and form combat effectiveness, which will test the basic operation ability of the crew and be spiritual and not too rigid.
Lin momo just gave the order that the magnetic field in the main control room of Phantom of the Opera piled up from the hull, and layers of fine purple were hard to find with the naked eye. Then Phantom of the Opera was like being thrown into a water tank, and the blood cloud was "glug" and drunk wildly, and a suction force soared, and the area of the blood cloud was gradually growing.
Even if a star cruise ship detects an abnormality, it is very impolite to detect the blood cloud casually. Moreover, even if it detects it, it will be greatly disturbed. How to see the scene in the blood cloud clearly?
Besides, the tide of more than ten kinds of severe insects from Firehouse is coming. With the severe consumption of ammunition, many star cruise ships are starting to fight with each other. How can they spare time to take care of things outside?
As far as insect tide is concerned, the firemen can still hold up, but a few gray shadows have wandered around the battlefield. It has been more than half a month since they met these gray shadows. Although the number of these shadows has also decreased, they still can’t figure out their true colors. It’s a strange thing that even the odd star cruises have been hit hard.
Don’t say fire home such as joint zerg war Lin momo in phantom of the opera, manipulation of the magnetic field ship every change can’t escape his eyes phantom of the opera, just absorb more than ten minutes of blood to reach a full round.
"Well, this round of blood is full. Do we want the worm turret or the blood device itself?" Lin momo is smiling. If you can achieve a slam in ten minutes, what will be the result today?
"Ha ha, judging from the distribution of insect carcasses, even if it is absorbed for two days and two nights, it can’t be absorbed. If you can persist for half a day, it is at least worth the zerg jingxie gained in fighting the Phantom of the Opera for a hundred years. The only thing you need to worry about is that you must avoid the insect tide in the period of absorbing the zerg jingxie, so that I can concentrate on making these jingxie and make the Phantom of the Opera’s details rise to a new level in this first round of slam jingxie. In my opinion, it is more cost-effective to pour it into the defense matrix, and the blood transfusion device will have a certain defense Her suggestion is really good because the defense matrix has not kept pace with the development of Phantom of the Opera, and it should be upgraded well. When encountering a strong enemy, it will be broken by others.
Lin momo stretched out his right hand and shuttled through the colorful magnetic field for a moment. He seemed to catch something and suddenly clenched his fist and listened to a slight tick.
"Tick-tock" bright red liquid seeped out and then a little bit gasified. The first layer of defense matrix of Phantom of the Opera was flushed with a rare red light with the start of one hundred titanium mirror shields, and the blood volume was in a state of consumption.
The incarnate son closes his eyes and calls out the micro-robot matrix from the core cabin, which is actually a complete energy body. All kinds of energy circuits are hidden in the titanium mirror shield. It is necessary to broaden the energy circuits and inject them into the Zerg Jingxue, and the preliminary transformation will be completed.
It’s a pity that the reconstruction project is not accomplished overnight, but it takes a lot of time and a little tempering. Fortunately, this does not delay the absorption of Zerg Jingxue by the blood device.
Charming son poured the matrix because she was worried about an emergency. She put increasing defense in the first place, which made the blood quality better. That would speed up the absorption of Zerg Jingxue. It is good to be in a dangerous situation and reduce the risk. After all, no one knows that a zerg will be encountered at any moment.
About ten minutes later, the blood volume reached a new round of slam. Lin momo concocted it according to law and sent it to the matrix. But this time, it was to transform the second matrix, and the charm son manipulated most of the micro-mechanical artificial thirty-six critical vanadium pyramids emerged, and the Phantom of the Opera’s hull was even more red.
Seen from a distance, the blood cloud has just been absorbed a little and a new blood cloud has been added. In less than two hours, it will converge into a bloody Wang Yang, which makes the idle star cruises far and near quite fearful.
Most star cruise ships come with the mentality of picking up cheap, but there are also a few fugitives who are planning to rob the Phantom of the Opera.
The star cruise ship that can cause wonders in these outlaws’ thinking concepts must be rich in oil and water. If the other party tries its best to bully or absorb worm blood, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and then everyone can share some benefits, which is better than watching this ship absorb Zerg JingXie alone.
Soon, five star cruises approached the blood cloud, two of them have reached the elite level, and the other three are also senior B-class star cruises. This strength is not to be underestimated, but when they rushed to the edge of the blood cloud, they were abruptly forced by cannon light to show their figure by ten mobile turrets. At the same time, there are amazing things happening.
"Warn each other that the record list of Star Cruises is open to the fourth floor. We have entered the range of coercion. If we don’t retreat, we will immediately judge the strength of the record points and ask the captain to think twice." I am doing my duty to wake the captain. Don’t be impulsive, but this sound is different from a fierce thump, which makes the five desperate captains feel dizzy.
"Record list on the fourth floor? There are so many mobile turrets. What the hell? Hurriedly retreat "first the elite star cruise ship captain the fastest response even regardless of the four comrades-in-arms immediately turn on the propeller and run away.
Is it too little to say that there are many strange-class star cruises in the out-of-bounds galaxy, although this is said from textual research, but there must be a wind coming from the cave because of the three thousand years? Today, the captain of these fugitives was kicked to the iron plate, and he almost retreated without fighting.
Worm spirit turret quickly mask to figure Lin momo was just a virtual phantom of the opera, absorb so many zerg JingXie incredibly some indigestion.
If you reach one or two rounds of slam, there is no problem, but after more than two hours, the blood quality naturally changes, and you can reach a slam in 12 minutes, but it is difficult to control the charm even if you can be distracted. How much blood does he consume in just two hours?
"Scrambling" The first layer of the matrix burst into a hundred titanium mirror shields on Mars, and those rare red lights seemed to find a breakthrough to accelerate the perfusion into the mirror shields.
Strange to say, each mirror shield emits substantial red light, giving people the feeling that they are thriving.
"Ding, ding, ding" mirrors and shields ring like ringtones. With the successful transformation of the first matrix, a large number of Zerg JingXie are added, which will not make her feel so bad.
Lin momo is also relieved. Just now, the Phantom of the Opera energy system was almost exploded by the Zerg JingXie. This is a unique experience. It is always difficult to achieve a slam, but today it is a continuous slam and can’t stop.
Then, the charm poured into the second matrix, and the thirty-six critical vanadium pyramids were stronger than the titanium mirror shield, and the third matrix was even more than the absorption of Zerg Jingxue.
It’s been more than five hours since the Phantom of the Opera came to the battlefield, and the blood cloud outside the ship has been reduced by less than half, while the blood device has just sucked JingXie for 26 times. Even the sinking blade has completely lost its language.
It’s a terrible war once in a thousand years. Will the fallen Zerg stop billions? Firehouse fleet losses are equally heavy. One hundred and ninety-four elite star cruises completely hang up the fall of those senior B-class star cruises. The number method is used to count the hard support of his family.
The more strongly this ancient queen’s brain opens up the fourth galaxy, the faster it will be. No matter how difficult this battle is, we must persist until the end.
Lin momo has no desire for the brain of Taikoo Empress, that is, for the big family like Firehouse and Wooden House. If it is attributed to the Tianzhu fleet, it will cause great trouble no matter how to hide it.
It took another hour for the incarnate son to complete the second and third matrix transformation projects. Now all she has to do is to pour the Zerg JingXie into it. At this time, she is not worried about the explosion of the energy system.
Fortunately, for more than six hours, there was no new worm tide, and only a small stream of worms joined in, posing a threat to the Phantom of the Opera method. However, Lin momo always had a sense of foreboding, which seemed to be the tranquility before the storm.
Volume 12 War! Star rolling Chapter 695 Purple cicada
Insect tide has some successors, and they still haven’t broken into Selpuna’s defensive body. The war is in a stalemate, and if nothing unexpected happens, the fire family will win slightly.
At this moment, the phantom of the opera, Lin momo, keeps wandering in the blood of ShiShan, and occasionally encounters a small stream of worms to destroy them. If it encounters a worm cloud, it quickly evades.
Phantom of the Opera, the second-floor matrix has been poured, and now it’s the third-floor matrix. However, it’s rare that JingXie was sucked in like the blood in the bottom hole, and the charm son hurried to investigate the matter. She found that the five-color bile worms and magic beasts in the ten black boxes in the third-floor matrix had a strong solubility in Zerg JingXie, and the kettle also slowly changed.
At this time, Lin momo felt strongly uneasy. Many monks Wu struggled for life and death, and similar premonitions would appear over time, and this kind of induction was sometimes very accurate.
"Incarnate son first put the third layer matrix transformation workers put a put more efforts to water the worm spirit turret! The main purpose of our coming here is to raise the turret, so as not to get to the end. "Lin momo made a warning sign and immediately adjusted the focus of the Phantom of the Opera."
"Well, I’ll pour the worm turret. One thing is very strange. There is a sense of gloom in the place where I just passed, but I can’t get to the point when I scan it carefully. You might as well take a closer look at what’s going on." The screen circle of the incarnate son leads to an area where it seems darker than other places, but it is no different when I look at it carefully.
"Yi is a zerg?" Lin momo’s eyes flashed through the deep and remote light, and there were three gray-white figures lying in a very open place. These three figures seemed to be burning, so that the deep and remote eyes could not see them.
"Really have found? Do you want to attack and try? " Incarnate son curious stare big eyes, she still can’t see anything.
"Don’t attack these invisible creatures. It’s strange that they are alive or dead. I don’t know if I have to go and see them before I can come to a conclusion." Lin momo is adventurous and it’s hard to itch when he sees strange things.
"ah? You want to take risks at this time? No, it’s too dangerous. It’s better to send some robots in the past to test. "The incarnate son grabs Lin momo’s arm and doesn’t let people live or die. The insect tide may come at any time and must be extra careful."
"Robots can’t solve the problem in the past. Just park the Phantom of the Opera near my deck as I instructed, so it should be okay?" Lin momo smiled. He was really reckless just now.
"Hum, you are smart enough. The captain wants the crew to consider that if there is his ship to follow, even if the Phantom of the Opera accompanies you to die, it is also called, but we can’t take risks with a ship in this operation." The incarnate son is tough and teaches her that she can accompany Lin momo to risk her life, but she can’t ignore the lives of others on board.
Lin momo was shocked when he heard this, and then his face was uncertain. He nodded his head and blamed himself, "You’re right. Since the Phantom of the Opera acted alone, you can’t do whatever you want as before. Even though I’m not afraid of danger, I can’t let my brothers fall into a hopeless situation, so I’ll behave myself until I return to the fleet."
Incarnate son is a sentient beings and righteous constant wave tree people hear Lin momo’s tone gives birth to remorse. She quickly grabs each other’s hand to appease interstellar travel. What does it depend on? Family, friendship and love are all powerful sources.
The Phantom of the Opera glided gently and soon approached Lin Sisuo and saw three gray-white figures. When the hull was 100 meters away from the gray shadow, the solar sail suddenly expanded and the blue-blood meteorite beat violently like a heart.
"Bang, bang, bang" strong pulse makes Lin momo frown. He hasn’t boarded the deck yet, so he has changed. It seems that the three gray-white figures opposite are not simple.
A large number of zerg JingXie gushed out from the virtual and merged into the blood cloud, which has shrunk by nearly half, and the blood cloud has been refilled. Although the Phantom of the Law set foot in the battlefield a few hours ago, it is also very shocking.
"This is a worm resin! They are a kind of unnamed advanced zerg. Are they the same as the mutated five-color gall bladder worm? Belong to a mutant zerg with defensive attributes? " Lin momo eyes like burning light.
Gradually, with the loss of insect carcasses, a large number of jingxie figures have been revealed. These three figures no longer present strange grayish white, but change to lavender. They look like giant cicadas and look glittering and translucent.
"Ha-ha, what luck! The third matrix has not yet been fully equipped with insect carcasses, so I’ll send three of them, but each of them is 20 meters long. It seems that the cargo hold needs to be cleaned up!" Lin momo said to release the bright beetle.
Brilliant beetle flies away from Phantom of the Opera. When it comes to Taizhong, its tail rolls forward. Unexpectedly, three strange insect carcasses move out more than 100 meters by themselves.
Even if the three purple cicadas lose a lot of JingXie and have died extremely thoroughly, they still have such a solution ability that Lin momo immediately attaches great importance to it.
"Athena, help me to see what’s so special about these three insect corpses." Lin momo finally remembered that there was an artist who knew about the Zerg one hundred times better than him when he encountered difficulties.
"Gee call old niang? Isn’t it just a few strange zerg? Zerg species check hundreds of millions of human contact with the zerg is just the tip of the iceberg. I want to collect purple cicadas and help with the Phantom of the Opera magnetic field. I don’t know the origin of these purple cicadas. "Athena is very interested in purple cicadas, but she knows that Lin momo will not give benefits to others unless she formally joins the Tianzhu fleet. There may be a glimmer of hope.
"Hum tough old woman" Lin momo secretly muttered that his idea of turning the Phantom of the Opera was close to a purple cicada.
The center of the purple magnetic field Phantom of the Opera radiates. From a distance, the blood cloud suddenly expands, and a red lotus blooms like a sea of blood. When the magnetic field covers to a certain extent, it bites the three purple cicadas a little and gradually engulfs them.

Shen Qiqi was lost again at this moment.

She comes from modern times and has no so-called hierarchy and so many secular constraints.
She seems to be able to overcome difficulties if she really loves each other.
However, Shen and Hu Ji are cruel and realistic, and their ideas are severely overthrown. Maybe this world she doesn’t know is really not love, so everything can be seen.
She turned her attention to Shen and Hu Ji not far away.
Shen also tried to say that Hu Ji told her to give up the idea of saving him.
Of course, Hu Ji could not promise, but she was not angry at Shen’s accusation. Instead, she was patient and listened to her face without impatience.
She really loves it badly. Think about it.
Otherwise, according to Hu Ji’s popularity, where would he listen to Shen’s sermon with his eyes down like this?
Shen Qiqi just wanted to say something when she saw Shen looking in her direction with a face of apology and said to her, "Miss Shen, I, Hu Ji, apologize for what I did to you. Please don’t worry. I’ll let her send you back later."
Shen Qiqi looked at him in surprise, then at Hu Ji and said coldly, "That’s simple. What about my master’s antidote? I will believe your sincerity if you ask her to hand over the antidote. "
"What antidote is the antidote?" Shen looked at Hu Ji with a confused face.
"Why didn’t she tell you? She took me captive and poisoned her with a boatload of people. You have more than one life in your hand. "
"That’s enough. Shut up!" Hu Ji suddenly lost control and yelled at Shen Qiqi. Seeing Shen Yi’s face and looking at her heart with grief, it was not a big pain.
"Listen to me, Shen Lang …"
"Forget it, don’t say it." Hu Ji interrupted Shen before she finished. "Listen to me and send Miss Shen back and give her the antidote."
Say that finish closed his eyes and stopped looking at her.
Hu Ji looked at him and said with tears, "I’m sorry about Shen Lang" and knocked him out with a hand knife.
Shen suddenly opened his eyes wide and his eyes were full of sadness, and then he fell into an uncontrolled coma.
Shen Qiqi coldly looking at her with a cold hum "I knew you weren’t so kind"
Hu Jihong looked at her "Shen Qiqi I won’t let you go"
I know that she means that she just told Shen Qiqi about the poison and shrugged her shoulders. "Will you let me go if I don’t tell you?"
"Hum, naturally not."
Lay Shen Pingping on the stone stage and Hu Ji looked coldly at Shen Qiqi. "It’s your turn to pick it up."
Shen Qiqi looked at her with some crazy eyes and a thrill, and then found herself unable to move.
Hu Ji moved her to a place closer to Shen, regardless of her self-care. She went to Shen’s side and took out a dagger and bullet. He cut his wrist.
A foul blood flowed out.
Shen Qiqi noticed that Shen Xue was not bright red, but dark red, which looked a little lifeless.
Heart secretly lose it seems that he was badly eroded by Hu Ji gas.
And Hu Ji saw that bleeding from Shen’s body was also a red eye socket and almost shed tears.
"I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I hurt you." She held Shen’s other hand and muttered.
Shen blood flowed more and more, and soon his face became pale. Hu Ji stared at the bleeding for a moment and held it tightly in one hand. Chapter 15 suddenly became crazy
Shen Qiqi also stared at two people nervously. She knew that Shen was bleeding almost when she was bleeding.
Sure enough, when Shen’s face was almost white, Hu Ji stopped the bleeding and then came to Shen Qiqi’s side and gave her a hard cut on her left wrist.
Shen Qiqi’s painful cold sweat almost came out, but he clenched his teeth and said nothing.
Then I don’t know what spell Hu Ji read. She was bleeding, but it seemed as if she consciously merged into a straight line and went to Shen’s cut wound. When she touched the wound, she went in like a small snake.
Shen Qiqi was so dumbfounded that he forgot his hand pain.
It is almost impossible for her to change blood in such a strange way.
Don’t say it, but the blood type may not match. Aren’t you afraid of hemolysis?
But she glanced at Shen and found that he didn’t have any respiratory arrest or his condition.
And she also knew that Hu Ji’s spell could control the amount and speed of blood flow. She bled too much and Shen was too shocked to accept it.
Sure enough, the world refreshed her cognition again.
Her blood continued to flow into Shen’s body, and the excessive blood loss made her eyes a little distracted, but strangely, her consciousness remained awake.
Even Hu Ji went over to help Shen cover a cloak, and she felt it clearly.
She felt a force, and her body was about to get out of her control.
With more and more blood flow, Shen Qiqi finally felt a little dizzy and his eyelids became heavier and heavier.
There seems to be a fire burning in her chest, which makes her limbs scream for pain.
Hu Ji saw that she seemed to want to struggle to speed up the spell, and her blood suddenly flowed quickly to Shen blood vessels.
"ah!" Shen Qiqi suddenly roared out of Hu Ji’s control.

Don’t be afraid to guess!

This seaside tourism industry has developed very well, especially at this time when it is busy. Not only tourists come out in twos and threes, but also some tourists and floating vendors nearby come here to sell some local products. Generally, people in tourist areas are very proficient in business, but the prices of goods sold are much higher than those in urban areas.
Two people walk very slowly. Cold owl circles Bao Qi’s small waist and bows her head to ask in her ear.
Looking at his precious eyes, there is a sly smile like a fox.
"Of course, but more excitement."
"Don’t be careless!"
"I know!" Baoqi looked up at him in a low voice that only the two of them could see. "Uncle, do you think she saw us after all?"
Lengxiao frowns "I don’t know" and finally wraps her whole body in her arms, tightening her arms tightly.
Although he didn’t say much, looking at his serious and serious face, Bao Qi knew that this man was still not at ease, even though they were fully prepared for everything, he was still worried about her.
Sweet in my heart
But she knew she had to do it
Otherwise, it is a hidden danger to have a wandering sunseeker dormant in the dark forever, and they will never think about Ann’s birthday in this generation. When they see that it is getting dark, Bao Qi knows that they have to try anyway.
"Uncle, give it a try?"
Leng Xiao sound a little cold "hmm"
I have to say that both Baoqi and Leng Xiao are born Oscar-level actors-
Two fingers alternately shook the treasure and seemed to suddenly see something. He took his hand and walked to a hawker selling conch pendants next to him. He said with a charming voice, "Uncle, look at these conchs …"
As soon as I heard this, selling conch elder sister knew that her own business was coming, smiling all over her face and carrying a string of conch.
"Sister really has a look. I’m an authentic thing. You don’t regret buying a bag."
"Hey, why am I fooling you?" Say that finish the elder sister in his stall a Bala and took out a conch act the role of "you look at the za this design and color this quality where to find so beautiful …"
Wang Po will always blow his own melon and treasure, and snigger in his heart. When he picks it up, he seems to really like it. He pulls the cold owl’s hand and coquetry. "Uncle, I like this. Buy me a bunch?"
Lengxiao frowned and made a cold face. It seems that he is not satisfied with Lengxiao.
"Why? Wait a minute-"Baoqi pulled him and seemed to really like the conch." How much is this, big sister? "
"Sister, ten dollars!"
"Ok, I want one!" Holding the conch in his hand, Bao Qi smiled and stabbed the cold owl. "Hey, give money!"
Lengxiao’s face seems to be a little impatient with one hand in his pocket. "What are these broken things for?"
When I heard this, my skin was a little tanned, and my elder sister was not very happy. She said with a pie mouth, "Yo, you can’t say that. What is a broken thing?"
Cold owl pursed her lips and didn’t look at her, but she didn’t answer. She continued to drag Bao Qi away.
Looking at him looking down on these things, the expression Bao Qi is a little annoyed. "Give me the money quickly!" You can’t say that others are broken things if you look down on them! " She seems to be indignant and sincerely apologizes to her elder sister. "Sister, I’m sorry!"
A small dispute between two lovers immediately caught the attention of the people next to them.
Lengxiao seems a little awkward and his face is cold again.
"Baoqi, stop it!"
Section 45
He doesn’t like to talk when he comes. He looks at the elder sister with an embarrassed face and smiles. Baoqi seems to be a little angry. He takes his hand and doesn’t move. "You won’t be reluctant to give up ten dollars, will you?"
Leng Xiao propped up his forehead and looked gloomy. "Go!"
Baoqi was choked and awkward. "I won’t go and buy one!" "
Just now, I had a good walk. A couple of young lovers got stuck in a conch, and the big sister was a little embarrassed. She was afraid of affecting her business. She waved her hand and persuaded, "Forget it, little sister, if your boyfriend says no, don’t argue!"
With an outsider to persuade Bao Qi, it is even more humiliating. It seems that everyone is watching her joke. My boyfriend is reluctant to buy her a conch for ten dollars. He gets angry, stomps off the cold owl and turns around and leaves.
Leng Xiao ran a few steps to grab her hand and warned, "Baoqi, don’t be so sexual!" "